Can't Boot With Cd Rom / Fix Boot.ini

I have a toshiba satelite laptop with windows xp on it. While copying files over the network onto it i got the blue screen with white letters. I had to do a "hard shut down" to turn it off. When i tried to turn it back on it would start to boot and as it begins to load i get the option to boot in normal or safe mode (both give the same result). After the windows xp logo shows i get another screen that says invalid boot.ini, i searched the error on google and i found this:

Ok great! I have the cd i put it in the drive, but it won't boot on the cd, also i tried pressing f everything, delete, esc yadah to get into the bios to make sure its set to boot up on a cd before the hard drive. But nothing seems to work. Does anyone know something else i might be able to try to get the boot.ini reset / uncorrupt or get it to boot up by the cd?

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Cd Rom Boot Problem

I'm trying to boot the pc from a bootable cd-room win98se cd and xp pro. I've tryed all the setting in bios bat no go. The cd works fine on laptop with phonex bios. I have a p3 1. 2g on giga-byte motherboard , with 1 cd room and 1 cd-rw wich works fine from any point of view , gest dont want to boot cd. I also updated the bios to latest rev. Ami bios f9. I dont know what alse to try. Any idea?

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Cd Rom Boot Sequence Problem

I have pc configured to boot in the following sequence:

1. Cdrom
2. Floppy
3. Hard disk - ide-0. Now, i think my cdrom is screwed up. It boots sometimes with a boot cd and sometimes does not. I want to use the cdrw device that i have added on to the pc. How do i do that? When i change the boot sequence in the bios, it just skips it and goes directly to the floppy and hdd. The options that are available for first boot are:

1. Disabled
2. Ide0
3. Ide1
4. Ide2
5. Ide3
6. Floppy
7. Armd-fdd
8. Armd-hdd
9. Cdrom
10. Scsi

What should be my first to fourth boot devices if i need to boot from the cdrw? (Fyi - the 2nd and 3rd boot devices are floppy and hard disk respectively. The fourth device is disabled).

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How To Boot Gateway 2000 From Cd Rom Drive ?

I'm having trouble with installing an os onto the blank harddrive of a used gateway 2000 i recently bought. The computer is in pretty good condition however i cannot figure out how to make the computer boot from the cd-rom drive. I have a windows xp pro disc in the cd-rom drive, the drive is set up properly, i re-added my own, it seems there is no way to boot from cd-rom at startup. When i press f1 at the start up window where it has the gateway logo on the screen, it brings me to the system configuration, which has no place to select boot from cd-rom. Any help on this?

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Laptop Hard Drive Formatting Through Cd-rom On Boot

So i just sold a my laptop but i wanna wipe it clean before i ship it out. Problem is. Nothing i do will wipe it for me! When i try to start boot into windows, i'll see my wallpaper but nothing else and when i control+alt+delete to try and start explorer, it doesn't work and it tells me something about how it can't start because it there's no link to another application or something. To make matters worse, i can't boot into dos and run programs from there because the laptop is newer and doesn't have a floppy drive so programs like killdisk won't work. I tried sticking in my windows xp disk but it locks up while preparing for the setup and i also tried booting into knoppix and trying to delete the files from there, but it won't let me do that either. Somebody please help! I'd be extremely grateful if someone could show me a program that boots from a cd-rom that formats your hard drive or some other utility that will help me solve my problem.

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Message: Reboot & Select Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media

I built my first computer about 2 weeks ago but have noticed a problem. When i turn the computer on it shows the motherboard screen and stays there for approx 15-20 seconds. Then it goes into a black screen stating that i need to "reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. "

I am a bit confused on what this means. If i restart the computer while it shows the message it starts up with no problems. What can i do to have this message no appear as i power on my computer? Also during the shift from one screen to another, the screen blinks in green and other colors. What can this be? Can it be that i have my lcd tv connected to my computer with a dvi to hdmi cable?Besides these issues, everything seems to run great, no overheating at all.

