Vista Boot Very Slow

I turned all my settings back to stock for the oc and reinstalled vista but it is still taking forever to load, i have no idea why. Once inside vista, it runs just fine. Any suggestions? This is vista 64 on i7 with a ex58-ud5 board.

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Usb Jump Drive Prevents Vista Boot

So i just got a usb cruzer micro 2. 0gb for my vista premium. I removed the u3. And formatted it. Readyboost works, but when i reboot the computer, the screen gets stuck on the hp logo, and vista will not boot. I reseted it one time and then vista had to do a system restore because of a hardware change or something. Does anyone know how to fix this problem where once the usb drive is plugged in, and the computer restarts, it will not boot into windows vista?

Note: vista works normally again, when the jump drive is not plugged in. I had the exact same drive before and it did not do this.

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Message: Reboot & Select Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media

I built my first computer about 2 weeks ago but have noticed a problem. When i turn the computer on it shows the motherboard screen and stays there for approx 15-20 seconds. Then it goes into a black screen stating that i need to "reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. "

I am a bit confused on what this means. If i restart the computer while it shows the message it starts up with no problems. What can i do to have this message no appear as i power on my computer? Also during the shift from one screen to another, the screen blinks in green and other colors. What can this be? Can it be that i have my lcd tv connected to my computer with a dvi to hdmi cable?Besides these issues, everything seems to run great, no overheating at all.

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Windows Boot Error - Unmountable Boot Volume

I have had my new system up and running for about 5 weeks now with now problems. So today i was on my computer and all of a sudden it freezes. Nothing is responding so i just reset the power. Once i reset the power i get to the logon screen, i logon and then i get a blue screen saying windows has detected a problem and has been shut down to prevent any damage to your computer the under it, it says, unmountable_boot_volume. So i thought my grphix card might have overheated so i try rebooting again about several times with no luck. I try booting with safe mode but still freezes. After about 2 hrs i come back and nothing has changed. Any 1 know any solutions?

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Can't Boot With Cd Rom / Fix Boot.ini

I have a toshiba satelite laptop with windows xp on it. While copying files over the network onto it i got the blue screen with white letters. I had to do a "hard shut down" to turn it off. When i tried to turn it back on it would start to boot and as it begins to load i get the option to boot in normal or safe mode (both give the same result). After the windows xp logo shows i get another screen that says invalid boot.ini, i searched the error on google and i found this:

Ok great! I have the cd i put it in the drive, but it won't boot on the cd, also i tried pressing f everything, delete, esc yadah to get into the bios to make sure its set to boot up on a cd before the hard drive. But nothing seems to work. Does anyone know something else i might be able to try to get the boot.ini reset / uncorrupt or get it to boot up by the cd?

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Pc Too Slow

I would like some advice on how i can make my pc a bit faster, and also could you recommend what i should upgrade. I use my pc for games, internet, and music. Ive have searched google and found that my processor isn't much good. Does anyone know of a good quality processor at a good price that can handle the requirements of todays games?

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Computer Becoming Very Slow

Just posting to say that my computer has been acting awfully slow in the last few days, this happened to me on my last windows installation until it became almost unusable it was that slow and required me to back everything up and reinstall windows. What i mean by "slow" is its just generally becoming slow, msn will hang and take about 3 or 4 mins literally to reopen sometimes when minimized, which then freezes ie 7, wmp 10 if im listening to music. All i see is white bits on the screen where that active window was and the hourglass symbol. And just a sidenote - my cpu usage goes right up to 100%.

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Slow Server

I'm having trouble with a server where it sometimes slows down. I've attached a screen shot of the top command (linux). The iowait is at 87. 1%. I've found in the past that putting the os onto one harddrive and data on another reduces io wait. Is this the right solution to this problem or is there possible something else?

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Slow Drive

I have a asus p6t se mobo/i7 920 processor, with wd5000aaks 500 gig drive running on windows 7 64bit and i am getting 101 mb/sec average speed. I was initially running on ide in the bios and i've updated that to ahci. Ran the hd tune test again and don't see any change in hard drive speed. My questions is that shouldn't it be closer to 300mb/sec since its a sata 2 drive. Why is my drive so slow? Would really appreciate some help since this is a 1 week old pc and i feel the hard drive issue is really causing my pc to be not performing as it should.

