No Video Playback In Vlc On New Monitor

I just setup my new 20" widescreen lcd monitor from acer. Awesome picture quality so far and no dead pixels! Hooray!

But when i tried to open several different video files in both qt and vlc, and several differnet formats, there was no video. Just audio and a black screen where the video should have been. These files are good as i just watched some of them on my old dell crt. What's up?

I tried playing wow and some youtube video and they worked. Are there drivers for my monitor? I have a 7600 256 gt. I also tried some video in itunes and they look great! This is on xp. It's like i'm playing a video of just black frames. That's it. It's totally weird. I don't have any wmps. I even tried reinstalling vlc. No luck. Just got even weirder. Tried adding the file i've been testing (mario galaxy video) to itunes and boom! It played just fine.

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Vlc Wont Play Second Monitor

Vlc won't play on second monitor. I did a lot of looking around with no success on fixing this issue. Finally after hours of playing around i found my solution to play vlc on my second monitor in full screen. Tools > preferences > show all settings > video > uncheck embedded video

Thought i would post this for anyone else having an issue.

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Video Playback Problems

Building a computer for a friend, its nothing special but not too bad except that it keeps locking up whenever i try any sort of video playback, be it in windows media, powerdvd or nero suite. Sound plays fine, i occasionally get an image but mostly it just locks the machine solid and i have to reset it.

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Choppy Hd Video Playback On Pc

Avchd playback is very choppy on my pc. I am having a little trouble editing hd video on my current computer and i am assuming it is due to my video card. I have a canon m30 camcorder that records 1080p - footage looks great on the camera and when played on my ps3 directly from the sd card. However, when i import it to either my desktop or laptop, the video is incredible choppy, with whatever player i use (vlc, wmp or adobe premiere). Current pc -

Phenom ii 720 be @ 3. 3ghz (200x16. 5)
Asus m4a78-e
8gb g. Skill pc8500 5-5-5-15
7950gt (650/1600)

I also have an onboard ati radeon hd 3300 - i took the 7950 out and used that, same results. I really do not play a lot of games nowadays so i don't really care too much about gaming performance. I mean, my 7950gt suffices my gaming needs so anything better then that is gravy. I am looking for a good video editing card that can handle 24 mbps 1080p 60i videos well, gaming being secondary. I am trying to stick to a $150 budget since my 3rd kid arrives in a month, all extra cash is going that way. Ps - blu-ray movies play perfect from drive, even the ones i made from the camcorder footage!

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Computer Locks Up During Video Playback

My computer acts sluggish most of the time, but remains stable until i try to play any format of movie file. 90% of the time or so my computer will then lockup after opening any movie file. It does the same thing overclocked or stock. It doesn't seem to be dependent on the temperature, sometimes it will come out of a lockup when i control-alt-delete, but the system will run sluggish after this point. I've tried every codec you could think of, switched to vista (got driver stopped responding errors), switched back to xp, use all sorts of media players, reset the cmos, changed settings, etc, etc. I have no idea what the issue could be, but i'm thinking ram or video card. What do you suggest i do?

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Video Playback Over Dual Monitors

I have had dual monitor setup for a while and always wanted to try to play a video over both screens is this possible or is it video card limited?

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Using Dell 6400 Media Buttons To Control Vlc Player

Is there anyway i can use my dell inspiron 6400 player buttons beside the speaker to indirectly control vlc? The play/pause forward and stop buttons on my laptop work fine with windows media player but im a huge user of vlc player so is there any plug-in or something that allows me to use these buttons on vlc player?

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Video Card For Improving Video Quality On 22'' Monitor

I am seeking for help to improve the video quality of the 22'' monitor. It's samsung t220 and the max resolution it supports is 1680 x 1050. Currently, it's connected through vga with the onboard intel integrated graphics. Say if i connect a video card and then connect monitor through dvi, will i be able to see considerable improvement in the video quality? Please advise how do i get the best out of the monitor. Also, can i see hd content on this monitor? It does support hdcp. And i found this ati radeon 4350 hd video card - which looks decent enough for movies and casual stuff. I don't plan to game on this machine. Is this card fine for my purpose?

