Sound And Audio Problem

I upgraded to the windows media player 9. 0 and started getting an error message when attempting to listen to music of the web of: no sound device found. I found it strange because with winamp, i'm able to listen to my mp3's and midi files, so i know my speakers and sound card are working just fine. I went to the microsoft xp site and they recommended and the knowledge database recommended troubleshooting my sound files. Problem: the instructions say to click on "advance" in the volume tab but it's greyed out. Here are my settings:

1st tab - volume: no audio device (everything else is grayed out)

2nd tab - sounds: sound scheme is set to "windows default" (everything else is grayed out)

3rd tab - audio: under "sound playback" and "sound recording" the default device for both is this: model #0 line playback. Clicking the drop down arrow on both does not give any options except the same one. Where is says "midi music playback" - it's grayed out but the default is set to: no midi playback devices. There's a checkmark where it says: "use only default devices" - although if i take the checkmark away, it doesn't change a single thing. 4th tab - hardware:it has 7 devices listed and for each one it says they are working properly. I am sooooooooooooo frustrated with this. I'm hoping you or someone can guide me. I think that "model #0 line playback" may be the problem, but how do i change that?

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M-audio Av 40 - Sound Leakage Using Headphone Out

So ive got myself a set of m-audio av-40, which are ok enough. But when using the headphone out, some sound still comes out of the speakers and increases with volume. I have closed headphones so this is very noticeable and unacceptable. Can this be normal?

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Difference Between Onboard Audio And Sound Card

Okay i've recently gotten back into computer gaming after a somewhat long hiatus (my last machine had a geforce 256 and before that i had 2 voodoo 2s in sli ). My question is about sound cards and their benefits. I had a soundblaster live! Back in the day but i never really noticed a difference back then between it and onboard audio. Right now i'm using onboard audio but should i get a sound card instead? What are the performance benefits? Is the audio really that much clearer? Which mid-range cards should i look at?

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Does A Sound Card Always Hardware Acceleration Audio ?

Ive been reading on-line some things and i keep seeing that hardware acceleration, especially in games is dying. But my thought is is that if you have a good dedicated sound card (in my case a x-fi platinum) then even if something like a pc game doesn't actually have the option for hardware sound, aren't you still getting hardware accelerated sound due to the audio being processed by the sound card and not the cpu?

Its not like if theres no option for hardware audio that the cpu processes the sound then its just passed through the sound card. The card is still doing its job, no? So does not having the option for hardware sound really effect anything?

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Sound Blaster X-fi & Front Audio Ports

Anyone know if you can plug in case front audio connections to the new x-fi card? I cant seem to find a wiring guide for my pins that i have, which are. Mic bias
Mic in
Mic ground
Ear ground
Spk r
Spk return r
Spk l
Spk return l

As a matter of fact i cant even get this wired to my onboard audio controller either. I have a dfi lanparty board, and niether my case manuel or the mobo manuel help with the wiring. Any help to wiring the pins to either of the 2 would be greatly appreciated

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M-audio 192 Sound Card Problem

I'm using windows xp and it had a "on board soundcard" i disabled it in windows and tried to disable in "bios"(was not sure how to do that). Anyway, i had my new soundcard up and running(m-audio 192) but if i restart my computer it gets hung up in the windows screen. I reset and load from "last good boot" reinstall the software for the soundcard and it's all good. Re boot my computer, same thing.

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Pci Sound Blaster 24-bit Live And Front Audio Ports

Just recently got the pci sb 24-bit sound card and man am i happy with it. Totally better compared to the onboard audio of my mobo, but i realized that i'm not able to use the case front audio ports anymore. Is there any way that i can set something up to allow both my speakers hooked up in back and to have a set of headphones plugged in the front for games without having to switch out the plugs?

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Pci Audio Card Or Onboard Audio, Which Gives Better Benchmark ?

Would i get a better benchmark score if i bought a 2nd party pci audio card opposed to an onboard one. Which one is recommended if so?

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Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound Headsets With Onboard Sound

Im considering buying a set of the medusa 5. 1 surround sound headsets, but i was wondering if they were worth the cost due to my lack of an expensive sound card. The headset: medusa 5. 1 surround sound headset

My motherboard: dfi lanparty nfii ultra

I do currently use the onboard sound, which i understand is the nforce2 chipset used for audio. Will this audio chipset be sufficient enough to warrant me purchasing this headset or should i wait until i upgrade my motherboard? I do plan on purchasing a new motherboard before the year's end, to upgrade to amd 64, but until then, will i get the same clarity that these sets boast? Any and all help is welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post.

