Load Needed Dlls For Hal - Ntldr Is Missing

I just installed another 160gb hard drive (6/7/05), had windows running that night, and the next day, booted up my computer on 6/9/05 and it started to boot normally, but when it got past the bios and controller card bios (promise ultra 100tx2), the pc speaker beeped, which is unusual. I think the first time, it tried to load windows, but then restarted. The next time, it went through the same routine, except it gave me the option to boot in safe mode, normal mode, etc. I tried all the options with no luck. I kept getting that screen, but then i started getting "load needed dlls for hal" eventually i got an error that said "ntldr is missing" this means windows is corrupt, right? I didn't want to reinstall windows and/or format the drive, so i tried using an old blank drive and wanted to install windows on that so i could back up data on the first drive. The first couple times i tried installing windows, it didn't even get to the installation, it was just hanging on the same screen for longer than usual. I tried restarting, but now i get a bsod that says my motherboard is not acpi compliant and suggested a few things, which i tried, but didn't work. One being flashing the bios. I flashed the bios close to a year ago to the most recent final version, but there is a beta, which i tried. The flash utility copied the bios off the disk, but when it tried to start erasing the bios chip, it didn't look like it made any progress, for at least 15-20 minutes. I reluctantly restarted my computer, but it still does the same thing, i tried flashing it one more time, but nothing.

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Hal.dll Missing Or Corrupt When Copying Hard Drive

I am using windows xp. I used norton ghost to copy a 120gb hd on my laptop to an external 320gb hd. My intent is to swap the two so that the 320gb is in the laptop and then erase the 120gb and use for storage. With norton ghost 14 i used the "copy disk" feature. The original c: drive was 105gb and i copied that and called it the i: and set it to active and copied the master boot record as well as using it to fill up 291gb. There was a recovery partition (d which i also copied and called the h:

When swapping the drives, i tried to boot with the 320gb and got an error saying corrupt or missing hal.dll. How do i fix this? Did i copy the drives improperly or did i simply miss a step?

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Ntldr Is Missing Error

I just tried to boot up my system, but right after post i get this ntldr is missing press ctrl+alt+delete to restart error. Everytime i restart it keeps happening. What can i do to fix this error?

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Ntldr Missing My Laptop

I recently bought a second-hand laptop. The laptop and os (win xp pro) worked perfectly, but there was a load of crap on the hard drive, so i bought a usb floppy drive so that i could format the hard drive and re-install the os. Now that i have formatted the hard drive the laptop will simply not boot with anything that i have; everytime it's turned on the message "ntldr is missing" is displayed. I have tried to boot with loads of disks: win me startup floppy, win xp startup floppy, several dos floppies including version 7. 1 which i downloaded, win me cd, win xp cd, the drivers cd that came with the laptop and i have tried copying ntldr, and boot.ini to a floppy and it doesn't like that either. All i get is the same message. I can't even get a prompt with any of the dos disks. The hard drive has been formatted as ntfs, like it already was. The laptop's reasonably up-to-date: pentium iv 1. 8ghz, 256mb ram, 30gig hard drive, and was working without fault before the format. I have tested the floppy drive on my desktop pc and it reads/writes fine. I have used most of the boot disks before and never had any trouble with them. The laptop does support a usb floppy in the firmware and, out of frustration, i have tried every possible combination of bios settings without success. Please, please please can somebody help me with this. I am literally puuling my hair out with this one.

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Hp Laptop Ntldr Missing

I got a new larger hd for my hp xe-2. Trying to use ghost dos to copy original op sys to new drive. New ghosted drive will not boot, ntldr missing keeps comming up. I've tried everything i can find online to solve the problem but can't get anywhere so far. I even tried installing xp pro on the new drive in the laptop then ghosting it in a separate desktop using dos but still get the same error. Did repairs with xp cd all 3 ways you can including installation repair. Nada.copied ntldr and to root, no improvement. What else can i try besides reinstalling xp, all the upgrades and all my software over again?

