Dell Vostro 1500 Secure Wireless Connection

I hope you are doing well. My girlfriend just recently switched from a regular wired dsl connection to a wireless connection. She is using a dell vostro 1500 laptop, and is using the software that comes with it to connect to the internet, which is called dell wireless wlan card utility. Her dsl provider is sbc yahoo!

Currently, the dell wireless wlan card utility shows that the wireless connection is not secured (there is no security lock next to her network name). How do i go about securing the wireless connection so others are not able to use it without first entering a network key?

I have searched but was not able to find step-by-step instructions. I did, however, find dozens of web sites that recommend me to secure my wireless connection - too bad they didn't tell me how to do that.

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Dell Vostro 1500 Wireless Driver Install Problem

Why wont my intel pro/set wireless driver install on my vostro 1500? I had to rebuild my hard drive on my dell vostro 1500 a couple times (must be a hardware issue), but this last time my wireless driver won't install. It appears to install, but when i reboot i get the message "adapter problem - driver not installed". I've gone to the device manager and tried to update the driver and that doesn't work either. I've tried to download the driver from the dell website and from intel's site too. But both require me to install .net framework first, and that fails and won't install either! Do i have to wipe clean my hard drive and start from scratch again?

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Dell Vostro 1500 Shutdown Problem

I have a dell vostro 1500, and every time it reaches 40% battery charge, it shuts down by itself, and you have to plug in ac adapter, why is this? The charger that i am suppose to use is a 90w, but im using a 150w, does that have anything to do with it.

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Dell Vostro 1500 Ac Adapter Wattage

My original charger for my dell vostro 1500 is 90w. But if i use a 150w charger/ac adapter what will happen? Also what will happen if i use a 65w charger? Will it slow it down, or slow performance, is it good to use either 150w or 65w when the original is 90w.

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How To Secure Bsnl Wireless Network?

How can i secure my bsnl wireless network?

1) find the default user and password to access your router's user interface:

2) connect your computer to the router using an ethernet cable. Open your browser and go to http://192. 168. 1. 1

3) key in the default user and password. If the defaults don't work then you have to call up the company or person who set up your wifi. If you still can't get the user and the password then the only option left is to reset it by pushing a pin or tip of a pen through the small hole located at the back of the router. Hold it until the power goes off and back on. This usually takes about 5-30 secs depending on the router brand. It will erase and reset your router to defaults. You may now log in using the default user and password and configure your router. 4) look for the wireless settings page. Setup the password for the wifi connection. Use wpa2 personal encryption instead of wep as the wep is easy to break. 5) you will also need to change the default user logon name and password so nobody can remotely change your settings unless they personally go to your house and reset the router the way you just did. 6) you can also change the router's default ssid (service set identifier) to an ambiguous name so nobody will know what brand of router you are using and from what source the wifi signal is coming from. Don't put your name on it unless you want to. If you want to know more information, read your router's manual.

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Can't Use Sharing On Secure Wireless Network

I have three pc's two are hard wired and one is wireless, i cant connect to my wireless pc unless the network is unsecured i want to be able to use my network secured and still be able to use sharing, and printer, my router is a wrt54gs, and the wireless pc is using a wusb54gp. Also have another question, i am unable to use remote programs like radmin and twd remote anything, why is this?

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Is Data Sent From Computer To Wireless Printer Secure ?

Is the data sent from a hp600 series wireless computer to a hp c4780 wireless printer secure? If not can i make it so?

No, its technically not "secure", why would it be? The cia is not eavesdropping on what you are printing off, unless you are a terrorist. Your neighbors probably don't have the hacking skills needed to "sniff" your pc to printer network traffic. If you work in a occupation where security is required, then the it staff at your job will have recommendations on how to print securely. There is no way i know of to force a secure connection to a printer, unless that printer supports some type of encryption. Perhaps some of the higher end (expensive) printers allow encrypted connections, but i don't know any specifics.

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Dell Latitude C600 Wireless Connection Problem

I've installed a wireless card onto my dell latitude c600 laptop. The laptop is able to connect to the wireless router. I know this because i downloaded something called wirelessmon and it shows my network and that i connected to it. Neither firefox nor ie are able to browse to any pages, however. And i don't see any software on the machine that allows me to see signal strength or anything. What settings to i need to change? When i do an ipconfig /all there is nothing under default gateway or dns servers. How can i connect?

