Copying Live Image To Hard Drive Takes Too Long

I lost gnome desktop of fc13beta so i have to re-install it on my desktop pc. Did all partitioning and formatting in advance via gparted live cd. I set up a 500 mb boot partition (ext3) for grub, a 14 gb root partition (ext4) and a 15 gb home partition (ext4). During installation, copying live image to the hard drive initially was fast but then the installation seems to stop 3/4 of the way through and everything is now frozen. I am waiting for installation to complete. By the way, i just saw an orange icon on the top bar but i cannot know what it says because the mouse is frozen at the moment. Please help me! Installation of fc used to be easy. This is the third time this evening i am having to re-install fc13 beta.

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Usb Hard Drive Takes Long Time To Copy Files

I just got a usb hard drive and copied some of my large files to it, and noticed it was taking a really long time to finish. Im not sure what kind of throughput im getting but it cant be much. Its taking somewhere around 15 min to copy a 700mb file.

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Pc Takes A Long Time To Boot Up

First: it takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours to boot up, i don't see anything in the monitor, but the fan in the power supply spins and the fan at top of the processor also works, only the red light of the hard disk turns on. I have tried with another hard disk that works fine in another pc, and it's the same, it takes forever to boot up. I have replace the power supply from 250 to 450 and i still have that problem. Second: after waiting that long for the pc to boot up, the cpu clock speed reads 733 mhz instead of 1700. I reset the jumper in the motherboard, to get the correct speed, but i have to do this everytime the computer has been off for a while. Are the two problems related? Is the motherboard bad? Once the pc boot ups, it works fine.

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Windows Takes A Really Long Time To Start Up

Windows takes a really long time to start up, and when it does, it doesn't last long before the computer restarts. I went into the bios, and the cpu is running at 38*c, so it shouldn't be that. Also, i have a 500watt psu, so that shouldn't be it either, what's the problem?

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Pc Takes Long Time To Boot After Powered On

My computer is taking long time to boot after powered on and also my system performance was slower
How to fix this please let me know. My system configuration is
Intel p4
Asus p4bgl-vm i845gl

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Pc Takes A Very Long Time To Complete The Boot Up Sequence

My daughter has a dell inspiron 1150 laptop which seems to have some sort of memory conflict of sort. It takes a very long time to complete the boot-up sequence and then, for no apparent reason simply slow down to a halt when opening a program (microsoft word, for example). The fan starts working overtime and processing performance slows to a halt. The task manager shows that most of the resources are being consumed by the system idle process. I have run spybot and adaware and mcafee anti-virus and nothing one turns turns up any problems. Any suggestions as to where to look next?

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Copying New Hard Drive Problem With Norton Ghost

I just purchased a hitachi 60 gb hard drive and an external usb hard drive enclosure. I formatted the hard drive and then used norton ghost 2005 to copy the old hard drive i had to the new hard drive. After a successful copy i installed the new hard drive. It booted fine into windows xp and then i came up to the log on screen. I typed my user-name and password then i pressed enter then it logged me out immediately and brought me to the log on screen again. This really annoyed me because i've been trying so hard to copy my hard drive to the new hard drive and get it to boot and finally when it does boot i can't get passed the log on screen. Can anybody help?

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Bios Takes Long Time To Identify Dvd Drives On Ide 2

I recently updated my pc - new ram, new sata hard drive and a new case. I've put everything in the case and after a few issues, i got it running. I do seem to have some troubles with my cd/dvd drives though and i was wondering if anyone could give me some help. First, here's a rough overview of the important bits:

Msi 865pe neo2 pfisr motherboard
120gb ide hd - on ide1 as master
160gb sata hd - on "ide3"
1 dvd-rom drive - on ide2 as master
1 dvd writer - on id2 as slave

The trouble is that when i have the above setup, the bios takes a long time trying to identify my dvd drives on ide2. It must eventually give up and believe nothing is there. The hd's are fine, just no dvd drives. Now if i unplug the slave drive on ide2, the master drive works fine. I haven't tried putting the slave dvd as a master yet but i'll try that as the first thing when i get back. Is it possible to something blow a drive or ground it to my case? Something stupid like that?

Now lets say i get home and both dvd drives work separately but not together. Does anyone have any clue what else it could be? I've just moved the drives from one case to another so the jumpers are correct etc. The cable is also fine (tried it with a spare - same problem).

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Copying Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Usb 2.0

About to start new build. Since present eide hd will not be available for transferring files to new eide hd, i'm thinking about copying files to external usb2. 0 hard drive, and then copying them to new eide hard drive when new build is up and running. The external usb drive will be used in the new build. I need to know if this is feasible and, if so, how do i do it? Do i just copy a file at a time?

Or do i need to establish folder for groups of files? The files are a mix of photos, music, and doc files. I do not want to foul this up and lose everything i have in the process. I tried this once before when i had to reinstall xp home and found subsequently that i could not access the files i had sent to floppies.

