Drivers For A Sound Blaster Live Pci Card Ct4620 Windows Xp Or 2000

A friend of mine got a free soundblaster live pci card. With no drivers disc. Im trying to find them on google. But some of these sites im finding are bogus looking. Any help would be appreciated. Model is ct4620

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Pci Sound Blaster 24-bit Live And Front Audio Ports

Just recently got the pci sb 24-bit sound card and man am i happy with it. Totally better compared to the onboard audio of my mobo, but i realized that i'm not able to use the case front audio ports anymore. Is there any way that i can set something up to allow both my speakers hooked up in back and to have a set of headphones plugged in the front for games without having to switch out the plugs?

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Sound Blaster Live 5.1 (sb0100) Drivers For Vista 64

Sound blaster live 5. 1 (sb0100) drivers for vista 64. Does anyone know where i can find drivers for this card on windows vista ultimate 64bit? Doesn't have to have 5. 1 capabilities, just as long as i get sound.

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Windows 7 Drivers For An Older Creative Sound Blaster

I just installed 7 on my main rig as a dual boot and i was wondering why they left out drivers for my creative sound blaster live! Platinum with a live drive ir. I have a intel g31 series motherboard and the on board audio to put in plainly sucks. Do drivers exist for this card for windows 7 or do i have to take it out and use the crappy on board audio? This really surprises me as xp picks up the card no problem.

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Sound Blaster Live (24 Bit Usb) Better Than Realtek Onboard ?

I was wondering if using this over the on-board realtek audio would be beneficial. I've had this external sound-blaster laying around for a while collecting dust, might as well use it. Any input? Would it be worth while? I'd be using this with a decent altec lansing 5. 1 speaker setup. I know this card is at least 3 years old, where my mobo is much newer, but i guess that doesn't always matter

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Sound Blaster Audigy Conflict With Geforce4 Ti4200 Graphics Card

I recently bought a new computer. The board is a gigabyte that runs the new kt400 chipset. It has an athlon xp 2200 thouroughbred processor. At first, i was running this board with my old pc 2100 samsung ram (512mb), with a sound blaster audigy and a gf4 ti4200 graphics card. Everything was running perfectly. (By the way, the motherboard has three ram slots, i was only using two with the pc2100). So, i recently upgraded to three pc3200 (256 mb) samsung modules. I thought it would just be a matter of taking out the old, and putting in the new. However, after installing the new ram, my display was messed up bad. It went down to 16 colors, with limited resolution, etc. (Also, a message would appear saying i didn't have enough memory to perform any operations)
So, i restarted the computer, went to the bios and made sure it was set to recognize the correct ram, i tried reinstalling the display driver, etc. So, i went for the big haul and decided to just reformat and reinstall windows. Now the computer recognizes the ram and the display is fine. However, when installing the driver for my audigy soundblaster card, the same thing as before happend, and my resolution went down (though this time at least i still had access to my memory). Also, a message would appear saying i should go to microsoft website to update display driver? What?

When i remove the audigy from my system, the display went back to normal. I just want to know what is up? Why did everything work fine with 2 pc 2100 modules, but crash with the pc 3200? And, yes, my motherboard supports it.

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Pci-e Sound Card To Decode Dd / Dts

So i'm hooking up my ps3 to my pc so i can take advantage of my speaker setup/headset, and to be able to use vent at the same time as play ps3 games with friends because the voice codecs in consoles are terrible. I went out and purchased an x-fi titanium because i needed optical-in, to get ps3 sound. What they don't tell you and what i've wasted 3 hours of my life trying to get working is that the titanium doesn't decode dd/dts over spdif (optical). It's 2009 and i know the card is capable of doing it, but creative is so jewish they didn't want to shell out the $2 per card to get licensing from dolby labs. So instead i'm going to return this card and buy a different one, but i'm having trouble tracking down a card that can do it.

