Sapphire Radeon Hd 4850 - Emachine Et1331-02

My computer only has one visible power slot for a graphics card with two connectors? My computer model is an emachine et1331-02. As i've already had enough trouble breaking open the back of the case's metal slots (problem described here:, now another problem arises. I'm only 14, and i don't know too much about computers themselves. I recently got this new graphics card to enhance my computer, a sapphire radeon hd 4850, and its power connector has two individual slots, and in my machine, i can only see one visible slot to plug it in. Do i need both to power the card? If not, which one do i use (one has 3 wires connected and the other has 5)? And if i do need both. I only have one slot.

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Sapphire Radeon Hd 4850 Compatibility With Asus M4a785td-v Evo

Is the sapphire vapor-x 100273l radeon hd 4850 compatible with the asus m4a785td-v evo am3 amd 785g? And how would you know if they are?

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Ati Radeon Hd 4850 Fullscreen Problem

All of a freakin sudden, when i load pc games in fullscreen mode, i get this weird stair effect which has different colored lines going through the entire screen. Plus, sometimes it even keeps blinking in and out of the screen being normal, and the lines being through it like every 2 seconds! What in davey jones's locker is the problem here?! It just started doing this all of a sudden! Please don't metion windowed mode, because that *** me off when i tried that and couldn't move around in the game (like company of heros). Games like that, which require you to put the mouse cursor on the side of the screen to move around the map. Tell me how i can do that in windowed mode when the taskbar (start, and what not) at the bottom, not to mention half the screen not even being on the damn monitor. Only thing is, i don't see the lines in windowed mode, which is weird. Please, if you guys know how to get my games running in fullscreen again without any problems, i'd be grateful a whole bunch!

Computer stats: alienware desktop with amd phenom x4 9550 quad-core processor with dual ati radeon hd 4850 512mb gddr graphics card and 4gb ram (expandable to 16gb).

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Ati Radeon 4850 Hd Installation On Linux

I am trying to install the drivers of the above mentioned card. I downloaded the drivers from the ati site and then proceeded to locate the . Run and type sudo sh *run. I then go to edit the settings in the catalyst control center and it says there was a problem initializing the catalyst control center linux edition. No ati graphics driver installed or the driver isn't functioning properly. I have double checked 3 times to make sure i was using the correct driver. Ati-driver-installer-9-1-x86. X86_64. Run

I have run various commands to install all other possible proprietary drivers but nothing still, i have also used the

Ati-driver-installer-9-1-x86. X86_64. Run -buildpkg ubuntu/8. 10

This created a lot of . Deb files and i am not sure what needs to be done with them? So any help is greatly appreciated. Can't wait to get my 3 monitor system up and running in linux.

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Three Monitors Sapphire Radeon Hd 4870

I have a sapphire radeon hd 4870 graphics card and use two monitors. Though i'm happy with my setup now i might want to try three monitors in the future, so i was curious as to what i would need to do that. My current graphics card has only two dvi outputs, so i can't connect three straight to it. Are there cables that allow one dvi output to go to two monitors, and still be able to split them as a shared desktop? Another alternative i see is to get a second video card. Not xfire-i know that then only the outputs on the main card will work. But if i were to take, say, a radeon 3650 and install it as a second video device would i be able to use that to attach another monitor or two? Would there be any possibility of driver conflicts? Another possibility is that i have an old bfg 9500gt lying about. I doubt ati and nvidia would mix well, but would it be possible to use that?

I'm just curious about this is all. Intel pentium dual core e2200 2. 2ghz oc@2. 86ghz
Asus p5q pro
Ocz platinum 4gb ddr2 1066
Sapphire radeon hd 4870 1gb
Corsair tx750w

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Ati Radeon 9500 Sapphire Overclock

My old 9500 is getting a bit old. Going to buy a new card soon quite a good one but in the mean time while i'm saving i want to look at overclock my 9500. I have seen the soft mod things but none of them are compatible with my card. Its a red pcb but it didn't work no matter what i tried. Its got bog standard cooling so cant go to mad. But i was wondering what people think i could do with the card. And if it would make any difference in games like farcry, vietcong 2, call of duty etc.