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Windows Boot Error - Unmountable Boot Volume

I have had my new system up and running for about 5 weeks now with now problems. So today i was on my computer and all of a sudden it freezes. Nothing is responding so i just reset the power. Once i reset the power i get to the logon screen, i logon and then i get a blue screen saying windows has detected a problem and has been shut down to prevent any damage to your computer the under it, it says, unmountable_boot_volume. So i thought my grphix card might have overheated so i try rebooting again about several times with no luck. I try booting with safe mode but still freezes. After about 2 hrs i come back and nothing has changed. Any 1 know any solutions?

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Fix A Noisy Pc Hard Drive / Dvd Rom

I made my very first pc. Everything seems to be ok except that my hard drive is really noisy, especially when i'm multitasking. It gives off this revving sound and i get quite concerned and i just stop doing things although i know many applications are still running. When i place a cd in the dvd rom, it runs real noisy. Now before you all ask me how noisy is noisy? It's louder than my external room airconditioner. Cpu stays within 48c - 57c.

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Pc Unable To Boot Up

My problem started about a month ago, my pc wouldnt boot up. At the time i thought it was the processor because when it was removed it powered up, i had it checked and it now turns out that the processor is fine but it still wont boot up. I did a little more testing and noted down the post code display that is located on my motherboard and the problem seems to be with the 4pin 12v atx cable. I am using an abit at8 32x. The post display is as follows. Atx cable attached, cpu also installed:-

(8. 3. ) - Atx power supply ready
(9. 6. ) - De-assert cpu core voltage
(9. 9. ) - Complete power off sequence

I try to boot the pc but it switches itself off withing a second. Atx cable attached, no cpu installed:-

(8. 3. ) - Atx power supply ready
(9. 0. ) - Complete uguru initial

Process, award bios takeover booting job pc boots fine into post screen although i have no display. When the atx cable is removed it obviously boots until post then shuts down, this is indicated on the post code display. I tested the 4 pin atx cable with a psu tester and it says that it is outputting 12v, so do you guys think that the problem lies with the motherboard? If so any indications on what it might be?

I dont want to fork out 100 for another one and it turns out its not that. Also ill add that my pc was running fine for several months before this happened and i have made no changes since.

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Pc Fail To Boot Up

My pc started failing to boot about a month ago. It would start the cpu and disk drives and even the fan on the video card but the monitor would not register a signal. After many hours of eliminating hardware from the equation i determined that it must be the power supply. When everything was unplugged except the video card and ram the current power supply still failed to post. I then switched it with another older psu (250w) and it booted up just fine. So i decided it must be time for a new psu. I got the new one (450w a-power) and it failed to boot again. Still the old 250 booted just fine when switched between the two. I even put my video card in another machine with the new psu and it wouldn't boot on that one either. So i figured there is either a compatibility issue between my video card (radeon 9600xt) and the psu or that the psu is just bad or not powerful enough. I have since gone through 3 more psu's and nothing will boot my computer except the old 250w. I find it hard to believe that 3 psu's could all be bad or incompatible. Is there something else i should be trying or could there be another specifications:

Mobo=k7vta3 8. 0
Cpu=amd 2000+
Vpu=saphire radeon 9600xt
Ram=512mb pc2700 ddr
Sound=soundblaster audigy 2 platinum
Hdd=wd 80gb 7200
Floppy drive
Dvd rom
Cdr/rw drive

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On Pc Boot Up Monitor Never Comes On

Every time i boot my comp, the monitor never comes on, so i have to shutdown and boot it again and it works, however, in the last few days it wont come on at all, all the monitor will say is power saving mode. Also i just noticed that the lights and fan on the graphics card arent coming on.could this be a power issue? The psu is 600w.could the pcie slot be damaged?

Computer specifications:

The monitor is a lg flatron l1915s.amd 64 x2 dual core 4400+
1024mb corsair ram, msi k8n sli platinum mobo, bfg 6800gt, 250gb seagate baraccuda, dvd dl drive, floppy.

