Transfer Itunes Account And Library Onto Sony Pc

How can i transfer my itunes account and library onto my new sony pc? I've authorized the new computer, i've tried downloading my music & podcasts from my iphone onto the new pc, but they seem to be there only as 'shadows'. I've re-subscribed to all my podcasts, but the new computer won't put them onto my iphone!

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Transfer Music From Ipod Into New Itunes Library

Okay so, i have an account on my laptop to which i have itunes and download all my music on. Recently, my account has gotten very messed up and won't let up open up my internet or itunes and keeps saying there's a trojan horse - sounds dodgy i know but, i've tried to get rid of it =/ i made a new account on my laptop that also has itunes and works perfectly in letting me use the internet and open itunes etc. The thing is i want to put all the music on my ipod into this itunes, is this possible? I don't want to lose my music because there's so much of it but, i've no other way to get it because i don't have all the music files saved the just go automatically into the other itunes which won't open. I know it sounds confusing but is there anyway i can transfer music from my ipod straight into a new itunes library?

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Itunes Music Library File Cannot Be Located

Basically, whenever i want to play music on itunes, it tells me the file can't be located, so i have to go searching through my music/download folders to try and locate the track. This is really, really frustrating. It started doing this when i lost my previous itunes to a virus, so most of the songs i reloaded came from a flashstick. My question is, why can't itunes ever locate the songs?

They're either in my music or my downloads folders. Another question: what will happen if i locate all the songs that can't be located, then delete the songs from my *music* folder? I find it total bs that i have to keep every song i have in itunes in my music folder, too; it's taking up tons of memory to have every song twice (one in itunes, one in music). What's the point in having itunes if i need another folder as well?

So to sum up:

~Do i actually need the tracks in my music/downloads folder as well?

~What will happen in itunes if i delete all the music from my music folder? (Only *after* locating them in itunes 1st. Will they be 'lost' again and not sync to my ipod?)

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Sony Reader Library Won't Open On Macbook Pro

I click on the reader library application and it will not show up, it's on my dock with the light under registering that i have opened it, but the actual window (application) will not open. The same thing happens when i plug in my reader. Does anyone else have that problem or had that problem, and how did you fix it?

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Getting Youtube Account Back After Deleting Google Account

How do i get my youtube account back after deleting a google account connected to it? I think you can't it happened whit me in a game connect to my old facebook when i deleted the facebook, the game account was deleted to.

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Itunes Could Not Connect To Itunes Store

Itunes could not connect to the itunes store. The connection timed out. I try to go into my itunes store and it shows up itunes could not connect to the itunes store. The connection timed out. Ive already deleted it and reinstalled and that didn't work. I tried restart my computer and that didn't work either. I went into my connection settings and everything was fine. Its the itunes 9. 2. 1. Does anybody got any advice?

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Itunes Cannot Connect To Itunes Store

Itunes cant connect to itunes store, network connection reset? Everytime i try to connect to the itunes store i get this error message, does anyone know what i can do to solve this? I would call apple, but apparently i have to pay for help?

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Two Xbox Live Account In One

Ok so my friend accidentally took my profile on his hardrive, and he said to recover my gamertag. So i went to that typed my username and my email and password. But it says like the email is already being used for another profile. So went on signed in and it says my gamertag is chaale996. Now when i made my account it asks for a gamertag. The first one i tried was chaale996 but it was denied. So then i chose supabananaman which is the profile i use all the time on my xbox. After i was confused on why it doesnt says supabananaman which is the profile i signed up with that doesnt say that when i signed into I sent xbox support a message telling them about it. I have no reply yet. So now i ask you people here, why when i sign in doesnt it say my actual gamertag hrrm. They must of screwed up when they created it for me. Or maybe i used a different email. That couldnt be cause i always had the email i used gaming stuff on. Is there anyway i can check what my email or password is when i do get my profile back soon? Im just worried if i did something wrong on my profile or the xbox people did. Thanks for reading this and help in any way.

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How To Fix Spammed Hotmail Account?

I have had a hotmail acc for a couple of years. I'm using windows live messenger. Recently, about a month or so, i've been receiving tons of spam mail and friend requests from unknown ppl, which i have been blocking and reporting at microsoft as scammer. Btw at first i added one or two of them, and they were supposedly girls, bots in fact, auto-answer or something access that advertised pages i never visited. A couple of days before i lost most of my contacts on that account and i don't know why. To make things even worse, when i try to visit my mail at that account i get a message from microsoft (or so it says it is. ) Informing me that my mail account has been temporarily blocked because a spammer sent lots of spam mail from my acc. (Fancy that). Btw i get lots of mail information about mails that couldn't be sent that i supposedly sent. Which i have no idea (or whoever that is) is asking me for a mobile phone number so that they send me a code to enter, to enable my account again, that account is obviously a mess. I can't think of something i have done to make that mess, i enter no strange or *** sites so how could spammers find me in the 1st place? I really don't want to give a mobile phone number ofc, i seriously doubt it's microsoft that has blocked my account. (My guess is that they wouldn't ask for a mobile phone number, anyone could give one and unblock it if they needed to spam again. ) After all i've been charged a lot for giving my number to some site online in the past. I don't want to get mixed with that again to my new number. So, any ideas? I really want to fix that acc, i don't want to change it.