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Router So Slow

We're on shaw high speed and even pay a little more for extreme high speed. It was quite good for sometime and then it started to bog down. Now it takes forever for even simple webpages to load (eg: facebook). I am running my internet through my linksys wireless n router and yes its secured. No matter which computer (2 laptops, 2 towers and an ipod touch) i use in the house its slow. But if i bypass the router (which is new by the way) and hardwire my pc into the modem directly then its very fast and responsive again. What the. Edit: i am not talking about my wireless connection, i'm talking about the hardwired connection

- The weather is not a factor, it's been nothing but sun for the last while

- I have restarted my router and modem. - I am going to call my internet provider tomorrow, just if you have any settings i might be able to change or something along those lines and could save me time would be wonderful

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Why Is My Internet Slow?

I have a problem with my internet speed. It was fine, then became slower and slower as time went on. I have done numerous virus scans with many top rated anti-virus soft ware. I tried malwarebytes and it found nothing. I tried changing my router setting. Then i tried ccleaner, and it seemed to have worked amazingly well. My internet was back and running like new, but then i went on to facebook and now my internet is slower than its ever been. Sometimes it wont even load the page. I'm sick of throwing money at this with no results. I've spent nearly $1000 on software that promises to "speed up your internet" only to be back at the same problem. Recently i received a phone call from someone with a thick accent that told me he found malware on my computer and that if i didn't pay $109 to his company my windows would stop working altogether. I have never given out my phone number at all! It's a private line! I don't know how this person got my number but to say the least i was mad and told him to stay out of my computer then i hung up. Sure enough the next mourning my laptop was not able to start up windows and i'm in the process of completely wiping it (including the partion witch was also corrupted) and installing windows from scratch. How can i prevent this from happening to my other computers? My laptop was running anti-virus software with a url scanner.

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Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Im had 50mb virgin installed and at first it was quick but now realy slow. Browsing and downloading is pants. Had this prop before but thought it was isp being crap but now im starting to think its my laptop. If i try and download and browse its a nightmare. Was getting good download speeds for a day. Also things that may interfere, like would a stereo with radio interfere with the signal. Also for some reason my disk drive no longer shows up. Any help on that would be great too.

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Fast Pc, Slow Response

This is rather a weird problem, i dont know if its software or hardware related (memory speed fault) i dunno, but there's a slight delay when opening programs (that are already in buffer memory) also the start ment > run box takes a second to pop up, the response times are redicilious for a p4ht 3. 4ghz pc, im only guessing, but the delay could be due to a buffer fault coz the programs. Im running directly from buffer (as i already ran it from hdd) take as long as getting it from hdd. I hope this makes sense, i hope someone can help me out on this, the delay is 1 - 3 seconds, i would say there's a buffer fault somewhere, my fpb is 800mhz.

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System Became Dead Slow

I wonder why my desktop suddenly slowed down. I used to play commandos, project igi over it for hours without any problem, but now a days it takes nearly 5 minutes to boot. I'm using windows xp
My system configuration is:

Hard disk 40 gb
Mother board celeron 733 mhz
Ram 256 mb

I'm using all tools to make my pc run faster , but it is not helping. Is there any way that i can make my pc faster so that i can play my " commandos" again.

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New System - Slow Speed

I recently completely upgraded my system to:

P4 3ghz ht

2x512mb ddr400 kingston ram and 2x crucial 512mb ddr400 ram (dual channel enabled)

80gb western digital ide hard drive

128mb ati radeon 9800pro agp

For this new setup my system should fly, but windows xp is quite slow loading up and just isnt as fast as i expected, could anyone help with what could be the problem?

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Esata Running Very Slow

Can someone please explain to me why my esata hard drive is a lot slower than 3gbits/second?

On my desktop, it's running at about 55mb/sec and on my laptop about 35mb/sec. On my laptop (dell inspiron 1318), i'm using esata with an expresscard/54 esata adapter.

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Fans Are Running Slow

My cpu is runnin at 50-51 degree celcium - is this normal? (Seems a bit high to me) mb temperature - 33 degrees celcium (seems ok) and the fans - in the case manual it says that they are 2000 rpm, but they're running at 1000 rpms - did i do something wrong connecting them? Power fan is running at 1200 rms - is it ok?