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Ntldr Is Missing In Hp Laptop

My computer crashed, so i went into system recovery from my 8 set up disc. Now all i get is problem extracting files and windows will not start. I tried pressing f-8 and all i get is ntldr is missing. I am running windows xp home edition on a hp 524w. What do i need to do to correct this problem?

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My Laptop Says Ntldr Missing

Ntldr is missing, laptop message? When i try to start my laptop all it shows is the ntldr is missing message and to press ctrl+alt+del to restart. When i do that the window just just comes back-up. The big problem is i do not think my cd drive is working. In fact based on problems i had with it before this i am fairly certain that it doesn't. My windows version is xp home edition, my laptop is an ibm r40 type 2681. The good news, if you can call it that, i do have a recovery cd and there is nothing on the laptop i need to save, since i had just removed all the files, pics and stuff from the old laptop that i wanted to keep, which is probably how this problem came about. I also have another computer that is working fantastically so i can use it to download stuff, put it on to mem sticks, etc as needed. Yet i have a friend who is very excited to get it, and has been waiting patiently for it, suppose tot give to her on sunday afternoon. Additional details:- so my question really is, is there anyway i can get the boot up information needed for my laptop onto a mem stick. If so where can i download and how big does the mem stick need to be 1gb? 4gb?

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Ntldr Missing Error

Ok, i had a rig running fine, i try to shut down one day, and it freezes, so i turn off the power by holding the power button in for 5 seconds, then restart it, and nothing will show up on the monitor (it won't even come on, the light just stays yellow). So after much searching i find my mobo and proc are dead for some unknown reason. Annoying, yes, but fixable. So i order a new mobo (asus p4v8x-x) and a new proc ( p4 3. 0e). I get them in today and install them, and turn on the system, boots fine, i set up the bios, restart, and as the windows xp loading screen just appears, it shuts down. So i figure i should just reformat, i throw the hd in my dads comp, pull off my files i wanna save, then using command line i reformat the drive and put it back in my "new" system. So now it comes on, goes through all the system checks, and gets to where it should load windows and says "ntldr missing". I have loaded with the xp cd and tried to install windows and it just says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer". I get this when i hit enter to set up windows, i also get it when i try to go into recovery. So i cant install windows on the drive, and the comp seems to not even be seeing it. I tried 10 or 15 different fixes, some off these forums some off other stuff, but most involve going into recovery and running something, i cant get into recover so i'm sol. Any ideas? The drive is not dead, and it's a wd 120 gig sata. The only thing i haven't tried is getting some sort of sata driver on a disk to use so it will detect the drive. The thing that baffles me is, the drive shows up in the bios.

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Disk Error : Ntldr Is Missing

For some weird reason, i'm unable to boot into any one of the windows oses on my system. The usual boot menu of ntloader just wont come up. It stubbornly says 'disk error' and 'ntldr is missing'. I booted of the xp cd and did the fixmbr thing, still the same error. I can easily boot into linux w/ its bootdisk. A few tries of fixmbr and fixboot led me nowhere. So i thought dumping the ghost image of xp, rebooted and still wouldnt work. Has my disk really gone bad? I'll give it another try later tonight. And if things show no progress at all, might reinstall then.

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Ntldr Missing Vista Dell

I get the "ntldr is missing, press any key to restart" whenever i boot up. (I'm writing this from my old desktop xp pc)

Dell inspiron 1420(laptop)
Intel core2 duo 1. 66ghz
2gig ddr2 ram
120gb hdd
Windows vista

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Ibm Thinkpad Ntldr Missing

I have an ibm thinkpad 600e, with windows xp home installed on it. I am very happy with it. While tinkering about i accidentally deleted 'ntldr' file. Then i turned machine off. Of course now i can't get into windows, it keeps coming up:

Ntldr file missing
Press ctlr+alt+del to restart

I have restarted inserting the xp cd it asks me to "press any key to boot from cd" so i do. Then it asks for an administrators password. But i have not got one, i don't know it!

