Graphic Card For Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop

I need a good gaming graphic card for my dell optiplex 745 desktop. I want to play starcraft 2 and recommended is ati radeon hd 3870 but that doesn't come in low profile. My power supply is 280 psu and i'm limited to low profile. Ddr2 memory

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Graphic Card For Dell Optiplex Gx620

When i bought my computer i wasn't thinking about a video card so it is very obsolete for what i want to do. I want to connect my computer to my plasma screen so that i can play hd videos and such. The problem now is that i only have a vga output so the quality isn't very good. I'm looking for a card that has an hdmi output that will make hd movies look good on my plasma. I don't do much gaming but some. I'm looking for a very cheap one, i'm hoping under $50. Also my computer is a dell optiplex gx620 if that helps.

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Dell Optiplex 745 Sound Problem

My dell optiplex 745 has failed to play sound after installation of sound drivers? I have tried downloading from support and download but the driver there too has failed. The pci cards also do not detect.could my board have a problem?

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Dell Optiplex 745 Power Supply Upgrade

I need to upgrade the measly 280w powr supply of the dell optiplex 745 desktop(not tower). Do i have any options. Dell has special power supplies.

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Graphics Card For Dell Optiplex 360

What graphics cards are compatible with a dell optiplex 360? I think it had an integrated intel graphics media accelerator 3100. I would also accept a driver for this card.

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Video Card For Dell Optiplex Gx520

Whats a good video card that works with a dell optiplex gx520 that doesn't have a pci-e slot?

Answer:- oh you have the mini gx520 i take it. Well as long as the standard pci slot is unused there are a few cards available on new egg and tiger direct:

http://bit. Ly/70d5jr
http://bit. Ly/apfemu

None of them are going to break any speed records being limited by the pci slot bus speed but will help for hd viewing and older game titles. P. S. Your looking for a low profile card as well if this is the mini.

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Dell Optiplex Gs 110 Video Card Upgrade

Dell optiplex gs 110, pentium iii 733mhz, 512mg ram with ati radeon 7000 pci 64meg. I am looking for some good old pci video card to improve games performance. Nothing more than $100. Any suggestion?

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Dell Optiplex Gx620 Video Card Upgrade

I have a dell optiplex gx620 desktop model. Windows xp pro (2002), pentium d cpu 3. 00ghz 2. 99 ghz and 2gb ram. I want to start playing moderately demanding games on it such as starcraft 2 and company of heroes. I've only been using the onboard chipset which has been surprisingly good but it's time for an upgrade. Unfortunately, the piece of crap power supply i have is only 250 watts (it might be 280 watts). Now, dell is a ***** because they their power supply's aren't the standard atx power supply :( but i heard that if you have a computer with pentium 4 processor or newer, the case will fit standard psu's just fine. Is this true? Feel free to suggest some video cards for me as well (but only if you want to :d). But seriously, i need help getting a new power supply and video card.

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Dell Optiplex 320 Graphics Card Upgrade

I have a dell optiplex 320 and want to know if it could take a 1gb graphics card, and if not, what would i need to get it to work, if possible. Specs:
1. 5gb ram
Intel celeron d 3. 06ghz processor
305w power supply
80gb hard drive

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Dell Dimension C521 Graphic Card Slot

Which is the slot name that the graphic card fits in dell dimension c521?

Answer:- pcie x16, however, the case will only fit low profile cards.

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Install The Graphic Drivers Without Graphic Card Installed

I'm buying a custom pc from a company and i don't like their list of graphic cards that you have to choose from. In spite of this i am ordering a graphic card separate from the company who is building my pc. As a result the pc will come with no graphics card (not even an onboard). My question is how will i be able to install the drivers if theres no current graphics card already on the pc. Please let me know asap.

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Difference Between Video Card And Graphic Card

What's the difference between video card and graphic card? I have installed vista in one partition, it says i have to add the video card. What i wanna know is can i go for a graphic card which can serve as video card or am i going totally wrong.

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Graphic Card For Hp 2010

I want to get a new graphic card for my pc its a 2010 hp, i want to at least be able to play tf2 on high setting. How much would it cost? And also if i do get a new card do i need to get a cooler thing? Ive herd pcs need those cause the card gets hot or something. My pc is stock.

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Overclock Dell Optiplex Gs 110

I have a dell optiplex gs 110 733mhz p3. Questions:

1. Can i overclock to 800mhz?
2. Can i do it in the bios?
3. How to do it?

Note: to play games.

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Dell Optiplex 280 Drivers

I am trying to install drivers of dell optiplex 280. I found them over dell's website under download section but here it's problem, those are available in application type. I surf web for this and finally came to know that this kind of file is designed for click once kind of application and installed .net framework, with thought that would help but it didn't. Is anybody know how to use this application type drivers? Or is it possible to download executable files of drivers from somewhere?

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Start The Motherboard Without A Graphic Card

I have an old k7s5a, elitegroup motherboard and i want to use it for a routerboard with mikrotik routeros. The thing is that i have to plug in a agp graphic card only to start the computer, after that i have no use of the card. Somewhere i heard that is possible to mod/hack the bios so you can start the motherboard without a graphic card. If someone has experience in this it would be very helpfull.

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Graphic Card For 1024x768 Resolution

I want a graphic card that'll max games like coh and f. E. A. R. And such (no oblivion) at 1024x768 resolution, and i don't want to spend like over $250 for it.

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Which Graphic Card To Handle New Games ?

