Usb Flash Drive Speed Is Very Slow

I need a larger usb flash drive and was wondering what people would suggest. I have a 4gb drive now, but need something bigger. I have noticed that the transfer rate to my drive is very slow and was wondering if that has to do with the usb technology or because of my drive. I'd like one that transfers as fast as possible, but if they all transfer at the same speed, then so be it.

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Transfer Speed On Usb Is Very Slow - Seagate 160 Gb Hd

I am having couple of problems with my trasnfer speed. I just bought a new enclosure case for my seagate 160gb hd. I am finding the transfer speed is very slow compared to anthoer enclosure case i have containing 20gb hd. My pc has usb 2. 0. On my old case, i get a speed of about 23 mb/sec majority of times. My new case is only giving me about 15 mb/sec. What can i do and how do i make it faster? I even exchanged the two hd to see if it is the hd that is causing it to be slow, but i found out it is the enclourse case. When i put the 160gb hd in the old case, it transfers at 23 mb/sec.

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Slow Format Time For Usb Flash Drives

Ever since i started using vista, one of the big annoyances i've had is the really slow format time for usb flash drives, usb / firewire connected hard drives and flash cards (sd cards, memory sticks, compact flash cards in respective usb card readers). I've been experiencing this on three different pc's running different versions of vista. Pc1 is running vista business w/ sp1. It's a dell w/ a q6600, 2gb of ram and a 320gb sata hard drive. Pc2 is running vista home premium w/ sp1. Has an asus a8n-sli deluxe, athlon 3500+, 2gb of ram and a 120gb sata hard drive. Pc3 is running vista ultimate x64 w/ sp1. Asus p5q-em, q6600, 8gb of ram, 300gb velociraptor + 150gb raptor. I've tried formatting usb flash drives, usb / firewire connected hard drives and flash cards (in usb card readers) on all three pcs. Tried on pc1 and pc2 before and after sp1 was installed and on the 3rd computer only after sp1 was installed. In all cases, formatting these devices takes forever. With pc2 and 3 running windows xp, formatting these devices was extremely fast. In all cases, i did not choose the quick format. Anyone know of a fix for this?

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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New System - Slow Speed

I recently completely upgraded my system to:

P4 3ghz ht

2x512mb ddr400 kingston ram and 2x crucial 512mb ddr400 ram (dual channel enabled)

80gb western digital ide hard drive

128mb ati radeon 9800pro agp

For this new setup my system should fly, but windows xp is quite slow loading up and just isnt as fast as i expected, could anyone help with what could be the problem?

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Sd Card Speed - Does 40x Very Slow ?

I have a question here about the speed of the sd card. Does 40x very slow? I have no idea about that kinda stuff it's ok for me to spend more time to load the pix or video to my computer but with speed only 40x. Will it affect my recording quality or performance? (The one i have now is 133x). The 40x is on special at ncix. Only like 6. 99 after rebate. My mom and her friend wants to get some. Just asking u guys about the speed.

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Epson Scanner Scanning Speed Is Slow

I recently purchased the captioned scanner. I ran the supplied software "epson scan" scanning text documents. However i found that the scanning speed is quite slow, taking at least 15 sec to scan a a4 text document, without graphic, with a resolution at 150dpi. This speed is same as my old alfa scan bought at least more than 6 years. Is there any solution to speed up the scanning speed?Besides it scans twice on "full auto mode" excluding preview. Is it normal?

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Slow Connection Speed With Wireless Network

Okay so i have a brand new dell laptop with the nicest wireless-n capable card you can buy and with all of the drivers up to date, i also have a netgear wireless-n capable router with all of its firmware up to date. Here is the problem, i can only get a max of 58 mbps, even though i have the router set to "up to 300 mbps" and i am close to the router with no interference. I have high speed cable internet from cox. When i check the status of my network, it only goes to 58 mbsp max, but sits around 26mbps and fluctuates a good amount in between.

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Benchmark For Read And Write Speed Of A Usb Drive

Whats a good free benchmark for seeing the read and write speed of a usb drive?