I have tried booting with xp setup boot floppies but still it comes to the same end. I have another laptop exactly the same, my mothers, and have gone into the bios to see if i can see the administration password in there but it is blank. Hoping it may be the same. Please, please please somebody help me, i'm so frustrated. I have work on the computer and, yes i'm a naughty girl i did not back up this work. If i have to reformat then so be it. But isn't there something i can do. I have backed up but i think i may have overwritten cos i cannot find it.

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P5b Ntldr Missing Error

I was having the ntldr missing error last night. I turn it off for the night being frustrated. I wake up. Turn my comp on. And it loads the splash screen that says p5b deluxe (press del to run setup, tab to display bios post message), normally. It shows this screen for a second or 2. But now it wont go on past it. My keyboard isn't doing anything. And the caps lock, num lock, etc. Lights are not able to turn on. They flash one time when i hit the power button.

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Ntldr Is Missing, Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete To Restart

Whenever i turn on my new computer i get this message "ntldr is missing, press ctrl-alt-delete to restart. " I boot windows from the bios boot menu (where you pick to boot from cd, floppy, hd, etc. ) But otherwise the computer spits out this error everytime. What should i do?

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Hp Pc Ntldr Is Missing Press Ctrl+alt+del To Restart

So like 2 weeks ago my dad told me to off my computer because he was trying to do something with the house antenna. Anyway i shut it down real fast, pressing on the cpu button instead of the normal shutting down process. I on my computer the next morning and it loaded normally until it never reached the choose user part. It loaded but kept on restarting by itself. So i offed it. I on it after 30 mins again, and it showed a plain black screen that said "ntldr is missing. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. "

Except for the fact that i didn't want to restart! Anyway that was the only option or either to shut down the computer. My computer is 5 yrs old. And its an hp. Im 14 yrs old and i have no idea how to fix this problem. I've researched a bit and it says something about rebooting some stuff but i don't completely understand. I checked my cables too and they are all tight and in place. Im afraid to tell my dad because he'll hire a computer guy who will just erase all my pics and music

Last time i had a virus and some guy comes to my house and just deletes all my itunes library! Which had over 600 songs and all my pictures and files! So i don't really want that to happen, but i don't have any backup or copy of my files. So yeah, i don't know what to do. I have to use my bro laptop all the time which is getting him angry lol but i need help on how to fix my problem. Remember im 14 so i don't really know anything about "rebooting". .

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Ntldr Error

I opened the repair prompt from the windows disk and was looking at the bootcfg stuff and there is a line to remove, but i forgot how i did this last time! I know it is a command interface line and then you edit, rather than the longer notepad fix by making the file seen.

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Error: No Ntldr, Press Ctrl + Alt + Del To Restart

I've installed a new hdd recently. I want this one to have my operating system on and all applications, i then want to set up the old one as a storage facility for data. I currently have windows xp pro installed on both hdd, however, if i try and set the new hard drive as the boot hard drive in the bios, when i come to boot up, i get the message:

'no ntldr. Press ctrl + alt + del to restart'

I then have ot revert back to the original drive the system won't allow me to format the original hdd either? I've installed all the drivers etc from the graphics card, mobo, etc etc and have completed file transfer using the windows installation program, what do i need to do?

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Ntldr Not Working Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete To Restart

I'm new here so not sure if this is the right place or not. Last nite i was running my super anti spyware program and it asked me to reboot which i did. Then nothing! My pc gets to the pci listing page and at the bottom it says "ntlrd not working press ctrl+alt+delete to restart", but nothing. My pc is a evesham and there tech support isn't open till monday-saturday 9-5. 30 but i'll be at work then. Anybody throw any light on what this might be? I have tried booting from the recovery cd but still nothing.

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Ntldr:couldnt Open Drive Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

I have a compaq desktop and i am trying to reformat the hdd but i have encounter this problem: couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1), ntldr:couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1), but the hardisk is okey in the other pc?

