How To Overclock A Dell ?

As you know dell locks up your bios settings therefor how do i get around this? I have a p4 630 3ghz 800mhz fsb 1gb of 533mhz ram and a huge square cooling block that does not get any bigger than this. I've heard people say that a good overclocking temp. Is 45c -70c.

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Overclock Dell Optiplex Gs 110

I have a dell optiplex gs 110 733mhz p3. Questions:

1. Can i overclock to 800mhz?
2. Can i do it in the bios?
3. How to do it?

Note: to play games.

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Overclock Freeze My Pc

I have overclocked my cpu. It is sitting stable at 2. 6ghz but once in a while my pc will freeze. I have to hold the power button to restart(not good) it only happens about once a week maybe. All my temps are fine. I know my psu is my weak link. But having just bought a new gfx card and ram, i cant afford a new one yet it just baffles me that it only freezes once in a while. I have also checked event viewer for errors.

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Unwanted Overclock

The problem is as follows: it will always post at 900mzh. I checked jumpers, updated the bios, ect. Nothing will get it back to its correct speed. Fsb setting seems to have nothing to do with it either, even when i change the fsb, it still posts at 900mzh. So what is the problem? Well, it overheats. Right now it is running at 118 f, and i just replaced the stock duron heatsink with a copper botton antec from best buy. I have an alpha pal 80whatever (the really good one from back in the day), but no 60mm fan for it. So i need to get this bad boy back to stock speed, so my mom can trade stocks and play uru without the damn thing locking up on her. Any ideas?

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Celeron D 2.4 Overclock

I recently over clocked my cpu and ram. The cpu is a celeron d 320 2. 4 ghz and 533 fsb
The rem is corsiar value select 1gb kit(2 x 512mb). With the cpu i overclocked it to 3. 33 ghz by changing the fsb from 533 to 740. The multiplier is locked on this cpu. I did not raise the voltage from the default 1. 35. The default ram timings were 2. 5-3-3-8. I over clocked it to 2-3-3-6 with no increase in voltage. My motherboard is an asus p4p800-e deluxe. I ran prime95 for 8. 5 hours torture test and there was no problem. This is really the limit of my cpu. If i try to overclock it even more, say to 3. 6 ghz, i have to increase the voltage to 1. 47. Even then it fails on prime95 after 10 minutes. If you have any questions just post them.

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Overclock 3000+

I've just been having a go at overclocking my new 3000+ cpu, i haven't ever overclocked a a64 system before but heres what i have so far. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some ways to get it further. The highest fsb my board would goto stable is 295. My ram is 1gig dual channel winbond bh-5. The motherboard is a dfi nforce 4. http://i4.

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Overclock Q6600

I am currently running my q6600 on a asus p5k-e wifi ap mobo. The cpu is currently overclocked to 3ghz, the voltage is on auto and the idle temp is around 17-23 c. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar rig and could tell me what i could get out of it without reducing its life expectancy.

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Overclock Lagging

My athlon xp 2500 is at 2200mhz and my cosair xms pc2700 ram is at 400mhz and my computer seems ot be a little slower than stock speeds, but all benchmarks show it to be much faster than stock! I'm i just crazy or can this really happen?

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Overclock 1950xtx

I got an ati 1950xtx to replace my 1900xt or whatever was originally in this pc for free so please don't bash me for having it right before dx10 . I was wondering if anyone's ever oc'd it, i tried it with ati tray tools i believe and it just didn't work at all, completely fuzzed up my screen and fixed itself.

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Overclock 1055t

Can i overclock the 1055t to 3. 5ghz, im using asus m4a785td m evo am3 785 and my power supply is 600w atx 120mm l¼fter retail. Also is this setting safe to overclock to 4ghz?

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Overclock Lock

I am running a 9200se on windows me, so far i only know of ati tool that gets rid of the overclock lock, and its only for 2000/xp does anyone know of another way? (Im not sure if the omega drivers would work but the only omega drivers for winme are really old. So i dislike them)

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Overclock Gateway Computer

Im trying to over clock my computer but i cant find any place in the bios that allows me to change anything i need to if i want to overclock. Are prebuilt computers locked so you cant overclock them or something?

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Overclock Only Works In Vista, Not In Xp

Well to start this is my first processor overclock and i am pretty satisfied with the results. Except i cant boot into xp. It posts just fine and vista and kubuntu boot too and both show the overclocked result. I ran orthos for about 20min in vista without a problem but i stopped it because the main problem is i cant boot xp when overclocked at all. I even tried raising from 1. 8 to 1. 9 to boot xp and its still a no go.configurations:-
E4300 at 3. 02ghz 1. 3v
Geil 2gb (2 x 1gb) ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel at 2. 0v
Ecs nf650islit-a

At first i thought my oc was too high to boot windows so i kept lowering it until i was back at 1. 8 then i tried for the heck of it raising it to 3. 02 and booting kubuntu since it kept posting fine and kubuntu worked then tried vista and that worked so i was baffled at why xp would not. Additional comment:

I just used ntune to try overclocking in xp and it was able to get a measly to a 1. 9ghz. Why cant xp boot while vista and kubuntu work fine. This is driving me insane.