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Boot Up Issues

I just installed an xfx nf2s-alh mother board along with an amd athlon xp 2800+ processor. I also put a new stick of 512mb pc2700 ddr333 ram into it. When i go to boot the computer, everything turns on except for my monitor. My video card is a brand new xfx geforce fx 5200 128mb ddr, and i cannot figure out why this isn't working.could it be that my power supply is not powerful enought to power the new board and my video card? It's a very weak power supply; only putting out 250w.

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Computer Does Not Boot At All

This computer i just recieved to do some work on wont boot up at all. I mean no beeps, no lights no nothing. The only thing that happens is when you plug it into the wall a little green light on the ps starts blinking.

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Computer Take A While Before Boot Up Normally

I am using an epox motherboard right now. Recently, if i turn off my power supply for about 15 mins, and turn it on and restart the computer, it will give out the siren alert and no screen. Since my mobo has a led attached to show the process of initial preboot, i check the code, and it always stop when it doing memory checking. However, if i turn on the power supply, and leave it there for about 5 mins, then the computer will boot up fine. I check memory, cpu, hdd already, nothings wrong. I switched power supply too. Nothing 's wrong. I'm guessing it;s the mobo. Maybe it take a longer time to charge up before it has enough power to do the preboot.

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Triple Boot

Was wondering if the new imac can be triple booted with bootcamp or parallels? I'm wondering if a combination of windows vista, mac os x leopard, and any major linux distribution could run stable? After plenty of research most guides seem to guide through a macbook setup at a install at your own risk warning.

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Computer Boot

My brother has an dell inspiron 530, and it wont start up correctly. When i press the power button, the boot screen opens, a then, about 5-10 seconds later, a message will flash on the screen. "Ahci bios not installed". After that, the screen will turn black, with no mouse, and it will have a small horizontal line flashing in the top left corner. This will stay on the screen until i turn off the computer. I have already tried to set the hdd as the main boot device, but there was no luck there. Also, i reset the bios settings to default. No luck there, either. There were no recent hardware upgrades on this computer.

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Computer Does Not Boot

I'm having a strange problem with my htpc that i just can't figure out. When i turn it on, all the fans are running and the power and hd lights are on. However i don't get a video signal and the hd light never turns off/blinks. I disconnected the hd and removed the video card, same result. The mainboard does not seem to advance past the "power up" stage. I removed the battery on the mainboard for a bit but that didn't help. I mean if the mainboard would have a problem, it should beep right?

I am running out of ideas. It's probably the mainboard, but how can i be sure?

Here's the hardware:

Asus p5b-e
Intel core 2 duo e4300
Corsair twin2x2048-5400c4
Samsung hd321kj, t166s, 7200rpm
Asus en8500gt silent/htd/256, pci-e
Nesteq na 4501, 450w
Netgear wg311t wireless pci-adapter 802. 11g

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Boot Camp

For anyone who hasn't yet heard of boot camp, it is a program (still in beta version, available for download via apple's website) that allows users to install windows xp, and be able to boot either xp or tiger. I am lovin' this. Apple definitely did this in hopes that more people would be enticed to switch to macs, and i must say, i am more than enticed. I might even buy a macbook if i can get my hands on $2600. Apple design + the flexibility to use either osx or xp = goodness on a scale that may even rival ipod goodness.

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Cannot Boot Up From Explorer

Went to my pc to power it down and noticed an error which i should have written down exactly but it

Resembles this: "cannot create file d:$n"

Explorer was visible and everything _looked_ fine, but i was unable to activate "my computer" and i also could not reboot from explorer, both functions simply timed out. I forced a power off by holding down the power button. When i tried to reboot, i got past the bios but after that windows never loaded. I observed that all the hard drive lights were on, and the green monitor light was on, but nothing more. I did not hear any unusual sounds from the hard drives.

