5870 X 2 With 24" Screens

I bought my self 2 5870s couple of days ago, i am running 2x 24" 1920x1080 dual screen. Every game i play i easy max them out to full video settings. I play games on 1 screen. I use other one for my desktop. Is 5870 x2 overkill for one 24" gaming screen?

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5870 Crossfire Performing Worse Than A Single 5870

I just bought 2 5870's today after much research and reading benchmarks they are the way to go, and i have installed them, and in crossfire they are performing, well under what a single 5870 should be doing. My 3d mark vantage score with crossfire is 14, 186. Yes, in crossfire, i heard it should be up near the 22, 000 mark. Also, in mw2 with settings maxed out and crossfire enabled, i am getting an average of 48fps, according to guru 3d it should be 128fps at my resolution with a single card, my old 8800gt's in sli were getting me 90+ and the 5870's should eat the 8800gt's allive and then some. I have the worlds worst luck, so if you guys could point me in the right direction that would be awesome, cause i really want to put my hard earned dollars to work as im sure you can understand.

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Blue Screens

I started getting blue screens (bsod's) after switching my computer case and power supply. I reinstalled windows xp and i still encountered blue screens without installing any drivers except for my video card and audio card driver. Before i switched, i never had any blue screens. I also switched the fan to my cpu. Just earlier today, i opened this specific video file. It played perfectly fine for a while. But then when i opened it again, it gave me a blue screen, and then the computer restarts. And from that point onward, the very second i try to open that file, and sometimes just clicking on the file once, it gets me a blue screen immediately. But when i left my computer off for a while, and turned it on to open the file, it played fine. Then after closing it, and clicking on it again, it gave me a blue screen of death.

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Gpu For 2 Screens

My boss suggested that i go grab another screen for my workstation. Problem is that i am currently using a crappy q35 chipset, including the integrated graphics core. Not only is it a pain in terms of performance, but also, it doesn't support a second screen (there simply is no additional interface to connect a monitor to. ). So i decided to get myself a (possibly) cheap dual dvi gpu, with the xfx hd 4650 in mind. The point is that i can't stick to a real low-end solution because i am a wpf developer (yes, fancy animations and lots of gpu work); and i am indeed going to need quite a lot of power at an affordable price. Would this radeon do the job for me? I'll be using 2 24" screens .

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One Pc With Two Screens And Two Mice

Since i have two screens connected to my pc anyway, i wonder now whether two people could use one pc at the same time, using two different usb mice. One person would play mah-jong on one screen while the other person would use the internet on the other screen. I think it's called multi-seat.

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Getting Black Screens

I just built this comp yesterday. My gf is playing aion on this system and its been giving her black screens. She can still here music from the game, but she cant do anything but reboot the computer. She gets dc'd from the game when this happens too. Maybe about an hour monitor goes black. She plays warcraft iii on the comp too and this doesn't happen. I ran 3dmark06 and it also went black. But i could run it the next try. I ran furmark stress test and it didn't give a black screen. I ran prime and so far it has been stable. I ran memtest for 2 passes and no fails. Anyone had similar problems or point me at a direction to troubleshoot?

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Two Screens In Two Different Rooms Using 1 Cpu

Is this even possible? I want to get two screens in two different rooms using 1 cpu. The two screens will have wireless connectivity to cpu to display stuff. If the above is possible, can someone give me some links to the hardware needed. I want to do the above (not because i am being lavish ) - but i am trying to not buy two computers! (The above is probably more expensive!).

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Blue Screens On Every Other Game

This problem has just started happening a couple days ago. When ever i play a game, about 10-30 min into that game i get either a crash to desktop or a blue screen. I mostly get blue screens though. I haven't changed anything in my system. But for some reason when i play a game like dawn of war 2 i can play for 1h+ with out blue screening or crashing. Every other game crashes for me. Do you think my card is dieing?

Pc specs:

Intel qx9450 @ 3. 4ghz
4gb corsair dominators
Biostar t-power motherboard i45
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
150gb raptor hard drive

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4850 And Bsod When Using Triple Screens

I have had a triple screen setup for a few months now but i did little to no gaming so my 4850's were rarely in cf mode and on the rare chance i would need cf it worked great and i would switch back to my triple screen after wards without any issue. I have been doing a lot of gaming these past few weeks and that means i have been switching from cf mode very often but when i do it more than a few times i get a bsod. Gaming is great and no odd crashes or anything that would indicate that my cards are faulty. I am currently on 9. 9cats but i tried different versions to try and fix this but no luck. I don't get bsod's when switching cf modes but when i enable the other monitors. Sometimes it crashes when i enable the second monitor and sometimes when i enable the third one. I use 3 samsung 2343bwx monitors and i run everything under xp. Am i doing something wrong?

