Windows 7 - Aero On Ati Hd 4870 Is Slow

Aero randomly get really slow here that i can't watch any videos, the video starts to drop frames, and the interface becomes very slow overall. It is like trying to run it on a ancient geforce fx5200 or something like that. After few minutes everything back to normal for some time till it slow down again, with no apparent reason. The problem isn't in the processor since it don't go over 10% of usage during video play, i am not using avivo here, or other uses. The only way i found so far is to disable and enable aero in the personalize menu. This bring back the speed to normal. I am runing a dual monitor setup, one in the hd 4870 (primary) and the other on the onbord hd 3300 video. Tried the catalyst 9. 10 and 9. 9 video drives and the problem persist. Any idea?

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Desktop Performance For Windows Aero

I've searched and found out that this is a problem for a lot of users, on windows experience index(win 7 or vista) "desktop performance for windows aero"is a lot lower than the rest, i have a 9500gt(1gb)graphic card and it scored 6. 3 for gaming stuff but it's low on desktop aero experience(scored 5). I don't need big numbers but i have some problems 1-my mouse pointer doesn't move smoothly and sometimes hangs for 2 or 3 seconds or it jumps pixels(my main problem) 2-my computer window(s) hangs for seconds(this doesn't happen as much) i tried reinstalling windows, that didn't help. This is my desktop :
Cpu:core 2 due 2. 8 ghz
Vga:1gb (9500 gt msi)
Mainboard:asus p5b
Win 7 ultimate 32 bits

I thought the problem was from my mouse but i changed it and didn't solve the issue, so what should i do to make my windows run smoothly?

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Three Monitors For Gaming With Ati 4870

Have two 4870s, two dell 2001 fp, and one dell 3007. Apparently i have created a great day trading or workplace setup. Not a gaming system. Is there anyway to span these screens currently for gaming? The matrox gizmo requires identical monitors and lower resolutions. The new 5800 series ati cards seem to be the answer but it is unclear if they will work with a wide-screen and two side monitors. Have seen mention of software options but now sure what will work, if anything, with the ati cards. Primary game play is wow and half life2. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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Performance With Dual Monitors On Ati 4870

I recently purchased a second 22" dell 2209wa to go with my mac pro. They are both running from the ati radeon 4870 on my mac pro (2009 quad) but the expose performance seems to be really quite poor. Displaying all the windows is very juddery and not smooth at all. Is that what i should be expecting now? I wouldn't have on a 2000 machine.going into spaces is fine, it's just expose thats poor.

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Ati Display Driver Update Issues For Hd 4870 X2

Im having alot of trouble updating display drivers for my cards (crossfire 4870x2) im not a tech head or expert by any means the installation and restart itself go fine as far as i can see but once the pc has restarted i find that i still have the drivers that came with the card installed or at least being used. Driver packaging version8. 62-090520m1-081756c-ati
Catalyst version09. 6
Providerati technologies inc. 2d driver version8. 01. 01. 909
2d driver file path/registry/machine/system/controlset001/control/class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0001
Direct3d version8. 14. 10. 0671
Opengl version6. 14. 10. 8673
Catalyst control center version2009. 0520. 1631. 27815

The drivers themselves arent updating. The only thing that is getting updated is the control center and yes, i have tried downloading and installing the 9. 6 drivers on their own. Im sure its probably something minor and obvious but i cant figure it out.

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Will A Ati Radeon Hd 4870 Fit In Dell Dimension 5150?

Ok so im upgrading my computer so i can play games for the summer. I have upgraded my psu, ram, and the processor to intel pentium d 3. 4ghz as that's all my dell motherboard will support. But now im a little worried as ive bought the graphics card ati radeon hd 4870 for my computer as it appeared to be the best card for my budget but now i am not sure if it will fit. As far as i know the graphics card is pretty big and where my 16x pci slot is located on my motherboard, i am not sure it will fit. The slot is right next to my fan and im a little concerned that the card will not fit with the huge fan being in the way. I have the psu and system requirements to support the card after a upgrade but im not sure if it will fit can anyone help me?