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Save Scan Documents And Store In Database Library

I want to save documents that i scan and store in database library on home computer not connected 2 internet? What is the best free or really cheap program to do something like this? Basically, i want to scan all of my documents such as bills, statements etc, then store them in a program on my computer for later retrieval. Security isn't important as this program is stored on a computer not connected to any network and off-site from my home. Any suggestions?

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Rd Connection Manager User Account Settings Ssl Encrypted

Wher can i get a rd connection manager in which user account settings are ssl-encrypted?


Online solution available for that., there you get all details

Many other sites also help you are, http://docs. Info.,

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How To Fix Itunes?

Okay, whenever i open itunes a little box comes up that says "itunes has detected that it is not the default player for audio files. Would you like to go to the default programs control panel to fix this?" And then yes and no buttons are there. When i click yes i am taken to the control panel and a list with boxes and check marks comes up. And theres directions that come up saying "select the extensions you want this program to open by default, then click save. " I do that, and then whenever i re-open itunes, the box pops up again and i just don't know what to do. So could someone please tell me exactly what to do to stop that from happening?

Also, whenever i try to open the itunes store, a box pops up that says "itunes could not connect to the itunes store. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again" i don't know if switching from internet explorer to firefox had a part in this, but its not working.

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Problem With Itunes

I have installed itunes a couple of times (using quite a few versions of 9. X. X and the latest 10) and it won't run. Originally, it would install fine, the icon would pop up on the desktop, and when i clicked it, it would begin to re-install itself, and then say an error happened about 3/4 of the way through. Now, whenever i click on it the first thing that pops up is a box that says

"Itunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall itunes. Error 7 (windows error 998)" and then gives me an option to click "ok"

Immediately following this is the box that says "itunes has stopped working" and that it will close. After i click "close program" another box pops up at the bottom right hand of the screen saying "itunes was closed

To help protect your computer, data execution prevention has closed itunes. Click to learn more"

I have clicked it, followed the procedures to get itunes off the block list for the data execution prevention, and it still does this. If anybody has any suggestions, that would be fantastic.

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Itunes Error 42110

I'm leaving for a 10 hour road trip to michigan tomorrow and i always download some movies from itunes so i don't get too bored in the car. About 2 hours ago i started downloading 4 movies and they were all downloading at the same time. Then when all the movies were done downloading a popup came up and said this:

We could not complete your itunes request. An unknown error occurred. (-42110) there was an error in the itunes store. Please try again later. It came up 4 times for every movie i tried to download. I tried to watch my movie on my computer and it said i could (but i didn't. ) And when i looked at the amount of the movie downloaded it said 2. 95bg of 2. 95gb was downloaded. So then i tried to drag the movies onto my ipod but i didn't let me. I wasted $15 and i want my movies. Please help if u know how to fix this and if u don't then please tell me how to contact itunes.

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Itunes Cd Rom & Cd Rw Burning

I recently transferred all music files to an external usb 1. 5 terrabyte hard drive and now use itunes v 9. 2. 0. 61 to manage this collection instead of windows media player. In media player i was able to burn cd's so my hardware is functioning correctly. Windows cannot find a more up to date driver on the internet for the cd drive. Itunes does play pre-recorded cd's. The problem. I am trying to burn a playlists to a cd-rw (or a cdrom). On selecting "burn" the itunes "title bar" displays "disk burner or software not found". The "settings window" displays "no supported disk burners found". On running the itunes diagnostics, the cd/dvd drive is recognized as d: tsst corp dvd+rw ts-l32h which agrees with what windows device manager shows. Is there a "plug in" or upgrade i need to download to enable burning of cd-rw and cdrom's. The itunes diagnostic results are shown below:

Microsoft windows xp professional service pack 3 (build 2600)

Itunes 9. 2. 0. 61
Cd driver 2. 2. 0. 1
Cd driver dll 2. 1. 1. 1

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Itunes Issue With Import Cd

Sometimes when i import a cd - 'bob marley' for example, i will get a nice image of the cd cover, and inside of that (when i click) there are the song titles and i can choose what i want. Great. But, other times when i import a cd (i just imported a classical compilation and this happened), i end up with the cd image listed 15 times, one time for each song. So my 'all artists' view is sooo messy because sometimes when i import all the songs show up as a separate cd, but with only one song?