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Choppy Hd Playback On Laptop

I just bought a new gateway laptop at best buy. The specs on it are. Vista 64 bit.amd turion dual core 2. 1 ghz. 3gb of memory. And the video card is a ati radeon hd3200. I seem to get alot of choppyness playing some hd videos. Especially on and still some good amount of lag on hd videos. They arent choppy when i dont hit the full screen, but the moment i switch over to full screen, lag. But when i watch the hd tv shows at on full screen they run fine, also on they run good. My screen resolution is at 1280by1024. I have the rescent adobe player 10 and the most rescent updated ati drivers that are out. Any clues?

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Dvd+r Playback Problem

I have just completed a dvd project which i refer to in my last thread here but i burned the project to a dvd+r and it worked on certain dvd players but not my ps2 and not the dvd player my teacher has. He wanted a copy of the dvd so the librarian popped it into a dvd copier and burned it to a dvd-r. Apparently this works in my teachers dvd drive now?

What gives? Everything i've ever seen suggests + is the best for dvd playback? And - being better for files. I've always used plus for both and it's never really mattered to me.

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Jerky Dvd Playback

Hope someone out there can help me out with a jerky dvd playback problem i seem to have. My dvd rom is totally 100% ok but i just seem to experience jerky playback whenever i play a dvd movie on windows media player, powerdvd 7, vlc, media player classic. Theres nothing wrong with the dvd as it works fine on a dvd player. Tried playing it on another computer and it works fine so i installed the dvd rom from that computer onto mine and it gives me the jerky problem again. Ive activated the dma settings and everything so thats been done. My video card is a nvidia 6800 and ive updated the drivers etc. I was reading somewhere that my ide cable could be outdated and thats whats giving me this problem, weird cause it didn't occur like when i first got it.

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Computer Stuttering During Audio Playback

I'm having a strange problem that i have no idea how to even begin diagnosing. I've been using the same home-built computer for two years now—ran vista for the first year and a windows 7 beta build for the last year. A few weeks ago i did a clean install of windows 7 retail (64 bit. The beta build was also 64 bit). So this is the same computer, running a new version of the same operating system i've been using. Ever since the fresh os install, my computer has been occasionally stuttering during media playback. It seems to be audio related, but it happens during videos or games too. The audio will "glitch" two or three times, the mouse will skip if i'm currently moving it, and then everything will be normal. It doesn't happen at regular intervals, but i'd say it usually happens about once an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't think the problem can be corrupted files, because it happens regardless what i'm listening to (and isn't consistent to any specific files), regardless of what harddrive it's stored on, or when i downloaded it (new, freshly downloaded music also stutters). For music, i use winamp or the zune software. For video, windows media player classic. It's also happened while playing games, though the stuttering is less noticeable. Hardware wise, i have some basic logitech speakers running off onboard audio. Motherboard is gigabyte p35 ds3l with realtek alc888 onboard audio. Cpu is an e8400, (not overclocked). Videocard is an 8800gt, 4 gigs of ram, win7 64bit. All drivers are up to date. What can i do? Where do i start? Thanks for you help.

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Hp Pavilion Vf52 For Dvd Playback

Can a hp pavilion vf52 play dvds? The hp vf52 is a 15-inch lcd monitor. Answer:-

Of course you can use it to view dvd playback if it's connected to a computer that has a dvd drive in it. Blu-ray discs is a totally different story though. The vf52 is not hdcp compliant, so you will not be able to view high-definition blu-ray disc playback on it. (High definition blu-ray playback requires an hdcp compliant video card and an hdcp compliant monitor or hdtv).

