Game Server Advice

I want to build a game server for cod 4 for my clan the other leader is hsoting a cs server and i would like to make a build to host cod4 and i have a ok internet ocnnection cable internet to host it on and i would like it to atleast run 15-20 players off of it (if possible) i was thinking maybe i need to most of my money into ram and cpu i would like it to not be alot 500 dollars or 450 will be fine if i can go that cheap for a game server.

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Reformat Advice

I'd be really grateful if anyone here could share with me what the best sequence of steps would be to totally wipe out / reformat an already partioned hard drive. This hard drive has 2 versions of windows (win 2000 and win xp) on it and two partions. I'd like to unpartion the hard drive since it's a small hard drive anyway, and totally reformat using windows xp (which i own the cd for and have on hand). Any advice? What all do i need to gather or save off of the computer? Is there an easy way to save the drivers that run certain programs? This computer is running really crappy and i think it's because the virus scan has finally removed enough virus-attacked files that there are too many missing peices!

The last time i reformatted a hard drive was over 5 years ago with windows 3. 1 so i could really use some "words of warning". The local computer company wants 60 bucks to do this and i thought i could probably do it myself with a little good help.

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Need Raid Advice

I have 2 320gb seagate 7200. 10 drives. I bought another motherboard and come to find out it only will raid 1 internal and 1 external. I should have read the specs more closely, it still doesn't make any sense to me. I just need to know what raid controller to use to make it work. I don't know much about raid so i don't want to buy an expensive pci raid controller if i don't have to, i just need one to work for 2 internal sata drives. I want to run raid 0. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Buy A Webcam - Advice

I want to buy a webcam. Is there any advice at all any of you can give me? I really don't know much about them. Is it true that often times the webcam viewing a person will show things he/she does kind of in slow motion? Or just drop frames if he/she moves too fast?

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Advice On Pc Build - Suggestions

My buddy and i are building a computer for him for school, and he wants to pay around $600 and get the most out of it he can. He wants to be able to play some of the newer games and of course you're common stuff like word processing, etc. Here is what i have spec'd out up to this point. Let me know what you think of it and please give any advice about things i should/could change. I'd like to go with a better gpu, but i can't think of any other category to skimp on to free up some monies to do so. Any ideas?

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Hard Drive Advice

Ive been looking for a long time now for a high performance large capacity hard drive and ended up on the wd3200jd which i understand from reviews that it performs quite well but uses a pata to sata chip (not native sata) whether this limits the drive or not i dont know. I cannot find any benchmarks or review on this drive maybe because it is new im not sure, just wondering if anyone has any experiences with it, is it fast? And is it better than the older version the wd3200jd which only has a 8mb cache?

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Advice On Building A New Computer

I am planning to build a new computer to replace my pentium 4 @ 2. 8 ghz. I will mostly use the computer for math calculations/number crunching. I would also use it to play games and do some photoshop/corel draw work on it. My budget is about $1500 with taxes. I do not need the monitor or the case. Below is a list of the things that i am planning to get:

Intel i7 920 cpu
Gigabyte ga-ex58-ud4p motherboard
Corsair xms3 matched triple 6 gb ddr3 1600 8-8-8-24
Bfg 275 gtx video card
Ocz vertex 60 gb ssd drive
Ocz modxstream pro 700 w power supply

I would like an opinion if this is a good build or what i can improve, i am not sure about power supply, should i go for other brand and is 700 w maybe too much? Also for the video card should i go lower to lets say 260 gtx or higher to 285 gtx?

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Ssd Drive Advice

So i'm looking to upgrade this 64gb core ssd drive to a vertex or falcon drive. I have a few questions regarding what specific combination to go with. Here are my options so far. 2x vertex 60gb raid 0 ~$380
1x falcon 128gb ~$300

$300 is really about the limit of my budget for this so option 1 is really pushing it. I'm leaning heavily towards option 2 then sell off the old drive and get a 2nd one in a couple of months

Second q - i also have a perc5i that i can either use or sell off. My onboard is an ich9r. I'm not sure how much of an increase i would get from the perc (if any). Anyone?

This is primarily for my o/s and programs. Data is all stored on the server. I already have a 1 gb ramdrive. I will be using either win7 or vista ultimate 64 versions.

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Advice On Headphones For Gaming

I want good headphones for gaming and rap music. People on head-fi are suggesting $1000 dollar plus headphones, so i'm wondering if people here might have any more sane suggestions?

