Modem Cannot Be Detected

I have a problem with my modem. Currently i am using a win98 on my pc. I had successfully installed the modem on the pc, however when i am starting to start dialing an internet connection. A message will appear saying that the modem can't be detected or has been turned off. I hope somebody can help me here. By the way it is an external modem and i tried using com1 and com2 ports to make it work. And i have checked in a different pc if the modem is still working, however the other pc runs on winxp.

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Pri Slave Not Detected, Secondary Slave Not Detected

I just brought a new case from my computer. And i got it put together for me. At the shop they showed me that it worked

Then wen i got home it wouldnt start up. It would get to the boot up screen and say primary slave not detected. And then after like 20 seconds it said secondary slave not detected. What should i do to fix my computer.

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Connecting Cable Modem To At&t Modem

How to connect a cable modem to an at&t modem?

Answer:- if they are actually both modems you don't connect them together at all. Modems take in signals from the isp and convert them to digital that you computer understands. Since it only takes one to do that why would you even attempt to connect two modems?

If you mean you have an at&t gateway/router (which has a modem inside) then that is a different question. However, there is also no way to use that router in a cable system as the modem installed in it is for dsl not cable. There are routers which will connect to a cable modem or a dsl modem and allow multiple computer use. Just get the correct router if that is what you want or need.

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New Harddrive Not Detected

I cannot seem to get the pc to detect the harddrive, i have tried using different sata ports, cables etc. I've even tried booting into win xp using a spare ide hdd and trying to detect it through disk managment. The hdd definatly works, because i am able to detect it on my pc. Any ideas whats up?

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Speakers Are On, But Not Detected

I have a dell computer dimension 4700 and my speakers are on but when i go to the speakers window everything is in grey and says it is not detected and i have no idea what to do. The speakers are on because i can here some buzzy noises and the lights on. I have all dell cd'sfor applications and drivers and utilities but i dont know what to do?I can't find an audio cd. Is that what i need or?

It use to work before but my computer received a virus so i had to reboot my whole system.

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Hard Drive Is Not Detected

I have had trouble with my hard drives hitachi. I had 80gb later on it was showing 32 gb and so on. Today i have downloaded one test software from hitachis page. Later on. I resart the computer no hardware found. I looked at from bios. My hard drive is detected auto. Cylinder 0 head 0 sector 0 chs 0mb maximum 0mb and so on. I do not know but in order to earn money hitachi defected my hard drive. What shoud i do?Do i have any other choose than buying new one?I has been slightly over 2 years old. I just checked out pc store where i bought my hard disc. New one hitachi is 3 months bring-in. This is the first time. I have seen maxtor or or western digital 3 years hitachi maximum 1 year.

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Laptop Cd Drive Not Being Detected

The cd drive is getting power, will open and close fine, but its not reading the cd's. In my computer its showing my hard drive and a floppy drive, but i dont have a floppy drive on this laptop. In my bios i get my primary hard drive and secondary, and a few other options for the other ide. I have the driver for it downloaded but its really confusing, have to do all these things with different system files. Id really like to get this drive running so i can install a graphics program that my friend is burning for me to make a graphic for my business website.

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Ide Drive Is Not Detected

I've just installed a 160gb hard drive i've bought from kyle2020 which works great. But i had to move my hard drive cage up to the top because i couldn't get it fitted in because of the 9600gt pci-e connector so i moved it at top and i had to switch the ide wiring around. So the top ide connection is now on my ide hard drive and the centre ide connection is now on my dvd drive but. After i've done all that it won't detect my ide hard drive or my ide dvd drive :s is their a pattern i have to follow with ide? And my ide hard drive is detected on bios but it doesn't appear on my computer screen.

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Logitech G5 Not Being Detected With Vista

Well i installed the latest version of setpoint 64-bit and the *** doesnt show my mouse, all it shows is help and support stuff, no game or sensitivity options i had in xp.

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Drives Not Being Properly Detected

It's been a while since i've posted but over the past few weeks i've been running into a problem that seems to be occurring more and more frequently. I figured i'd head this issue off before it becomes fatal. The problem is that upon boot-up / post the two hard drives are not detected and the system boots to a boot disk failure. When i restart the system and enter the bios, the primary drive (sata1) is not detected at all and the secondary drive (sata2) shows a weird name and does not post all of the specs. When i enter sata1 and sata2 and tell the bios to automatically detect drives, it picks up the primary drive and enters the correct information for the secondary drive. I have actually experienced some weird issues with this build since inception and have changed out various pieces of hardware but i have never done anything with the motherboard (besides update the bios). I'm thinking that maybe the southbridge controller is dying or some other part of the motherboard. Any suggestions or thoughts?