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Sound Blaster Discovery Cd 8x

I was rooting through my closet for lack of a better activity and i found a box that says "sound blaster discovery cd 8x" on it. Inside it comes with an ancient looking cd drive and sound card that look untouched (they were both still in the packaging and the card was still in the silicon bag). I can't really find a match on google, does anyone know what the *** this thing is?

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Sound Blaster For Notebook

It seems during my last cpu upgrade on my 7811fx i blew out the right channel on my motherboards onboard sound. I suspected there was something wrong with the sound circuitry on this laptop as it has always made a buzzing sound on headphones. I'm now looking at other options to attach my headphone to. Creative has a couple solutions, either expresscard or usb. Which would be my best choice?

I want something that is portable (i.e. I can leave attached to my laptop) and that doesn't reduce fps in games. I also loathe creative, but they seem the only company with laptop soundcards.

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Sound Blaster X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty - Bsod

Recently i purchased a sound blaster x-fi titanium fatal1ty professional from a member of [h]. Ever since i upgraded to this sound card i have been getting a ton of bsods and game crashes. What could the cause of the bsods be? Os is win 7 ultimate 64-bit & game that i play most is america's army 3.system specs are in sig. I am using the most current drivers for all hardware, and onboard sound is disabled. Prior to getting this card i was using the onboard sound for my mic and an audigy 2 zs for my sounds and never had a problem. I wiped all old audigy and realtek drivers clean before hand. Bsods that i've been getting are:


I was told by someone that i may have had a corrupt hd so last week i went out and bought a wd black 1tb drive and did a fresh install of win 7 ultimate 64-bit as well as the 2. 17. 0007 drivers for the sound card and am still getting the page_fault_in_nonpaged_area bsod. Haven't seen the other two as of yet. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If i can't get this figured out i will be forced to sell the card for something else that works (card worked fine in prev. Owners machine so its something on mine).

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Bsods - Sound Blaster X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty

I purchased a sound blaster x-fi titanium fatal1ty professional from a member of [h]. Ever since i upgraded to this sound card i have been getting a ton of bsods and game crashes. What could the cause of the bsods be and is my only option to reinstall windows again with fresh drivers and everything? Os is win 7 ultimate 64-bit & game that i play most is america's army 3. I am using the most current drivers for all hardware, and onboard sound is disabled. Prior to getting this card i was using the onboard sound for my mic and an audigy 2 zs for my sounds and never had a problem. I wiped all old audigy and realtek drivers clean before hand. Bsods that i've been getting are:

Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (not sure if i got the one above this too, but posted just to be safe)

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Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Static Problem

I just got a sound blaster audigy 2 (not zs or anything) and my onboard is an ac97. So i removed the ac97(from device manager) and then installed the sb card's drivers and everything went fine. When i go to listen to anything i get 99. 9% static. I have tried to go into bios to disable onboard legacy support (i have legacy drivers in device manager) but i have a feeling i should keep those and will until told otherwise) but there is no option there in the chip options (just agp settings and disable ide pci channels) and the ac97 is auto detected by xp and so it installs itself. And the sb card is as far away as i can get it from the video card so. Anyone have any suggestions?

Add-on. I just noticed that ac97 sets itself by using itself as the main sound card and it had the audigy driver disabled so i just switched that, will that help?

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Sound Blaster X-fi & Front Audio Ports

Anyone know if you can plug in case front audio connections to the new x-fi card? I cant seem to find a wiring guide for my pins that i have, which are. Mic bias
Mic in
Mic ground
Ear ground
Spk r
Spk return r
Spk l
Spk return l

As a matter of fact i cant even get this wired to my onboard audio controller either. I have a dfi lanparty board, and niether my case manuel or the mobo manuel help with the wiring. Any help to wiring the pins to either of the 2 would be greatly appreciated

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Dell Inspiron 1000 Sound & Video Drivers Windows 7

I installed windows 7 on my dell inspiron 1000 and cant find the sound or video drivers any where. Please help?

Windows 7 and vista don't need the drivers came with the computer (for windows xp). All you have to do is going to windows update by typing "windows update" in the search box of the start menu and let the computer search for needed updates. These updates include video and sound drivers for your laptop.