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Gaming Router Advice

I'm in the market for a high(er) performance router, trying not to break the bank with this one, price range around $100 give or take a little. Doesn't have to be wireless as i have very little need for it in my house (ipad, ipod, wii) and i can connect my old trident router to an extra port to feed out wireless if this purchase isn't wireless. Currently everything i've seen in my research is pointing to d-link for their game fuel products with the dgl-4500 being the flagship at the moment i suppose but a little over my price range (product page links below). I was thinking of the 4300 or even 4100 as i don't need it to be wireless (and it seems the 4300 is hard to find now, newegg and tiger are both out of stock). Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it under $150 at very most. I just upgraded to 20meg docsis 3. 0 on my cable so i need to make sure the router supports it as well. Another contender, i'm seeing alot of people saying that the d-link dir-655 being the newer model would be a better choice, but most are speaking from a multi-connection pov, where i'm just concerned with 2, 10 at most if i have friends over. Just really concerned mostly with gaming performance with 2 computers on playing mmos, mainly wow, l4d2, sc2 and such. Dgl-4500:




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Sims 2, Hardware Upgrading Advice

So for me to be able to play this game on max what upgrading do i need to do? It's not a hard core crazy game like doom 3, it's the sims 2. The only thing i am going to upgrade is video card and ram that's it sry. But if i am only going to play one game and i only use my comp for internet and word processor and i upgrade my vid card and ram will i have smooth gameplay?

Computer specifications:

Processor: amd duron(tm) processor, mmx, 3dnow, ~750mhz
Memory: 256mb ram
Page file: 185mb used, 432mb available
Windows dir: c:windows
Directx version: directx 9. 0b
Dxdiag version: 5. 03. 0001. 0902 32bit unicode
Card name: ati radeon ve ddr
Manufacturer: ati technologies inc. Chip type: ati rv100 (qy)
Dac type: internal dac (350mhz)
Device key: enumpciven_1002&dev_5159&subsys_2030148c&rev_00
Display memory: 64. 0 mb
Current mode: 800 x 600 (32 bit) (60hz)

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Ups Or Surge Protector Advice

I'm thinking it's about time to invest in one or the other. My budget is sitting around $50, and i know that's not much, but i'd like to have the piece of mind that i'm doing something other than plugging directly into the wall outlet(yes, i do have a surge protector). Since funds are somewhat limited, i'm sure a ups is out of the question, so i'd like your opinions on a good surge protector for the cash i have to play with.

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Advice On New Sata Hard Drive

I've just installed a new sata hard drive (not sata 2), my old hard drive is ide and has windows installed on that. Everything works fine, but i was wondering would it make much difference if i refomatted everything and installed windows on my new drive rather than keeping it on the old ide drive. Not sure what the difference in speed it between the both. If it's not gonna make much difference i'll leave it the way it is.

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Advice On Backing Up Hard Drive

I have been out of the game for awhile. What is the best way to back up my hard drive?

What i have been doing is ghosting it over to another hard drive. But now my main hard drive, which is newer, is larger than my backup hard drives, so it probably won't fit. Plus the way i have been doing it is: open case, plug in back up hard drive, ghost, unplug and test and then take out ghosted hard drive. I do this in case of a crash, i have everything , my os and files on another disk, i do this every month. I am wondering is there an easier way to do this now?

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Advice On Upgrading Workstation Computer

I want to upgrade my video card but they don't make agp cards anymore so it looks like i need to buy a new computer. It only seemed like 3-4 years ago that i bought my current setup. So what i'm looking for is advice on a new dual cpu setup that has the same performance or better to what i'm using right now. I will be using this as a workstation to do 3d modeling, rendering, photography and occasional gaming. Technology seems like it has changed a lot so i have no idea how the performance of my current computer compares to what's available today. Cpu specs:

1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
3d modeling, rendering, photography, photo-shop and gaming. 2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
0-5k? Taxes etc included. 3) where do you live?
Canada. 4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. Everything except for speakers, keyboard and mouse. 5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. None. 6) will you be overclocking?
Yes if possible. 7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
Still researching monitors but i might get 1x 30" and 1x 24". 8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?
In the next 6 months. 9) what features do you need in a motherboard? Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. Not sure, what should i need? Would be nice if i could overclock it and it had sli support, built in soud and ethernet. 10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license?
Yes but i'm concidering xp64bit or windows 7. My current setup

Cpu: dual 3. 06ghz oc to 3. 411
Mobo: asus pc-dl deluxe
Ram: 2gb of kingston pc3200 ddr, dual channel
Gfx: nvidia geforce 6800 ultra

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Hard Drive Setup Advice

I'm planning to get either of these setups currently

1) 2xseagate 7200. 12 1tb for matrix raid(0, 1)
2) 3xseagate 7200. 12 500gb for matrix raid(0, 1)
3) 2xseagate 7200. 12 500gb for raid5