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How Many Cards / Screens Can Be Run From One Machine ?

For example if i wanted to run one main screen which is 22" and have a little matrix of four 17" screens, can i run 3 nvidia cards for it? Or do the certain motherboards have a limit of number of graphics cards?

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One Resolution Of 3840x1080 Vs Two 1080p Screens

I just got done hooking up my new monitors, 2x 1920x1080. Is there a way for my nvidia drivers to make is one res of 3840x1080 vs two 1080p screens? I'm thinking that if i can figure this part out, maybe some of my games will span all the way across.

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Random Bsods ( Blue Screens )

System consists of an i5 750, corsair h50, 4gb gskill ram, p55ud3-r mobo, gtx 260, cm 700 modular psu, windows 7 home premium 64. About a week and a half ago my machine became very unstable after switching from my onboard audio to my old x-fi card. I started getting random lockups and blue screens that were mostly different errors all the time. I removed the card and ran driver sweeper but the instability continued and even got worse. It got to the point that i couldn't safely boot to windows without a crash. I rolled back my oc to stock with no effect. I bit the bullet and decided to reinstall windows friday afternoon. Then the real troubling thing happened, blue screen during windows installation. So i then concluded that i had a hardware issue. I ran memtest on each stick of ram individually for at least eight hours using both ram slots with no errors and ran the wd diagnostics on my hard drive with no error. I started poking around in my case checking for loose cable and whatnot. My psu has the cpu power connector split for use with a four or eight pin connection and half of it seemed to click like it wasn't fully latched in. Hoping that was it i attempted to reinstall windows with only one stick of ram and the installation went fine. I installed most of my apps and all was well. So since i felt i had found it was the power connector as the problem i put the other stick in and buttoned up the case. All was well until yesterday started getting random glitches in windows then blue screens started again. It seems to start up after the machine has been in use for a while. And it seems on some boot ups that it hangs at the memory test for an unusually long time. I stripped it back down to one stick last night and so far so good. So can ram be bad even though it passed memtest or could there be an issue with the cpu, board, hd, or psu? I can go to my bb and get a psu or hd but i have no hardware to test the other items. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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5850 Handle 3 Screens And Hdmi ?

Just wondering if the 5850 will run 3 monitors (2 dvi & display-port) resolution at 1950x1200
& Hdmi out through a receiver into a tv at 1920x1200 ?

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Hotkey For Switching Dual Screens

Im just wondering is there a hotkey from ati catalyst control center that allows you to go from one screen to the other while programs are fully maximized. For instance, i have wow on my main screen, while i want to be able to press a hotkey to switch to my other screen. This way i don't have to minimize wow to check email, etc.

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Do Glossy Screens Reflect Much Of The Background ?

To all of you who have used a notebook with a glossy screen (hp brightview, acer crystalbright, sony x-black and so on):

Generally, what do you think of the new glossy screens?

Do they reflect much of the background when you are working with the computer indoor (not in an office environment)? Do you think that the blank/glossy screens are annoying when you work with a computer with a such screen?

Would you recommend anyone to buy a notebook with a glossy screen? (I'm thinking of buying a sony vaio with an x-black glossy screen).

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Is Crossfire Compatible With Multiple Screens ?

I run a triple-monitor setup. Currently this is run by a geforce 7900 gt and a matrox g550 pcie. I'm thinking of a new system (to run windows 7), and might get some new cards as well, probably two crossfire capable cards (looking at the hd4850)

Now i was wondering about the following:

- Is crossfire compatible with multiple screens? Can you run 2 screens in crossfire at the same time (i'm thinking supreme commander here, for instance)
- Will i be able to run crossfire and connect all three screens, or will that be problematic?
- And of course, how to best to connect them all?

I've been out of it all for a while (as you can see from the 7900 gt), so any advice is welcome.