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Hal.dll Missing Or Corrupt When Copying Hard Drive

I am using windows xp. I used norton ghost to copy a 120gb hd on my laptop to an external 320gb hd. My intent is to swap the two so that the 320gb is in the laptop and then erase the 120gb and use for storage. With norton ghost 14 i used the "copy disk" feature. The original c: drive was 105gb and i copied that and called it the i: and set it to active and copied the master boot record as well as using it to fill up 291gb. There was a recovery partition (d which i also copied and called the h:

When swapping the drives, i tried to boot with the 320gb and got an error saying corrupt or missing hal.dll. How do i fix this? Did i copy the drives improperly or did i simply miss a step?

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Slow Hard Drive - Takes A Minute To Open A Folder

I recently built my i7 rig, and installed w7 on my c drive, with my d drive for storage. I decided to do some cable management but i left the drives plugged in, and now when i reconnected everything, my c drives runs normal but my d drive is very slow taking more then a minute to open a folder.

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Copy A Folder From A Hard Drive Taking Too Long

Usually it took only 5 or 10mins to copy a 4gb dvd onto a harddrive but now it take too long and even copy from one harddrive to another harddrive on the same ide channel still taking forever. It take 3hrs or more to copy 30gb of datas . Then when i monitor the cpu usage . Everytime when i try to copy it cpu usage go up to 100% . No viruses or spyware (i checked it out already) . Any idea ?

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Hard Drive Crash - Pc Stopped For Long Time On Bootup Logo

I have a sony vaio laptop and today when i tried to boot it up it stopped for a really long time on the boot up logo then the screen went black and the words "operating system not found" showed up in the top left hand corner. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem?

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Copying One Drive To Another In Dos

How do i copy all the info off my old hdd onto the new one in dos? I could do it one file at a time but there has to be a way of giving one command.

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Copying Data Off A Mac Sata Drive (gpt Protective Partition)

Essentially, mac crashed, but the hard drive is physically fine. I'm trying to get the data off of it by slaving it to my windows 7 gaming machine. The only problem is that i cannot assign it a drive letter or access it in any way, as it seems to be a "gpt protected partition. " I want to pull the data from the drive. Windows will let me delete the volume and reformat it, but i want to remove the gpt protection and copy my data first. Any suggestions?

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Can I Image Whs Os Drive ?

I can't seem to find a discussion i saw here or elsewhere about whether this could be done. I currently have a 500gb maxtor as my primary whs os drive that i'd like to replace with a larger and more efficient drive. (I'm building an in-law system soon and may use the maxtor as a secondary drive for them. ) Was there some problem with programs like acronis trueimage and ms 'server' os's? Can whs handle the resize of the secondary partition ('landing zone' in old parlance)?

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250gb Drive Image On 1tb Drive

Ok, i'm concerned my hd is dieing, it's losing files, event log is showing disk errors, and i'm scared enough that i don't want to use it as my primary hd anymore. I have 2 hds, a 250gb (primary, c) and a 1000gb (external, d):-

The 1tb has around 400gb used
The 250gb has around 200gb used

I want to copy my data, programs, and os from the 250gb to the 1tb where the 1tb is bootable. How can i do this without partitioning the 1tb drive?

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How Easy Is It To Reformat With Drive Image ?

Can you erase everything on your hardrive ( reformat) and then put a cd with everything on your hardrive cloned ( copied) on a cd including the o, s. (Everything ) using drive image 7 or 2002 and a cdrw or dvdrw and reinstall everything that was erased by just putting in that cd with all the contents of the previous hardrive content backed up on it or is it a little more involved then that? I would like to reformat every six months or so just to clear out the cobwebs but i am not very computer literate . And i never knew how to reformat the old fashioned way.

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Raid Drive Failure, Can't Get Backup Image To Work

Having trouble getting my backup cloned drive to work. I initially had a raid setup: two wd 250gig sata in raid 0, one drive started to go nuts, i luckily was able to make a backup image to a single wd 640gig sata. The raid was from the motherboard controller epox ep-8k9a7i. I unplugged the two 250gig drives then proceeded to plug in the single 640gig, the mobo controller recognizes the drive, but it wont boot into windows. I then did a successful boot sector rebuild in the xp recovery console on the 640gig drive, still no go. I used driveimage xml from the raid0 windows install for the clone process to the 640gig, would this be causing a bad clone? What programs might others suggest i use? Am i missing something? Could use a few more ideas to get this backup drive to boot!

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Long Boot Times With Dvd Drive

My machine takes very long to boot. It sits @ that windows-knight-rider screen and the blue line is crossing about 10-12 times before anything happens. Yesterday i had to disconnect my dvd to connect my reserve hdd and see. It boots after 3 or 4 times of that line passing. Is that coz i got a bad driver or bad firmware there. Don't know if driver makes difference coz i think windows got 1 generic and it don't affect my secondary dvd drive. Any suggestions?

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How Long To Format A 1tb Drive In Blacx ?

