Can't Install Vista Or Win7 On Sata Drive

I thought it would be simple. Does it matter which sata slots are used for a boot drive. There are 8 on my board 4 controlled by intel ichr7 and the others by marvel. Attempts to install windows result in error message that the drive is configured as active in the bios and suggest using diskpart utility to clean the drive? Does sata use master/slave? The hd is a wd caviar blue 300gb. What am i doing incorrectly?

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After Win7 Install One Drive Is Missing

Ok after i did a reinstall of my w7/64 one of my internal drives isn't showing up. How do i find it.

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Multiple Sound Cards In One Computer ( Vista / Win7 )

Simply put, what issues should i expect? I'm contemplating a xonar essence stx for my hd650 and on-order hd800 headphones. I'm fully aware what a good match it is for my headphones, and what a not-so-good match it may be for sending multichannel digital audio to a receiver or gaming, for which there may be better cards. In a perfect world, i could have two cards in one box and somehow configure software applications to send audio to the appropriate device. In the real world, are there any issues with this? If i were to go down that path, what should i expect?

Alternatively, is there any known method (in windows) to have audio sent simultaneously to two different audio output devices?

Perfect world: play blu-ray movie. Truehd etc tracks are bit-streamed over sound card a to my receiver. Simultaneously, 2. 0 off the same track is sent to my audiophile sound card b connected to my high impedance headphones. At any given time, i can turn on the receiver (sound in room) or plug in and put on headphones. (Or both, for a creepy effect. ) Is this sort of thing even possible with today's hardware and software?

(Real world today: sound card a in computer a, a htpc connected to my receiver, sound card b in computer b, a computer next to my headphones, and both systems streaming files off computer c, which hosts all the actual content, a lot of equipment. )

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Flash Ssd After Install Of Win7

Just got in my new drive. I'm planning to use it as the core of my new build, upgrading from xp pro 32 to win 7 pro 64. It will be my os & key app drive, while the new 1tb caviar black will be games/apps/storage. Can i flash the ssd after the install of win 7 pro 64, or do i need to plug it into this system before i begin the rebuild & flash it before i install the new os?

Btw: having never flashed a drive before: do i need to download the update & burn it to a dvd to flash the ssd?

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Flash Drive To Install Vista

I just installed vista with a flash drive but to my dismay it took just as long as with a dvd so i am wondering if my flash drive is a piece of junk or not? It is a pny optima attache 4gb. What is the best flash drive to use for stuff like this?

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Problem Installing Vista On Sata Ii Hard Drive

I have just built my first computer and cant get vista ultimate to install on my barracuda 7200. 10 sata 3. 0gb/s 500-gb hard drive. When i get to the screen that asks you to select your hd to install vista on, it recognizes my drive but has a message on the bottom of the screen stating. "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation. "

Is their anything i can do to get windows installed on this hd?

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Install Windows Xp / Vista Using A Usb Flash Drive Stick

I found a way to install windows xp or vista using a usb flash drive stick, i thought i would share it as its pretty useful. For people who understand the method, it may be useful for other stuff too, the program is called usb_multiboot_10. I have tried it and it does work.

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How To Install Another Sata Hard Drive Into System ?

I'm installing another hard drive into my system, so i can put linux on it. When i opened the case i found out the the alienware system used sata not a regular ata hard drive. I never installed an sata hard drive with another one already in there. I'm buying another serial ata 15-pin female-to-4-power connector / serial ata adapter, which looks like this: and a sata hard drive, i also have extra serial sata cable which look like this, and i know go into the motherboard: but is that all i need? I'm confused on how the new hard drive is going to get power, or do i hook up the black end (14 pin) to the new hard drive then hook the 4 pin white part to the female port on the far right hand corner of the old sata hard drive already in my system and thats it? Or do i just connect the connect the black 14 pin into the sata hard drive then connect the white end to that hanging power cord by my ram?