The computer is a dell dimension 5150. You can see the inside of it in this picture here:

http://asia., 39051165, 39096665p-3, 00.htm

As you can see its a tight fit, will it be enough? Keeping in mind that the graphics card will also have a big cooling fan on the front of it as well therefore it will be a very thick graphics card.

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How Much Xfx Ati Hd 4870 1gb Card Improve Wow Framerate ?

Currently i run wow on 1680x1050 with vsync off i get around 100fps give or take a few depending the area. Current configuration:-

E8400 3. 0ghz w/ dark knight hsf
4gb ddr2 800 (2 sticks)
Nvidia 512mb 9600gt

Antec earthwatts ea500 500w continuous power atx12v v2. 0 sli certified crossfire ready psu ($75 even though 500w only,

Card i want: xfx ati hd4870 1gb:

Two part question:- how much fps will this improve me, or will it just allow me to crank up anti-aliasing and other settings i don't mess with? Also, would getting a 24'' monitor and running 1920x1200 (or whatever is one step up from 1680x1050 be even better? Take psu into account please)

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Windows 2000 System Too Slow

Are my only solution defragmentation, disk cleanup, and clear/delete ie cookies, temporary internet files, and history? File system: fat32, my windows 2000 has 65, 008 kb ram. Virtual memory: initial size (mb) 300, maximum size (mb) 300, registry size: current registry size (mb): 12, maximum registry size (mb): 18.

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Windows Xp Service Pack 3, Slow

I'm just curious what you guys who haven't moved up to vista yet like myself think about service pack 3. I started off with windows xp home then when i installed service pack 1 some spyware went away and computer got faster on most of pc's i work on. When service pack 2 came out it sped up everything tremendously. Along with the upgrades on the windows firewall and among other things includeing blocking spyware and such. Now service pack 3 has came out. I find myself haveing issues with power schemes along with drivers that worked good in service pack 2 becomeing not as stable in sp3. For instance on a client's computer if you have service pack 2 installed and his wireless adapter you get 5 bars on a clean install. You install sp3 and bam 2 bars max with the signal crapping out. Some may argue you it's the driver. But it just seems that its a pile of crap anybody else see there system slow down say 10% with each service pack release. I know that a bigger service pack will give you more options. But come on guys a 66mb windows update shouldn't do that. I know some of you have machiens that could boot xp to the desktop in 13 seconds sp2 15 seconds sp3. Where as mine would take 45 seconds service pack 2 1:10 seconds service pack3 also seems some of my programs are flaky with service pack3 installed. You guys got any problems with service pack 3 you didn't with service pack 2.

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Windows 7 Running Slow For Fb Games

So i have windows 7 for my new laptop. A 2009 acer aspire. For some reason it runs really slow when i go to play the app games on facebook. My internet explorer is no longer supporting flash player so i use google chrome. Not only because it supports the flash but its also faster. But these apps on facebook run so slow. When i use my desktop, which is a 2009 dell xps i630 with windows vista, the games run fast and there is no lagging. I'm not a fan of windows vista though. My desktop has a problem with frequent freezing. Every time i get dell on the phone, it only makes my desktop run a lot worse then before. I also have a 2004 hp pavilion zv5000. The apps run slow on that too. About my acer aspire:
Model: 5534
Amd athion 64 x2 processor
L310 (1. 20 ghz)
Ati radeon hd3200 graphics
Up to 1919mb hypermemory
15. 6 16:9 hd lcd
4gb memory
250 gb hdd
Dvd-super multi dl drive
Acer nplifty 802. 11b/g/draft-n
6-cell li-ion battery

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Slow Windows Explorer Folder Access

I noticed that when i'm accessing folders in windows explorer that sometimes when i click on a folder there would be a 'lag' (maybe 1 sec) before the folder contents would show up - i can hear the 'click' sound generated by windows but then a noticeable lag before the contents are available. This occurs even for folders that have very little contents (maybe a couple files) and i can make it occur if i just keep switching clicks going back and forth between two folders. I ran burn-in tests for 24 hours and also ran the long test of seagate's diagnostic software, but they all passed. Is this normal? Is there some incorrect setting? Or is a particular component (e.g. Hd) defective?

