Send Signal From Vga Port To Crt Monitor

I have just got a new laptop for a client (dell inspiron 6400) and we are trying to send a signal from the vga port on the back to his crt monitor. But cause the laptop screen is a widescreen when it gets to the monitor it needs adjusting, but i have to adjust everytime i reconnect the laptop! That is crazy, so just wondering if there is any other way!

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Cannot Get Hd4870 To Send Signal To Monitor

I just got a vx550w corsair power supply and xfx hd4870 in the mail, i tried installing both but i cant get the card to send a signal to the monitor. I have both pcie connectors connected to the card and i made sure the card is mounted properly several times. When i turn on the computer i dont get a signal to the monitor and there is 3 red lights that appear on the card. I dont think the psu is the problem because it should be powerful enough to run the card. I got frustrated trying to get thing to work, so i tried plugging back in my old video card and connecting it to my old power supply, but now it wont work either! I tried unplugging all the hard drives and cd drives but still cant even get the motherboard boot screen to show.

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Vga Monitor For Dvi Port

I have a dell e177fp monitor that i want to set up as a second monitor. I already have another monitor using the only vga port on my system. Now there is a dvi port in my system also which could be used to connect a second monitor. Unfortunately, the e177fp monitor doesn't have a dvi port (neither does the other monitor). My question is, if i use a vga to dvi adapter to connect the e177fp to the dvi port, will this work?

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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No Signal When Connect Laptop To Tv Via Vga Cable

Laptop use to connect fine to lcd tv via vga cable. Today it just says no signal, any ideas?

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What Is A Good Crt Monitor To Get ?

I want either a 17 ro 19 inch flat screen crt with good gaming capabilities. And does anyone know a monitor that is 17 but has a refresh rate of 100hz at 1024 x 768. Also something with a dot pitch of . 25 or lower. Also when is a good time to switch monitor cause i think mine has had it. I've had my old crt from 1998 and it gets dark and start up and some games. I think it's time for a new one.

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Proview 17 Crt Monitor Issue

I have a three year old proview 17" crt monitor im running it at 1280x1024 resolution at 60mhz refresh rate. My brother is adament this should be at least 75mhz. Any attempt to put my monitor any higher than 60mhz results in a black screen and i have to go to safe mode to set things right. Is my monitor stuffed?. Also some dark shading (best way i can describe it) on left side of screen horizontally about 10mms wide.

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Send Monitor Output To Tv With Svideo Input

I have a laptop which has a output where you would plug a monitor into it. I assume this is to use another monitor instead of the laptop monitor. What i want to do is take that monitor output and send it to my tv, which has a svideo input on it. I tried searching but i don't think the monitor connector has a name. I'm sure everyone knows what im talking about though. One of those trapezoid shaped analog monitor outputs? Does anyone know what this might be called so i can at least search for stuff like _ to svideo adapter etc

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Samsung 997df 19" Crt Monitor Issue

I recently set up my new system (amd 3200, evga 6600gt video w/latest drivers) with a new monitor (samsung 997df 19" crt). I'm a noob when it comes to setting refresh/resolution rates. When i set the refresh rate to the recommended 85 htz and the resolution to 1024 x 768, it looks nice and clear, but everything is so small. Is it supposed to be like this?

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Samsung Syncmaster 763mb Crt Monitor Problem

I have a samsung syncmaster 763mb crt monitor using about more than 4 years , now i have a problem in pressing the push button to make the monitor on/off. For the past 2 days, when i press the push button of the monitor turn on, it doesn't turning on, so i need to press it again for 4 or 5 times , it will turn the monitor on. Or
Sometimes when i kicking the push button with my finger somehow, it will turn on the monitor and also at sometimes goes off[blinking] and then comes on if i clicking with my fingers. Now the condition is, it doesn't turning the push button to be monitor off, always on[blinking, after shutting down the operating system]. I had no problems in operating systems or flickering in monitor or sound. Just this push button of the monitor on/off is not co-operating. Please tell me what happened to this monitor push button[ got loosed to turn the switch on/off ?!] And then, is there another problems of the monitor in future, and also tell me how to resolve this problem ?!

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Lg Crt Monitor Doesn't Display At Windows Start Up

When i start my computer, my lg crt monitor doesn't display anything. I have to shutdown my system using keyboard (start u, u), and then restart my system. Then the monitor displays. Sometimes it shows some weird reddish color. I don't understand why this is happening. I checked if there are any loose connections, but this doesn't work. I expect a useful solution for this, as i have already checked this site for similar questions.

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Connect Mac To Tv Using Vga Adapter And Mini Display Port

I have the vga adapter and the mini display port , to connect my mac to my tv, i don't know what button? I have already connected everything, the audio and everything but now i don't know in my computer were do i go or what keys do i need to click so the image goes to the tv, i have a mcbookpro.