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Usb Message: Hi-speed Device Plugged Into A Not Hi-speed Port

I'm rebuilding my system, and have two pci cards with firewire and usb ports. I remember before the rebuild i plugged them in and they worked. That was nice. Now, i installed them one at a time. The first one prompted no notifications, but when i plugged a device into it it warned me that it was a hi-speed device plugged into a not hi-speed port. I installed the second one, and it prompted the new hardware wizard, asking for drivers, but said it couldn't find them although i had dsl connected. The cards did not come with any disks and there was no problem getting them to work before.

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Usb - High Speed Device Is Operating At Slower Speed

My motherbaord has usb 2 ports on it, and i can swear my case usb port is also however whenever i plug something in it tells me that a high speed device is operating at slower speeds(aka a usb2. 0 device is connected to a usb1. 1 port). But the thing is, it shouldn't be saying that. Whats up with it?

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Usb Flash Drive Error - This Drive Needs To Be Formatted

A friend of mine recently had her usb drive come up with an error. Whenever it is accessed it throws up an error "this drive needs to be formated". So we tried running chkdsk and even tried running restoration ( which i've tried on my father's hard drive before with excellent results. This time it just throws up a "unable to recognize" error. When i try to format it, we can only format a 8mb partition (out of 512mb) and even then it says "no" to that. I used the built in windows xp. Chkdsk cannot see it, says it is in raw format (which i assume means there is no partition). My next step is to try some specialized software made for flash drive recovery. There are important files on there that the owner would very much like back (however not important enough to justify large spending of money). A free-ware option would be fantastic.

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Warning - Computer Chip Fan Fail Or Speed Too Slow

I'm looking for some advice. I started getting this message every morning when i boot up. However, if i turn the pc off for 10 minutes or so and then boot up. No error message. There's been no hardware or significant software changes since i had the below installed in march. I'm running pc probe ii and it shows the chassis, chipset and cpu fans running (though not showing a nominal value) and i can see the fans running when i pop the side open. Any ideas of what's wrong?

Amd athlon 64 4000+
Asus a8n-sli
Nvidia geforce 7800 gt

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Converting Usb Flash Drive Into Pc

Iím planning to convert my 2gb usb flash into personal pc using mojopac software.

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Has Anyone Ever Had A Usb Flash Drive Die ?

Has anyone ever had a usb flash drive die? Or knows anyone else who's drive died? I got one like more than a year ago, i think, and it died within a few weeks. Since then i've had another one, and it's been fine so far. I just want to know how often it happens that they die because i'm a bit scared of mine dieing randomly on me like the first one did. I sometimes carry things on it that i need at school and i'd be screwed if it randomly died on me then. Secondly, does it matter if i "remove it safely" (you know that thing in winxp you do where you click at the icon in the taskbar and select "safely remove removable drive soandso"?) Or if i just pull it out?

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Recovery - Usb Flash Drive

Have a usb thumb drive. Was using a mac yesterday, saving, copying, and using multiple files from my flash drive. At the end of the day, i went to open a file and realized that two entire (and fairly important) folders were missing, as were several more recent files-some from the same day. Now my drive reads as though it has more space available than it should. I keep seeing all these scams and $50 services to recover lost files from flash memory. Anyone know of any reliable free-ware or techniques i could use to get my files back?

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Recovering Usb Flash Drive

I was copying files from the flash memory to my computer. The computer froze up during the copying and i had to turn it of. After that the computer can't see the flash drive anymore! I can't even formate it!

Is it physically damaged? How can i recover my files and make the drive useful again?