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Connect Multiple Screens With Windows 7

How to connect multiple screens with windows 7? I have a dell studio 15 laptop running windows 7, which has the multi display capabilities, and i can hook up my laptop and 1 monitor and stretch across my laptop screen and the other one. But what i would like to do is have my entire screen (tool-bar and all) stretched across 2 external monitors (that would be not including my on-board laptop screen. I have one vga output, 3 usb, and 1 hdmi. However i would be using 2 15" vga monitors. Any more questions, feel free to leave comments. Let me know what you think.

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4 Screens? 5970 = 3 In Eyefinity + 1 From Physx Card ?

I am thinking about selling my gtx 295, upgrading to a 5970 and getting a couple more 27 inch monitors to run eyefinity. By all accounts it's a big step forward for gaming pleasure. Thing is . I have a nice samsung led tv that i have been using from my pc - would there be a way to run it as well as the 3 panels in the eyefinity setup? Perhaps from a dedicated physx card? I spent good $ on the tv, it's lovely for hd content etc . I'd really hate for it to be out of the loop . _
Q9650 @ 4ghz 24/7 | maximus extreme | asus gtx295 | 4gb kingston hyperx @ 1450 6-6-6-18 | custom h2o | wd caviar 1t | lg bluray | coolermaster real power 850w | coolermaster cosmos 1000 | sidewinder x5 & x9 | samsung 32" led & dell 27" lcd

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Using A Radeon 5770 With An Older Card For 3 Screens

So, i got myself a nice 5770, which will support only 2 screens at once (as far as i know). I have 4 screens i want to use (main monitor, secondary info/diagnostic monitor, and big screen tv). I had them all hooked up with 2 geforce cards. - Dvi at 1080p (main)
- 2 vga's at 1024x768
- Hdmi tv (i have a dvi to hdmi adapter if necessary) at 720p

My question is, what's the best dirt-cheap card i can use to hook up just the vga monitors? I grabbed a radeon x800 xl, but apparently only 9. 3 driver and earlier supports it. Any input?

Edit: changed 3 screens to 4, as the 5770 can technically support 3 screens when using displayport.

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Xfx 4870 - Black Screens In Some Games

I built the rig earlier this month and it runs well for the most part except some games will lock up. The screen goes black and it seems like the video card shuts off. In some games it will rarely ever happen (mw2 only happened once after like 5 hours), in others it will happen a lot. I bought ghostbusters yesterday off steam for $10 and i got to the part with the marshmallow man in the city streets and now if i play for 5-8 minutes the screen goes black and i have to reboot the system. The audio usually continues for about 5 seconds after the black screen. Did i get a lousy power supply? I tried disconnecting the second hard drive and making sure both the gpu power cables are plugged in firmly and it didn't change anything. Everything is stock speeds.

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Blue Screens / Restarts When Cpu Is Idle

Whenever i leave my computer idle overnight or afk for 20min+, my computer will either be re-booted and be sitting on startup saying 'please insert a boot-able disk and press enter. ' or it would completely reboot and be sitting on my desktop. This only happens when i'm idle. It will rarely happen when i'm actually using the computer. I say rarely because the other night, i was playing fifa and the game completely locked up. I was not able to alt+tab or hit the windows key or even alt+f4. However, i was on ventrilo and i was able to continue talking to my buddy without any implications whatsoever. I had to force a shutdown with the button on the cpu. I shut off every program last night and just left it completely idle and when i woke up, it was sitting on the 'please insert. ' screen. Any ideas at all?

I wasn't sure where to post this thread, i posted it in the data section because i have had some major problems with hds failure in the past. I actually ran a hd tune scan and it came up as 0. 4% damaged blocks. I still have to run a memtest to test the memory. Not sure if that could be the program though. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Matrox Surround View (three Screens) Next Ati ?

I've read a few blurbs here and there that some type of matrox triple head tech (surroundview) may be part of the new enthusiast class 5800 cards. Anyone have any info on this? Personally i can't believe that multiple display seamless 3d hasn't become standard by now. Matrox must own some fat patents.

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How To Fix Broken Laptop Lcd Screens ?

Any of you have bad or broken laptop lcd screens and are appealed at the price tag the manufacturer puts to repair your screen? All this at a loss of a few days of productivity? Well, here is an answer to your distress. How to replace a broken laptop or notebook display

I thought you people should know that there is something that you can do about a broken laptop lcd screen other than buying a new laptop or paying the laptop manufacturer a ransom.