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Overclock 1.7 Intel Celeron

My question is how to overclock my 1. 7 intel celeron and what is the maximum speed that i can achieve?

I tried in the bios, but there i couldn't change the vcore. I increased the fsb, but there was no improvement only the system slowed down, so i backed up my old settings. Here is my configuration:

Mb msi 645e combo
Cpu intel 1. 7ghz celeron
Ram 512 ddr 400mhz kingston
Hdd maxtor 40gb 7200r ata133

Please tell me step by step instructions,

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Overclock Ati X1950 Gt

I'm currently waiting for my 4870 to arrive. I thought i would oc this old card, i heard they were extremely good for overclocking is this true?, Has anyone here ocd one of these and if so what kind of speeds did you push it to?

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Overclock Opteron 165

I'm a poor college student that needs to build a dual core monster but i can't afford the fx60, it would be a waste of money to do so. So i was reading a lot of reviews and they said that the optron 165 denmark can be overclocked to 2. 4-2. 8ghz, awesome! But i have no idea how to do it, overclock i mean. So, can brilliant person out there help me with my situation? Should i go with the 165 or should i pick something else. If i get the 165 how do i overclock it? I'll need directions. Also i'm going to buy the asus a8n32-sli deluxe mobo.

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Overclock Settings For Mx 4000

I just installed omega drivers for my mx 4000 and i was wondering what the best overclock settings i could use and get away with. Current:
Core clock frequency = 275 mhz
Memory clock frequency = 332 mhz

Windows xp pro
Dx 9. 0c
P3 1, 000 mhz
386 mb ram
Xfx geforce 4 mx 4000 64mb ddr 1 or 2 cant remember. Would it be a good idea to use nvflash on my card?

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Overclock Test Program

I want to overclock my geforce fx 5500oc even what is a good program to test it with?

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Ga-ex38-ds4 And Q9550 Overclock

I've searched around, but unfortunately haven't found this information. Does anyone here know how well a q9550 will overclock on a gigabyte ga-ex38-ds4 motherboard. I'm not shooting for a fantastic overclock, but would like to hit 3. 6+ ghz, which is basically 425mhz x 8. 5, although i would prefer 450mhz x 8. 5 = 3. 825ghz. Also, should most ddr2-800mhz memory hit 900mhz, or am i better off with 1000mhz ram? With ddr2 memory prices so low, i'm thinking of just getting 8gb ram (4 x gb). Will that interfere with the overclock?

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Poor Overclock With Aiw X1800xl

Please can you tell me if im doing anything wrong i have previously owned mostly nvidia graphics cards and have used river tuner to overclock them which has been simple enough. I am now using an ati based card to be precise the all in wonder x1800xl. The card is reported to have stock frequencies of 500/500 in the ati control panel and there is a note saying that this is already overclocked?

With there software or ati tweaker i can get 550/550 on both mem and gpu. I may be missing something as i haven't used many ati cards before but surely i can increase the frequencies as high as the card will go before it reboots, artefacts or something, is this related to a driver problem? Im running the latest version of the catalysts drivers on windows xp and am water cooling the card.

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9600 Pro Cooling / Overclock

I have a 9600 pro and i overclocked it at 450. 00 core speed and 324. 00 memory speed using radclocker. Never had a problem, ran quite well. The fan died on it after one year so i replaced it with much better fan/heatsink from vantec iceberq. Now i'm running at 475 core and 324 memory. I have been running it this fast for a long time and with no problems. But i have been told i am running it too hard and it will crap out on me soon. Is this true?

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Overclock Acer Aspire 1693

Acer aspire 1693wmli (laptop)
Pentium m 750 @ 1860mhz
512 mb ram
80gb hd

Ok so i found a guide explaining how to overclock my laptop.
(Scroll down on each page as there is large gaps)

I follow it through download both versions of clockgen that they say work. I run both and find the first one provides teh correct data. D845gbv
D845ept2 cg-cy28346
D875pbz cg-ics952618

I cant remember if i set any settings i the second one. Boosted my cpu from 1860 to 2100 as it advises not to raise the pci bus speed past 37. 5mhz. I set these values and nothing happened. I restarted the computer and i get a bank screen. I cant even get to bios. Turn it on and nothing. Fan starts then stops and teh cd drive turns but doesn't do anything with the disk in it. If i left the two copies there is it possible they are fighting one another?

It says on the clock gen website "/! Don't try to use another version of clockgen than the one specified in this table. This would freeze your system".