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Sapphire Radeon X1650 Drivers Kill Pc

Just got a sapphire radeon 1650. And every time i install drivers and reboot after install system crashes and monitor shuts off. No keyboard response have to push & hold power button on tower to shut pc off. Have to reboot xp in safe mode and uninstall drivers to work pc again. Tried it with install cd & tried w/driver download from ati website. Same results. Any ideas?

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Sapphire Radeon X1300 Or Asus Geforce 6600

I might put a new card in my cousins system for his birthday but i cant make up my mind on which one would be better for the money. Which do you guys think is better?

Sapphire radeon x1300


Asus geforce 6600

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Sapphire Ati Radeon X1650 Problem Installing Drivers

I just finally got my new video card in the mail, a sapphire ati radeon x1650 (512mb, pci express), i get it into my computer just fine, but now the drivers will not install. The cd that came with it either locks up my pc when i try to load it, or the installer doesn't even do anything. I tried downloading the latest drivers for the correct card from both the ati website and the sapphire website. Both ones don't work. I made sure to remove all traces of the old ati drivers, so that shouldn't be causing the problem. I know my pc works with everything, the new drivers just refuse to install. Here is what happens when i run the setup:

1. Ati software installation screen opens (the big fullsize window with a red background)
2. A message window pops up, titled: notify
There is no message in the box, just an ok button. 3. After pressing the ok button, a new notify window opens, now with the message, "data. Size() !=3". 4. After pressing ok on the new message, a final message appears stating, "setup failed to run installation: (0x80040707)"

After i press ok on that message, setup closes. I ordered the card from

After trying to get it to work all day, i don't think it was worth the $59. 99

I can't go back to my old radeon x700 now (which i've had ever since i purchased my pc so long ago), so i'm pretty much screwed over now, with no ability to play any games.

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Sapphire Ati Radeon X800 Gto Driver Issue

I have a shapphire ati radeon x800 gto overclocked. Was working great. I recently got a bad virus in my comp and reinstalled my os. No problem all my drivers installed. When it came to my card, here's the problem. I forgot which ati driver to use. It was a very specific one. I totally forgot what it is. Can anyone help and tell me what is could be, i remember i couldn't use the newer ones, and the guy that overclocked it for me has passed away.

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Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro 512mb Driver Issue

After installing the display drivers and ati software on the reboot the ccc will pull up an error that says "cannot detect ati drivers". The performance is brutally slow. When right clicking on the desktop and selecting properties then settings it just shows the default monitor. However in device manager it shows both the primary and secondary drivers correctly installed with no issues. It almost seems as if windows is not detecting the card, however when doing a fresh install of ati the add new hardware wizard starts. I have tried everything i could think of, i downloaded the new drivers off this website, used driver cleaner to try and rid old ati files but nothing seems to work. I also tried downloading and installing the omega drivers for the card, i then proceed to get the error of "0x0000008e" on start up. I am running a 500w power supply and have tested it, everything seems to work fine.

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Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro 512mb For Counter Strike Source

I got the sapphire radeon x1950 pro 512mb graphic card and i also tried playing counter strike source and my fps is usually just around 50 ~ 80 while i hear other ppl saying they can go over 150. Is there anyway for me to increase my fps rates for cs source without having to do anything?

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P4g8x Motherboard Is Conflicting With Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlanis Graphic Card

Does anyone know if my p4g8x motherboard is coflicting with my new sapphire radeon 9700 atlanis grafic card? My system is:

P4 2. 4
Asus p4g8x delux
Sapphire radeon 9700 atlantis
Win xp sp1

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Sapphire Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Or Pny Nvidia 6600 Gt

I was looking at the sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb and the pny nvidia 6600 gt at Both look like amazing cards. I believe that the 6600 gt is 128 bit and not 256 bit like the 9800. And/or if the 6600 gt has other properties that can account for the difference in ghz i guess. My friend has the sapphire and he says it works great. I was wondering if the 6600 gt is better or worse than the sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb. The 6600gt is slightly less that the sapphire, i want to know which one i will get the most bang for my buck with. You can check out the cards at tiger direct of you want. I need an expert opinion on this because 230$ is alot of money for me. I kno all my system specs and everything i am torn between these 2 cards.

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Drivers For Emachine C3060

I did a fresh windows xp install on my friends computer. This is my first time working on an emachine computer. Do you guys know where i can get the drivers for this computer? After i did a fresh install i noticed that this had a recover partition (pc angel). I am not sure i can the drivers from this partion or if they are avaialble online.