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Windows Sound Issue: No Playback Devices

Im working on my friend's computer here. I gave it a fresh install of xp sp2 about 3 weeks ago, and the sound was working just dandy, then all of a sudden, the sound stopped working and was replaced by motherboard beeps =p

Obviously the first thing to check was the drivers. Windows said they were working properly, so i uninstalled the device, and let windows reinstall the drivers. Same deal, said they installed fine. Looking into the sound properties in control panel, it says "no playback devices" "no recording devices" and "no midi playback devices" all in grey. I figured his onboard audio card had just died, so i brought over my spare sound card, a soundblaster audigy 2, in great condition, which i know works. Installed the drivers from creative's website, same exact thing. Device manager says "installed and working properly" and sound properties says no devices installed. I then scheduled a disk scan and restarted the computer, it didnt find any errors. Does anyone know whats going on? Sounds like a registry problem of sorts. Or some obscure windows problem. Really dont want to re-reinstall windows, if possible.

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Ps2 Tray Issues And Playback Problems

I bought a ps2 (i think version 4?) Off of ebay a year ago. The seller said it wasn't used much and it looked new. It has a flip top on it. It worked so well. And i hardly ever played it. (All types of discs worked in it blue. Purple. Backups. Originals. Etc)

Then one day my foot caught the cord and down it came ! *Cries*

Now only a few of my backups will work (and they work slow and have errors) !

And when i press the eject button the tray goes back in by itself after 2 seconds !

Do i need to fix the white gear that's connected to the tray ?

I tried adjusting the laser gear ? But i still have problems playing any of my backed up games. (Some originals still work; but not all of them work well)

What to do ? Some one please give some info/advice

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Message: No Video Input, On The Monitor

I recently transferred all components into a new case with new psu and cpu cooler (due to noise). Everything comes on, but i'm getting a "no video input" message on the monitor. I've tried two different monitors, 3 different graphics cards, but get the same result. Can anyone suggest a course of action?

Computer specifications:

400w icute psu
Elitegroup motherboard, 649-m3
P4 cpu
2gb ram
Maxtor 300gb hdd
Akasa cpu fan
Geforce 7100 video card (pci-e)

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Monitor Keep Going Dark While Watching Video

Why does my desktop monitor keep going dark while i'm watching video? & No it is not my power saving settings!?

Note:this has nothing to do with power saving settings, i have my display to never turn of nor sleep! The light on the monitor indicates that it in fact is still on but theres nothing i can do to bring it back on unless i can close or pause any video streaming. If i'm watching anything on wmp i can turn the display back on by hitting the play/pause button but youtube or anything else is harder to do. What is wrong? My specs are as follow:

Nvidia geforce gtx 220
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
Amd atholon(tm) 64 x2 dual core processor 6000+ 3. 00 gh

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Monitor / Video Card Problem

Ok so out of nowhere my monitor has these blue and red lines blinking all over the place. If i try to put the refresh rate at 60 hz where its supposed to be, it goes ape-**** crazy and i cant even read anything on the monitor because its going nuts. But, this problem is quite weird. I have an on-board video card, and my pci-e video card. I also have two monitors. The current hd monitor has the problem with the pci-e video card, but the other monitor works perfect. The hd monitor though, works perfectly with the on-board video card. So i have no idea if it is a monitor problem or a video card problem, since they both work under different conditions. The hd monitor works with the on-board video perfectly, while the non-hd monitor works perfectly with the pci-e video card. The hd monitor will not work in 1080p at all. The screen goes crazy when i try. I have to keep it at a low refresh rate and resolution to do anything on it. Odd. I know. Any help would be a great service. Btw. I already tried separate drivers for the pci-e card. I also redid my whole os totally. So thats not it either. I'm lost. Which doesnt happen very often, lol.