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Computer Won't Even Boot After Installing Sound Card Drivers

I built a new computer yesterday and all was good updated the bios and made a floppy for the raid and installed windows all was working great. I then further went on and installed a load of drivers and installed my new sound card. I did also have a go at changing the auto overclocking settings in ai booster. Now it wont even boot, it dont turn my screen on automatically when you turn the rig on and when you go to turn it off the rig off wont turn off either unless you use the swich on the power supply at the back. Please help what do you think i have done and how can i fix it? I have now removed the sound card still no diffrent i have dissconected the hdds and still no good. I have taken the graphics card out and reseated it still no good. I am thinking the psu carnt see why it is new and a gooden but with it not turning off when pushing the power button just gives me the feeling it is the psu. Thing is i dont have any spare parts to even specifications:

Asus p5wd2-e premium intel 975x
Intel pentium 4 950 dual core
Ocz 2gb pc5300 dual channel gold gx xtc series el-ddr2
3d connect ati radeon x1900 xt 512mb
X2 western digital raptor 74gb
Fsp sparkle fx600-gln epsilon 600w atx2. 0 psu
Thermaltake vb1000bws soprano
Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro cpu cooler
Creative sound blaster x-fi sound card

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Creative X-fi Usb Sound Card Windows 7

I've had this for about a year now and its worked great. I bought it originally as a way to pass through optical from my computer to my receiver. Now my previous setup is long gone and i still use this external card with my krk rp 5 g2's. Its worked great but i never once installed the creative software. Today i was browsing creative website and i noticed an updated driver for windows 7 for this device updated sep 2nd. I decided to give it a shot and download it. First thing i noticed was the crystallizer and cmss 3d. Both add some "flavor" to the music which i actually enjoy. Second thing i noticed was hey! I can use the knob on my sound-card after a year of having it to control the sound but alas, theres now one huge annoying issue. Snap, crackle, and pop! Every so often at random during music playback (windows media player, pandora one, etc) i would hear this. Is there any available fix or unofficial drivers to alleviate this? I want to be able to use this damn knob. But not at the cost of annoying cracking.

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Win2000 Drivers For Hitachi Dvd-ram Gf 2000

I've recently installed windows 2000 on my system as backup. However i can not seem to find any drivers for my dvd drives :

Hitachi dvd-ram gf2000
Hl-dtst dvdram gsa-4163b

Can anyone help me out here ?

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Sb Live 5.1 Digital Drivers

I got a sblive value sound card for free. So i went to my computer store and asked if they had somethign just abit better then what i had and they had the sblive 5. 1 digital so they gave it to me even trade. Unfortunatly can t find the drivers for this card anywhere not even on the creative site. When i look elsewhere for them the ones that are for this card supposedly dont work. When i try to install them it says that i dont have a sb card installed.

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Install A Pci Card To A Pci Express Slot

Can i put(install) a pci card to a pci express slot ?

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Windows 2000 System Too Slow

Are my only solution defragmentation, disk cleanup, and clear/delete ie cookies, temporary internet files, and history? File system: fat32, my windows 2000 has 65, 008 kb ram. Virtual memory: initial size (mb) 300, maximum size (mb) 300, registry size: current registry size (mb): 12, maximum registry size (mb): 18.

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Windows 2000 With No Ps2 Connectors

I have the intel dg33tl and it doesn't come with any ps2 connectors on it. I have a ps2 to usb adapter and a usb keyboard but i'm not able to get windows 2000 to install with either of these setups. At the time of purchase i wasn't aware it didn't have any ps2 ports or intel was claiming windows xp and newer. Any thoughts?

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What Is The Fastest Windows 2000 Hardware Available ?