How the h-ll can i organize it so that a whole cd is imported under one single image? Right now there are about 2, 000 song titles all clogging up my main 'all artists' page so finding anything is a real pain, although i probably only have 100 or so cds imported. Thanks for any help, i love apple computers but can't stand itunes. Just wish i could make a folder and drag and drop like with every other file on a mac or pc.

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Itunes On Multiple Computers

Alright, so when i first got a 2nd generation nano back in 2007, i had my music on my computer and it worked great, then in 2009 i got an itouch and the music downloads also worked perfectly. I kept my itunes on my pc. However, when i got a new laptop this last fall, i went to download itunes to my new laptop, and the program downloaded, however the music that was on my itouch was only there when my ipod was syncing, even though it was the same account and everything. Recently, i just inherited an old iphone, which i would like to transfer my music to. So the main question is: how do i get all my music from my old computer's itunes to my new computers itunes, and my new iphone that i will use as an ipod touch. Additional details:

-Both of my computers are pc's (not macs)

-I've tried backing up my itouch, but it didn't sync all the music onto my new computer

-I am moving them so i don't have to use my old computer for itunes. -Everything is on the same account.

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Itunes Version 9 Issue

I recently upgraded my itunes 7 to the latest version but instead of things getting better, there are more problems! And i need help with them!

Okay first of all, i have an ipod shuffle first generation and when i attached my ipod, all my songs were erased! I also have an ipod classic and when i inserted it, i had no problems. Whenever i insert my ipod shuffle, this window pops up from 'my computer' that reads my ipod as a "removable drive k" and this annoying window pops up every time i add a new song or delete one. I have never had this problem with my previous itunes library version 7. I just don't know what to do to fix it. When i first downloaded itunes, it came with a lot of other things i didn't need. I only uninstalled bonjour, mobile device, and itunes updates because i don't use any of those and my itunes still works without it. To top off all these problems, every time i open this new version of itunes, this annoying itunes tutorials window pops up asking for feed back or something and there is no option or box that i can put to avoid it. It is really annoying. Please, can someone tell me what to do? I've tried everything i can think of! I'm running out of ideas!

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Video Lag On T91mt In Itunes

I have had my t91 mt for a little over a month now. It is running windows 7. I am an average computer user, not a computer nerd, so be gentle with me please with advice, talk down to me anyway, a little backgrounder, i upgraded the memory to 2gb first off. I have itunes installed, and i keep my itunes library files on the t91 but have the actual files on a 32gb thumb drive. I have the itunes set up so that it knows to find the files on the thumb drive. Works perfectly as long as the thumbdrive is in when i open itunes. This works great as i have a lot of music and it threatened to take over all my memory before i got this all figured out. Now for the problem, what i wanted this t91 to do was to play videos and tv shows that i have purchased in itunes. I have purchased a couple of tv shows for my little girl through itunes. Problem is though, when i play them, they have a few second lag/ delay that makes the video pretty much useless. Video and sound don't match up and it is choppy looking. Very annoying, and she is sitting there saying, "what is wrong with it mommy?" "Make it work!" Weirder thing is every podcast i have downloaded works perfectly from itunes with perfect sound and video. No delay at all. I have not downloaded a video/movie yet, did not want to pay and be disappointed if it works as poorly as the tv shows. The tv shows are kiddie show, none are more than 23 minutes or so, so it is not like a 2 hour movie or something. I do have quicktime installed. I have no issues watching a video on youtube connected to the wifi. What is going on here? What am i missing? I had hoped to have a little mini library for her on the thumbdrive so i would not have to tote around the portable dvd or the external dvd drive and her movies with me when on trips and things thinking that the t91 mt could serve that purpose. I do have a 4 gb sd card in the permanent card slot so i could put the tv/video files there i guess if i had to if the issue lies with pulling the files from the thumbdrive, but i don't imagine that is the issue. Space is not an issue. I have removed many programs and with the extra 2gb it should be fast enough. I don't have any issues with speed and responsiveness anywhere else. Any ideas at all?

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Sharing Music In Itunes On A Network

There is an option in itunes to broadcast music in your playlist to another pc on the same network. Now this may sound as though it is a very stupid question. But if i broadcast a song to another pc, will it add to my download limit with my isp. The music file is on my pc, but broadcasting it to another pc in my home network will it add to my download limit with my isp?

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Moving Itunes Between Hard Drives

My computer runs off 2 hard-drives, c and d. The c drive (systems) had no free space as its only 30gb for downloading films etc. So i've been moving all my pictures and music into my d (data) drive which is 120gb. However. I tried to move i-tunes. And it has moved half of the stuff into my d drive and will not let me move the rest so now half is in the c. Now i-tunes will not play properly and only let me access half the music. And i cant move the folders into the same place. It says this is because the program is running which it is not. I have checked and tried so many things but am having real problems. It is extremely frustrating and i have a feeling it really needs someone with computer knowledge to sit down and look at it.