How do i unfreeze it

I have heard people saying that i might need to clear cmos using a dipswitch or jumper. How will this beat clockgen. ?

Is it possible if i clear cmos to get to bios and run windows in safemode so i can remove the files from teh computer?

If i send it back to the manufacturer how do i explain what i need them to do? Lol

Please tell me anything that could help me.

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How To Overclock Gfx Cards In Sli ?

Just built my new system on an abit an8-sli, got my second gigabyte 6800 gt yesterday setup sli perfect. My question is can you overclock the graphics cards in sli mode and if so what utility to do it with i.e. (Rivatuner, coolbits, powerstrip) ypu feedback would be great my first sli setup so any info is good inf ;d.

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Overclock Geforce 6600 Agp

How do i overclock my geforce 6600 agp & amd sempron processor 3300. I know its not much. I just want to have it run faster.

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Overclock Test - How To Read Results ?

I've ran prime95 all day and night "not sure what it did". And now i just downloaded cpu-z to get my results. First all i have done is change my cpu from 200-205 and the vdimm to 2. 85. Now i am trying to figure how to read this. These are my results. Under clocks:
Core speed - 3045. 3
Multiplier - x15. 0
Fsb - 203. 0
Bus speed - 812. 1

Not sure if i need to add anything. Also my temps on speed fan reads:
Temp 1 - 33c
Temp 2 - 40c
Temp 3 - -48c
Hd0 31c

Can someone explain how to read this?

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Overclock Motherboard That Has Locked Bios

How do i overclock a motherboard that has a locked bios? Recently i purchased an new processor cooler and some ram coverings in hopes of ocing my entire system. Only to find out my mobo wouldn't let me raise the fsb, voltage, or do anything. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the lock on this bios so i can play halo wicked fast! Peace out yo.

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Overclock Powercolor Radeon 9250

Possible to overclock without new cooling? I have :
Powercolor radeon 9250 128mb, 64bit, agp (default: 240core / 200mem)
1. 8ghz p4 processer
512mb ddr sdram
200w power supply

I was wondering if i could overclocked my video card without additional cooling or new cooling. And how much would it help my gaming if i did clock it?

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Mixing Brands Ram & I Overclock

Okay, so i have 2 gigs of ram on my current build. My first question is, can the latest version of windows xp (32bit) sp3 support more then 2gigs of ram & use it good? If not, will it use it at all for anything?

Second question, my ram is ddr2-800 and the manufacture is o. C. Z

Here's a link to my exact ram (2 sticks)

Can i mix other ddr2-800 sticks in there or should i buy the exact same ram?

Also, i overclock so i did overclock my cpu & ram up alittle. I overclocked my intel core 2 duo (e6550) from 2. 33ghz to er. 3. 50ghz. And my ram i adjusted so it was overclocked and had a fsb:dram ratio of 1:1. As for my graphics card, well that doesn't matter but i overclocked that too. Now, this build and overclock has been running perfect for awhile now (1 year?) But i'm been having problems with what i believe is my ram and i want to upgrade. Task manager shows at times i'm using 2. 31gb of ram while my actual amount is 2gb. I'm curious if i need to buy the same ram type & manufacturer or i can just buy the same speed but a different manufacturer. I'll adjust the clock speeds accordingly if i get the new ram. Anyone?

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Cannot Overclock Any Higher Due To Voltage Restriction

In my 5000+ be overclocking adventure, someone made a suggestion thats been playing on my mind. My current problem is i cant overclock any higher due to voltage restrictions on my motherboard, with 1. 4v being the highest. Now someone suggested, seeing as my mobo is an asus m2n-sli, possibly flashing its bios to the latest for the msn-sli deluxe. My question to you is, do you think it will work? Is it worth the risk? And also, if it does work, will the deluxes bios provide me with any voltage increases past 1. 4v or will it still be locked to 1. 4v?

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Can't Overclock 4830 With Dual Monitors

I know this is a general issue and not exclusive to me or the 4830. I run dual monitors (in sig), but if i change the core or memory speed even 1mhz, video gets corrupt, all gray lines and such. I tried rivatuner with limited success using the low lvl over-clocking utility. It still eventually crashed, and it prevented my card from down-clocking when not gaming. The sapphire 4830 clocks down to 160/250 when not gaming, the fan shuts off totally on the heatsink when clocked down, it's a great feature, especially in conjunction with coolnquiet clocking your cpu down to 800mhz. Is there any way to overclock, and keep being able to have my card underclock itself?
Is there a way at all, even if it does prevent down clocking?

I remember back in the day i use a hex editor to flash new speeds on an old nvidia card. Don't really want to do that on this baby, it still has lots of life left (and maybe a sister in crossfire one day). Riva gave some error about using it with the driver version (currently catalyst 9. 5, brand new), maybe thats why it crashed and not just because theres no way to oc with dual screens.

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