Cheapest Media Storage

Whats the cheapest place online to order media storage? I'm looking for windowed paper sleeves and slimline jewel cases and i want to try and find the cheapest site that sells that kind of stuff. Some sites charge an arm and a leg for shipping and handleing so figure that into the cost when you recommend a site to order from.

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How To Connect Storage Media To Ps3 ?

What is and how do you connect storage media to ps3?


Pretty much any usb memory stick or usb external hard drive will work, just plug it into one of the usb ports on the front.

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Cheapest Computer

I want to build a very cheap and simple but reliable computer for a couple of clients. They want to use them for internet browsing, ms office 2003, burning dvds and music cds, os xp pro. I need to beat dell for under $300. 00 shipped. Which chip, mobo, memory, hard drive, case, psu, etc. Should i buy?

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Cheapest Solution For 3 Monitors

I bought an lcd for myself for christmas and stupidly i thought i could just use my computer's third video output (component) for it to play movies on. I have a radeon 4850 currently. Is purchasing another 4850 for crossfire my only option?

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What's The Cheapest Raid 0 Setup ?

I currently have a 300gb sata hard drive which doesn't cut it for gaming. I need something fast with at least 80gb of storage, to improve my loading times etc. Unless somebody knows where i can get a cheap second 300gb hard drive? I'm probably looking at maybe 60 per hard drive.

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Cheapest Computer To Run Gimp Well

I am starting a charity technology program for children and our first program is a 4 week photoshop course where we are using gimp (unless photoshop wants to give me 60 free copies!). =)

I was thinking about just getting some cheap dell's but i was wondering about nettops or any other cheap computer option that were smaller/less power hungry, etc. Still need the computers to be snappy and have enough pep to grow with the kids. Don't want to spend $500 now and then another $500 in a year or so.

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Cheapest Place To Get Usb Flash Drives

Im looking to get a few usb flash drives. Wheres the cheapest place to pick up at. Newegg has them cheap but i was wondering if there was anyplace that had them cheaper. They need to have readyboost too. Prefferably 2gb to 8gb.

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Cheapest Place To Buy Jump Drives

I'm looking to buy 1, 000 jumpdrives for my business. The cheapest i could find was $5 a piece for a 512mb jumpdrive. Where can i get a better deal? Also, they do not have to be 512mb, they can be even smaller, but not larger.

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Cheapest / Best Mobo / Cpu / Ram Combo Sub $400

My buddy needs to upgrade for upcoming games such as bad company 2, yet he's still in 939/ddr land. His video card is sufficient as is his power supply, and storage is not a problem, so we're going to do a core upgrade. We're heading to microcenter on tuesday to fish for deals, but we are definitely not opposed to saving a few bucks by going online, so if anyone has time, can you list these three components for the best bang:buck ratio? Amd or intel, dual or quad, mid-grade to premium brand motherboards, and looking for 4gb of quality ram if possible. The cheaper the better. Here's my initial setup, feel free to tweak:

Amd athlon ii x2 250 dual core processor $69. 99
Gigabyte ga-ma785gm-us2h 758g am2+ atx motherboard $79. 99
Crucial memory ballistix 4gb ddr2-800 (pc-6400) cl4 memory kit (two 2gb memory modules) $89. 99

Total: $252. 97 ($16. 00 tax, no shipping)

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Cheapest Place To Buy Printer Ink Cartridges In Uk

What's the cheapest place to buy printer ink cartridges in the uk? Supermarkets, online?Ink is bankrupting me!? I have to do lots of printing and am spending a fortune on printer ink cartridges! How can i make it cheaper? I've heard that refilling them yourself doesn't work very well - does anyone have experience of this? If it's cheaper to buy online, can anyone suggest which sites (ones they've used) are good?

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What's The Cheapest 1.5tb 7200rpm 32mb Buffer Drive I Can Find ?

What's the cheapest 1. 5tb 7200rpm 32mb buffer drive i can find?


Right now, there's only one 1. 5tb 7200rpm drive on the market, the 'cuda 7200. 11. They're pretty common on ad specials and the like. Be reasonably patient and follow the [h]ot deals forum, they come up pretty often.