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Usb Flash Drive Errors

I am having a few problems with my new tci usb 64mb flash drive (usb mass storage device). I am running windows xp professional on both systems described below. I know that the device is working, because it works with no problems on my older acerpower 400mhz (please see system specs #2 in my profile) i can read/write to it, no problems occur. Tci included software, i didn't install it and xp just went alone with no problems, installed the usb mass storage, and it works. I do however have problems with it when i connect it to my gateway performance 800mhz, (please see systems specs #1 in my profile). I tried as i did with me acerpower, not installing the drivers, but for some reason, xp told my it had errors installing the driver, and the device was not working properly. So i tried installing the tci included software, as instructed, and it installs with no problems what so ever, but when i connect the device one of two things happens at random; 1) the device is detected for a short while (5-10 sec, then disappears, so i am not able to use it, and scanning for new hardware does not help. Or, 2) the device shows and says it is working fine and appears like it should, but i am unable to read/write to it and the device manager for it says "status: unreadable". I have also tried pluggin it into different usb ports. I know it is a working usb flash drive, because i have no problems with my acerpower se, and its a much much older computer. Windows xp professional is installed on both.

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Usb Flash Drive Failure

Three times-once each with three different flash drives, and on six different pcs-i've had the experience of finding that the computer won't recognize the drive, and the data on the drive has become inaccessible. I see this is a common problem. Other users ask for advice on the web, and nobody seems able to offer any solid information on this occurrence. In none of my incidents has the flash drive been dropped, heated, frozen, or dropped into a liquid or run through a strong magnetic field. One day they work; next day they don't. Anybody know why or what could be causing this issue? And whether my data is permanently lost in such cases? Three times, three different flash drives can't be a coincidence!

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Broken Usb Flash Drive

I stepped on my flash drive and the plastic shell cracked. When i plug it into my computer the f drive icon still appears, but when i click to open it says insert flash drive. I have many important files on this drive not backed up anywhere else. Have i lost these files or is there a way to get them back?

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Usb 2.0 Pci Card To Increase Speed Of External Hard Drive

I have purchased 80 gb baracuda internal hard disk with usb casing. The usb casing supports usb 2. 0 interface. Now, after fitting the hard disk inside casing and connecting to the pc, the real write speed i get is 0. 98 mb/sec. My question is, purchasing an usb pci card(supporting usb 2. 0) would help to increase the speed.system info:-
P-iii 700 mz, intel 810 chipset, usb 1. 1, ram 128 mb , 40 gb baracuda internal hard disk.

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Pc Slow Speed / Performance In Converting Wma Files To Mp3 In Itunes

I did have the evga nforce 680i, but i was experienceing problems with it so i exchanged it for the abit. However i can tell there is a difference in performance, stuff just doesnt open as quick with this new one, nor does it convert wma files to mp3 in itunes as specifications:

2. 4ghz conroe core
512mb geforce 7950gt
Corsair dominator 2gb
730w hiperpower psu
Abit aw9d motherboard

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Using Usb Flash Drive For Security Keys

I'm looking for a usb flash drive that i will be using to store the ff:

* Security keys for my servers. * Other mission critical files. I'll be carrying around in my pocket or lanyard (if that helps).

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Interrupting A Usb Flash Drive Process

I have a problem with my usb mp3 player. I accidentally pressed the record button for a long time, and it recorded for about 45mins, so i stopped it. Since it's a 45min recording, the saving process is quite long. Now, since it's too long, i literally waited for hours for it, and alas, no more battery. Now, whenever i start the flash drive using a fresh battery or plug it in a usb port, it keeps on saying "recovering the recording file". I've tried waiting for it to "recover", but it just doesn't recover. Now here's my thought. I plug it in a usb port, it can't be recognized because the mp3 player keeps on doing its "recovery". I tried the control panel>admin tools>comp mgt and it doesn't work. The only good thing is, the usb port is able to provide power to the mp3 player so it still tries to recover the recording file. Is there a way to "interrupt" the recovery my mp3 player does so i can directly access it without him performing the recovery job? Just give me a way to make it show to my computer so i can format it.

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Suggestions On Usb Flash Drive To Buy

I recently have been forced to enter the market for a new usb flash drive due to an unfortunate accident with my previous one (now deceased. Ended up tripping over the lanyard it was on, ripping it out of the port sideways, removing the connector part). I'm looking for something a little more rugged. I am a student, and i frequently toss it into my backpack. I am also looking for something in the 8gb range. I sync all of my school files onto my flash drive for convenience (about a gig), plus i now am in a graphic design course. And i could always use some extra space. One thing i am completely in-the-dark about is read/write speeds. I have no idea what good speeds for these are. If anyone could offer me some suggestions, i would appreciate it. Just to get some other opinions, other than my own. And i really don't care about any security software and whatnot. The drive will need to work cross-platform, and i don't wanna screw with any of that stuff.