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Pc Wont Boot

Ok, i've gotten my pc together. When i press the power button, the power light comes on, the fans start spinning, and the the leds on my dvd burners come on for a second. However, i do not hear the "beep"s and the monitor that i plugged the computer into says "no input signal". I touched the hard drive and i could feel it vibrating. How can i resolve this issue?

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New Pc Wont Boot Os

Just built a new pc but can't get the operating system to boot. I replaced the motherboard, cpu, ram, hard drive, and power supply but can't get the machine to completely boot. I can get into the bios settings, it reads all the hardware fine, but when i try to boot the os (from the old hard drive) it starts to load then restarts. I also tried booting ubuntu from a usb drive, but it starts to load then freezes. (It freezes when it's doing something with an scsi adapter. But i don't know what that is) i can run memtest86 from the ubuntu menu and it doesn't report any errors. I'm stumped. Any ideas of what might be causing this or other things i could try? I'm trying to boot from a usb drive because i don't have any cd-r's lying around, but that's my next step. I'm think maybe trying the ultimate boot cd (which i couldn't get to work on a flash drive) any other suggestions?

I don't think it's the power supply, and the ram seems to pass the test but that could still be the problem. I believe i have all the switches and jumpers correctly positioned (i'm not doing anything crazy just the default basic stuff). Any ideas would be welcomed.

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How To Get Mac To Boot From Cd?

How can i get my mac to boot from cd? Okay im new to this i need big help. My school got a new mac lab and they threw away the old ones. I asked for one and they gave it to me. Its a power mac g4. Im very knowledgeable about computers, the computer needed some work and it turns out that the harddrive had been completely formatted. There is no operation system on it and i do not have a boot cd. Ive tried booting ubuntu linux but ubuntu requires a os to be on the computer. I have a live cd for linux from scratch and i would like to just put linux on it but every time i try to boot from a cd i just get the grey screen with the blinking file. To make matters worse i dint have a mac keyboard so im using a usb one. Ive tried cmd-opn-f-o and holding down c and even comd-opn-shift-delete and nothings boots from the cd. Ive put 15 hours in the past day to get this to work and im running out of ideas. Please i beg you.

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Boot From Usb Cd Drive

I have a panasonic toughbook. It has no os on it. Also, i have a lite-on usb cd drive. How can i boot from it?

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Boot System From Usb

I am trying to boot from my usb flash drive. I followed the instructions step for step that are in the article on this website. I downloaded the hp program and the usb image zip file. I ran the hp flash program and pointed it to the folder where i unzipped the usb image files to. I then copied all the files over to the usb memory stick as instructed. When i restart my computer and press f12 to go to the boot menu i have 3 options: sata hard drive, cd-rom drive, or usb device. So i choose usb device and when it reads the usb memory stick all i get is the error "non-system disk, replace and hit any key" its like the usb memory is missing some system files or it doesnt have the master boot record or something. I want to flash the bios in a new video card and i have to boot to dos and i dont have a floppy drive and i have win xp so a usb boot is probably the best option i have.

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Pc Will Not Boot, No Post Beep

My wife and i have matching custom built pc's. Recently the liquid cooling system in her pc needed to be flushed and refilled. I removed the mobo from the computer, pulled the cooling system from the cpu, flushed and refilled, cleaned and prepped both heatsink and cpu and applied new thermal compound, reassembled the system and turned it on. First time after flush it ran fine for about 10 minutes, then shut down normally (on it's own). Since then it has not booted properly. The indicator light on the mobo is illuminated, showing that there is power. Upon pressing the pwr switch, all devices begin to run, all fans, drives, and keyboard/mouse turn on, but the bios never starts to boot, and no post beep sounds. I am thinking that it is most likely the mobo or cpu but was hoping that someone could post an alternative here that i could try before shelling out the $200-$300 for replacement parts as everything is past warranty (by like 3 months).