I just purchased a thermaltake blacx. I have placed a wd 1 tb drive in it for the first time. This is a brand new drive that i ordered with the blacx. I am formatting the drive per the instructions on my vista 64 system. It has been formatting for over 2. 5 hours and it is only at 24%. Is this normal?

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Copying Cd And Printing Labels

If i want to copy hundreds of cds and printing labels on it, what is the best way or hardware. Is there anybody to advise.

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Copying Ps2 Games

Is is possible to copy ps2 games, and play with a mod chip? Is there a link that discusses this info? I have a dvd burner if that makes a difference. I know you could do it with a cd-r back in ps1 days, but had to have a mod chip. I was just asked this question by a co-worker, and since i am at the office, i can't get caught surfing too much looking for an answer.

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Unexpected I/o Error When Copying Files

Recently, i had to restore my c drive because my computer continually non responded. Now, that problem has appeared to diminish (for the most part) however i am now encountering a new problem. Whenever i try to move files from my d drive to my c drive or to an external, the computer begins to copy the files and then it just hangs there (for hours on occasions). Sometimes an error message will eventually pop up stating that an unexpected i/o error 0x8007045d has occurred. I have tried defragmenting my drives and i have cleaned the registries. I have also made sure that i have total control over the files by giving all users full control. Still nothing has changed. Some of the files that i am trying to copy are big (4+ gigs) and some are small music files. Some of them copy and some of them do not. I don't know what is going on and i do not know how to fix the issue. I have looked on the net for solutions and none have worked so far. I would really like to avoid restoring the d drive if at all possible because a lot of the files i could never get back and this error is stopping me from creating a backup of the drive. Some of my computer specs:

Model: asus ul50a/ul50ag series
Processor: genuine intel(r) cpu u7300 @ 1. 30 ghz
Installed memory (ram): 4. 00 gb
Sytem type: 64-bit operating system (windows 7)

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Error Message - Windows Encountered A Problem Copying To Cd

I am not having much luck with computers lately. Not sure if this is a problem with the dvd-rw drive or windows, but will start here. I was helping a neighbor do a back up of their pictures. Was using the options under windows to do the copying, not a software program like nero. We had successfully burned 2 cd's and on the third, it appeared to have copied the files, went through all of the steps, the drawer popped open and said finish. But then upon putting the disk back in, it showed a blank when the drive information showed up. So i tried copying one file and got the same message. So then i tried copying a file from the desktop to my documents, it copied, and also able to copy a file to a thumbdrive. Not sure if this is a hardware issue or something in windows, since upon copying files, it actually is creating a temporary file, you might think if it was the dvd - rw drive, it would show up later in the process. Any suggestions?

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Pc Hangs And Takes 15 Minutes To Boot

Yesterday i formatted my pc, so i could add a smaller system drive, and then use 3 ide hdd's and 1 dvd-rw. Heres the setup i did:

Primary ide master - system drive
Primary ide slave - applications drive (empty)

Secondary ide master - docs drive (half full/half empty, up2u)
Secondary ide slave - dvd-rw

First boot from format, everything seemed snappy and fast, no problems. I started installing a few drivers, for nothing major, other than the nvidia hardware firewall on my dfi lanparty mb, and the basic mb drivers. Upon a required reboot, the machine now takes an immense 15 minutes to boot.

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Windows Takes 8 Hours To Install

My friend's amd athlon xp 1100+ on a k7s5a pro rev 5. 0 mobo is taking forever to install windows. I threw in an extra 256 ram to make it 512 ram. I bought a new hard drive and it is still taking forever to install windows xp. Should i just tell him to get a new mobo and proc? Or should i just replace the proc?

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Computer Takes 6, 7 Minutes To Open

My monitor that came with my win98 dell computer, takes now about 6 or 7 minutes to open. I upgraded to winxp, it now takes about about 4 or 5 minutes. Someone suggested to test and find out if it's the monitor or the computer. I borrowed a laptop but didn't know how to do it. A kind person suggested the following:

"Right click on the screen, choose properties/settings/advanced, look for your graphic card or video card then you should see the 2 icons for the 2 monitors. Switch over to the main monitor from there by clicking on the monitor icon at the rear of the two and dragging it to the front. " I followed the above but didn't see any "graphic card or video card" so i'm stuck now.

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Laptop Takes Forever To Start Up

My hp laptop takes forever to start up. It is very slow when it warms up it speeds up? Is there something that i can do to fix this, or is it a mechanical problem?

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Scrolling Takes Much Time In Windows Explorer

Most notably on web pages, scrolling takes forever. One tick of my scroll wheel will take 3 seconds or more for a web page to refresh in the new position. It also happens when scrolling through windows explorer and when i open my start button > all programs menu. I havent noticed it on much else but i havent tried doing much else program-wise. I have run many instances of different web based avs thinking it was a virus. Kasperky online, trend micro house call and dr web cureit. All have come back clean so far. Have also run ad aware and spybot s&d with negative results. Tried a hijack this log on the auto parse page and it also returned clean. What else can i do to find a resolution to this?

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