How To Scan Multiple Pages To Pdf Using Hp Solution Center ?

Using the "hp solution center" with the hp officejet prol7590, how can one scan multiple pages to pdf? I can successfully scan one page to pdf format. The scanner tries to detect a second page for scanning, but this stops before i have time to turn the original around, and place it onto the document feeder again. Are there ways to do this without actually using two hard copies of the source document? (I hope i am clear enough).

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Toshiba 232 - Scan Multiple Pages Into One Pdf

I have a toshiba e-studio 232 printer, scanner and copier and i want to scan multiple pages into one pdf? I have 30 booklets with 50+ pages each and i want to be able to scan each of the booklets into one pdf file. When i scan a booklet the printer just puts each page as a separate pdf file.

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Uninstall Hp Solution Center

Can i get rid of hp solution center? I got it with my printer and it is so annoying. During startup it loads and keeps popping up. This goes on for like five minutes and slow everything down. Can i uninstall it or is it essential for my printer?

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Hp Solution Center Popup

So i had something called windows installer pop-up when i just started my computer. I did disable it and restarted my computer. It disappeared. But now whenever i try to open hp solution center, that pop-up appears, i click on cancel, the solution center still appears but i know something isn't right. Please show me how i can get rid of that pop-up forever!

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Hp Solution Center Is Not Loading

I have a hp deskjet f4104. I deleted some programs a while back and hp solution center is not loading. What can i install or do to get it up and running. The hour glass shows for a split second when i double click on the program and nothing else. I am really frustrated. I have to copy some documents and pictures and can't get the program to load.

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Hp Solution Center Scanning Error Message

Just recently, at the beginning on the year, my computer had to be rebooted because it would not turn on. When i finally got the computer up and running again i installed my printer/scanner (hp photosmart c4480). When i went to scan some cards that i was going to sell on ebay using the multiple image scanning of the solution center i received the error message:

Hpqkygrp.exe - entry point not found followed by the procedure entry point? 0cscanshortcut@@qae@pb_w0@z could not be located in the dynamic link library hpqtscmn.dll. I did not know what to do, because the printer could not have been messed up it was brand new, i received it for christmas. I have searched the internet over and over for a solution, but found nothing relating to my problem. So i turned to the help of hp, which i dread, and talked to 5 of their tech support people, one twice, and they did not know what to do. I have already tried the uninstall and reinstall like a million times and have reset everything to the factory settings, but so far nothing has helped.

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Hp Officejet L7680 Scan As Pdf

Hp officejet pro l7680 all-in-one. My scanner hasn't worked for awhile again. I can only scan documents as a jpeg file again. I'm only able to scan everything in picture format. Why and how can i scan it as a pdf?

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How To Reduce Pdf File Size After Scan ?

My hp c4440 scanner producing pdf files of large size. How to reduce the file size? I have an hp c4440 scanner. I am scanning documents, but the output pdf files are of large size. Is there an option by which the file size can be reduced?

Answer:- reduce the file size of the scanned pdf document by opening the original pdf which is of large size in "adobe acrobat reader" or "adobe acrobat professional" and click on save as option to save another copy of the same file and check the size, you will sure have the file size reduced, also there are huge number of softwares available, try google.

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Hp Scanjet 5590 Software To Scan Pdf File

Scan to pdf software for hp scanjet 5590. I am looking for a free software which scan document and convert it to pdf, previously i was using adobe acrobat professional for this task but now i am looking for something free. Hp scanjet 5590 comes with a document feeder and i usually scan multiple pages and save it on a single pdf file. Its there any hp utility to complete this task?

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Hp Deskjet F4210 Doesn't Scan Pdf

Hp deskjet f4210 doesnt scan pdf, i wanted to scan a file as a pdf so i started the scan and for file type i looked but pdf but not their. Any help for me. If you need more information i'll add more details.

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Hp Laserjet 3050 Scan Document Into Pdf Format

How can i use the hp3050 and scan document into pdf format. I can see jpeg, png, fpx, tif, gif, bmp but no pdf?

Answer:- u can try foxonic, a powerful image to pdf converter and very easy to use. 2 steps to convert scanned images to pdf with foxonic:

(1) click "settings" -> set building mode to "all to one" and set destination pdf file name, location. (2) select all the image files and right click the selected source files, click "build selected files to pdf", then all the selected files will be converted to destination pdf file automatically. U can download and try it for free from here:

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Scanner That Support Auto Feed Facility To Scan Pages

I have to scan 10000 pages daily, which scanner to support in hp and auto feed facility?