The rig with the problem has the following specs:
Gigabyte ga-g33m-ds2r
Intel core 2 duo e6600
Primary drive: western digital wdc wd3200aaks
Secondary drive: samsung hd501lj
Os: windows 7 x64 professional

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Cd Drive Not Detected Windows Xp

I have a big problem. My computer cannot detect my dvd or cd drive. The dvd drive is of samsung and cd drive is of liteon. Its not the power supply because when i press the open button the drive opens. My computer screen appears without any dvd or cd drive icon. Do i have to install driver or something else.

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No Dram Installed Or Detected

A few weeks ago i formatted my hard drive, reinstalled windows 2000 pro and added a stick of 512mb ram. Everything had been working fine until a few days ago. The problem has been getting worse each day. I started up and it hung on the first boot up screen (is it the post screen? Anyways, the one that checks memory and shows the mobo logo). I had to hold down the i/o switch for about 5 seconds to get it to turn off. When i restarted no signal to the monitor and i got an intermittent beep from the case, which according to the mobo manual means that there is "no dram installed or detected. " This was strange as i had been using the computer fine for the last few weeks. Held down i/o switch again for about 5 seconds. Repeated the above. Swore. Unplugged the power cord. Repeated the above. Cursed. Thought about kicking the side of it. Thought it might not be a good idea. Tried turning it on again and i get the bios screen saying that i there was a problem with my cpu being set at the wrong settings or overclocked or something like that. Strange considering i have never overclocked my comp. Hit f something to reset to defaults. Save and restart. Thing boots up fine. No problems.

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Message: No Video Input Detected

A friend of mine asked me about his computer, he says "it turns on, boots up but all it shows on the monitor is "no video input detected"".

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No Keyboard Was Detected At Bios Posts

I have my 2nd computer and it stopped working for some odd reason. When i boot it up it does not find a keyboard. I have tried multiple keyboards usb and ps2 one of them was the one i am using right now to write this. It was working fine a week ago and no nothing. The computer powers up and the bios posts and it goes into booting up but will not pick up a keyboard. It even shows that no keyboard was detected at post. - Motherboard
- Msi k8-neov (i think)
- Processor amd sempron 2600+

Anyone have any ideas whats going on? Did the mother board bite the dust?

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Sata Drive Spinning Up Yet Not Detected

I have a maxtor stm3500320as sata hard disk drive that i have been using for nearly two years. The drive just vanished from both windows and bios. It spins up when the pc boots but is not detected. I tried switching cables, using both seagate and maxtor tools. Is there anything for me to try before trying the warranty. For information on the hardware: everest report

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Hard Drives Sometimes Are Not Detected When Booting

I've recently come across a strange problem regarding my hard drives: at random times, when i power on my pc, some of my hard drives aren't detected in bios (including my main os hard drive). I panicked at first because i don't feel like replacing my velociraptor and basically have no computer to use during the school semester. But sometimes, the "missing" hard drives will be detected upon reboot/start up. It's a really annoying problem. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Laptop Hard Drive Not Detected

About 6 months ago my laptop stopped detecting the hard disk. So thinking that the disk was faulty i brought a new disk, but not from the same brand or size. The laptop is an ibm thinkpad 310ed and the disk was 2. 1 gb in size. The disk i brought was a western digital 10 gb disk. The guy in the store said it didn't matter and that all disks were compatible. However my laptops disk came in a cover with a connector that was connected to the pins, and the guy at the store adapted the cover and the connector to the new disk. I put the new disk in the laptop and tried to fdisk and i got a message saying that there was no fixed disk. I also went to the bios and the disk was not detected. So i thought that the disk might have not been adapted correctly to the cover and to the connector so is there a link were i can see pictures of how to to properly install the hard disk?

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Pci-ieee 1394 Card Not Detected

Bought a firewire card today for my other pc. Upon putting it in the pci slot, booting up and attaching my ipod, nothing happened. The pod started to charge, but my pc did not detect it. Nothing in hardware manager. Any suggestions?

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Usb Mouse Not Being Detected On Windows Bootup

I have a razer copperhead tempest usb mouse with the latest drivers but when i turn my system on its as if i dont have a mouse connected until i physically unplug it then plug it back in. I recently did a fresh installation of windows after installing a new mobo and cpu and have tried solving the problem by installing the drivers from the cd and updated drivers from razer but it doesnt solve the problem. Ive never had this kind of problem with a usb mouse before and its really annoying me.

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Disk Drive Isn't Being Detected

I had my disk drive working and then i did the stupid thing of unpluging it to move some cords around that were in they way and now it wont work. Any suggestions? Ive tried unpluging it and repluging it in multiple times, still get nothing.