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Cheap Drive For Win7

Okay so i want to try out windows 7 rc, but i don't feel like partitioning either of my drives so i am thinking just buy a cheap third drive and then i can have:

1. 5tb for storage
250gb for xp and programs
New drive for win7 os

So i was thinking hey maybe i can get one of those 32gb ssd drives and use that for the operating system! A quick browse of newegg and i found a selection of 32gb ssd's, but i don't know if any of them are of good quality. Then i read this article:-

Which basically says that putting an os on a ssd will cause performance to degrade significantly over time until you reformat the drive and install again, which doesn't sound fun. I guess what i am wondering is does anyone use a small ssd costing ~$100 for their os? Does that make sense? As far as i know even a heavily fragmented ssd might perform better than a new 7200rpm drive(?) And if you would use a 32gb ssd for the os, which one is the best?

Would it make more sense just to buy another 7200 rpm drive? I would consider partitioning my 250gb drive but it is not exactly the fastest drive and i am tired of my extremely slow xp startup. I'm not really interested in raid or in spending more than $100.

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Installing Win7 On A Ram Drive ?

Been playing around with superspeeds ramdisk 10. 0 and it got me wondering if there, by chance, could be any of you knowing a way of utilizing the ram disk as a primary disk for win7?

I remember some years back a guy succeeding in booting on a ramdrive, installing and running winxp on it.

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Video Lag After Vista Install

I recently did a clean install of vista64 home premium. I spent some time installing all of my drivers, and making sure all of the windows updates were installed. Everything seems to be running fine, including photoshop, which is the primary use of the computer. However since i loaded vista, all of my video lags very badly. The sound seems to work fine, but the video frame rate is down to nothing. I cannot play any games on it right now.cod4 will load, and i will hear sound, but i will not get any video. And even older games like guild wars wont play. The video on guild wars was very laggy, and sharded. I have 6gigs of ram, and dual 6800 video cards. I didn't have these problems when i was running xp, so i am thinking there is something i forgot to do, or didn't know to do.

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Install Hp Printer Program For Xp On Vista

Is it possible to install an hp printer program for xp on vista? I have an hp d1300 printer, and the installation cd says that it can run on windows 98se, me 2000, and xp. Is there a way for me to install it on my laptop that is running vista?

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Hardware Stop Code In Xp Install, But Not Vista?

I'm putting a new computer together and i'm having a problem. I'm dual-booting with xp pro and vista ultimate (both are legit, fwiw ). When i install in xp, i always get a stop code error (can't remember the exact one right now. I know i got a 0x0000007a and 7b at one point). I have two sticks of 1 gb in this comp, so i took one out and tried. Still got the error. Took that one out, put the other one in. Still got the error. Not the memory. Then i decided to try vista first instead of xp, and it installed without a hitch!

So what i'm thinking at this point is that it could be the sata raid drivers i was using. So i've downloaded the latest from intel, and still am getting a stop code. Does anyone have any ideas? I've got to have xp because i use this computer for recording, mixing, mastering, etc. , And my programs aren't vista compatible yet.

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Windows Vista Wont Install And Freezes

When trying to install windows vista the system will load the setup but once its done it gets to this screen and just wont go any further. I have no idea what could be causing this. I have tried one ram stick but still no luck? Is there anything i need to change in the bios?

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Window Vista Install Blue Screen

I am trying to install vista ultimate 64 on a brand new system.

4gb ram (2x2)
Nvidia 9800 gtx+
Hitachi 1t
Gigabye ep45-ud3p

Everything boots and posts fine, but but i insert the vista install dvd it boots to it no problem. The vista install goes through the loading windows files progress bar, and when it get to the very end where the installer would normally start, i get a bsod with a stop error of 0x0000000a. I tried removing one of the 2gb sticks and i then got a bsod with stop error 0x0000001e. Does anyone have any advice or places that i can look for some answers?

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Asus Eee Vista Install Error

Install vista onto eee asus notepad via usb, keep getting error code. I having transfered everything onto usb as instructed-but keeps coming up "windows cannot open the required file d:/sources/install. Wim. Make sure all files required for installation and restart the installation error code 0x8007000d, any one have any suggestions as to were im going wrong or have any suggestions to do this .