All three setups cost about the same. If i choose 1, i will get most $/gb value. Im not sure 3 7200. 12 will be much faster than 2 pcs in raid-0 for daily applications, os and games loading. If i choose 3, im not sure raid5 is fast enough or at least match 2pcs of hard disk in raid0. Storage size is not a matter for me because i have another 1tb samsung f2 for storage. Im also considering to get ssds in raid but with my tight budget, im aiming for cheap ones like patriot warp v2 64gb and plan to get a pair for raid0. A single ssd will cost a much of the setups above though. Warp 32gb is out of stock and 64gb is cheaper per gb. Would a single high end ssd like intel x25-m beat out two patriot warp v2 64bg in raid0? X25-m rev 2 is currently out of stock though. Or should i wait for ssds to mature and get cheaper and just go for mechanical drives?

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Advice Adding New Hard Drives

My computer is running xp pro and has two 80gb hardrives with raid 0 striped configuration. This has been cool but i was thinking about upgrading my system with the typical master slave relationship and using a couple of fat drives maybe 160 gb apiece or fatter. I was reading in maximum pc recently in an article where they provide instructions on loading windows onto a fresh brandnew hardrive. They suggest that you remove the existing drives first and then put your new drive or drives in and install the os on a fresh drive. After that they tell you to put your old drives back in and you can move your data on to the new drive. I'm wondering if i could try this approach but then install my old raid 0 drives and be able to view them as one drive again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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$800 Budget College Rig Advice

I'm building a pc to take with me up to college so i was wondering if you guys could help me choose what to buy. I'm thinking of building either a sff pc or maybe building an atx build into something small like the lian li a05. I have a $800-1000 budget but less would be better since i can spend the money on other things like a bigger monitor. Some things will probably be picked up used or on ebay so prices take that into account. The atx build would definitely be cheaper but i have to fly this thing up from hawaii so i don't know if it'll fit as a carry-on. Either way, below are two builds that i thought would be ok choices, let me know what you think! Both are pretty much the same but changed to fit form factor. Btw this pc will be used mostly for ps work, light gaming, and school. Of course, os will be either vista business or vista ultimate 64, and main storage will be probably be a 1tb external so i can take data to and from college easily but i might put a couple 750s into the build since the prices are cheap right now.

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Geforce 8600gt 256mb / Radeon X1950pro 512mb, Graphics Card Advice

I want to add a graphics card (i'm using onboard right now) and wanted a bit of advice. I have been recommended several graphics cards but wanted to know which would be the optimum one to get before my cpu starts bottlenecking any performance gained from the card. Here are the following i've been recommended:

-Geforce 8600gt 256mb
-Geforce 8600gts 256mb
-Radeon x1950pro 512mb

My next upgrade will be another gig stick of ddr2 ram but for now a graphics card will probably benefit me the most as i use my pc for specifications:

Amd athlon 3200+ 2. 00ghz
1gig ddr2 ram
Pci express, agp

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Game Freezes

I had a virus and had to reinstall windows. Everything is wroking fine now except any 3d game i play. Sometimes i can join a game and play for 2 minutes or so, and others i can't even pick a team yet and the game freezes and makes the sound loop and my moniter status light goes from green to orange. I have windows updated, directx 9. 0c, and the latest ati graphic drivers. Is the card over heating? It doesn't feel hot and never has before. Is my offbrand cheap aspire x-alien generic psu crapping out on me? Should i try older versions of dx or gfx drivers?

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Game Getting Stuck

I just formated my pc and reinstalled everything. Now when i started to play deus ex on multiplayer, it started to lag. If i start running i would stop suddenly and could see a couple of frames pass by and then return to normal for like 4 seconds. The same cycle goes over and over again. I have a cable internet connection and ping is also like 124 in the game. Moreover, my computer and graphics cards for far better than what the game requires.

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What Is The Best Server ?

My business is going to get our first server. We are a print shop and have half mac and windows machines. There are right now about 10 computers that will be on the network. We are looking at a dell poweredge 400 sc at with window 2003 small business server @ $2199. 00 and a g5 xserver $2999. 00. Does anyone have an opinion or suggestion?

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Pc Shuts Off When Access A Game

Every time i access a game my pc shuts off or sometimes the monitor only shuts off and i can hear some noises from the game. I searched and searched in the internet how to fix this problem but many came up with replacing your v card so i did, but in fact my new v card "radeon 9550" works fine but after 2 hours the monitor again shuts off unexpected the symptoms again showed up. Until i installed a speed fan and discovered my pc is heating up to temp:60c even if there is no active application, and in fact i have 2 fans blowing towards the cpu and i removed the cpu skin. But the problem persists.

