Samsung Syncmaster 933 Lcd Monitor Hd 1080p Videos

Can i play full hd(1080p) videos on my samsung syncmaster 933. It supports upto 1360*768 resolution. If i play the hd video can my monitor got affected ? Please tell me what happned when i opened this video? Can any software that play hd videos on my monitor without affecting it?

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Samsung Syncmaster 170mp Monitor Problem

I have a samsung syncmaster 170mp monitor and starting last week the pc screen is darker then it use to be. I have played with my brightness and contrast on both my vid card and on my monitor but it still is worst then it was. Since it is also a tv i have my gamecube hook up to it and when i play smash bros the picture is still as bright has it use to bright on pc. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it? As usual samsung's tech support was no help to me. Ps i have tested another monitor on my computer, works perfect, and have tried my monitor on another computer same problem.

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Samsung Syncmaster 713bm Monitor Problem

I have a samsung syncmaster 713bm monitor. When i plug it into m p. C tower it works fine (resolution 1080x1024) but when i plug it into my laptop as an extended screen it says it is not running in optimum mode, recommended mode 1080x1024 60hz. The screen when plugged in my laptop is set up to display 1080x1024 60hz. What should i do?

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Samsung Syncmaster 943n Monitor Adjustment

I can't at all, customize the width and length adjustment on samsung syncmaster 943n monitor! Now it's all messed up when i play video games!

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Samsung Syncmaster Px2370 Monitor Fuzzy

Why my brand new led monitor made by samsung is being so fuzzy? It is a "syncmaster px2370" made by samsung and the model i saw at the store looked amazing but now that i have it hooked up everything that is small in detail like text or icons looks really fuzzy and awkward. I think it has something to do with the settings, what can i do?

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Samsung Syncmaster 793s Monitor Driver

I have a samsung syncmaster 793s (white) 17 inc. Monitor i lost my driver cd anyone give me driver or link?

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Samsung Syncmaster 763mb Crt Monitor Problem

I have a samsung syncmaster 763mb crt monitor using about more than 4 years , now i have a problem in pressing the push button to make the monitor on/off. For the past 2 days, when i press the push button of the monitor turn on, it doesn't turning on, so i need to press it again for 4 or 5 times , it will turn the monitor on. Or
Sometimes when i kicking the push button with my finger somehow, it will turn on the monitor and also at sometimes goes off[blinking] and then comes on if i clicking with my fingers. Now the condition is, it doesn't turning the push button to be monitor off, always on[blinking, after shutting down the operating system]. I had no problems in operating systems or flickering in monitor or sound. Just this push button of the monitor on/off is not co-operating. Please tell me what happened to this monitor push button[ got loosed to turn the switch on/off ?!] And then, is there another problems of the monitor in future, and also tell me how to resolve this problem ?!

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Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Monitor Resolution Problem

How do i get my laptop display to offer the optimum 1600 x 900 resolution for my samsung wide screen monitor? I have a compaq presario c700 laptop with an extra monitor - the samsung syncmaster 2033sw (a 20'' widescreen monitor), running windows vista. The optimum resolution for this monitor is 1600 x 900, but neither the regular display settings nor the intel(r) graphics media accelerator driver will offer me this combination. The closest options i get are 1280 x 960 or 1600 x 1200, and both of these look terrible. I have installed samsung's driver, and tried restarting a few times, and nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Syncmaster 2494sw Monitor Audio Not Working

How do i get audio working on my samsung 2494sw syncmaster monitor? I just bought a samsung 2494sw and i hooked it up to my cpu and i then hooked up my ps3. I'm getting sound when i'm on the computer but when is switch over to ps3 i'm getting no sound at all. Can someone help me out here? I''m using a dvi to hdmi cable.

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Samsung Syncmaster 215tw Vs Dell Ultrasharp 2007wfp Monitor

I am having a hard time choosing! Somebody help. I don't do gaming just view the web and photoshop stuff. Samsung's syncmaster 215tw vs dell ultrasharp 2007wfp 20. 1.

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Magic Color Demo Off From Samsung Syncmaster 730b Monitor

How do i get rid of magiccolor demo/magiccor on magiccolor off from my samsung syncmaster 730b monitor?

Answer:- i had the same problem with my samsung syncmaster 205bw. I got this solution from a 2nd tier technician at samsung. Hope it works with your model. Before sending my monitor out for repair, i wanted to try to reset it to the factory default settings. But i couldn't access the on-screen display (osd) menu because it was stuck on the magiccolor demo. I knew there had to be another way to do it. And i finally talked to a samsung technician who told me how. 1. I put my monitor into analog mode. (I had my monitor disconnected from my computer when i did this. ) The "return" button on the front of the monitor switches between digital and analog modes. 2. Holding the same "return" button down for 15 seconds reset the monitor to default settings and allowed me to access the osd menu (using the menu button, also on the front of the monitor). I put everything back the way i wanted it and the crisis was over. Hope this works for you.