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Slow Program Loads

I recently acquired an ast bravo 6233 running windows me os - a used business computer that was surveyed when they upgraded & bareboned. 32 mb ram, but according to specs has a 384 ram capacity. Added a second floppy with your help - no problem. But -

Removed original 32 mb dimm ram stick & added (2) 128 sdram sticks to banks 1 & 2 - supposedly compatible and as recommended. (Manual states that 2 x 128 sticks reaches ram capacity - don't understand that) so left bank3 empty as recommended. Before i added memory, the thing flew when in a program but loading programs was like runnung backwards. Since adding memory, startup message still states 32 mb ram. Startup and loading programs = no change; switching between programs still sloooowwww.Can find nowhere that the added memory is recognized nor acknowledged. Works no different with original 32 mb stick in bank1 or bank3 with or without added sticks. Have changed nothing else. It starts up ok but windows loads slowly. Question - how can i speed this thing starting up and loading programs ?
How can i find that i even added the memory ?

Help - please - am planning to change os to windows xp but don't want to do that until speed problem solved.

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Slow Hard Drive

This is my first post and i must congratulate everyone involved in making this such a user-friendly and useful site. I'm not a techie - i just know enough to be dangerous!
My system is set up specifically for video editing (it's now about 2 & a half yrs old). It consists of:
Gigabyte 7dxr
Athlon 1600+
512 mb ram
Windows 2000 prof
3 internal hard-drives:
C: 40 gb 5600 rpm (quantum fireball) with the os and apps on
E: 60 gb 7200 rpm (seagate)
F: 200gb 7200 rpm (maxtor)

For the video i'm running premiere 6. 5 with a canopus dvstorm card which has a feature called stormtest to measure the read and write speeds of the drives to make sure they are fast enough for video. Previously all drives have worked fine but i've recently been away for 6 weeks. When i returned and switched on there was an error message on the start-up screen. (I can't for the life of me remember what it said). With a click-click here and a tap-tap there everything seemed to be fine. I decided to have a disc clear-up and deleted about 30 gb of video files, mostly from f drive. I also have an external 250 gb maxtor which i use to back-up the whole set-up using dantz retrospect. I decided to clear this disc and do a nice clean new back-up. Only problem was that writing and comparing from f drive seemed to take forever. Once it was finally done i did the stormtest and found c & e were fine at read and write speeds of between 11 and 15 mb/sec, but f was down around 2mb/sec. I tried running some video from the drive but only got stutter and dropped frames. With deleting such a large chunk of files i thought a disc defrag might help - it didn't. Any suggestions anyone?

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Hp Pavilion Dv1000 Slow

I have an hp pavilion dv1000, which i'm currently running in safe mode to be able to use. A few days ago, i drove to school, in the car it fell off the chair and onto the floor, but it was in a laptop case. I went to school, used it for a few hours, it worked totally fine. Shut it down, and went home. Later when i turned it on, it logged into windows, and became extremely slow. It wouldn't load everything in the taskbar. When you click start, and it takes about 10-15min just to open the start menu. I don't know if this is a hardware problem or software problem, but i know my warranty won't fix a software problem. I just backed up all my files as i am considering reformatting it to see what happens. I use it in safe mode and it is also fine. So could it just be a corrupted file or something? I ran my virus software in safemode also and nothing came up.

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Slow Keyboard In Linux

Strange problem in my linux install on my laptop. I don't know what happened, but now to type anything i need to hold down the keys for a good second. Just typing this is taking forever. Strangely, whilst logging in (the username/password entry), the keyboard works fine. I don't know where to begin, and don't have a usb keyboard to test.

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Why Internet Connection So Slow ?

For the past 4 or more weeks my internet has been moving very slow if not at all. I clocked my speed at anywhere between (1. 13kbs) , and for about five minutes a day i can get up to (597. 56kbs that's about a half a megabits per second. So why am i paying for (5mbs) and lucky to squeeze in any internet at all. Its not my computer i've used 4 laptops and a desktop computer it also disconnect my xbox 360 & ps3 from online gameplay. I tried two different wireless routers , i even removed the router but it's still to slow to do anything with

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Computer Is Slow After Connecting To Tv

My computer is slow after connecting the computer to tv. After i hooked my pc to the tv using vga cables the resolution was weird so fixed it and it loads video files and the internet slow. It was faster than this before i hooked it up. Is there a reason for this?