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Adding A Second Video Card For Dual Monitor + Tv

I currently have a 4870 and will get a new tv soon. A good amount of my media library is on my pc, so i want to be able to use it seamlessly. Here's the problem: i already have a dual monitor setup, and would have to sacrifice one dvi output for the hdmi connection. The other option may be the video-out, but i don't like the idea because i want the tv to use 1920x1080, proper hdtv. So i'm thinking i'll add a 4830, maybe 4850, this will give me plenty of outputs and also a bit of a performance boost thanks to crossfire. (Could get more if i bought a "bigger" card, but i don't play games much so it's not a big deal. ) The main concerns are silence and power consumption, but those are usually not a problem with that range of video cards anyway. Anybody have experience with this matter? Specific recommendations?

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Video Card For 1680x1050 And 22 Inch Monitor

After years of great gaming with an 8800gtx it finally went out and i am now stuck using a old geforce fx 5200. Since i need a new video card for my system i would like to know what is recommended. I would like to know what video card you guys recommend for a gaming res of 1680x1050. This is off topic, but i am also considering upgrading my cpu from a q6600 to a e8500 although i could swear that i got a major performance boost when i went from a 2. 4ghz core2duo i forget the model to a q6600 g0 in crysis. I would like advice on this from other gamers. Is it worth the change for game performance?

My most played games are:

Fallout 3, mass effect, and witcher enhanced.

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Dual Monitor Not Working - No Video Input

I'm trying to get dual-monitor working. So i can play my ps3 on my eq2200hd while viewing a guide on my other one. The eq2200hd 1920x1080 and the philips 190s is 1280x1024. On boot my philips gets up to starting windows then suddenly says no video input, while my eq2200hd switches between dvi & hdmi fine. Oh, i'm using a radeon 4980.

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2 Video Cards In One Computer - 3 Monitor Setup

I currently have nvidia geforce 7300 (i think - it's a few years old) inside my computer;
I'm running two monitors off of it (22" and 19") - one via the dvi slot, and one through vga. Clarification:

** I have asus p6t motherbord, which has 2 pci express slots
** Current cpu is 500w; and already running a good amount of stuff from it:

Intel i7 920
9gb ddr3 ram spread over 6 dimms
6 sata hard drives

Pretty much, i'm looking for the best mid-range card that my power configuration can handle. I will be taking delivery of two 24" dell ultrasharps tomorrow. I was thinking of adding another video card, so that i can plug in the ultrasharps into the dvi slots of the respective video cards, and plug in the 3rd monitor into a vga slot. Are there any flaws in my logic?

I was looking at picking up something basic like the:- 243. 390

I do not game so no real need for a high priority video card; however, with starcraft ii and diablo iii on the horizon, i wouldn't mind checking those out; so something with a little bit of room to grow would be nice. Any advice mucho appreciated.

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Advantages To Running Second Monitor With Onboard Video

I use a gtx 285 to run 2 monitors right now 1920x1080+1680x1050. I never do any gaming on both screens at once and i don't intend to. Would there be any advantages or disadvantages to running a second or 3rd monitor off of on-board video? 785g or g57(when it comes out).

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S-video Resolution On Dual Monitor Setup

I have an inno3d nvidia geforce4 ti4200 (agp 8x , 128mb ddr). It has a vga port and an s-video output, but no digital output. I'm considering buying an lcd/tv monitor (as a second monitor) and using the s-video connection to setup a dual monitor system. My concern is resolution when using s-video. The inno3d website says:

Optional tv-output support 1024x768 / 800 x 600 resolution

What do you guys think? Will i get a crisp 800 x 600 resolution using s-video input (assuming that the lcd/tv is decent)?

Also, i'm using windows 2000. Will i need to upgrade to xp in order to get dual monitor functionality?

