Computer Wont Recognize Second Hard Drive

I am trying to install a second har drive in my old computer to stream mp3's from but the bios won't recognize it. It is an old 400mhz celeron machine the har drive is a 40gig western drive ide. When i run the tools that came with the drive it says that the bios isn't controlling it and i have tried all kinds of settings in the bios and they don't help. I have also checked the jumpers and they are set right. I have a western drive 20gig as the main drive and i just want to use the second for my files. I want to use this computer as a file server. Is the motherboard to old to recognize a drive that large? Also if i buy an ide control card will that fix my problem?

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Computer Doesn't Recognize External Hard Drive

I have a basic wd external hard drive. Suddenly, when i plug it into my computer, the computer isn't recognizing it. I also plugged it into my husband's computer. Not recognized. It was working about 3 days ago. Anywhere i can find this, other than my computer? I am not that computer literate, but i know that there is a problem here. Has my 4 year olds' pics on it since they were born (and everything from my hp laptop that died after only 2 years).

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Windows Xp Recognize A 250 Gb Hard Drive As 128 Gb

My windows xp does not recognise the 250 gb disk but says its 128gb. What could be the reason?

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Xp Install Wont Recognize My Backup External Hard Drive

I know i have to assign the external hard drive a drive letter but i don't know how to do it without formatting the drive. I obviously don't want to format the drive because it has all of my backup information from my old hard drive. The hdd is a western digital oem 320gb ide put into an external enclosure. The external enclosure worked perfect on old computer, but it was formatted on it. When i turn on the hdd my computer recognizes it as a usb mas storage device, it just doesn't assign it a drive letter. When i run western digital's data lifeguard tools it wants to set up the drive and make it additional storage, but it also must partition and format the drive before it can do so. For some reason i assumed this would be easy, i almost feel like im taking crazy pills. When i go into windows disk management all i can do is partition and format the drive, maybe im missing something.

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External Hard Drive Spins But Doesn't Recognize

The drive is a western digital elements wde1u5000n 500gb. The problem is that the drive turns on and spins, but windows never says installing new hardware or anything like that. After googling:
I've tried connecting it on 3 different pc's all running windows xp sp3. It's not the usb cable. Cannot see it in disk managment. Disabling 1394 port doesn't make it work. Tried to connect it into a wall outlet instead of a surge protector as well. Think it's just dead?

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Ps3 Doesn't Recognize My Usb Hard Drive

I have a "lacie" 80 gb external hard drive, that, when i plug in to my ps3, it can't see it at all. Is there something i need to do? Nothing is appearing in any of the menus!

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Windows Xp Won't Recognize Wd Ext Hard Drive

Installed windows xp service pack 3 update and now my computer won't recognize my western digital external hard drive (hd). I tried hooking the hd up to my laptop and that worked so at least the hd is working. I did a system restore to my computer to a time before the service pack 3 update. Still no luck.configuration: windows xp internet explorer 7. 0

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Ps3 Slim Won't Recognize Wd Usb 3.0 External Hard Drive

I've been trying for the last 3 days to connect my western digital mybook usb 3. 0 1tb external drive to my ps3 slim to no avail. I've went through *** and back so i wonder if it is even possible? Is the ps3 capable of backward compatibility with this drive?