Answer:- it is because your tv screen is bigger than your pc screen, it also needs to provide more resolution. So the graphics card has to work harder in order to give you better quality. In this case, your graphics card is not powerful enough to produce a high quality output to your tv.consider upgrading it, if you use your normal pc screen, everything should be back to normal.

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Computer Is Very Slow And Is Bottlenecked

I just recently upgraded my computer, but my my whole computer is very slow. Some people say my cpu is bottlenecking my system, however i see people on youtube running with crap p4/ dual cores but with good vids cards and they are maxing out games like crysis. Is this true? Secondly, if my computer is being bottlenecked, i have no more money for an upgrade. Also, my cpu is not overclockable. Is there anything i can do like go back some drivers or special software? Please help, i think i just wasted 200$ on an upgrade, lol. Specs:
-Amd dual core 4050e 2. 1ghz
-2gb ddr2 ram
-Windows vista 32 bit
-Ati 5750 512mb gddr5
-Bfg gs-550 watt psu

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Internet Horribly Slow

I am getting a horribly slow internet connection and i don't know why. I have a netgear router, a new one (the one you get with virgin media) i used to get a decent connection but up to a couple of weeks ago i started getting a horribly bad connection. Nothing has changed with the router, speed or service provider which is what is confusing me the most. I could have just my laptop using the internet yet it can take way longer to load than usual. Even my wii and ds have started to lag like crazy so it isn't jsut my computer. Also my other laptop does the same. It isn't anything to do with a wi-fi card either i have made sure they worked fine. But this started about two months ago randomly. I'm also not downloading anything, have nothing much running and i have two web pages up that's it. I am currently at a good connection

It's says at the bottom 54. 0 mps (doubt that though)

I just don't understand this and i'm not really too sure what to do.

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Very Slow Usb Transfer / Detection

I have asus m3n78-vm mobo and it has some problems in it. I think my usb ports are not running as fast as they can. When starting windows it takes ages to detect my external hdd , buffalo drivestation 500gb usb 2, and transferring like 300 mb file from internal hdd to that external is pain in the ass slow. Transferring from external to internal it has no problems. Files fly from buffalo to my internal sata hdd. But if i try to move file from that internal hdd to external buffalo, windows says it takes about 10 minutes to transfer one 300 mb file and it does also take that long, so what a heck? Im confused. I checked bios and all usb 2 features are on in bios. I also had some weird io shutdown problems. Anyone has any solutions to this? My buffalo also has some turbousb feature but dunno if it works. Oh and i use 32 bit xp pro with sp3 in it. Btw my old mobo dfi lanpary nf3 ultra-d did not have this problem with my external hdds. I have also tried all usb ports, and its the same problem.

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Windows 2000 System Too Slow

Are my only solution defragmentation, disk cleanup, and clear/delete ie cookies, temporary internet files, and history? File system: fat32, my windows 2000 has 65, 008 kb ram. Virtual memory: initial size (mb) 300, maximum size (mb) 300, registry size: current registry size (mb): 12, maximum registry size (mb): 18.

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Slow Computer With Maxtor 250 Gb

I bought new hd - maxtor 250gb and since then my computer is very slow. I cannot watch movies or listen music, b/c of that. Restart computer doesnt help. But sometimes it's working good (like right now). I have 2 partitions - 137gb and 113gb. I am thinking that maybe some cooler for hard disk may help, but i'm not sure. Any ideas?

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Slow Webpage Loading With Roadrunner

At work and at home i have almost identical 2. 92 ghz machines (windows xp). Home is 512 mb ram, work is 1024 mb. Home internet (roadrunner) speed is 1012 kbps download, 332 kbps upload. Work is 1412 kbps download, 1397 kbps upload. It takes approximately 5 seconds to load the average webpage at work and approximately 1 minute or more at home.could the difference in ram make that much difference?

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Online Multiplayer Game - Slow Pc

When playing my favorite online multiplayer game, i notice that everyone on my team runs faster than me. They also seem to have an advantage in combat against me. I find it strange because i have a more powerful machine. I also have a blazingly fast online connection. It's not a skill issue either as i am one of the better players in this game (no one lives forever 2). It *** me off to no end. I have done just about every tweak i can think of to no avail.

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