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Random Windows 7 Blue Screens Need Help With Dump Files

I've been trying to get my debugger to work for quite some time but i've never been able to get it to work right since i went to a 64 bit platform in vista. Anyways, here are my two dump files. Msi 790fx-gd70 motherboard
Amd phenom ii 965be
Geforce 8800gtx
4x1024 crucial ballistic ddr3

My computer has started to blue screen at random, and it's really starting to *** me off since the computer is absolutely completely stock - it has not been overclocked or anything. The computer is water cooled. The cpu, sb, gpu are all on the same loop, peak temp is 42c under load, idle 30c. I had a tv show running on my secondary screen this evening and all of a sudden it just locked up, and i couldn't figure out why, i presumed it was going to crash because i had a windows loading cursor over wmp11. Then, about 20 seconds later it momentarily blue screens for a split second and then reboots. No memory dump was logged, windows7 is compeltely unaware it just crashed, comes back into windows with no error or knowledge that it was just rebooted - which i find a little odd. I presume because of this it might be a memory issue. Now, the computer has crucial ballistix memory - and i've been using ballistix since the early c2d days and every single stick of this memory i have ever owned has gone bad on the average of 2-4 times. It's by far the worst memory i've ever owned in my life - so i wouldn't be surprised if this new ddr3 is also crap - i won it at a contest (which is the only reason i'm even using it). I haven't had time to memtest it yet. I've included my two most recent blue screens that actually have a dump file, however the most recent one has no dump file like i mentioned earlier. My memory dump file is just about 1 gb, so i didn't upload that. http://jadefalcon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a new w7 x64 chipset driver out from amd? I'm currently running the november drivers.

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Ati Catalyst 10.1 Hotfix / Gray Screens Issue

So the new hotfix that's supposed to resolve some of the intermittent gray screen and vertical line corruption is out, but did it fix and/or do anything for you?

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Cable To Connect Imac To A Pc Monitor For Dual Screens

What cable do i need to connect my imac to a pc monitor for dual screens? I have herd different things on what to get but i am not positive on what cable to buy all i know is that it is very cheap.

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Connect Lcd Projector To Laptop - Two Screens With Different Views

How can i connect my lcd projector to my laptop in such a way that the two screens have different views? I want to connect the lcd projector to my laptop to run my powerpoint presentation but i want it in a way that what you see in the screen of the projector is different from what i see in the screen of my laptop. Example. If i run my presentation my notes appears in the screen of my laptop and what appears in my projector screen is the presentation itself.

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Random Black / Purple Screens, New Gfx Card Installed

As the title says i have just installed a new gfx card, an 8800gt turbo (so it was described on ebay). Now i have run the drivers which came with the disk. Since i have had the new gfx card installed i cant seem to play any games, after a random amount of time, can be 5 mins to 2 hours, i get a full black or purple screen, forcing me to reboot the comp. The games in question are age of conan / world of warcraft and neverwinternights2, these are the only 3 i have tried. Now they all run fine on my 7600gt. Lemme also say when im on the web everything is fine, just seems to be when im gaming. If anyone has any ideas please speak up as im ready for throwing the system at the floor. Any more info needed please just ask, i will be hanging around for a while anyways. I also forgot to add, that when the black screens do hit, i can still move the mouse and hear sounds.

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Vpu Recover Has Reset Your Gfx Accelerator - Black Screens

Ok, i'm only getting black screens while web browsing, i can play 13 different games on my computer at once as long they don't require a web browser and it runs fine, so. It can't be an overheating issue or anything, i've tried reinstalling my drivers numorous times, reseating the card and my ram. I have a 550watt power supply which is plenty(requires a 300+)

I saw a post before that someone had turned off their fast "reads and writes" in the catalyst control center to fix it but i can't seem to find what they're talking about, someone please assist me with this, i've been trying to fix it for sooooo long. Like months.

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Hard Drive Corrupt ? Random Blue Screens Of Death

Earlier today i started getting random blue screens of death. After reboots and check disk i uninstalled windows 7 and installed windows vista. I left everything on my storage drive untouched. After installing vista everything seemed back to normal until i tried to move some stuff from my storage drive over to the main os drive. The blue screens of death starting popping out again and random errors. It's very frustrating since i have a lot of important stuff in this storage drive and it seems like i have to reformat. But before i do i am wondering if anyone knows the exact problem.

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