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Scan Multiple Documents On Hp Scanner

How do you scan multiple documents on an hp printer/scanner? When i try to scan multiple sheets, they come out as one document. I want to be able to scan all of the sheets at the same time, but then handle each individual sheet separately. For example, i would like to put each sheet in a separate file without scanning each sheet individually. Can i do this using an hp officejet j6400 printer/ scanner?

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Hp Photosmart C6380 Scanning As Pdf

Trying to scan on my new scanner, and i don't know what any of these computer terms mean. I don't have my entourage set up, so can't scan to that, no apple mail to scan to either. What are these terms and what do they do (the scanner book doesn't help me at all):

Tiff to preview
Pdf to preview

I kind of understand what ocr to textedit and msword are, but that isn't what i want. I want the actual document just scanned into a file onto my computer, just like i could do on my older aio, but now am too software illiterate to do. Is my only option jpeg to iphoto, even though i don't want it as jpegs, but as pdfs instead?

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Print Pdf Files With Hp Photosmart

How do i print pdf files with hp photosmart?

Answer:- download and install adobe acrobat reader, open ur pdf file with adobe acrobat reader , click "file -> print. "

Get adobe acrobat reader from: http://get.

And here, there are some tips u should note when printing pdf file: if u encountered problems when printing pdf file, such as, can't printing pdf file, only printing part of pdf file, try following solution:

(1) the problem may causing by the printer driver, try to download and install the latest driver of ur printer from website of hp. (2) if the problem still exist, try to print the pdf as image:

Choose file / print; in the print dialogue window choose the advance button. Near the top of the dialogue screen, tick the box "print as image"

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Hp F380 Scanner Not Showing Pdf Option

In my scanner hp f380 not showing pdf option. My com. Op.sys is windows xp and already acrobat reader 7. 0? How can i get scanned in pdf file ?

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How To Save Scanned Doc As Pdf Using Lexmark Scanner ?

Lexmark 7600 printer/scanner, how do i save a scanned doc as a pdf? Is a tiff. Similar to rtf. ?

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Risk Using Proxy Pages

Web filters get more sophisticated every day. They can scan and detect proxies as soon as you try to use them. The most advanced systems can block you within seconds. Others send a report to the admin and the block is done manually. The name of the proxy, how new it is, whether its https or not does not matter. The proxy will be detected and blocked because its a proxy. There is also considerable risk in using free proxies from unknown sources. Many of these free proxies are what are called hacker pots. They are there waiting for you to fall into their trap so they can steal your information and plant bots on your computer. Once a bot is planted the hacker has control of your machine and can steal credit cards, attack web sites and send out tons of spam all from your ip address. Some of the free proxies/vpn's are run by people out to make money. There is nothing wrong with that in principle. However the best case here is that you will get a proxy loaded with advertisements with no real speed to it. The amount of money the owner can make with advertising clicks is really only pennies. Many of these owners supplement their income by key logging everything you do and selling your personal information to advertising companies. Since you have no way to know what the owner is actually doing you need to assume the worst case is true.

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Size Of Pages Displayed

I just got my computer back from a repair shop (for the 3rd time) and when i hooked the monitor up it auto-configured for the proper settings. For some reason though when it displays a page it is too large. I have to keep scrolling horizontally, and i'm not sure what settings are messed up. A more detailed description is that everything is large, but the text (font) is proportional. When i first go online yahoo will display whole screen without me have to scroll sideways. Once i click from there though everything else i have to scroll sideways. Ex- i have to scroll sideways to bring the sign in boxes on myspace into view. Hardware and settings:

I went to desktop and i tried to see if i could see anything obvious but i am not sure and i don't want to compound the error when i don't know what i'm doing. (I think the dpl is off)

The current setting under properties on the desktop are:

Screen resolution= 800*600
Color quality= 32bit

Anyways the monitor is a hpw19e (plug and play)- i hope this is enough?