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Using Samsung Lcd Tv As Monitor

I am in the market of getting a new computer. Though, i'm not a huge computer head, im getting one built for me that is going to be "decent". What i want to spend most of my money on is a monitor. I'm interested in this samsung lcd tv that has avg ( i think thats what its called) therefore it is able to be used as a monitor. My problem:

My friend who works at dell told me that the resolution won't be very crisp and it'll hurt my eyes. All in all, i need your opinions!

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Staples Vs Samsung 19 Lcd Monitor

So yesterday i had money in hand and all ready to buy the samsung 931b 19" lcd monitor on sale at staples but then right next to it i saw their own brand and it looked better to me than the samsung. Before i would have never considered buying a staples brand monitor, after all what do they know about electronics they sell office supplies for christ sakes but it looked really good. The colors were very deep and rich the background was brighter and the text was darker easier to read.

In comparison the samsung looked faded, dull. Plus the staples comes with built in speakers (which i know must sound pretty bad but hopefully when you hook up your own you can turn those off) and it comes with a dvi cable which the samsung doesn't. And it looks like the specs are the same and when on sale it will be $30. Less than the samsung. So am i crazy for considering the staples 19" s9106 lcd monitor? I read on here that most monitors are made by lg. So maybe the staples one is too and therefore it might be ok. Anyone have any personal experience with the staples monitor or know anything about them?

Here are the specs. Staples 19" sp9106 lcd monitor. Staples own monitors combine high-end features such as an ultra clear screen, built-in speakers, dvi input and even three usb ports to offer a superior viewing experience.

19" active matrix tft lcd
1280 x 1024 native resolution
Contrast ratio 700:1
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Response time 8ms
Three built-in usb ports
Dvi cable included
3-year mfr. Limited warranty

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Samsung B550 Lcd Tv As Pc Monitor

Im thinking about getting a samsung b550 lcd tv and . Ill be hooking up my ps3 , xbox360 and my pc to it. I want to know if it is good as a monitor. Would the picture be good? Would the resolution be nice? Is anyone else using it as a monitor?

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Using 32 Inch Samsung Lcd Hdtv For A Monitor

Using the 32inch samsung lcd hdtv for a monitor? What do ya guys think? Sure an arm and a leg needs to be sacrificed for it, i certainly cant afford it, but lets just assume you could afford it. How would it fare as a monitor? Staring at this enormous screen in front of you, playing call of duty 2 on that would make me drool.

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Connect Samsung 2033sn Lcd Monitor To Xbox 360

I am planning to buy a samsung lcd monitor 2033sn plus in order to connect an xbox 360 with it? Please forward me your recommendations and suggestions in reference to the above mentioned monitor. Is it a perfect monitor if i would like to hookup an xbox 360 with it?

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Samsung Dlp 1080p Tv Unsupported Mode

Samsung dlp 1080p tv with ati radeon shows unsupported mode. I've connected my computer (graphics card: ati radeon x1650pro) through a vga cable to my tv, which supports 1080p. I've extended the desktop onto the tv. My screen refresh rate is 60hz. My drivers are all up to date. I setup my friend's 46" prima easily with 1080p mode, but in my tv the highest resolution i can get is 1280x960 (far from 1920x1080 at 60hz). If i go higher, the tv screen shows "unsupported mode". What can i do? Don't tell me to change the refresh rate or my tv doesn't support 1080p and such.

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Samsung Syncmaster Screen Black

I have a samsung syncmaster 931bw and yesterday the screen just went black. If i turn the monitor off and then on again it will display my desktop for about 3 seconds and then it goes black again! I can't figure out whats wrong with it because it has to be the monitor and not the computer, i've hooked it up to my laptop and same thing, turn it off and then on and i have 3 seconds of working and then black again.

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Samsung Syncmaster 940bw Configuration

I just got a new monitor at my office. It's a syncmaster 940bw from samsung. It is 19" and the native configuration is 1440 x 900. When i use this configuration, everything is fine but i feel that things are quite small. So i tried another configuration but the other configurations that are offered when i go to the configuration panel on windows are the following :

1280 x 768
1280 x 720
1280 x 600
1152 x 864
1024 x 768
800 x 600

I tried the 1280 x 768 but i would really need is 1280 x 800. The 1280 x 768 configuration stretches everything. Is there anything i can do to be able to us 1280 x 800 ?

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Samsung Syncmaster 2032bw Flicker

I bought a samsung syncmaster 2032bw a couple of weeks ago from ebuyer to run as a second monitor with my samsung r70 laptop (vista). It is connected by vga and runs at 1680x1050 (32bit). The problem is that the screen has an intermittent flickering, which is most apparent on dark backgrounds. I used to previously be able to run the monitor at an optimized 75hz refresh rate, which did make a slight difference (although the flicker was still obvious now and then), but since an nvidia driver update a few days ago i am only left with the option of 60hz in the advanced display settings or the nvidia control panel. I have been noticing increased eye strain and headaches from this. The current driver version is: 7. 15. 11. 8084

Since the update, my display settings are always reset when ever i restart my machine, which is becoming tedious. My graphics card is an nvidia geforce 8400m gs with an approximate total memory of 1395mb. Dxdiag notes (for both displays) that:

The file nvd3dum.dll, nvwgf2um.dll is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by microsoft's windows hardware quality labs (whql). You may be able to get a whql logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer. - How can i force a 75hz refresh rate?
- Could the flickering be down to a faulty vga cable or power cable?
- Could the monitor itself be faulty and require returning?
- Should i roll back the driver to see if this can help with the refresh rate issue?