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Sata Drivers Required During Installation Of Vista

I am trying to clean install vista ultimate on a nec versa s3200 laptop. During installation, the part where the harddrives need to be choosen, i find that vista asks for device drivers and i cant see any of the 3 partitions on my hdd, not at all, the screen is blank. But the damn cd which came along with nec does not have any sata or raid drivers, so i am practically stuck. The options are that i need to find out what is the make of the harddrive and then try to download the sata drivers for that particular make of hdd and feed it to vista during installation - is that the right thing to do?

Alternatively i am also planning to create a win 98 boot disk on a cd, boot the laptop on the cd, format/s c: ( dunno if it will format it as ntfs or fat ) then access the d: drive and fire up the vista installation from there, a dump of the vista resides in d: you see. Will it still ask me for the drivers? And will it reformat c: to ntfs during installation?

Am i totally wrong in assuming that the drivers being asked by vista is sata drivers, where will i get these drivers and where in bios can i find out the motherboard details.

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Brother Dcp-115c Vista - Cannot Install The Cd Rom

Ive bought a new system, its windows vista, it looks link one of the ink cartridges has gone but i cannot install the cd-rom as its not compatible with windows vista, does anyone know where i can find this information ?

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Install Window 7 Home Premium Over Laptop Having Vista

I have window 7 home premium original keys for lenovo can i use the keys to do clean install on hp machine? The hp pavillion dv9000 had vista originally. Can the keys work and be properly activated

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Sata Drives Recognized By Bios But Not Detected By Vista

What it says on the tin, really. I installed two new maxtor 250gb sata drives this afternoon, as companions to my 500gb main c:/ drive. They are picked up in the bios just fine, but vista can't see them. They don't show up in disk management or the device manager, so i can't format them or do anything with them. I've looked through the manual and the bios very thoroughly, but i can't find anything wrong. Everything that should be enabled is enabled. It's an msi k9n mainboard. I should stress that this is not a raid setup - i just want two extra hds.

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Cannot Install Xp On Sata Hdd

I am new to sata hdd, and am not completely sure how the work. I am trying to us a sata hdd as my master hdd but continually get an error when trying to install xp that the startup program cannot gain access to the disk. My question is twofold:

1) how do i get xp to install
2) can sata hdd work as a standalone hdd, or do they have to be configured as raid.

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Sata Hdd Do Not Show Up In Windows Vista But Shows In Bios

I just bought a new computer with one sata hard drive in it. Everything is fine with the computer. I had an old computer that had two hard drives in it. Ither was one sata hard drive from my old computer which was a secondary hard drive used for storing media. It worked properly in that computer. I then proceeded to plug it into my new computer. Now, only the original hard drive in my new computer shows up under my computer. My secondary sata drive only shows up in the bios. How can i get this to work so that i can enjoy my music and videos on my new computer?

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Is It Necessary To Install Sata Drivers In Windows 7 ?

So i finished installing windows 7 on my system (asus p6t deluxe). Is it necessary to install any sata drivers from marvell on windows 7 or they are recognized immediately?

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Bsod During Sata / Xp Pro Install

I installed it all in the same lian li case i have always used. The problem is, everytime i try and install windows xp pro it blue screens everytime it passes the first screen. It will do the usual driver installs at the bottom, past the f6 and f2 prompt, but will blue screen before it gets to the "welcome to setup" screen where it partitions and formats. This is my first experience with sata, so i have been googling like crazy but have not found any solution. I tried removing ram to a single 2gb stick, and swapping it with other sticks. I plugged the hard drive into my xps and formatted it - it showed as healthy. I have also tried to perform the windows xp install using the xps with the same blue screen result. I ran the data lifeguard utility to check for errors, in both fast and slow, and it showed no errors. I used data lifeguard to format it as well in a 80/912gb partition. I have plugged the former 40gb ide hard drive into the system and it worked fine. The options in the bios are:

Sata raid/ahci mode (intel ich10r southbridge)
Enables or disables raid for the sata controllers integrated in the intel ich10r southbridge or configures the sata controllers to ahci mode. Disabled disables raid for the sata controllers and configures the sata controllers to pata mode. (Default)

Ahci configures the sata controllers to ahci mode. Advanced host controller interface (ahci) is an interface specification that allows the storage driver to enable advanced serial ata features such as native command queuing and hot plug. Raid enables raid for the sata controllers. Sata port0-3 native mode
Specifies the operating mode of the integrated sata controllers. Disabled allows the sata controllers to operate in legacy ide mode. In legacy mode the sata controllers use dedicated irqs that cannot be shared with other device. Set this option to disabled if you wish to install operating systems that do not support native mode. (Default)

Enabled allows the sata controllers to operate in native ide mode. Enable native ide mode if you wish to install operating systems that support
Native mode. I do not want a raid configuration, and have read that ahci will not work with xp pro. Not sure if this is correct?

I have pressed f6 during install and used a floppy to install the ich10r sata raid driver from the mobo disc and from intels site. Is there anything i need to do to the bios in between?

Tried changing the bios to raid and configuring it as raid 0 with a single disk (i read somewhere that this is possible) but it did not give me the "press " option to set up raid that the manual said it would. Possibly because it only sees a single disk. Tried disabling sata raid/ahci mode, but enabling sata port0-3 native mode. Tried different optical drives. Tried different xp pro disks with just xp pro, sp1, and sp2. Gigabytes web site is horrible, and only randomly lists the mobo, has no real troubleshooting and support hours stink.

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Install Windows Xp - Wd Sata Hdd Cannot Be Found

When i go to install windows xp it states that the wd hdd cannot be found and i should check the connections. I do and they seem fine. I have the sata power plugged in and i have it plugged into the mobo. Any body have any ideas why it is doing this? Also how should jumpers be set if it is the only sata drive im installing.

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Switch Sata Ports After Winxp Install

How to switch sata ports after winxp install? Being new to sata i was wondering if i can switch my 2 raid-0 drives from ports 1&2 to 3&4 without reformatting etc. And how do you do this exactly!? I have a msi neo2 mb with winxp.

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Why Is A 2nd Sata Drive Making Both Sata's Unrecognized ?

I just removed my old ide hdd with xp and replaced it with a sata drive and installed vista on it. Everything was fine, until:

I installed a second brand new unformatted sata hdd. With the second drive installed neither of the new drives are recognized and windows won't boot. Is it something obvious i'm missing?

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Internal Sata Blu Ray Drive Plugged Into Sata

Alright, i'll make this short and sweet. I want to free one of my sata ports up so i can install another hard drive. My motherboard has a built in esata port on the back. Is it as simple as moving my blu ray sata cable to the esata jack on the back? Aesthetics mean nothing, this computer is hidden.

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Adding A Third Sata Drive To An Existing Sata Raid Array

I have two 300gig sata drives set up in a raid 1 array. I want to add a third sata drive separate from the raid array so i can extract data from it. Any info would be appreciated.

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Vista Can't Find Its Hardware Drivers, Most Usb Devices Won't Install

Last night everything was ok. After i'd cleaned the computer and plugged everything back in windows decides it can't find drivers for any of my usb devices (keyboard, mouse, camera, gamepad, joystick). When it finds them it says new hardware found. With 3 choices:

Locate and install driver
Ask me again later
Don't show this message again

So i click the first option, and it searches for drivers but. 'could not find driver software'. I then click 'check online for a solution' with no luck. These devices are so basic that the manufacturers don't supply drivers for the products; they should all be with the os. What can i do guys? I'm a keen photographer and not being able to upload my photos via the camera or card reader is a real issue for me. By the way the above process happens for all the usb hardware i have except the printer, usb flash drive, mouse and keyboard (luckily!)

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