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Sound Card Or Onboard Sound

Do you have a a sound card or do you just use onboard? I have had issues with both and i can't figure out if i want to buy one or just use onboard. Some people claim onboard slows down the processor, is that true and if it is will you really notice it? I always hear about issues with sound cards not working with certain games and i had my own issues so i've stayed away from them. Any other pc gamers out there use a sound card?

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No Audio Device

My power supply went bust for my e-machines, i replace the 250w with a 500w supply. Everything came up fine excepting my sound. If i go to control panel -> sounds -> i see "no audio device" and audio default device is set to "modem #0 line playback". I did googling and did a system restore, but that did not help. I cannot play any sound files, it says no audio device installed. Did i miss any sound card connections.

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Connect Tv To Pc And Use Audio From Tv

If i buy a 52" sharp lcd tv that has a pc port and connect it to my pc can i use the audio from the tv? While watching blu ray movies in my disc drive, or would i still need pc speakers.

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Mp3 To Audio Cd Burn

When i burn a bunch of mp3s to a cd (as an audio cd, not as a data cd) and put said cd in my player, the track listing comes up as "track1, track2, track3" etc. Etc. This is kind of confusing, as all the appropriate track info appears for the files in the burning program. How do i fix this so the audio cd i make retains all the same info?

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Audio Lag / Skipping

Whenever i am playing songs or watching a movie there is a little lag or skipping every couple minutes. Im not sure where to start looking, but i know my pc can handle it. Any suggestions on where to start looking?

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How To Get My Audio Ports To Work ?

I have the system in my spces and i cant get the audio to work on the mobo in the back. I have the cmstacker832 and i accidentally cut the realteck 97' audio wires on the mobo but the hd audio wires are still fine and i have the pluged into the sound connector on the mobo. The front ports do not work nor do the back. The system does recognize tho if somthing is plugged in the realteck sound device manager.

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M-audio Q40 Headphones

Has anyone tried these? How are they in comparison to something like the ad-hd700's from audio technica?

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Headphones - Lossless Audio

So, i've put . Flac and . Mp3 side-by-side and probably to no surprise to any audiophiles here, i did not notice a difference with my "gaming" headset (turtle beach, xbox360 junk). If i want to take advantage of lossless audio formats, what is the bare minimum hardware i need? As far as my soundcard goes, it's on-board realtek hd audio (something-800 or 8888). Do i have to break the bank?

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Hd Audio Through A Usb Headset

I've got a logitech g35 headset and was wondering how i would go about using it if i got a hd sound-card? The only interface it has is usb is there a converter to dvi or something?

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Displayport Audio For 5850

One of the updates that came with the 9. 12 hotfix was displayport audio. Has anybody got this to work? If you have could you please let me know how you did it?

I can't find how you would enable this feature or if it even needs enabling. But i have a xfx 5850 connected to a u2410 via display-port and can't seem to get any audio from it.

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Portable Usb Audio

I'm looking for a good set of ear-buds ~60-70 usd that have some bass, or at least some bass without the lack theof. I'm also looking for a portable audio solution for my laptop, as the on-board audio is terrible (so much noise) and the turtle beach aamicro usb i bought still has some noise/issues. My budget for the usb audio is ~100 usd, i can be a more lenient if someone has personal experience/anecdotes. I'd like them so i can stroll around campus and use them in the library. My current shure scl2s have literally no bass, and i've been using a fiio e5 amp, but the nuisance of that with my ipod/phone is annoying (and also, dun dun, adds a little, but still noticeable, noise).

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Bluray Through Computer + Hd Audio Possible ?

I use power dvd 8 and as i understand it you can't pass a hd audio stream 5. 1 anyway through spdif? I would have to send analogue pcm i suspect but problem is i don't have computer speakers but home theater speakers which just have spdif and stereo rca inputs. I get audio if i choose the dts hd or dolby digital track though but may just have some dolby digital it falls back too? (Even if that is a separate track on both the blu ray movies i watched. Any experts around here that knows a cheaper way to get hd audio without buying an expensive receiver or crappy computer speakers which makes it totally pointless?

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How To Output Audio From Notebook ?

Most notebooks do not have an un-amplified line-out. If i connect the headphone-out to my av amp line-in, will this blow my av amp or will i get awful noise? What about those usb-audio adapters i have seen on sale - will they provide a line-out? Appreciate any help - thanks.

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Video Lags Behind Audio

I hooked up my first ever home theater last evening and the video noticeably lags behind the audio on concert dvds.components:

Sony dvp-s9000es
Cary cinema 6 pre/pro (toslink digital audio input feed)
Bryston 9b sst amp
Jm lab utopia in-wall loudspeakers
Yamaha dpx-1300 dlp projector (component video input feed)

Any and all troubleshooting suggestions are deeply appreciated.