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Dell Monitor - Cannot Display This Video Mode

Dell monitor saying "cannot display this video mode"? I just got a fat old monitor yesterday and it said it wasn't in frequency range so i got a new slim dell monitor today and when i turned it one it said cannot display this video mode i rebooted my computer pressed f8 and went into safe mode but it just brought me back to the cannot display video mode what do it have to do to fix it! (Btw my tower is a dell that is 3 years old and just got repaired )

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Pc Monitor Without A Video Signal - Black Screen Bios

Upon starting my computer, it doesn't always start, it just sits with a black screen not loading the bios and the monitor claims there's no video signal. It's been like this for less than a week now consistantly. So, i'll reboot and everything is suddenly fine and the bios loads up and windows is good to go. Last week i added a gigabyte wireless card to my pc which i believe might have caused some some problems. I took the card out yesterday and i haven't seen the problem comeback so far. I'm really baffled as to why something like this would happen whether it's just the card or if something relating to my motherboard is bad, like the pci slot. The wireless card worked fine and everything. What should my next step be to figuring this out, should i put the wireless card back in? Any tests i can run to see if a component is going bad?

Computer specifications:

Msi k8ngm-v board
Athlon 64 3000+
Xfx 6600gt
2 512mb gskillz ram sticks
Audigy se soundcard
Gigabyte gn-wp01gs wireless card
Seasonic 330watt psu
80gig seagate hd

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Quad Monitor Setup With 7300 Gs Video Cards

We're looking to upgrade a workstation here from a dual monitor setup to a quad-monitor setup running 4 x 22" lcds. The current system in question is a 939 4200+ (neo-f platinum) with a 7300gs running 2x19 lcd monitors. From a cpu/video standpoint, the system is still adequate and the 7300gs runs 2 monitors just fine. We're a small engineering company who runs basic autocad 2d, lightweight design programs, word, excel. Etc. Certainly nothing that requires high-end graphics. However, we're looking to upgrade the monitors to 4x22" lcds each running native at 1650x1080. This would require an additional pci-e 1x or pci video card. The mb has a pci-e 16x, 4x, and 1x slot. Looking at pci-e 1x cards, all i'm seeing is the quadro series. Ultimately, i'll probably upgrade the primary 16x card to the quadro fx370 and use the nvs290 in the 1x slot as the secondary card. Probably somewhat overkill and it's an additional $300 cost. 1) would it be possible to power monitors 3 and 4 at 1650x1080 with a pci card?

2) could a 16x pci-e card be used in the 4x slot? I've read that the open-ended 4x slot on the neo-f can support a 16x, but at a lower bandwidth. 3) ultimately, i'd like to use 2 consumer-level cards. Ati or nvidia - doesn't really matter. Is this possible?

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Video Card Or Monitor Problem - Vertical Line On Screen

I suddenly have discovered there is a long violet-colored line running from the top to bottom of my lcd screen. It seems to be one pixel wide.could it be the monitor or the video card ? How do i test ?

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Getting Higher Resolution Monitor, Should I Upgrade My Cpu Or Video Card ?

My system is in my sig. I am planning on getting a larger monitor and going from 1680x1050 to 1920x1200. I know its not that much of a differance but i also have enough money to also get either a cpu (phenom ii 955) or a new video card (radeon 5770). About the only games i play is world of warcraft, burnout paradise, and battlefield 2, and 2142. Which would be the best for me to get, the video card or cpu?

Not that it really matters but i plan on getting the samsung t260hd.

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Good Video Card Solution For A 3rd And 4th Monitor ?

I'm getting ready to ditch my x1900xtx, as seen from my other thread, and upgrade it. It'll be used for my 3rd and 4th monitors. Preferably in the $50-$150 range. My 3rd and 4th monitors are used for websites and movies (blueray). I use a 4870 as my primary on my 1st and 2nd monitors. On those, i do rendering, animation, and games, as well as movies. Since i'll be watching hd movies on it, would i need a good card, do you think?

I've been looking at a used 4770, and 4670. Do i need something better?

I've never done sli or crossfire, but do you guys recommend it? Is there a big performance increase?

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