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Dell Vostro 430 Upgrade

So i had $3000 to spend on a computer for research that i (hopefully) get to keep once i graduate. So i went on dell's website and constructed this sick machine with ati's latest graphics card, the whole deal, and with 2 22" monitors it went for just under $3000. So then my school tells me that i can't get that and gives me a list of pre-built things to choose from. I chose the vostro 430 with the most add-ons possible. Since the tower is pretty small i was wondering if it is possible to fit a better graphics card in there since if i got a better graphics card i'd probably need a bigger power supply too. I don't even want to upgrade it now since if my school ends up not letting me keep the computer it would suck to have spent a ton of my own money on it.

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Dell Vostro 1015 - How To Use Webcam ?

How can i use built in webcam/microphone in dell vostro 1015? Im 90% sure i have the drivers downloaded (i downloaded the video 1 and it said that i already have newer version installed). My problem is that i cant find the webcam. Should it be in the programs or somewhere?

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Dell Vostro 200 Dual Monitors

Dual monitors on dell vostro 200 slim tower using ati radeon 2400 hd pro? After alot of google searches so many results none are usful, i need to know how to run ual monitors on dell vostro 200 slim tower using ati radeon 2400 hd pro, i think a graphics is a pci card because thats what some people on the net are saying, i dont want to buy any other card like a pci card so just to say can i run dual monitors without buying anything except i will buy a small splitter ok?

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Dell Vostro 1400 Black Screen

I have a dell vostro 1400 with windows xp and every time i turn it one it goes into a black screen fixes. It goes into a black screen after being turned on, nothing else comes up i have tried replacing the hard drive with another one from my brothers vostro yes the power light does come on.

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Dell Vostro 3500 Vs Latitude E6410

Dell vostro 3500 vs latitude e6410, which laptop is better? I am buying certified refurbished from dell outlet. By the way, i already have ram ddr3 chips that i plan to expand the ram with (they are compatible with both machines). I plan to run virtual machines, computer programming, photoshop, and games like need for speed undercover, which ran fine on a machine with ati radeon hd 3200 graphics and a turion x2 processor.

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Running Crysis On Dell Vostro 1510

Can i run crysis on my dell vostro 1510 nd i using xp?

Answer:- if you opted for the 8400 gs while buying and you run the game on the lowest settings at 800 by 600, it will be playable.

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Hp Printer Wont Install On Dell Vostro 1510

Why won't my hp printer install to my dell vostro 1510? Everytime i try to install my hp printer this message comes up: "the operating system on this computer does not match the supported operating systems. This is only a warning message. The installation can continue*. Current os: 600
Supported: windows98, windowsme, windows2000, windowsxp

Recommendation: install this product on a computer that has one of the supported microsoft operating systems or refer to your computer's documentation for information on upgrading your computer's operating system. *Please note: if the current operating system is reported as a number, this is because the operating system was released after your hp software. " I am logged in as the admin. It doesn't ask for permission to do anything so idk whats wrong. What do i need to have to install this?

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Lan Driver For Dell Vostro 200 For Xp Pro X64

I cannot find a lan driver for my dell vostro 200 for xp pro x64. The drivers at dell's website don't work, i went to intel's site and got drivers for the chipset and audio but when i try to download the lan driver it says that my file was moved, renamed or put in the archives. I can't find where thier archives are. I've googled and found something else; it installs but doesn't do anything. Someone help me find lan drivers for my dell vostro 200 for xp pro x64. The motherboard is a foxconn g33m02, a g33 chipset.

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Dell Vostro Won't Detect Sata Hard Drive

All of a sudden, it won't detect his hard drive. It's a 250gb wd sata hdd. If i go into the bios, it doesn't list the hard drive in the 4 sata ports, just the dvd drive. By running the on board diagnostic, it doesn't detect the hard drive either. I tried a different port on the board and a different sata cable, neither of which fixed the problem. I can hear the drive spinning up and down over and over again. It doesn't do anything from there. Ideas? Is just the interface of the drive somehow randomly gone bad?

Edit: also, i tried a different sata power connector from the power supply that was powering the dvd drive. That didn't work either.

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Issue With Dhcp Connection Wireless Connection Drop

I don't know why i keep getting this error message in the log for dhcp , it annoys a lot as it disconnects the wifi then reconnects and continues to do so for a few minutes. The ip address lease 192. 168. 1. 7 for the network card with network address 0xxxxxxxxxxxxx has been denied by the dhcp server 0. 0. 0. 0 (the dhcp server sent a dhcpnack message). I know there is an issue as the dhcp server should be 192. 168. 1. 1, it goes normal as in the log it shows that it gets the i. P from the correct dhcp but when the error happens it shows the dhcp server as to 0. 0. 0. 0. My wireless card is an atheros ar9285, my pc is a hp pavillion dv 7-3162nr laptop

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Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Switch From Wireless Connection To Wired Connection

How do i switch from a wireless connection to wired connection? So i just switched internet service providers and the new isp gave me a wireless setting but this turned out to be more slow then i imagined so im wondering how i can switch back from a wireless connection to a wired connection. I have a router and a modem but i don't know what plugs go with what.