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Mouse Movement Fast In Programs, But Slow In Windows

I have two 19" wide screen monitors and i want to have a constant mouse speed for all applications (except for games) to prevent me from picking up the mouse (i want to do left to right in one motion). I did go into the control panel's mouse settings and increased the mouse speed and turned the acceleration onto high. While the mouse properties window is open it is at a speed that i like. If i keep the mouse window open but click on the desktop, the mouse speed slows down incredibly. If i close the mouse properties window and alt-tab over to firefox, it is at a good speed, but once again if i click on the desktop (or do windows-d to minimize all windows) the speed decreases incredibly again. It seems as if the mouse acceleration speed only works in actual programs and not in windows operation. It is slow in my computer, explorer, network connections, the all programs list in the stat menu, etc. Is there a way i can have one constant fast speed in all windows operations and programs? It is a big annoyance with the speed adjusting in everything i do.

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Does Lots Of Windows Open, Slow Down Internet Connection?

Does having lots of windows open that all use internet slow my connection? And does having windows that use internet up when im in a game slow down my connection as well?

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Ati Driver On Windows Update

I currently have the catalyst 9. 9 drivers installed and running on windows 7 ultimate x64. However, i keep seeing drivers on windows update with a date of 9/30/2009. Are these some kind of incremental update after 9. 9? The dates are later, but i see no mention of them on ati's site. Has anyone installed these after 9. 9?

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Ati 4870x2 Driver Update For Windows 7

I'm using the windows 7 release candidate and i have the amd catylist 9. 9 drivers installed. Windows update notified me yesterday that there was a new driver from amd for the ati 4870x2, and it is 18megs. Should i grab this or just continue using the 9. 9 drivers? Or both?

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4870 Hdmi Problem

I recently purchased a new hdmi receiver (marantz s4002), i have my computer (ati 4870) hooked up to this on the hdmi-1 input, which outputs to my monitor. The problem is that when the computer is in the boot up stage, i get no display, so i can't access my bios or see my raid status. It will only display it seems once windows loads. Is there a setting for my motherboard i need to enable, or something in the receiver?

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Radeon Hd 4870 X2 Problem

Recently picked up a new computer, everything was pre-assembled by the distributor. Specs
- Amd phenom ii x4 920 quad core am2+ 2. 8ghz 8mb cache
- Asus m3a78-t atx am2 amd790gx crossfire 3pci-e16 motherboard
- Corsair xms2 4gb ddr2 5-5-5-18
- Radeon hd 4870 x2 2gb gddr5 3. 6ghz dual dvi
- Corsair 1000w power supply
- 19inch lcd vga monitor (using vga > dvi cable to connect to card)

With an absolute fresh install of windows xp pro sp2 32bit, i setup the newest asus mobo chipset drivers, ati catalyst 9. 4 drivers for the radeon. Windows seems to recognize the 4870 x2 device fine, prompting for a reboot. When rebooting, it does not boot up to windows past the loading screen, eventually bsod'ing to a ati2diag.dll crash (ati driver crash). The card must work fine since it works via safe mode, and without any drivers. The minute i put on any proper ati drivers for the card, it subsequently crashes. Won't let me get back into windows unless i safe mode it, or sys restore to a point when i didnt have the drivers installed (ie: standard vga)

Action so far
- Reinstalled windows xp (again), even tried a new vista 32bit install, same issue. - Upgraded my bios to the latest asus m3a78-t version, same issue. - Ensured that my newest mobo chipset drivers were installed before installing the ati drivers. - Ensured the power pins were installed properly on the card. Card seated properly on pci-e port #2
- No red led error lights on my card. Seems to boot properly with no errors. - Ensured enough power is supplied to the card
- Skimmed through the bios, ensured pci-e was a gpu priority, ensured onboard gpu was disabled (renabled it just for test, same thing), generally looked through the bios settings to ensure there was no overclocking options done (peg/etc). Keep in mind these are default bios values. - Tried older and newer catalyst drivers
- Ensured there was no older traces of drivers, cleaned any of them using driversweeper (not necessary since i did these on clean installs anyway)