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Unusual Unassigned Storage On Hdd

I just formatted and installed 7 to my 36b raptor and i seem to have an additional 200mb patition that i did not create. Also, i have a 9mb unallocated space on my 1tb drive. I know that i formated and partitioned the whole thing. Also, i don't have it on my second 1tb drive. What gives?

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Green Drive For Storage (raid 6)

I haven't followed the green drives (5400 rpm) very closely. I currently have a raid 6 array in my desktop/htpc/media center/gaming rig. Antec p183
Perc 6/i
6x wd 640gb blue's
X25-m system drive
Rampage formula with q9450 (current oc 3. 39 ghz)
Gtx 280
Air cooled (7x s-flex + 1 xigmatech pwm fan)

The performance is excellent as is, and its been perfectly reliable (much more then my x25-m ) but i'm looking to make a change for better power consumption, and i get the feeling that 7 "green, " drives may give similar performance to my current setup. And the benefit of much more capacity. Part of the issue is that it seems that the perc doesn't power down the drives when idle. I get the feeling i should look at the wd green drives, as i'll need tler support. Any recommendations?

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Fast Drive For Game Storage

I'm getting tired of shuffling game folders around in order to free up space. My games are installed to the ssd and then moved to whichever hd has space available when i'm mostly finished with it. I'd like to grab a larger and faster drive than the old raptor and avoid having games installed on my media/backup drive. I currently have about 160gb of games installed. What's my best bang for the buck? A 640gb black for $75? A 1tb black for $120? Something else?

Here's the current setup:

80gb intel ssd: os & frequently played games
74gb raptor: games
500gb wd caviar blue: backups, media & games

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Portable High Capacity Storage

I'm leaving in 30 days for the us air force and i'm most likely going to be moving overseas, or around a bunch. There will be many times where i will be waiting 2 or so weeks to get all of my stuff shipped to a new place, so i'm looking for something that i can take on a plane with me or keep close to me so that i always have it whenever i move. I was thinking of getting a 500gb archos mp3 player but am looking for more options. I already have multiple external hard drives but i'll not be taking them with me, so i'm not looking for an external hard drive. Can anyone point me in the direction of some other or better options for me?

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Problem Using 2nd Drive As Storage

I've just started using a second drive for storage, but am having a problem at boot. I'm getting a black screen message that asks me to reboot and choose where to boot from. There's no os on the other drive, and i formatted it normally (manage storage option from my computer, reformat, easy as cake) and put a ton of stuff on there just fine. I cant get into my bios fast enough, because i have to use the same method for getting into my bios to choose my main drive, which then loads so fast, that i cant get into my bios to change any settings to make my os drive the default to boot from (if that even works and i need to do it). Advice?

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Network Storage Recovery Problem

I have a maxtor shared storage (external network drive)with faulty enclosure. Maxtor can not suggest anything other then going to recovery service where recovery prices generally range between $700 and $2900 depending upon the circumstances of failure. Inside the enclosure is a standard ide drive. Maxtor claims that i can connect it to any external enclosure or internal ata cable and access the data. But xp pro doesn't even recognize the partition. Has anybody ever bumped into something like that? Any ideas?

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Internal Or External Hard Drive For Storage ?

Currently i have a thermaltake black x docking station and used my samsung 1tb drive on it that just died on me. I am looking to replace my broken drive but wanted to maybe ask if going external hard drive is more safe or better then going internal drive on a docking bay.

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Moving Storage Hard Drives Into A New System

I'm using a couple storage drives right now, and next week i'm going to build a new rig. After i get the new rig up and running, i should be able to install the storage drives and have them detected with no problems right?

Btw, i'm going from windows xp pro to windows 7 pro.

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Usb Mass Storage Devices Not Recognized By Windows

So lately i have been having a problem with using usb mass storage devices. The problem that i am having is well they don't show up, i plug them in and all i get is device is not recognized by windows, i have tried a few things like reboots removing devices that are on the controller, and still get nothing, all other devices that i have work just fine, i want to say its probably just a driver issue, but not exactly sure.

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Alternative Data Storage Device On Fdd Interface

I have an application where i boot a pc104 from the fdd. I have to do this regularly and it is very slow. I was hoping to find some means of connecting a fast (relative to an fdd) data storage device to the fdd interface! I have no other interfaces available that i can boot from (i.e. Hdd is in use as part of the application and usb isnt an option). I was hoping to use a compact flash or something similar. Does anyone know of a way of doing this?