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Samsung Syncmaster 206bw Problem

I own a samsung monitor the syncmaster 206bw and here is the problem. I connected the monitor to my pc with a albatron geforce 5700 leq (256mb) at dvi port. After few hours i realized that every time i turn on the pc, the monitor doesn't shows anything, only black screen. After 20 secs suddenly appears the welcome screen at winxp and everything is ok. After that i decided to check the monitor with another vga and connected it to the ati radeon 9550. Well, with this card everything is ok and no problem occurs.

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Samsung Moment Videos Audio Wont Work

Audio wont work on my samsung moment videos. When i watch the video on the phone, it's fine. When i email it to myself and watch it, there's no audio. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm opening it in windows media player.

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Samsung Syncmaster B2330 Wont Turn On

My brand new samsung syncmaster b2330 will not turn on. I believe i have the correct driver installed, the cables have worked on other equipment, and it has a power source. It seems like it might have power, but it won't turn on. Is there some hidden button or is my monitor just defective.

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Samsung Syncmaster 971p Wont Turn On

I have the samsung syncmaster 971p and it wont turn on. The tower is working. What should i do?


First, check and reseat both ends of your video & power cable and make sure they are seated properly & fully. If that doesn't work, check your power indicator light and see what color, if any, it is. It should be green if the monitor is on. If it is green and you see no display, your monitor is probably bad. The backlight of inverter is bad and would need to be replaced. Otherwise, you can purchase a replacement. If the light is amber, then it's not getting a signal from the video card. Check and reseat the video card. Try booting into safe mode to see if you get a picture. If that doesn't work, then you may need a new video card. If safe mode works, then check your display settings in windows and change as needed. If there is no light when you push the power button, then the monitor is not getting power. Check your power cord and where it's plugged in at to make sure the power is good. If all that checks out, you will need to repair or replace the monitor.

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Samsung Syncmaster Flashing Blue Light

My new samsung syncmaster 2333hd has a flashing blue light when i turn it off which is very annoying, as this tv is in my bedroom i have to cover it up! Please advise, i cannot find a samsung email address for product support.

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Samsung Syncmaster 205bw Screen Black

I use an external samsung lcd screen (syncmaster 205bw) for my laptop. My laptop went to standby when i was away. And when i came back, my lcd was black. My laptop still works normal. When i turn the lcd on, i could see the switch light goes blue, but the screen remains black no matter how many times i connected it with my laptop. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Syncmaster 932b Wont Work With Ps3

I am having a problem, my ps3 wont work with my lcd samsung syncmaster 932b. Syncmaster 932b with no hdcp, how i can connect ps3 without hdfury.

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Lg W2286l Led Monitor 1080p

Can the w2286l led 22 inch monitor do 1080p or full hd?

According to its specifications, it can. Its resolution is 1680 x 1050. So how can it do 1080p?

Any explanations?

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4870x2 And 1080p Monitor - Games Issue

So i've been having this problem for a while now in a few games, notably far cry 2 and world in conflict. I'll start the game, and i get a ton of interlacing and the game looks like garbage.going into the in-game settings and trying to force it to 60hz refresh rate does nothing; it still displays in 1080i. With fc2 i used to be able to fix it by restarting the game and re-applying 60hz settings, but world in conflict won't cooperate at all. Spore used to give me issues, but at least that game told me exactly what was going on; sometimes it would default to 1920x1080@30hz and simply setting it to 1920x1080@60hz would fix the issue every time. Mercenaries 2 and fallout 3 had one or two small occurrences of this issue, but it was as easily fixed as it was in spore and happened far less often. This happens both with an without vsync. I'm pretty much out of ideas on how to fix this. I have everything set properly in ccc, and the in-game settings usually give me the same garbage; it'll say the refresh rate is set to 60hz but it'll really be 30 or whatever number feels like. Has anyone had this problem and managed to figure it out?

The computer and monitor in question are in my signature. I'm currently using a dvi cable to connect the pc and monitor, and this has happened since more or less day 1 with the 4870x2 (bought it as soon as it launched) using more or less every driver iteration released since then (currently using 9. 2). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Connect Dazzle To Ps3 To 1080p Pc Monitor

How do you connect a dazzle to a ps3 to a 1080p pc monitor? So i've got a ps3 and a hdmi to dvi cable to connect to the monitor and i've also got a dazzle but what do i have to buy in order to record on a 1080p monitor (preferably under 40)? I used to record with my dazzle using a tv and an xbox, therefore i have rca cables and 3 splitters.

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