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Emachine - No Boot Disk

I've been working on this old emachine for a woman down the street and i finally got it running but it's acting a bit strange. She called me up today and said it tells her she has "no boot disk". Now, i know i was just there and had windows xp boot up. So i go there, turn it on. And boot up normally. So i make sure everything else is working. I turned it off and on a few times, everything was normal. I left and an hour later she calls me back. "It's a black screen that says "no boot disk" on it". She says she didn't turn it of/restart or anything. I'm trying to get a handle on what's wrong here. I can't get a handle on it because i'm never there when something goes wrong. It's a 3100+ sempron with 256 mb ram and a 100gb ide hdd. Integrated sound, network, and graphics (chrome s3 i think). Any ideas? Is it possible that her psu is shutting down and resetting her boot settings? I'm sure the hard drive has a recovery partition (but that should also be bootable). Maybe her psu and the motherboard batter are both hosed. I don't know anymore lol. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Emachine - Power Led Only Flashes

Alright, i have an emachine here that will not power on. When power is hooked up to the psu the light around the button just sits and flashes. The psu fan will run but no beeps, hard drive spin up or cpu fan spinning. I have tried multiple psus and i'm guessing that the mobo is dead but what are some of your thoughts?

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Emachine 400i3 Dvd Issue

I just received my 2 disc drives. One is a dvd|toshiba 16x sd-m2012, and the other is an cdrw/dvd asus| cb-5216a. To tell the truth, i only bought the toshiba for the dvd capabilities, and the asus for burning, and know little of the two. I know both play dvd's though. The problem i have is this, i have an old e-machine 400i3 and i am keeping the drives in it until i can get my other computer built. I wanted to check out the whole 52x speed and all, but all i can run is 16x on a cdrw, when the specs show that 32x is capable. Is it because of my old computer? Or may there be something wrong, otherwise? Oh, and the sound does not work when i play a dvd, yet, if i play music, its fine.

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Connect Emachine Desktop To Flat Screen Tv

How do i connect my emachine desktop to my flat screen tv? I am connecting the cable from the emachine's tower to the vga port behind the tv, but am getting an error on the tv saying that it is not a supported format. How do i fix this problem? If you need more information let me know.

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Emachine C1904 Cpu Fan Stops Working After 10 Seconds

I have a friends emachine c1904. I found the problem to the computer, it was the power supply and memory that werent working. I bought a new power supply and i used my memory stick and the computer booted right up. I scanned the computer for adware and viruses and i found a couple of minor things in there that i already erased. I went to check on the computer once again and now when i turn it on the computer the fan to the cpu goes on for like 10 seconds and stops working after that. Has anyone accured to this problem before.

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Program For Overclocking An Hd 4850

Okay, already at 700/1075 with the ccc and looking to go higher on the gpu mainly. Is there a program that will give me control over the gpu voltage for the hd 48xx series? I tried rivatuner but i can't get far past stock speed on the gpu as the gpu voltage doesn't budge past 1. 05v but the ccc sets it to 1. 16v after i let the overcrive detect the max frequency then i max the card out from there.

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4850 Drivers For Windows 7

I'm running windows 7 ultimate x64, with my 4850. I downloaded and installed the catalyst 9. 8 drivers, and they appear in my add/remove programs list, but i'm still thinking that my windows update drivers are the ones actually in use. In device manager, the driver date for the card is back in april. For those running the actual 9. 8 drivers, what is the date showing in device manager, and do you have a system tray icon? I don't, which leads me to believe that i'm actually still using the windows update drivers. Edit: they are dated 4/28/2009 and list the driver version as 8. 612. 0. 0. That's the same date and version as my windows update drivers for a 3450 on my work tower.

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5870 + 4850 To Run 4 Monitors

Anyone know if you could utilize a 5870 with an older 4850 for the 4 dvi slots and run 4 monitors in eyefinity? Just a thought since i'd have to get rid of my 4850 if i couldn't find a use for it. Plus then you can snag a 3rd and 4th dvi based monitor instead of looking for a dp. Just a thought.