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The Driver Detected A Controller Error On Deviceharddisk1d

My hdd seems to gone haywire. This error "the driver detected a controller error on deviceharddisk1d" keep pop up and spamming my event viewer. When this happen my system will freeze for a few sec and back to normal again. This thing happen like every 15min. When to search around the net and found some info that this error might cause due to loose/faulty cable. I already check for loose cable, all fixed up properly but i got no spare cable to try on. I have 2 hdd on my system hdd1 = g. Skill ssd(os and games on it) , hdd2 = v. Raptor 150gb (page file, my doc, download etc). As for hardisk1d which 1 it actually meant?

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Nvidia Sata Drivers Keep Being Re-detected When Booting Pc

I just installed the latest nforce drivers on this old nvidia 6150le motherboard and the oddest thing happens. After every single reboot it re-detects the sata drivers and installs them. Every single reboot. Oh yea, the pc is running windows xp. Any ideas?

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Samsung 1tb Drive Not Detected In Explorer

So i just bought a new samsung 1 tb sata drive, and explorer doesn't detect the drive at all. The bios detects it, and device manager see's it as well, but nothing else does and i cant put any data on it. What i think might be the problem is that when i go to properties from device manager it says its in installed in location 0 and thats exactly what device manager says my main hdd is installed in. Is there anyway to change where its located or anything? Whoops forgot something, it didn't come with a jumper pin connector so i got one off an old drive and tried it in all the possible configurations and no change. So does anyone have any idea how i can get this thing to work in my system?

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Windows Has Detected Spyware Running On Your Computer

I just reformatted my computer and installed microsoft word. After the installation was complete i started to get these pop up windows. Below are what some of the images say. Does anyone know anything about these?

Message #1

Messenger service
Message from windows to alert on 2/13/2005 3:15:34 am
System error: windows has detected spyware running on your computer. Spyware can damage critical system files, track your online activities and display pop-ups. Anti-virus and firewall software can not protect you. Visit: for free removal information!

Message #2

Messenger service
Message from system to user in 2/13/2005 3:29:22 am
Warning: your compter may have critical errors in registry and file system, these errors can lead to computer crashes, instability, slowness, and full system failure. Immediate repair may be required. See help file at:

To bring up help file, type into your web browser or:

1. Press windows "start" button in lower-left-hand corner of screen
2. Select "run" from menu
3. Type into box then press "ok" button

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Hp Printer Print Cartridges Missing Or Not Detected

I have had the printer for maybe about 2 or 3 years. I've never had any problems with it before. We'd buy the hp ink for it until i heard about getting those refill cartridge things from like walgreens, and how they were more inexpensive. We began to get those instead, we only got them up to like 2 or three times, the third was the last one. That was when it stopped working. I put them in but it only kept saying " print cartridges missing or not detected" i went back to the store to tell them about the situation & they checked them & said they were fine & that it was probably my printer. I would notice that ink wouldn't last much & itd be very drippy; some even spilled at the bottom of the printer. I've even considered buying the hp ink to see if that'll make it work but im afraid of it being more $ down the drain.could it have been that "inexpensive" ink, that seemed to actually be costlier in the end, should i go back to the hp ink, or is it possibly my printer?

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Hp Photosmart C4480 Alignment Page Not Detected

I have a fully set up c4480 all-in-one that, upon being powered on, always asks for a 'print test page' option. To continue i have to hit 'ok' (i can't arrow down automatically to 'scan my alignment page' ). After printing it (seemingly successfully, it appears brightly colored, not fuzzy, etc. ) I put it down on the scanner bed as indicated (i have also tried different orientations as this process has continued to fail). It always comes back after trying to scan with the same message: 'alignment page not detected' this is incredibly frustrating. I've wasted paper, and not to mention hp ink which i bought recently. It is very expensive.

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Dell Scanner - You Cannot Scan Because No Device Was Detected

A message comes up when i tried to scan a page saying "you cannot scan because no device was detected", i tried to print a page off and it worked fine, if you have any ideas please let me know.

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Usb Over Current Voltage Detected System Will Restart In 15

Anyone has encounter this problem before? My board seems to detected this after bios menu. ''usb over current voltage detected system will restart in 15 seconds''. Any solutions?

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Hdd Detected In Bios, Device Manger, But Not In My Computer

I just put a new hdd in my machine, i already have 2 other ide hdd in there, this is just an extra one i got free off a mate. Its 20gb. The new hdd appears in my bios, it also appears in device manger and says drivers are installed and the device is working properly. But its no where to be found in my computer! Any ideas?

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Sata Drives Recognized By Bios But Not Detected By Vista

What it says on the tin, really. I installed two new maxtor 250gb sata drives this afternoon, as companions to my 500gb main c:/ drive. They are picked up in the bios just fine, but vista can't see them. They don't show up in disk management or the device manager, so i can't format them or do anything with them. I've looked through the manual and the bios very thoroughly, but i can't find anything wrong. Everything that should be enabled is enabled. It's an msi k9n mainboard. I should stress that this is not a raid setup - i just want two extra hds.

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