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Pc Not Load Anything After Login To Xp

Recently my sisters dell desktop had a ton of problems. It got to the point where it wouldn't even load anything after you tried to login to xp. One of her husbands friends said that he had a copy of all of her pictures from the last time he fixed their computer, so i went ahead and reformatted since i saw no other option. Well, that was two weeks ago. Now my sister finds out that her friend was wrong, he doesn't have the pictures. She lost a ton of family pictures for the past 6 years. She lost all of her pictures from during her pregnancy and even sonogram pictures from the past year. She was so upset, she was crying. And she's really mad at the guy for not looking well enough in the first place to see if he really did have the pictures or not before it was too late. Is there still a way i could try to recover some files from her computer? I think there's a program that you can put on a bootable flash drive that may help? I'm not sure. I understand it's very hard to recover data, especially after being reformatted, and that the best thing would be to send it to a company who would try to get the data off (and charge what. $1000? None of us can afford that). But i want to at least try for her.

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Program Load Times

Here's my problem. On most computers, ms office applications such as word or excel load within 15 seconds. Maximum. Usually under about 7 seconds. On my pc, usually (even with no other desktop programs running) most office probgrams will take at least 25 seconds to load. At least, as i said. Then photoshop cs2 comes along - it takes in excess of five minutes to open it, depending on how much other stuff i have open. This is a huge pain. I have a 40gb hard drive which holds windows and all of my programs, leaving about 15gb free, and a 60gb secondary harddrive containing about 45-50gb of documents/music/movies. What i need to know is exactly which component(s) need replacing to fix this problem. I was looking at a new motherboard with a pentium 4 3. 2 ghz, but i'd need a case with that (dell cases will not accept new motherboards) bringing the total cost to about $4-500. I can't afford that right now. So what do you think might offer at least a temporary solution? Any advice would be much appreciated, and if further details are needed feel free to ask.

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3dmark Freezes During Load

Ok, i know i have seen fixes before about this, could someone please please give me a hand, i just got my new laptop (asus f7 1. 8ghz x2, 2gigs ram, 2400pro) and for *** and giggles i wanted to run 3dmark to see how it does, it installed fine everything went great but when i attempt to load the game it just loads and loads and never moves on. I had this problem on my desktop once, and i was in need of a re-image so i did that and all is fine, but i dont want to have to go through that for this computer.

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Crashes @ 100% Cpu Load

Whenever im finished downloading something, or loading a game, or doing anything that takes a lot of cpu power for more than 4 or 5 seconds, my computer will completly freeze and. My keboard, and everything locks up. I end up pressing the reset button my computer so i can get back to whatever i was doing. I have found this happening whenever i try to load half-life 2. I never had a problem before so im not sure what could be causing this. My specs are in my signature. And nothing has been overclocked.

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Welcome Screen Can't Load Desktop

When loading the welcome screens comes up and after 2 or 3 minutes a box comes up and says it cant load desktop. All that will come up is recycle bin. When i load in safe mode i see all of my desktop and get online?

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Unable To Load Windows, Partial New Install

During bootup, case lights come on, including blue cathodes, fans, etc, i get no beep codes, the screen initially flashes the indentity of the vid card installed, then goes to intell splash page, then to the unable to load windows screen with many options such as boot in normal mode, safe mode, specifications:

Mobo - intel 865perl (new)
Cpu - intel p4 2. 4c boxed (new)
Memory- corsair 3200 ddr 1024mb twinx dual channel (new) (1 stick each installed in channel a raid 0, channel b raid 0). Video - gainward geforce fx5600 128mb ddr, ultra 760 tv/dvi. (New). Hard drive - wd 40gb
Power supply - icute 430watt (new). Only things on mobo right now are cpu, mem, video card. Board has current bios (verified on intel site). In bios, verified cpu, memory, etc. I've had problems with "no signal" on other builds, but those were memory problems. The twin corsair sticks are installed properly, 1 in channel a raid0 and the other in channel b raid0. The bios recognizes them (1024mb) as well. Any ideas on why i can't get the os to load?