I think my graphics card is dying on me so i'm looking into buying a new one and am hoping to get some recommendations. My current set up is amd athlon 64 dual core 4200+, asus m2n4-sli motherboard, 3gb, 700w psu and am running vista. I've currently got a geforce 7900 gt/gto and mainly use the pc for playing games so am looking for a fairly decent one that will be able to handle new games that are coming out. Any suggestions or do you think i should just get another one the same as i already have?

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Rx600 Graphic Card Problem

I don't know what the problem is right now but my comp froze up last night so i reset it and now i have four columns of lines on my monitor. Right when it boots up i can see the lines. They alternate in each column _-_- like that. I can still see ok but its really weird. I have a junky rx600 card msi. And i already tried reinstalling the drivers.

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Graphic Card For Second Life Site

Could someone tell me which graphic card would be best to purchase for the second life site? I run a pentium4 cpu 2. 00ghz 256 mb of ram .

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What Is Graphic Card ? What Is Its Usage In Laptop ?

What is a graphic card? What is its usage in a laptop? For what reasons and neccessities we use graphic card in laptop/desktop?How much it is useful for a software designer? Is that usefull in learning maya, and web designing?

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Nvidia Graphic Card Disappearing

I have an nvidia geforce 8800gt graphics card on my gateway fx7020. It has worked perfectly for about two years up until recently. My card started acting up after playing a video game that required fairly low specs to play. It got progressively worse over the coarse of two days, to where my computer crashed simply for being on for a few minutes. I reinstalled windows thinking that it might solve the issue. However the card still acts up and windows can't even detect that i have a graphics card. I get a code 43 error when i try to change some display settings. It said it couldn't load nvidia software because it couldn't be detected, or something to that extent. While dusting out my computer i noticed that my graphic card was extremely heated up. It was hot to the point of it being almost unbearable to touch. I also noticed that if i place my computer on the carpet instead of on a wooden surface which is suspended in air by poles, my computer lasts longer before it crashes. I can manage to temporarily fix the issue by unplugging my computer completely for a few minutes. After which is starts up properly with my graphic card running perfectly as nothing had ever happened. It tends to crash again after about half an hour. What's going on?

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Which Graphic Card Is Better Nvidia Or Ati?

I will be playing world of warcraft and aion. The graphics cards i'm talking about are the ati radeon hd 5870 or the ge force 470. This is what i have read so far. The ati card uses 188wats max when under full load while the nvidia one will use the full 550watts needed. Knowing this means the nvidia will get hotter than the ati card but will it perform better? I'm using a 750 watt power supply. I know both have a little over 1gig of memory. Let me also share with u a quote i read somewhere. This is a quote i read off a website, " although the ati radeon hd5870 has 1600 stream processors, they are 5 dimensional. Whereas nvidia's cards are one dimensional. 480 stream processors on the gtx 295 is equal to ati's 2400 stream processors. The hd5870's 1600 stream processors are equal to 320 of nvidia's. "

I don't know if it's true or not but please provide for me the reasons why one is better than the other or why i should go with one and not the other. I'm a first time computer builder and want to do this the best way i can. I don't know if the new fermi technology will outdo the eyefinity and ati card but please leave your feedback.

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Dell Optiplex 260 Boot Up Issue

I have a dell optiplex 260. It has been functioning very well until this weekend, when i decided to give it a birthday. I fitted an ati radeon 9550 budget card, a new canon mp500 printer and reformatted and reloaded the main drive. Now for some weird reason in restarting or a cold boot the machine is freezing immediately after the splash screen for the bios. I have tried entering setup to see if there is some issue in the bios and it refuses to go there. Essentially on powering up the bios screen splashes up, the harddrive indicator flashes the floppy disk drive light flashes and then a cursor sits at the top of the screen for an indeterminate period of time, sometimes 3-4 minutes other times for a considerable 20 minutes. This is very frustrating as i don't know what the possible cause is and as such don't know where to look.

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Hard Drive For Dell Optiplex Gx280

What type of hard drive does a dell optiplex gx280 take? What kind of hard drive does it take? Here's the specs:


And here's a picture: Nz/products_pictures/pcdegx280-d.jpg

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Dell Optiplex Gx280 Compatible With Ps-5161-7d ?

Will a ps-5161-7d work for a dell optiplex gx280?. ? I have a dell gx280 optiplex and the power supply model is ps-5161-7ds but i bought a ps-5161-7d power supply will it still work with it?

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Will Geforce Gt 220 Fit In Dell Optiplex ?

Will a graphics card fit in a dell optiplex? I'm planning on buying one and updating the graphics. Will a graphics card (nvidia geforce gt220) fit in there? I'm aware there's a slim version and a tower version apparently? Is there a specific model i should look for as in terms of weather i can fit a graphics card in there?

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Dell Optiplex Pentium 4 Running Slow

Dell optiplex pentium 4 /1gb running extremely slow. I formated the drive, too about 8 hrs to install os. 3 mins to load on a bootup. Tried different hd and memory. What could it be? Must be hardware right? Or anything in bios i need to check.

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Dell Optiplex Gx260 Cd Drive Problem

I just bought some memorex cd-r 40x blank disk so i cant put on the big bang theory season 3 and when i put in the cd-r disk into my samsung cd-rom sn-124 cd drive and i can hear it spinning for like a couple of secs then it stops then spins and then just completely stops i don't know whats wrong

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Dell Optiplex Gx520 Support Core I7 ?

Does dell optiplex gx520 support core i7 or core 2 quad? I have pentium 4 ht and i want a good gaming processor.

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