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Shared / Conflict Port " Processor To Vga Controller "

All right guys, i know it's a old motherboard, but i still hope somebody can help me with it. I recently received an extra celeron 466 mhz and now i have two of them on my board. But winxp+sp2 seems to be very unstable, when i try to run a movie( dvd, divx or something else). Whenever i run mediaplayer, vlc or an other video application the system hangs. When looking at my system info, i see a shared/conflict port "processor to vga controller". I'm at my work, but i'll put the exact error message over 6 hours.

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No Monitor Signal

A month ago i put together a new computer, asus a8v delux, amd athlon64 3200+, 1gb kingston ddr400(dual channel), ati radeon x800pro(agp) with a 21" dell p1130. This worked beautifully. It worked beautifully after i packed the whole thing up and went to my parents for two weeks over christmas. It didn't work when i packed it up, and came back to my place. The computer powers up and beeps once. The monitor works on another computer. No other monitor works on this computer. I have: reseated the agp graphics card, reset the system bios. The cpu and ram both feel secure, though i have not removed and reseated them yet. The sata harddrive seems fine. I don't know what else to do, and i'm very tired, so i hope one of you has an answer.

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No Signal On Monitor

My monitor says no signal when i turn on my brand new comp. The reason i made a new one was my old one outa noware said no signal now im useing a a8v deluxe mobo *brand new* a radeon 9550 *brand new* 1 90 gig seatgate 2 60 gig maxtors and 1 20 gig maxtor *older* kingwin mutant x case and stock power sulply with 420 watts power. A 512 pc3200 ram stick brand new. I have tryed everything i took it outa the case put it on a phone book and pluged in only the board and stuff needed to pwer up. I checked the monitor works fine on other comps. Vid card works fine on other comps mem and everything else worksfine in my in my parents comps but i have no idea whats wrong ive tryed evrything i can think of. Resetting the cmos. Tryed diferent vid cars still nothing tryed dif monitors still nothin i just spent over 300 dollors to fix this stupid problem and nothing i try is working.

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No Signal To Monitor

New pc, happily loading my software, started to set up monitor (sharp ll-t17a3 with geforce fx 256mb 9600 card) and next time i look, screen is blank. Maybe i changed a setting, but how on earth do i get in to reset it. Or is the card the problem and needs replacing? Any advise would be helpful and hope just being idiot. Have tried another monitor - same.connections all fine.

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Pc Beeps But Get No Signal To Monitor

Pc is an hp pavilion a705w running xp sp2 when i turn it on it beeps but i get no signal to monitor i was wondering if this could be that the onboard video card is bad and if so how can i resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.

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No Signal To Monitor Digital

Well what a headache this has been today, i went to reboot my system. During the post boot the monitor went into standby and displayed the message: (no signal - digital). The monitor is connected to my video card through a dvi to dvi cable and has been working for a number of months. I switched cables to a vga to vga-dvi adaptor resulting in vga to dvi. The monitor detected the signal and flashed up with "analog" in the top right of the screen.system then booted into windows. I can see in my monitor's options there is an "input" option where i can select either digital or analog. However if i select digital the screen turns black and then immediately switches back to analog (i assume because the analog signal is the only active one).could my dvi-dvi cable of died or am i missing something really simple here. How do i get my monitor back onto a dvi signal?


Monitor : viewsonic vx2255wm series
Video card: nvidia geforce 285
Any help or advice would be greatly received! Thank you!

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No Monitor Signal With New Vid Card

I bought parts for a new system and it all installed and turned on, but no signal from monitor. Ram, hd, and video card from a old build and they worked. Have tried new vid card and new mobo and nothing. All fans start spinning and and hear system noise but no monitor signal.

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Computer Not Sending Signal To Monitor

My computer suddenly stoped sending a signal to the monitor when you turn it on. It sounds like it's working but the monitor only says no signal imput and then turns off. The computer itself remains on. Any idea what may be causing this or how to fix it?

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Screen Went Blue And No Signal On Monitor

I recently purchased an hdmi cable to use for my computer. As soon as i connected one end to my video card and the other end to my monitor, i went into the built in monitor settings (the dvi cable was still plugged in as well so i could do this) and switched my display to hdmi. After that, my screen went blue and i got a no signal message on the monitor. Now the problem is, i can't even revert back to my original display settings, so i can't even get anything to show on display anymore (i am using my netbook atm). I tried restarting, as well as disconnecting the hdmi cable on both ends and reconnecting dvi. Nothing. The screen stays blue and tells me theres no signal. Keep in mind that i didn't even save any settings. I simple selected hdmi and that was it. Can't see desktop, and i can't even see the bootup sequence. I am very baffled here does anybody know what i can do? The video card is a geforce gtx 295, and the monitor is a benq 2200hd.