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Storage Drive Not Showing Up In Windows After Raid 0 Setup

I have a gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 with a 72gb raptor as primary and a 320 wg as storage. I canned the raptor and installed two 80 gig drives as raid-0 today. The issue now is my storage drive wont show up in windows. I can see it in bios and on boot-up under the controllers. Under disk management i hit refresh or rescan disks and nothing comes up. My primary drive was labeled as f: and in my computer i have removable storage labeled as y: and z: after reformatting. I have no idea what y: and z: are unless it has to do with raid. This is my first time messing with a raid setup so i'm not sure if i am doing something wrong.

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Instructions On Dual Hard Drive Storage Options

I just went through a pretty catastrophic loss of data due to drive failure (click of death). Fortunately, i backed up things like photos and other essentials but lost a lot of other things i wish i still had. Anyways. I had my programs / os on c: and i used a seperate drive for my documents. I learned my lesson and i am going to use two drives. Here's my question. Is it relatively easy and dependable to setup 1 drive as os/programs and then a raid 1 setup for my documents using two additional drives? I've never used any type of raid configuration and i'm looking for something stable. Speed [for the mydocs drive] isn't a priority for me. Or, is there a way to just have the two drives but just use one and have them sync with each other (preferably on schedule) for selected folders? In other words, files would just be stuffed in to drive 1 - and periodically, a certain set of folders is synced to drive 2. I don't know what kind of information i have to list but i use an :-

Am3 gigabyte ga-ma785gpmt-ud2h motherboard
Amd 785g nb and sb710 sb. My os drive is a maxtor 16mb cache 300gb sata
And i bought two wd green 32mb cache 1tb drives for my documents
And windows 7.

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What Hard Drive To Buy For Raid Storage Setup ?

What hard drive would you guys recommend for a raid setup that i'm using only for storage? Right now i have a velociraptor 300gb and a 1tb wd green. I want to buy two new 1tb drives for plenty more storage, because my 1tb is full. Do yo think i should get another green for 99? I thought the best option was two hitachi deskstars . B 1tb. Or maybe for only a little more i could get two caviar blacks. What do you think is the best option for purely storage raid? Also, in the future i was planning on buying another velociraptor 300 for another raid. Are there any disadvantages of having two raid setups on one computer? And can any raid controller use two?

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Add Storage To C: Operating System Drive Partition

Is it possible to add some space to a partition (in my case, c:) that has a windows (server 2003) installation on it already? I'm hoping i can so i don't have to re-install windows after adding space to the partition after wiping it out.

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External Storage Drive For Storing Important Data

My hard disks are running short of spaces. I keep bunch of movies, music, games (image files) and a lot of important data. I am thinking of purchasing 1 gb external passport drive for storing data. How much reliable are they for storing important data? No matter whatever the warranty is, if your data is lost, its all over.

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Storage Lifetime Reports On Usb Flash Drives

Anyone seen reports/studies on how long usb flash drives last in storage? If i save some documents/images to the drive, how long can i expect them to last without becoming corrupted?

I'm just curious how these stack up to hard drives. I know cd/dvds don't last very long unless you "archival quality" (whether they're actually any better, though, who knows?).

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Usb Mass Storage Wont Connect To Scanner

Vista usb mass storage wont connect to scanner? My printer is on, the usb cord is connected to my laptop, i select scan>start scanning, and it won't scan because "usb not connected". This is driving me nuts. How do i fix this so i can scan something into my computer?

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External Storage - Regardless Of Unit You're Still Limited To Usb Speed

My daughter wants an external drive. She has an mac pro. Do they come with firewire b? Isn't that faster than usb 2. 0? Do they even make external drives for firewire b?

Seagate? 32gb flashdrive? So many choices.

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Whs - Moving System Drive Files To Storage Drives

Here's my problem. Whs started filling up my system drive's storage before i could stick another storage drive in it. As a result, whs keeps filling the system drive while leaving the new storage drive [relatively] untouched. From what i've observed previously, whs fills up one hard drive before moving on to another. Now i just want to have whs "move" whatever files it's got on the system drive to the new drive, but the remove option in the console for the system drive is greyed out. Ideas and solutions?

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