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Error 46 When Installing Itunes / Quicktime

I have a brand new 30gb ipod and have not been able to successfully install the itunes/quicktime software. I am running windows xp sp2 and have administrator rights. I've tried installing it from the disk provided, by downloading the application from the apple site, and even downloading the stand-alone version of quicktime. I've followed all steps to completely uninstall ipod, itunes, and quicktime and then reinstall but each time i run the installation when quicktime is installing i get the message, "error 46: could not load or find the quicktime activex control. " I then get a message that the itunes installation was successfully completed. I restart my computer, attach my ipod to a usb on the back of the computer, and open itunes where i get the message, "the software required for communicating with the ipod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall the ipod's software. "

I've spent several hours a day for the last week trying to get my ipod to communicate with itunes and am completely frustrated. If someone could help me before i smash the ipod to bits, i'd really appreciate it!

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Problem Installing / Uninstalling Itunes

Alright, so i recently got and ipod touch and itunes informed me that there was new software available so i downloaded it. Then, itunes informed me that i need the newer version of itunes to use my ipod. So i go to downloaded itunes and everything goes fine until it tells me that "it cannot remove the older version of quicktime" and aborts the download. I got to manually delete quicktime and itunes (through control panel) but i always get this message "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click ok to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'itunes. Msi/quicktime. Msi' in the box below" everytime i click ok or change it, it tells me it cannot find itunes or quicktime or that it doesn't have access to it. It tells me to verify if the program is there. Itunes is there, because i can still use it.

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How To Get Album Cover Using Ping On Itunes?

How do i get album cover using ping on itunes? I've bought songs from itunes, and from amazon. I downloaded them online to my computer, and they automatically load the album cover and other information about the song. Then i transferred them to my ipod. I want to mention how i downloaded the songs from the computer to the ipod. Make sure your ipod is plugged into the computer. Then i clicked and dragged the song that i bought over to my itunes playlist and let go. Look at the bottom of the itunes window, after 2-3 seconds the number increases by the number of songs you brought over. Then watch the top of itunes. It syncs up and some other stuff. Don't do anything until it is finished. Songs copied from cd's do not always load the album covers. I've never used ping. If you download the music online to your ipod, computer, or other device, the album cover should copy over for you. Hope this helps. Maybe someone that uses ping will reply for you. It doesn't look much different from the itunes store.

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Itunes Said It Cant Connect To Itouch, Nothing On Screen

Recently i had been downloading a youtube file through an application i downloaded on my itouch. I did that for the first time, but then it went snap and then the only thing on screen was connect to itunes, no matter what i did, the screen did not change, i did not have itunes downloaded on my computer, so i downloaded it and connected my itouch to the computer, the itunes said it cant connect to my itouch as it has a password, it says unlock the itouch but there is nothing on screen but connect to itunes. What should i do to bring my itouch back to life?

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Cd/dvd Reader Problem After Upgrading To Itunes 6

Upgraded to 6. 0 today, and my cd/dvd reader no longer functions. Have read in the past that some applications, when messing w/registery, can in fact cause this. Tried to de-install, but still the same problem. It is in device manager as ok, but does not read anything (no errors even. Just noy trying). Even tried to re-install drive, but to no avail. Any help/ever seen before?

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Itunes Problem - Songs Play Then Switch

I have an ibook g4, and use itunes quite a bit. When i found a program called your tunes, i was ecstatic to be able to control my music from my menu bar. About a month after this was installed, when my music was on shuffle it would play 10-30 seconds of a song and cut off and switch to a new one without my control. It doesn't do this to all of my songs, but out of 3000+, a lot of them won't play the entire song through. I can open up the song in itunes and fast forward it and the entire song is there, but it never can just play straight through. Recently i got a new ipod and now its doing the same on that too.could i have a virus that perhaps transferred to my ipod? How do i fix this? Could there be any other reason why its skipping around?

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Download Itunes On Toshiba Satellite C655

How to download itunes on a toshiba satellite c655? I just recently bought a toshiba window 7 satellite c655 laptop but whenever i try to download itunes it doesn't work and it seems that i wont download. It only has a quicktime player so can you help me?

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Computer Won't Download Itunes 9

My hp pavilion mx703 computer wont let me download itunes 9. I just got the ipod touch 32gb and i need to download the latest itunes in order put music on my ipod touch. I really need to know how to put music on my ipod touch. Can you help me?

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Itunes Won't Connect To Store

For a few months now my itunes account wont connect to the store. Every time i click on the itunes store a pop up comes up saying "itunes could not connect to the itunes store make sure your network connection is active and try again. " Everything else is working fine on my computer and the itunes library is fine too. How can i fix this? I desperately need to fix it

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