I know many people have connected a 2. 0 usb external to a ps3 but i've googled and asked tech friends, game owners, sony ps3, wd, seagate, buffalo, adata. You name it. Yes of course i formatted the whole drive(partition)935gb into fat32 using various software programs; swissknife, acronis, partition wizard. They all show after completion that the drive was formatted to fat32. I even tried making folders; video, pictures, music and still no go. Is there something i'm missing? Is it a chipset issue or a host controller defecit on ps3's end? The funny thing is it will read my fat32 supertalent usb 3. 0 16gb flash drive so i dont know if the flash turns into a 2. 0 usb read that ps3 recognizes but it can't do that with the build of an external drive, maybe bc it's just a wd black or blue cavier sata with a controller laned into 3. 0 usb ports inserted into a tower. If anyone has had success with any of the usb 3. 0 external drives please let me know the amazing fix. I even thought there may be a difference with the usb 2. 0 and 3. 0 cables and iwould have to switch to a 2. 0 to connect to ps3. I'm not leaving any stone unturned. I contacted sony ps3 and they escalated it for the next meeting, so they say. Wd has no clue and will look into it. Seagate tech support told me right away it isn't supported but didn't say why bc i had to convey questions to the girl on the phone. Buffalo didn't know, so i contacted various retailers in canada that sell the drives to see if there was any feedback from customers or tech savvy employees. No one seems to know. Yet this could be a simple fix or it might be impossible with ps3's current setup and may be fixed if/when ps4 is released. I doubt a patch or firmware can fix this but you never know. It would be interesting to see if the ps3 will recognize a ssd in a usb 3. 0 enclosure. I have a ocz agility 2 ssd new and may try this b4 i install it with my original intention as internal for windows 7 64 bit os and media. I also bought an asus u3s6 card that comes with 2 usb 3. 0 ports. I have many people working on this even the main manager at canada computers as he is a ps3 fan and is very interested himself which is good because the more brains that inquire and trouble shoot the better the chance of a solution either soon or in the future. So once again, thanks for anyone that has had success with these drives and i'll be sure to post any information i receive.

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Win Xp Can Not Recognize My Hard Drives And Do Not Boot

My "back-up" pc (p4 1. 6, asus p4sdx, 01 hd ata-133 120 gb maxtor & 01 hd ata-100 40 gb seagate) is having a boot problem since this morning. The message is "disk boot failure-insert disk system. ". So, i put my mobo cd in my drive of dvd and i could access dos (only drive "a" - the program "called" my drive of dvd - normally named d by windows - as drive "a")), but i can not reach my 02 hard drives (as if they were "missing". ). Inside bios, within boot menu, i can not set primary master and slave, because they "disappeared" (appears only none inside this option. - As if i do not had any hdd. ) Very strange, as i didn't change any setting of my pc. Well, i need a technical help to solve this odd problem; what can i do to make my pc to recognize my 02 hd's, please?

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Bios Doesn't Recognize Hard Drives

I've just put together a new build and i can't get my motherboard bios to recognize my hard drives. I want to install windows 7x64

Motherboard: msi p55-gd65
Hard drives: ocz 60gb agility ssd
Wd black 1tb
Psu: corsair hx850

I have tried using different sata cables. Plugging into different sata slots on the motherboard. I even tried switching around where power cables are plugged. Currently, my motherboard only recognizes my sata bd rom (regardless of where i plug my bd rom sata). I am hoping that both my drives aren't dead.

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Boot Cd Won't Recognize Hard Drives

I have a very serious problem i've been trying to solve for weeks now. I need to format my hard drive, but the problem is that when i try to boot from the xp installation disk it doesn't recognize the hds. This also happens with other boot cds i've tried. The drives themselves are fully functional when i boot from them. When i entered bios, i saw that there is no primary ide master detected (only the cd-rom as secondary), but when the computer boots there is an ide detection phase where i see that the hard drives are being detected. I also tried installing windows using the cd from within windows, but then when the computer restarts i get a blue screen. My computer is infected with viruses, so maybe that is related too. I tried updating my bios version but to no avail.

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Toshiba Portable Hard Disk Error Could Not Recognize Device

I have a toshiba portable hard disk of 500 gb, i connected it to my computer running on windows 7, a message appears "error could not recognize the device" i unplugged it n plugged it back and also restarted the computer but it still does not work. Does any 1 know the problem and solutions for this ?

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Computer Won't Recognize Ram

I recently installed a 1gb stick in my brother's computer. He currently has 2x1gb sticks. I tried the other 2 slots on his mobo, but the computer won't recognize it either way. This is on an hp computer, not sure on the specific model though. Let me know if any other info is needed, but what do i need to do?