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4850 And Bsod When Using Triple Screens

I have had a triple screen setup for a few months now but i did little to no gaming so my 4850's were rarely in cf mode and on the rare chance i would need cf it worked great and i would switch back to my triple screen after wards without any issue. I have been doing a lot of gaming these past few weeks and that means i have been switching from cf mode very often but when i do it more than a few times i get a bsod. Gaming is great and no odd crashes or anything that would indicate that my cards are faulty. I am currently on 9. 9cats but i tried different versions to try and fix this but no luck. I don't get bsod's when switching cf modes but when i enable the other monitors. Sometimes it crashes when i enable the second monitor and sometimes when i enable the third one. I use 3 samsung 2343bwx monitors and i run everything under xp. Am i doing something wrong?

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Dual Monitor Setup With 4850

First time ever doing a dual monitor setup. I have a 28" hanns g and a 47" 1080p vizio. I want to use my 28" monitor as my main but be able to switch over to my hdtv easily (i don't need to use both at the same time). But when i plug in my hdtv, it forces my monitor to 1080 resolution. Also for some reason my hdtv mimics the borders my monitor has in 1080 resolution instead of displaying in full screen. Is there a way to get these to display right without have to unplug the other whenever i switch displays?

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How To Update Ati Hd 4850 Drivers?

Well, i play a game called: battlefield bad company 2 [pc] version. But the loading screen for matches/levels is taking too long, i was playing with a friend while talking through skype, and all my pc specs are better than his but still he would load and actually be in the game faster than me. Well, i went to try to find some solutions using google, and i found out that i have to install the new ati catalyst drivers, well atm. I already have the ati catalyst program, but when i download and install the new ones, am i supposed to uninstall/delete the old ati drivers/catalyst before downloading/installing the new ones? Or can i just leave the program open without doing anything and just go on and download/install the newest drivers?

The reason i'm asking this is to make sure that i won't be using the old drivers without knowing or maybe some things would go wrong and stuff. I just like to have a clean hdd. Well, i hope i will be answered soon enough! Because i feel like playing without the long loading screens.

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Imac With I7 And Ati Hd 4850 M 512mb

Imac 27" with i7 and ati hd 4850m 512mb a good gaming machine? I really wanna buy this imac, but the thing holding me back is the gpu. I heard mixed reviews, many saying it's a good card, others saying it's a bad card. To make clear. I want this rig to play all of the games at 1920x1080 medium to high quality. Except of course games like crysis or metro 2033 (for these, maybe 1600x1200 medium-high quality). I want decent and playable frame-rates. I know i can't upgrade anything in the imac, so that's why i am asking. A friend of mine has a desktop 9800gt 1gb and can do all the things i mentioned. Will this card play any game that has come out and will come out in the future, at a good frame-rate with good settings? I don't want to get a pc again, so don't tell me to. I will game on windows with bootcamp, so don't tell me "how many mac games are there to game on a mac?". P. S. Some gameplay footage, or benchmarks would be appreciated.

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Notebook Ati Cards - Radeon 9800 And Radeon X600 Difference

Say a 256mb radeon 9800, and/or 256 radeon x600, how much of a difference would these have compared to their desktop counterparts. I wanna assume that they would try to just port it into the lappy but i seriously doubt that. So i guess that if the desktop 9800 has 8 pipes, the lappy version wud have 4 to keep it cooler? Same applies to x600 then right?

The other thing is, how does the desktop x600 compare to nvidia. Wats its competitor card? A regular 6800? Highly doubt that. Ill look this one up. I dont know the number of pipes on the x600. . Using sapphire's x600 pro for reference. It is 4 pipes. What the , fx series then?! 5950xt or sumthin in that order?

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Dual Monitor Ati 4850 Overclocking

So apparently there is an issue with the idle clocks on the card that when you try to overclock (or even change the fan speeds!) When two screens are being ran it will crash. Apparently there is a fix for the bios on the card or something? Anyone know more about this?

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4850 - Monitor Goes To Standby After Winxp Boot

I'm having a strange issue with the 4850: after windows xp is done booting, just before the login screen, the monitor goes into standby, however i can boot find in safe-mode. This only occurs after installing amd drivers for the card. When i uninstall the drivers via safe-mode, it works fine. I've tried display driver version 9. 5, 9. 4 , and a couple of 8. X's. No help. This issue just started for some reason. Intel 7200 on gigabyte p43 , 2 gigs ram and visiontek 4850 on windows xp sp3

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