When i first got the computer sent to me, the first pci-e slot was literally bent, the video card did not work on the first pci-e slot. Luckily i have 3 of these slots so i simply moved it into the 2nd pci-e slot and it worked fine. I'm hoping this is just bad luck with the first pci-e slot and has nothing to do with a bad mobo. So with that said, what else on earth can i try? Must i assume that this is a doa mobo? Doa card? If that was the case, would that be possible even if i can boot to windows and function properly without the drivers installed, using standard vga?

I'm absolutely stumped, i've done hundreds of computer builds and installs, never came across such an irritating video card install issue. Please provide some insight.

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4870 Screen Blinking In Vista 64

I know this is an old issue, but i assumed it was resolved at this point or maybe pointing to another issue. It seems that since moving to vista 64, whatever ati gpu i use, the screen would intermittently start to blink. When i used a gtx260, i had no such problem. I have used 2 different 3870s, a 4850 and now a 4870. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm sure this is more than a driver issue. Should i just go back to nvidia?

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4870 X2 Random Lockups And Reboots

I just purchased a new 4870x2. I upgraded from my old 8800 gtx ultra. I didn't start having random reboots or lockups till i put in the 4870 x2. The card seems to play everything fine, and doesn't lockup even when i put it through its paces with 3dmark 2006. Is it possible that the power supply just isn't enough for this video card? Im using 2 different rails and it is ati crossfire certified. My box stays up for hours then just a random lockup while im playing wow. My specs are:-

Gigabyte ga-p35-dq6 motherboard
Intel core 2 duo 6850 overlocked to 3. 6 - using true and panflow 100 cfm fan
8 gigs patriot ddr2 800 mhz 5-5-5-12
4 harddrives - 2 500 gig seagate 7200. 10 in raid 0 and 2 western digitals in achi mode
Lite on 20x dvd burner
Kingwin mach 1 700 watt powersupply

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Vram / Vddc Readings For 4870

There's no vddc readout on gpu-z for my his 4870, which is a non reference card. This one:

I'd be interested to know what kind of temps my vram hit. Since installing the thermalright hr-03-gt, my furmark load temp (which used to be 85c with stock cooler) is 45c, and 33c idle. Sometimes both are lower on a very cold day. What can i assume my vddc temps would be based on those numbers, is it possible to estimate?

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Radeon Hd 4870 Redefine The Way You Game

I have a sapphire 4890 vapor-x. After installing the latest cat 9. 6 (and then today the 9. 7) when i open ccc, i see under the welcome option it says:-

"Radeon hd 4870 redefine the way you game"

Is this an error or do they simply not have a banner for the 4890?

I just want to make sure i have the right driver installed. I thought maybe i installed the drivers for a 4870 because coincidently, when i try to register with ati, when it asks me what card i own, it only lets me pick sapphire's 4850, 4870, or 4870x2, there is no option to register my 4890.

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Radeon Hd 4870 And Black Screen

When i try to run full screen games i always get only a black screen. Any idea what can be wrong? Even 3d mark won't to start.system:-

Windows vista business 64-bit
Latest ati catalyst 64-bit drivers
Asus p5q deluxe motherboard

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4870 Graphics Card Problem

I have a core 2 quad q6600 cpu with an intel dg33tl motherboard and a silverstone strider 600w st60f psu. I got a new bfg gtx 285 for my core i7 920 machine and wanted to install my saphire radeon 4870 1gb graphics card that was working with the i7 machine in the core 2 quad machine. When i turn it on it sits at the intel motherboard screen and never continues to boot. It says to hit f2 to enter bios, but hitting f2 does nothing. Taking the graphics card out and using the onboard video will allow it to boot like normal. I will install the card in my i7 machine to test it to see if that's the problem. But i have a feeling the psu might be the problem. Although 600w should be enough. It is rated to do up to 42a combined from the four 12 volt rails. I have 2 fans, 2 hard drives, 1 optical drive and 4 sticks of ram in the system. I seem to have really bad luck with computers. Any suggestions.