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Boot Problem - Get No Video

Okay so heres the deal yesterday i was just watching some vids on the pc all of a sudden it just crashes no bluescreen or anything. So im thinking *** this isnt to good. So i pop open my case everything seems fine. Try to boot i get no video and i can here the video card fan still turning fullspeed. (Always does that on boot then goes back to normal speed. Ive had this problem before and im still not sure whats wrong. So anyways i removed everything gave it a nice cleaning redid my heatsinks cooling ***. So i plug everything back in and bam boots just fine. I noticed one of the harddrives wasnt working right so i decided to put in in secondary slave. So do that turn it on same thing vid fan spinning full speed blah blah. So i unplug the hd and same thing. So i screw around for about a halfhour and reset the cmos and replace the battery. And finally it boots. So im like snap this is cool so im fixing my clock doing all that *** and bam locks up like before. Ive tried everything ive tried known good video cards to no avail same problem and this is driving me nuts. Also checked cpu temp while it was running and it seemed fine bout 39c.

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Computer Does Not Boot, But Is Getting Power

Yesterday my wife called me to tell me that the computer wasn't working. These are the events as she described them. She brought the computer out of hibernation and the monitor gave her a message telling her that it was not receiving a signal. She turned off the computer and rebooted. She was able to log in, saw the desktop and then the computer shut off. At that point, she smelled something burning (awesome) so she just turned everything off. When i came home i was not able to get a response pushing the power button, so i unplugged the power cord from the unit, waited and plugged it back in. As soon as i plugged it back in, i heard the motherboard fan come on. The amber light on the front of the tower came on to indicate that the unit was receiving power. I was not able to power the cpu on however by pressing the power button, nor did the power-on light come on. I opened the unit to see if my limited hardware knowledge could spot anything obvious burnt or unplugged. I couldn't find anything obvious. Even today, when i plug in the power cord, the motherboard fan comes on right away. What's going on here? This is beyond my scope of knowledge.

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Cannot Boot From Hard Drive

If i put a windows xp disk in the cd drive and both the hard drive and optical drive are connected, it will boot past post and then stop with a flashing cursor. If i disconnect the hard drive, it will boot past post, read the cd and run setup. No matter what, if a hard drive is present, it will just stop after ide detection and flash the cursor. I've check the bios and the hard drive is recognized and it's setup to boot from cd first. I've tried another known good hard drive, tried changing cables and ide slots. Even cleared cmos. I've pretty much tried every configuration that i can think of. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone ever encountered this issue? I'm thinking mobo but am confused as the optical drive works on both the primary and secondary ide channels.

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Vista Boot Very Slow

I turned all my settings back to stock for the oc and reinstalled vista but it is still taking forever to load, i have no idea why. Once inside vista, it runs just fine. Any suggestions? This is vista 64 on i7 with a ex58-ud5 board.

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Intermittent Boot Failure

The problem is intermittently the system powers up but fails to even attempt to boot - no bios beeps, and bios and vid. Bios screens not displayed. Drives spin up ok. Have tried different case and psu (in fact system is currently in borrowed case). The system only ever fails to boot if the system is cold-started - the system warm-reboots ok. Tried different ram, had m/b replaced once, new m/b been returned to dealer where they (supposedly) found no problems when tested with other kit and with my psu, but system not been professionaly tested as a whole. Have also tried different graphics card, removing modem and sound card, running system from hdd only, but still having problems. All connectors are firmly seated. There are no config options in bios or jumpers for ram and the cpu is set up correctly and automatically. Have used 375 and 300w psus with system (300w seemed better then system started playing up again)
Nvidia geforce4 mx440 agp8x graphics card (8x is supported by m/b), and have also tried geforce2 4x. The os may be irrelevant, but i've tried winxppro, win2000, winnt4, mandrake linux 9 and a linux distro that boots from cd (knoppix). All drivers installed ok. Won't even bother with win9x/me because i hate it.

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