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Slot Load Optical Drive Behavior

I just picked up a slot loading dvd/rw drive and had a couple questions for anyone with experience with pc-based slot loading drives. I feel that mine (pioneer dvr-ts08) may not be behaving properly. First, how much noise are they supposed to make when inserting or ejecting discs? This thing makes three loud clicks every time i put a disc in or eject it. From looking through the bottom of the drive, it appears that the drive is attempting to grab onto the disc multiple times and always gets it on the third attempt. Second, to what extent should it pull the disc into the drive itself? I have to push the disc 2/3 in before the drive even attempts to pull the disc in to it and even then it just spins. I have to help the drive pull the disc in far enough where i can no longer touch it. It ejects the disc far enough where only 1/3 of it is still inside. Is the first behavior normal but the second not? That's my thoughts on the drive's behavior.

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Failed To Load Detection Driver - Error

I would load windows vista and get a bsod with the failure registering in an atixxx.dll . I figured it was a driver error so i tried reinstalling my drivers. I did a driver sweep and started up the install.exe. Halfway through, the install would either crash my entire system or i would get a "failed to load detection driver" error. Very frustrating. Last night, i reinstalled vista. Drastic, i know. I installed all of the updates. I then tried to reinstall the ccc package. Same error! I looked online for some fixes. This one:

Seemed promising but didn't work for me. I don't know what else to do. Any ideas? I might end up selling my 4870 and buying a nvidia product just to avoid this issue.

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Laptop Won't Load Windows Xp

Yesterday i dropped my laptop (ah!) On a hardwood floor. I have a toshiba satellite m100/m105. As soon as it dropped the screen went black and basically the power to it went out. This worried me, but then i just pressed the power button on the computer and it restarted and seemed to work fine! Until i restarted my computer again today because the internet was locked up. Anyway, so i restarted and a black screen came up that said windows was unable to load correctly and to run windows as normal, run in safe mode, run how it was run last time it run correctly, etc. And i chose each of these options at least once and each time it brought me back to the same black screen. I'm not sure if it is a software or hardware issue or if it even has anything to do with me dropping my laptop yesterday. Does any one know what i should do? Should i check to see if it's hardware related before i run a system repair? Should i bring it in to a professional and have them look to see if it's a hardware problem or is there a way i could check for "lose connections"?

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Computer Is Shutting Off During The Windows Load Screen

So i ended up upgrading to an amd x2 6000 and getting an hd4850 as well. Windows 7 was also installed by a friend on my computer. However, my computer is shutting off during the windows load screen at the same time, like right after the windows colors icon forms together and glows or whatever. I have an antec 650w truepower power supply that is maybe 3 years old at the most. Also, i have been monitoring the watts and they are all stable and all less than . 20 different than the norm or whatever each thing is supposed to be.could the ram i bought be bad and is shutting down the computer? Temperatures are all fine as well. I just find it weird that it turns off during the exact same time but will sometimes randomly let me get to windows if i keep trying. A fast response would be appreciated, especially if it is possibly bad ram since i think the last day to exchange it at frys is today for me.

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Connected To Router, But Internet Wont Load

I am connected to my router, but the internet wont load. Answer:- turn the router and modem off for a minute, restart the router and modem, restart your computer. This should work. If not, make sure that your wi-fi wasn't accidentally turned off. To turn wi-fi on/off, push "fn" and the wi-fi button(f11 depending on your computer)

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Bios Wont Load On Asus G73jh

I have an asus g73jh notebook, all hardware is stock. A few days ago i was going to try out ubuntu on my computer, so i downloaded the installation/ linux disk boot, it wouldn't load so i clicked the option of letting it configure my bios with a new setting, it worked fine, so i decided to install it as my os. I turn my computer off and back on, and nothing boots, i still get my bios administrator password screen, i enter my password, but beyond that it is blank. The infamous black-screen with my friend the blinking centimeter line. When i try to load the bios menu it prompts me to enter my password, then gives a little blue and gray glitch then goes back to said black-screen.

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