On a nvidia geforce 6250le

Clicking on advanced features under color management the dpi setting is on normal size (96dpi)

I think this needs to be set on large size (120 dpi)- but once again this is just a guesstimate for me, i don't have a clue. If there is any other info i didn't include please just let me know. And thank you for any tips or suggestions anyone can pass on to me. A virus got my computer and it took six months before i could afford to get it looked at and i used other computers around the house - i was kinda hoping when i got it hooked back up the first time it'd would be like putting on a pair of well broken in shoes but between this and the repair place i keep coming up with stones.

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Hp 1600 - How Many Pages Can Be Printed With 1 Cartridge ?

Need to print something thats 470 pages long. If i do it on my home (hp 1600 series) computer, how many pages could i expect out of a single cartridge?

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How Many Pages Hp C4488 Printer Can Print ?

How many pages does one cartridge of an hp c4488 printer print? I know its not possible to get an exact answer, but just tell me the average no. Of pages it can.

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Printer Printing Dark Pages

What can i do about my printer that is printing really dark pages? I can still see the print but the pages are coming out all faded gray. It a hp laser jet 4000 in the library where i work at. Last night i open alot of pdf documents & printed. Would that have caused it? What can i do to try fix the printing of dark pages?

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Hp Laserjet Toner - How Many Number Of Pages Can Be Printed?

How many number of pages can be printed from one hp laser jet toner?

Answer:- that depends on how much ink is used on each page. For instance, if you only printed one letter per page, one tone cartridge could last for millions of pages. If you printed every page completely black, it would be used up in a few hundred pages.

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Hp P1007 Laserjet Printer - How Many Pages Can Be Print ?

I am interested in buying hp p1007 laserjet printer. Can anybody tell me whether it right decision?How many times refilling of cartridge is possible in p1007 model? What is the cost of refilling and how many pages can be print? Pl. Suggest any other printer if you think better?

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Printer Printing Pages Light And Dark

Printer ink light not on, pages printing light and dark. Well i have a samsung printer, never have changed ink in a printer before as it is my first printer and new. I am printing off a flyer, the typing is light down the middle of the page which interferes with some of he font. Any setting etc i can use to fix this?

Answer:- this sounds like a laser printer, correct? Try shaking the toner cartridge. The toner may not be evenly distributed. Or your toner cartridge is low - you need to replace it.

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Lexmark Printer Printing Only Blank Pages

I had to change the printer cartridge - black - a few days ago for the first time. The printer prints out an alignment page which only has the black lines on it, not the colored ones. Says there is a problem with the alignment. I have tried canceling the alignment request, but when i try to print the paper goes through but comes out blank. The printer works as a scanner, but not as a copier, which suggests it's a cartridge problem, but i don't know how to fix it. Anyone got any ideas please?

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How To Get Hp Printer To Stop Printing Test Pages?

How do i get my hp printer to stop printing test pages? I have a mac and installed snow leopard. About a month later i changed the ink in my hp c3180 all-in-one printer. Now every time i turn it on, it prints a test page (big waste of ink). When i put the test page in the scanner to "align" it (thats what apparently stops the needless printing of test pages), it wont scan. I click scan and the light just blinks. I hooked it up to my mac and opened the app that came with hp, called scan pro, and that says 'no scanner detected'. The only conclusion i can come up with is that switching to snow leopard ruined my ability to scan and theres no hp driver in snow leopard? I scanned stuff just fine before i had snow leopard. But my main question is how do i get the printer to stop printing annoying test pages that take 2mn to print and is a waste of ink?

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Hp Officejet J5780 Printer Keeps Printing Blank Pages

I have a hp officejet j5780 all-in-one printer and every time i print something it prints out blank pages. At first i thought it was the ink low but it will not print black and white or color which means its not that?

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Hp Deskjet F4488 Print Capacity Number Of Pages

What is the print capacity (in no. Of pages)for hp deskjet (f4488) cartridge 818/818xl? I would like to know actually how many a4 black & white or color pages can i print with hp deskjet (f4488) cartridge 818/818xl. I would also like to know whether the ink will dry up if i use the printer only 3-4 times in a month ? Can this cartridge be refilled (either when the ink has dried up or it has been used up )?

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Hp Photosmart C4680 Printer - Double Sided Pages

Is there a unit i can attach to my hp photosmart c4680 printer to make it be able to double side pages? Can i add an attachment to the back of the printer which allows it to double-side pages?

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