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Computer Doesn't Recognize New Ram

My computer will not restart after installing new ram. I keep getting the screen with the options of "start windows normally" or "last known configuration that worked", it doesn't matter which
Option i choose it keeps returning to this screen. When i am prompted to press f11, i get a blue bios screen, one which says that some new hardware or software is not compliant, and that windows will shut down to prevent damage. I have checked and rechecked to make sure the new sticks were installed correctly, and unfortunately the only way for my computer to start normally is to revert to using the factory installed "single" stick. What do i have to do to get this new ram to work?

Listed below are the specs for my computer, along with the new ram:

Gateway 530mx, intel pentium 4, processor 530, 3ghz, 160gd hd 7200rpm. 512mb ddr dual channel memory
*New memory: (2) 512mb pc2100 ddr266 266mhz.

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Imac Doesn't Recognize Usb External Hard Disk

My new imac doesn't recognize my external hard disk (usb connection), which i used for. ? I am a new apple owner and user, just converted from an ms based pc environment. The drive is a western digital, on which i have stored all my pictures, music (itunes ironically) and ms office documents. I thought - or should i say hoped - it was just "plug and play", but this is clearly not the case. The imac does not recognize the drive. I can see that the drive is getting power from the usb, but i can also hear that it is not running properly (sounds like it is try to initialize again and again) and it does not show up in the devices menu. I have tried a couple of flash discs in the same usb port and they work. I have also tried to connect the external disk to different usb port, but to no avail. What do i do?

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Dvd Drive Not Recognize

I bought a new disc drive, and it arrived today, i installed it with all the correct cables, it ejects and closes fine, but it just wont read anything, and the computer act's as if it's not even there, i thought this could be a firmwire problem, so i downloaded a new firmwire, but since my computer cant even recognize the dvd drive, i cant even update it! Oh, and in device manager, under dvd/cd drives, it only shows my old cd drive, not my new dvd drive!

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Intel System Doesn't Recognize Ide Drive

Its an intel celeron matx system, old drives were fried so i got a new 150gb e-ide drive and it does everything smooth until i get to the disk partitioning part in setup, and it says os doesn't detect a hard drive so i can't partition it and install it

I've tried this on windows me, windows xp 64, ubuntu 8. 10 (burned and official live cd) heck i even tried vista! They all do the same, so i tried switched the hdd ide cable to the optical drive ide port and vise versa. Any idea's?

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40gb Ps3 Wont Recognize Sony Usb Flash Drive

I tested out my sony usb flash drive by putting music in mp3 and wma and put it in the usb slot, the ps3 recognizes the usb as a storage media but when i click triangle and display all, it saids it has no media in it. I also plug a old keyboard into the ps3 using a ps/2 to usb adapter and it won't display anything. Is it a defect in the ps3 or is this common?

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Hard Drive In New Computer

What happened was i built a new computer and always wanted to get my old photos and old videos from my old comp so i decided i would today so i got the hard drive out of the old comp and installed it in my new one it installed the driver just fine it works fine i can see the amount of gigs it has and all but when i tried to open my person file and photos and stuff i would have to go through this security info and i would have to (change the ownership) and all so i did thinking i would never have to use it in my old beat up comp but i cant view any of the personal files!

When i try to open it nothing comes up! So i reinstalled it back in my old comp to make sure they were still there it boots up and goes to the users screen and then when i log in it says i need to install windows? So i follow the steps for it activate via internet but it cant find a connection even though the internet connected so what should i do is there a program that can crack the info out with my new comp please don't tell me i lost it all!

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Can I Install Old Hard Drive With Its Os In A New Computer ?

I had built a comp for my fiances grandparents. They have alot of info they need from the old comp. How and is it possible just to put the old hd into the new comp if it has a os on it? Please explain.

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How Do I Move Hard Drive To New Computer ?

Im looking to unplug the hard drive from my rig and put it into a completely new build without having to reformat and reinstall windows and programs. I saw a few post talking about doing this but i cant remember how it was done. Can someone advise me as to how to go about successfully doing this and not have any issues later?