When i played "warrock" with my new v card it turned out well but after a few minutes the monitor again shuts off and i heard sounds of that game i pressed ctrl+alt+del luckily the monitor again starts back up because warrock has been ended using task manager the same thing happens with my old v card. After a few minutes i executed again warrock and opened the speed fan(application)it went temp:70c after that it gone busted and i tried to view the task manager under the performance tab i saw 100% cpu usage.guyz i was wondering what made the heat so intense even if i had only a single application running and last week even i accessed the internet chatting with yahoo and executed warrock at the same time it turned out well and no signs of computer failure and back then it is my old v card.

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Reguarding Performance In A Game

Anyway, was wondering how i would do performance wise with an athlon64 3700+ san diego, dfi lanparty sli-dr mb, and geforce 6800gt running at 1600x1200 in battlefield 2. (High detail, aa, af)

On my current computer, im having a hard time turning details up at all at 1280x1024, but then again, my comp isnt that great. And also, has anyone played the fear beta? I tried it out last night but i have to run at 640x480 (lol!) Just to get rid of the constant skipping. This game has to be a lot more graphic intensive than battlefield. Anyone know what i could push the settings to with my future build (mentioned before)?

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Aa/af Settings - Drivers Or In-game?

I usually force aa and af settings through my drivers and never really bother with the in-game settings for those. Recently however i read that using the in-game settings is recommended as they're usually more optimized, resulting faster performance and even looking better than the driver settings at times. I was wondering if that's truly the case.

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Is One Game Windowed On Each Monitor Possible ?

I frequently play eve-online with 2 accounts running, one on each monitor without issue. There is a way to select between 2 display adapters in game settings (even though i only have one gfx card). My monitors are 1920x1200 and a smaller one which is 1440x900. I normally play at 1680x1050 on the bigger one and 1360x768 on the smaller one. I'm trying to get eve on one monitor and hon on the other but, when i drag hon to my second monitor eve becomes very choppy. It's fine if i leave them both on the same monitor. Is there a way to have each game on a separate monitor?

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Blue Screens On Every Other Game

This problem has just started happening a couple days ago. When ever i play a game, about 10-30 min into that game i get either a crash to desktop or a blue screen. I mostly get blue screens though. I haven't changed anything in my system. But for some reason when i play a game like dawn of war 2 i can play for 1h+ with out blue screening or crashing. Every other game crashes for me. Do you think my card is dieing?

Pc specs:

Intel qx9450 @ 3. 4ghz
4gb corsair dominators
Biostar t-power motherboard i45
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
150gb raptor hard drive

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What To Upgrade First To Game At 2560x1600 ?

I just purchased a 3007wfp-hc which i'm in love with. However, i now need to game at 2560x1600 whenever possible. Since i just got that monitor i don't really have the spare cash to do a full out upgrade. I would like opinions on what would be the more valuable upgrade to me in terms of gaming performance. I could go core i7 920/mobo/6gb ram or i could start with my video card, something like a gtx 285 or possibly even a 295. What would get me the most performance right now? I'm currently playing l4d, cod4 and 5, fallout 3, farcry 2 and wow. My specs are in sig. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Flickering Screen In Game

I initially posted this in the gaming forum but that ended up being the wrong spot. I recently tried loading up knights of the old republic to pass the long nights with my new baby but have been getting a flickering in the game. It happens in the menus and the game, but not during the cut scene videos. Video card is an old, agp, radeon x1950 pro, and the rest of the machine is standard, older stuff - a64 3200. I'm pretty sure i've played the game on this card before but the os is new since i last played it; upgraded xp to win 7 rc. I've tried switching to different resolutions and refresh rates, v-sync on and off, changing the various dvi settings in the catalyst control center; nothing has made any difference. Any ideas would be super.

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Random Reboot During A Game

Random reboot after playing a game for about 1-2 minutes (in case you were wondering, the games were cs:source and the matrix online). Here is when this started. I've mentioned before, but i have one stick of kingston 512 pc3200 and another stick of mushkin 512 pc2100. I understand that the pc2100 slows my pc3200 down, so i decided to take it out and allow the pc3200 to run at its full potential. During the boot-up process, i decided to pay a visit to my bios. My fastwrite option was enabled, so i disabled it. Saved the changes and rebooted the computer. This is when the random reboots began to occur. Nothing would happen unless i was playing a game. So i put the stick of ram back in there, enabled the fastwrite option again, and now its back to normal. However, the games are a lot choppier than they were before. Specs:

Amd athlonxp 3200+
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe nvidia nforce2 chipset (bios may be outdated)
Ram = see above
Ati radeon 9800 pro (256mb)

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