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Have To Restart Windows 98 To Use Usb Flash Drive Again

I often use a usb flash drive made by pny on my windows 98 computer. Windows 98 doesn't have a "safely remove hardware" button, and right-clicking on the drive in my computer doesn't show an "eject disk" or similar option. So whenever i remove the flash drive and re-insert it, i have to restart windows to get it to detect the drive again. This problem has never caused me to lose data, but it's kind of annoying. Also, this problem is eliminated at least 50% of the time if i reinsert the drive into a different usb port. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Installing Windows 7 Via Usb Flash Drive

Heres a quick, easy way to make your usb thumb / flash drive capable of installing windows 7, cutting out the need for a disc! First off, you need a 4gb or higher capacity flash drive - ill be using my 8gb freecom drive, as its the largest i own. So, to kick things off, we need to open the command line, or cmd.exe for vista users using the search feature. Then we need to start up diskpart, simply by typing "diskpart" and hitting enter: we will the need to find the discs available to be used by diskpart - to do this we type "list disk", so now we have a table of available drives - disc 0 in my case is my samsung spinpoint and disc 2 my thumb drive - you will need to figure out which is your usb drive by the size table. Next, we need to select that disc by typing "select disc #" - the hash being the number of your drive - in my case, i would enter "select disc 2". Then, after the drive is selected, we need to type "clean", diskpart will scrub the chosen drive clean for us, ready for the windows install files. However, before we learn to run we must crawl - to do this we simply type "create partition primary" - this will format the disc, making it usable for our purpose. We then enter "active", and heres the bit that requires a bit of typing. You will now need to type "format fs=fat32 quick" to format the drive as fat32, making it bootable so that we can install our os from it, our second to last step simply involves typing "assign", and then, finally, no more than 5 minutes down the line, we copy and paste all the os files - in my case, im copying all the files from my copy of windows 7 build 7068 (thanks alex ) to the drive, after setting the primary boot media to your usb drive in your bios, your all set! Advantages?

1. Faster installation times

2. No use of discs! Saves money and reusable time after time!

3. Takes no more than 5 minutes to set up, so time effective in comparison with burning a disc. 4. Silent install. No disc spinning up. No annoyance. Do it whilst your sleeping for all i care

5. Did i mention there's no cost of discs involved?!

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Format A Vonage Usb Flash Drive

I have a vonage usb flash drive that was our voip phone for a few days. It has a mini headphone jack (the same as a cell phone) on the side for talking with it. I now have a vonage router so we can use our house phone. Much better, but now i want to format the usb drive to remove all vonage info from it. I formatted it but all the vonage stuff is still hidden on it. And it auto loads the phone drivers and stuff every time i plug it in. I tried norton partition magic to do it but it wouldnt recogonize a flash drive. Any ideas on how i can wipe it totally clean? I am gonna use it to soft mod my xbox. And have already made the wire to connect it. It works fine on my xbox. But it still auto loads vonage software and drivers when i put it in my computer.

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Defragmentation Of Usb Flash Drive Vs Ssd

Since ssd can't be de-fragment, i thought usb flash drive should work the same way. But when my usb flash drive is badly fragmented (it's fat32), i can easily see a delay when i try to open & save a file. Needless to say, after i de-fragment the usb flash drive, there is no more delay. So shouldn't the 2 technology being so close that if ssd doesn't require de-fragmentation, so neither should usb flash drive?

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Usb Flash Drive 2 Gigs Only Reads 63 Mb

I was trying to access my flash drive after i played a game. However it gave me an error saying the device encountered an i/o error. Afterwards, i pulled it out and put it back in, and it asked me to format it. After it formatted ntfs, it now split the drive into two partitions and only read 63. 7mb. How do i fix this allocation size? Is my usb drive basically corrupted and un-fixable ?

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