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Monitor Won't Get Signal

Some days ago, i received a new computer:

Mb: asus p4c800-e
Cpu: intel p4 3ghz
Ram: 1024mb ddr
Psu: 550w
Gfx: ati x800xt pe (sapphire)

And my problem is as follows:

When i try to power up my computer, i hear the fans start, and after like 2 sec, i can hear the hdd's getting power as well. At this point my monitor should get some signal the return from the standby mode, and show the processes before and after entering the bios. However, the monitor never gets this signal, and stays at standby mode (with the orange light on, instead of the green). I got a friend to stop by, to check if my cables were connected properly, and there were no problems concerning this. So my question is simply, what is wrong with my computer? Okay, ive tried the suggestions sofar, and none seemed to work. However i found out that if i turn on the computer, and leave it for 2 minutes, then turn it off, for 2 sec, then turning it on, makes me start the computer. However i have to setup my bios all the time. Sounds like my computer have to warm up, before i can proceed. But that sounds ridiculous. Right?

Another question regarding this :

Could hyper threating have any influence on my problem. Atm its set to ht, so if i go to bios, and adjust the power settings, (eg more power to the cpu/gfx/hdd. Whatever) should it work then?

Else if i disable ht, and reinstall winxp, would this perhaps do the trick?

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Dell Monitor No Signal Problem

Okay so turn on the computer and the monitor said "no signal" and after ready some stuff, i decided to unplug the dvd/cd drive, and then the computer work, so this takes me to the the question, does this means that i need to replace the dvd/cd drive? If so can i do this myself?

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Triple Vga Monitor Support

I have just purchased a dell dim5150 desktop (2 x pci & 2 x pcie slots) with nvidia geforce 7300le graphics card (1 x dvi & 1 x vga connection). I also have 3 x 19" analogue monitors which i need to use as one widescreen. Obviously the card i have is 'pony' & cannot support all 3 monitors. So what do i do?

1. Buy another nvidia single vga pci card? Will this work?

2. Run a dvi cable with dual vga head? Any such cable?

3. Buy a matrox millennium p650 agp card? Which in turn requires buying a new motherboard with agp output. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope there is a cheap & simple solution? Im not worried about 3d gaming quality.

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Playstation 3 Vga Monitor Connection

I recently ( like literally half an hour ago ) bought a ps3 - which has yet to be delivered. For my xbox 360 i use an adapter cable to my 24inch lcd monitor, which only has a vga input. What difference i've noticed with the ps3 is the hdmi input. And i've only read success stories for the ps3 with a hdmi to dvi connector : not vga. Audio isn't a problem. What i just want to deal with is finding a way of connecting the ps3 to the vga slot in the back of the monitor. Anybody have any ideas?

Would connectors like this work? :

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Connect Ps3 To Vga Monitor

How can i connect my ps3 to a vga monitor? I was wondering how i can connect it without buying that 20 cable, can i just connect with a simple hdmi to vga cable which is only 3? Or are there any other ways which don't cost as much as buying the 20 cable?

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Connect Monitor And Projector In One Vga Out

How can i connect monitor and projector in one vga out i have only one in my cpu is there is a connector for to? Im asking if there is a connector for one.

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Using Vga To Connect Laptop To Monitor

I'm using a macbook pro, and i have a minidisplay to vga adapter, and i'm buying a 22-inch vga/dvi display. My question is, will everything look/act okay on the external display if i'm using a vga? I've heard mixed reports about video quality, etc.

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No Complete Boot, No Beep, Or Monitor Signal

The symptoms for my pc are as follows:

1. Pc receives power (as indicated by fan and powersupply light)
2. Pc does not output signal to monitor (verified functioning monitor and cable). 3. Analog, laser-mouse does not receive power consistently from pc. Laser-light turns on for a fraction of a second upon connecting the mouse to the pc, but then remains off after the mouse is firmly fixed into analog mouse-port. 4. Usb, laser-mouse does receive power from pc when plugged into usb port. 5. Pc does not make any beeping sounds whatsoever upon attempted boot. My request: please advise as to what troubleshooting methods i could use. Do these clues provide any insight into what may be wrong with the pc already?

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Replaced Power Supply Now Monitor Not Getting Signal

I first looked at it and determined that the power supply was bad so i replaced it. I see the fan above the processor has started and it sounds as if the computer has started but my test monitor will not get the signal. Along with my monitor not getting the signal, it appears as if the keyboard and mouse are not getting power as well because the mouse has a light on it which comes on when it gets power. I also attached a thumb drive to the pc and it too does not get power to it. I am thinking that the board was damaged when the power supply went out but if anyone has any suggestions as to what else i should look at i would like to hear it. Btw the computer is a e-machines c2280 and not too sure what the other specs are since the computer was broken when it was brought to me.

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