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Setup Wireless Network From Wireless Connection

Can i set up a wireless network from a wireless connection? To detail it a little moe, im connected to my parents wireless network which is encrypted with wpa security. While i was away at college, i bought my own router to use wep encryption so that i could play on my ds while taking my laptop about, but now i can no longer play on my ds. Is there a way i could use the connection im using atm and kind of use my laptop as a gateway of sorts to connect my own router but instead wep. If that makes any sense.

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Wireless Connection Is Available But Wireless Internet Is Not

I recently bought a new laptop and i wanted to get wireless internet from my house. So instead of buying a new wireless router i took my bf old one. I get it set up and my pc says im connected to the network but it says no internet access. So i try unplugging everything and replugging it in, not a help. So i decided to turn off the pc and the wireless router and unplugging everything and still nothing.

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Booting Armada 1500 From Cd

What i'm trying to do is get this old beast up and running with linux and set up some basic services to keep myself in practice since i don't have a decent box for linux yet. I've burnt a copy of gentoo minimal, but the problem is that while the laptop has a built-it cd drive, the only options are to boot from either a floppy or the hard drive. The exact model is compaq armada 1530dm, and currently has win95 installed as the os. There is no traditional bios that i can find, only the compaq utilities [loaded from a separate partition i believe] which doesn't have any options for a cd boot. I'm wondering if it is possible to create a boot disk that will make the computer boot from the cd-rom. Failing that i think i'll have to brave the linux forum and try loading the os from floppies.

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Compaq Presario 1500 Keeps Turning Off

Laptop keeps turning off, i think it could be overheating, any ideas, i've tried a different power supply. Its a compaq presario 1500. Any thoughts?

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Hp 1500 Series Printer Cartridge

Hp 1500 series printer uses which cartridge?

If this is the hp 1500 series all in one printer then there are 5 different cartridges available for it. Please see here: http://bit. Ly/afkazk

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Cannot Secure Linksys Router

When i try set linksys secured. I open the set up page sign in as admin, click the wireless tab, change router name to a unique name then save the settings all is ok. Next step i go to wireless security section go into the security mode drop down box and select wep and change the setting to 128 bits 26 hex digits. I then create a pass-phrase and click generate. At this point i select save settings and it will sit there for awhile saving then instead of the successful box coming up a black screen appears with the white box in the center with no radio buttons to select. If i close the page try to connect to the et i get a request for a password. When i input the new passphrase is says they are mismatched. The same thing happens if i try adminĚ as the phrae. I have tried this both with an ethernet cable or without with the same results. I have also tried it with and without disabling ssid broadcast.

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Secure Digital Memory Cards

I don't know what forum this really belongs in, so mod's please move this if i'm way off. Anyway, i'm looking into getting a new secure digital card (256mb) for my kodak dx6440. I'm trying to get recomendations for a card that has good write/read speed. I've looked at the lexar 32x and the sandisk ultraii. Any other ideas or personal experiences? Or does anyone know of any good camera sites that have reviews?

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How To Sure Someone Is Not Using My Wireless Connection ?

How can i be sure someone is not using my wireless connection? Recently my internet has been running really slow (my computer speed is fine). I can just imagine some weirdo neighbor sat at home watching goat *** through my wireless connection (perhaps slightly too graphic, i know). Anyway, i need some tips on how to find out if anyone is using my connection and how i can prevent them from doing so. I am using windows vista and have a netgear wireless adapter wpa.

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Secure Erase Of Large Hard Drives

Is there anyone who has some experience with securely erasing data on large capacity hd's. Like with this method:

http://cmrr. Ucsd. Edu/people/hughes/secureerase. Shtml

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Secure Connecting To Network While Working From Home

What are the secure options for connecting to the work network while working from home i.e. Teleworking? I would like to telework from home permanently. This would require me to be logged onto the network at the office all day so that i can get mails, work on files etc. What are the secure options for doing this. Would i connect directly to a computer physically at the office using one of these programs like logmein or could my computer at home log onto the network at work like any other computer at the office.

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