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Three Monitors Sapphire Radeon Hd 4870

I have a sapphire radeon hd 4870 graphics card and use two monitors. Though i'm happy with my setup now i might want to try three monitors in the future, so i was curious as to what i would need to do that. My current graphics card has only two dvi outputs, so i can't connect three straight to it. Are there cables that allow one dvi output to go to two monitors, and still be able to split them as a shared desktop? Another alternative i see is to get a second video card. Not xfire-i know that then only the outputs on the main card will work. But if i were to take, say, a radeon 3650 and install it as a second video device would i be able to use that to attach another monitor or two? Would there be any possibility of driver conflicts? Another possibility is that i have an old bfg 9500gt lying about. I doubt ati and nvidia would mix well, but would it be possible to use that?

I'm just curious about this is all. Intel pentium dual core e2200 2. 2ghz oc@2. 86ghz
Asus p5q pro
Ocz platinum 4gb ddr2 1066
Sapphire radeon hd 4870 1gb
Corsair tx750w

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Which Drivers For Radeon 4870 On Win 7 Rc 64 Bit ?

Should i go with vistas 64-bit latest driver or with the one for win 7 64-bit even though they say its not finalized? Which one runs better on win 7 64-bit rc?

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Xfx 4870 - Black Screens In Some Games

I built the rig earlier this month and it runs well for the most part except some games will lock up. The screen goes black and it seems like the video card shuts off. In some games it will rarely ever happen (mw2 only happened once after like 5 hours), in others it will happen a lot. I bought ghostbusters yesterday off steam for $10 and i got to the part with the marshmallow man in the city streets and now if i play for 5-8 minutes the screen goes black and i have to reboot the system. The audio usually continues for about 5 seconds after the black screen. Did i get a lousy power supply? I tried disconnecting the second hard drive and making sure both the gpu power cables are plugged in firmly and it didn't change anything. Everything is stock speeds.

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Furmark - Hd 4870 With Hotfix Black Screen

Got my water block today, temps aren't breaking 35c now. Even at stock speeds running furmark for about a min will give me a black screen that i had to reboot out of. Can anyone else confirm this happens with theirs?

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Two 4850s In Crossfire Vs One 4870 With 1gb Ram

Currently i have 2 radeon hd 4850s with 512 mb in crossfire. I see that the prices have come down considerably on the 4800 series cards and was wondering if it was worth it to purchase a 4870. I was looking at xfx card that is $150 at newegg. It's a 4870 with 1gb, but wasn't sure if this was a worthy upgrade from two 4850s with 512mb in crossfire. What do you guys think?

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Xfx Radeon Hd 4870 Driver / Hardware Crash

The bugger is an xfx hd-487a-yddc (hd 4870 775m 512mb ddr5 card)

What's happening:

Once the os loads (i'm currently running vista x64 ultimate and have tried win7 beta as well) it's literally a few minutes until the screen starts to display colored pixel "snow" and *maybe* 30 seconds later, if that, the screen goes black and if it comes back without rebooting shows that the driver crashed. I've been through multiple different versions of catalyst since i've bought the card. Even did a card bios update as per xfx tech support and yet the problem lives on. I've tried (at the time) rivatuner 2. 22 as well. Help?

System specs as follows:

Intel q6700 processor
Masscool 8wa741 92mm ball cpu cooler
Asus maximus extreme motherboard (stock settings)
8 gb ocz gold pc3 14400 ram
Antec twelve hundred case
Antec earthwatts 650w ps
(3) hard drives (sata)
(1) ide dvdrw
(1) sata dvdrw

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Will Radeon 4870 Fit In Dell Xps 420 ?

Will a radeon 4870 non xxx edition fit inside a dell xps 420? I want to get a xfx radeon 4870 and i was wondering if it would fit inside a dell xps 420. I cannot get the xxx edition i have to get the bulky-front one. If i won't fit, are there any alternatives?

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