From what i can see, i could sli 7950 cards on a nforce 570-based motherboard with an early model core 2 duo proc and 3gb of ram (edit: looks like intel-based nforce 500-series motherboards are near impossible to find. Nforce 6-series would work but i think those are junk and would rather avoid them. 680i might work i guess). I have an unused copy of win2k pro and when i used it to diagnose one of my latest builds (motherboard was wonky) it was blazing fast. I mean crazy-ridiculous fast. That motherboard and gpu didn't have any drivers available for win2k though, so now i'm wondering if i could make a nice budget build with older parts and get a blazing fast system using win2k. On top of that, will many games work? Should i use it as a media center/file server? It's been a long time since i used win2k too much, and i'll admit my memory is the suck. Is this a good idea or am i a being a loony?

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Networking With Windows 2000 Professional

I'm having some problems trying to network win2k with my xp machine. I've got all the drives i want to share on win2k but i cannot access them without being given a password prompt. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I've looked on google and through ms kb articles but i did not find anything unfortunately (maybe i am using the wrong search terms?)

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Blue Screen On Installing Windows 2000

I have just built my new pc and i have attempted to install windows 2000, but it gets to the setup blue screen and nothing happens for ages (30min) i dunno what to do? Btw i had attempted to install xp before and it worked but i installed directx 9 on it and it said needs to restart, so i did and then it wouldnt load up anymore? So i tried 2000 and that doesnt even install windows.

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Windows 2000 Not Recognizing Proper Hd Size

My previous wd hd failed, and got a replacement from dell today, a 250 gb one. Even though my bios is quite happy to acknowledge that it's 250, my windows 2k isn't, nor is the fdisk from my diagnostics boot cd or my partition magic. They all claim it's 127 gb, and as such i can only create a 127 gb partition of of it. Does anyone know about this kind of problem or even a solution to it?

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Windows 2000 Professional Network Bridging

I have a system with win2k but i don't know how to have two nics run under the system and both to have an internet connection. I have a usb wireless adapter and a wired netgear nic installed, but unlike windows xp pro, win2k wasn't blessed with network bridging so i was wondering if there is a way to get the same result under win2k, perhaps with some ip configuring?

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Computer Reboot Itself When It Starts To Load Windows 2000

My computer reboot itself when it starts to load windows 2000. 1 - i thaught about the sasser virus but it's no that
2 - i tested my hard drive on another computer there is no problem it boot and works properly. 3 - i have 2 memory sticks. I tested with one and with the over it does't change anything. The system reboot

I bougth my master card and the 2 memory sticks last year and i had never got any problem with them until i came back from holidays.

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Recover Files From Laptop Hard Drive With Windows 2000

Boss at work has managed to crash his laptop and of course has not done a backup in 3 years, now he wants me to try and recover some of his files. This is a windows 2000 system and what it is doing is coming up with the following message on boot up. A disk read error occurred
Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

Now i thought maybe the system files where corrupted, we got one of these fix your disk programs and tried running it, it says that both the partition table and boot sector are ok so no joy there, had a look on this forum and found a thread with link to ntfs4dos and ran that, it says the nt ntfs partition is not initialized. Finally tried coping on the system files again using the windows 2000 repair option still no joy. Does anyone have any other ideas i can try, can i some how link the hard drive via a converter cable to my desk top (maybe a stupid question, but hay i'm clutching at straws), or do i just send it back and tell him that it will cost 350 to get the files and here is an essay on the virtues of keeping backups. (Probably won't do last bit as end up getting fired).

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Hotmail / Windows Live Down

I've been trying to get into my inbox on hotmail but it won't let me. It takes me to the sign in page but instead of having the type box for my e-mail and password, it says:

The windows live network is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

* This site may be experiencing a problem

* The site may not be a member of the windows live network

You can:

* You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the windows live network, or try again later at this site. I can access my account information but it won't let me change my password or anything (i did it just to see if that was the problem) and it said it couldn't do that at the time. I was just on it earlier today. It won't take to really anything on my account (like the calender, contacts, etc. ). I can see my account information but that's it. What's the deal?

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Is Windows Live Onecare Safe To Use ?

Is the windows live onecare safe to use? Does it actually work?

Link to site:

Its a spyware scan/removal thing.

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