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No Video And Audio On Ps2

Been reading the articles in this forum and i couldn't really find anything relating to my problem. Would anyone be able to suggest what problem my ps2 would be having internally;there is power going to the ps2 but when i turn it on there is no video or audio. Even the sony main screen doesn't come up. Its not under warranty, and i had this problem about 2 weeks back. Gave it to a t****r to fix it, who said the ic motor had gone, he fixed it, but it only lasted a week. The model no. Is scph-50004.

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Sigmatel Audio Drivers Xp

I accidentally uninstalled sigmatel audio (my audio drive) and i don't know *** to do? My comp is running windows xp and i have a dell comp and speakers. I cant even hear with headphones on. What do i do?

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How To Connect Laptop To Tv With Audio ?

How to connect a laptop to a tv with audio? My laptop has a 7pin s-video port and i bought a 7 pin s-video hd cable (rgb) to connect to my tv it works well but there is no audio and i read it online that s-video does not transfer audio and i need a 3mm audio thing. What else do i need or what cable can i buy to get video and audio working?

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Computer Audio Through Tv Without Using Hdmi

Is it possible to connect a laptop to a tv? Is there a connection, other than hdmi, that lets you listen to your computer's audio through your tv?

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Pc Audio And Video Stutters

So recently, i noticed some stutters occurred whenever there's a sound on my pc (even the 'pop' sound when we safely remove flash drive) and the flv videos also have the same problem. As if somebody clicking pause-play-pause-play at an enormous speed. My pc system:

Windows xp
Intel(r) core (tm)2 duo cpu
E4500 @ 2. 20ghz
2. 20ghz, 2. 00gb of ram

I don't play video games on my pc, i only use it for work (adobe photoshop), i tunes, streaming videos and internet browsing, and my pc handled all of that activities at once flawlessly, until now. The 'stuttering' just happened 2 days ago, i was listening to my i tunes and all of a sudden to sound starting to crawl. There are things that may (or may not) have caused this problem that i had done prior to the problem:

1. I upgraded my kaspersky anti virus from 2009 to 2011. At first it was fine, but after i ran the full scan, the kaspersky started to wear down my pc, therefore i removed it with kav remover (but after i finished the scan)

2. I downloaded a file via torrent (vuze), and things started to slow down in the middle of the process (i did this the same time as kaspersky full scan was just minutes away from finish)

After i removed the kaspersky, my pc is back to it's normal speed but leaving the sound and videos un-repaired. Here's the list of things i have done in order to fix this:

1. Did a disk cleanup and free about 20gb of space. 2. Uninstall vuze

3. Did a full scan with 'lighter' antivirus (eset nod32) which also scans spyware, malware etc. 4. I used startup cpl 2. 8 and disabled all start up programs (not the programs entirely, just disabling them to start they same time windows starts)

5. Cleaning the dust inside my cpu. Although the speed of my pc is now back, the audio and video still stutters. The stutters' getting worse when im listening to i tunes while doing another process (like browsing the web for example). What might have caused this? And how do i fix this?

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None Of Rear Audio Ports Work

Basically whenever i plug speakers into any of my back ports, it never works. I have tried speakers and a set of headphones so it's not the stuff i'm plugging into them at the back. Are all the ports dead or something? This happened ever since i transfered my mobo to this new case. Did i possibly short the audio jacks at the back?

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Computer Stuttering During Audio Playback

I'm having a strange problem that i have no idea how to even begin diagnosing. I've been using the same home-built computer for two years now—ran vista for the first year and a windows 7 beta build for the last year. A few weeks ago i did a clean install of windows 7 retail (64 bit. The beta build was also 64 bit). So this is the same computer, running a new version of the same operating system i've been using. Ever since the fresh os install, my computer has been occasionally stuttering during media playback. It seems to be audio related, but it happens during videos or games too. The audio will "glitch" two or three times, the mouse will skip if i'm currently moving it, and then everything will be normal. It doesn't happen at regular intervals, but i'd say it usually happens about once an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't think the problem can be corrupted files, because it happens regardless what i'm listening to (and isn't consistent to any specific files), regardless of what harddrive it's stored on, or when i downloaded it (new, freshly downloaded music also stutters). For music, i use winamp or the zune software. For video, windows media player classic. It's also happened while playing games, though the stuttering is less noticeable. Hardware wise, i have some basic logitech speakers running off onboard audio. Motherboard is gigabyte p35 ds3l with realtek alc888 onboard audio. Cpu is an e8400, (not overclocked). Videocard is an 8800gt, 4 gigs of ram, win7 64bit. All drivers are up to date. What can i do? Where do i start? Thanks for you help.

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