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Hard Drive Causes Computer Not To Boot

I bought a new pc and was swapping out hard drives when i put in an sata hard drive i use for backup and my new computer wouldnt boot. After a long time of trial and error i figured it was that particular drive and removed it. I sort of put it out of my mind for a few months but now i want to get my data off there. I have my older pc which it was originally in so i figured i could do some testing. The problem seems to be a short in the hard drive. The hard drive is a seagate baracude (sata). I need to use one of those sata power adapters to be able to hook up to my current power supply. Both computers i tested on boot up fine but as soon as i plug in the power cord to the hard drive and hit the power on butt the cpu fan spins like half a turn then stops. After this if i remove the power from the hard drive and hit the power button the computer still won't boot. I must then unplugg the pc from the wall and then the pc will boot. Is there any chance i accidently screwed somethign up during the move or maybe its the power adapter? I used the same adapter before so i'm hoping during the move maybe the adapter got screwed up. Anyone ever hear of this? Any ideas?

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Switching Hard Drive From Old Computer To New One

I want to switch my hard drive from my old computer to my new one. I would rather not reformat it since it has some programs that i no longer have the cd or cd key for and they are rather pricey. I know it is not as simple as plugging it in and it working. The machine is windows xp. I am going from an old amd sempron system to a newer p4 system. Any tips on problems i will have is greatly appreciated.

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Computer Crashed Now Hard Drive Gone

My computer just crashed/rebooted and now my secondary but biggest 400gb wd sata drive isn't showing up in windows or device manager. Does anyone know how i can get it back?

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Hard Drive Not Showing Up In My Computer

I have 3 drives installed in my case (2 wd black 640gb, and 1 wd green 1tb). I successfully built a raid 0 volume with the 2 blacks, and the green shows up as a valid drive to choose as a boot option. When i open up my computer, i only have one drive showing (the 1. 28tb raid 0 volume). The green is nowhere to be seen. I opened up the device manager to see if it was visible there, and it was. So, it shows up in the bios, and it shows up in the device manager, but i can't access the drive through my computer (or the command prompt. It doesn't have a drive letter associated with it). I'm sure that i'm just dumb and forgot a step somewhere, but i'm stumped right now. Any ideas?

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Putting Old Hard Drive In New Computer

I have a question, i'm building a new computer but i wanted to keep the same hard drive from my old computer, if i put the old hard drive in my new computer, will i have to re-install the operation system because i'll have a new processor/motherboard/etc?

Also, i'm keeping the same cd/dvd rom drives from my old computer as well. Old processor/motherboard:
Intel d845pt mobo
Intel pentium4 1. 7ghz

New processor/motherboard:
Asus k8n
Amd 64 3200+

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Hard Drive Is Invisible In My Computer

I have recently installed a second hard drive. Bios detects it no problem, device manager detects it no problem, but it is invisible in "my computer". I have had slave hard drives before so its nothing to do with not having enough room for ide controllers. Theres no stupid rule that the master has to have more capacity than the slave because my master is 120gb but my slave is 250gb.

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New Hard Drive Is Not Showing On Xp My Computer Folder

I have installed a new hard drive, it is recognised when the computer is started, but when i open "my computer" folder on xp it is not there, what do i do?

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How Do You Make A Double Hard Drive Computer ?

Can any one help me? And tell me how to make a double hardrive computer.

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Hard Drive Makes Computer Lock Up

I have an extra hard drive with some backups on it that i need to get to, no os anymore. Usually i leave it in a box unplugged. When i tried hooking it up last night it made itself the master drive, and so i couldn't start xp. It dosn't have a regular thing for changing from master to slave, so i don't know what to do?

I used to be able to start up xp with my main drive, then plug that one in and xp would automatically detect it, but now i scaned it with partition software and it has some errors in the fat, so i can't do anythng with it there. So when i'm in xp and i plug it in, the system just locks up untill i unplug it. It tries to detect the settings but can't i guess. So, how can i access this harddrive?

I was trying to run checkdisk on it but i think i need it on a disk i'm not too knowledgeable with dos.

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