Accidentally Switched Psu 240v To 115v

I am building my own computer and when i tried to put it together, i switched the 240v to 115v. I thought the plug was out the pc but it wasn't. The computer itself was not on so i hope nothing happened with that. Well the psu is busted so a i tried a new one and connected everything back together. Pressed start and nothing happened, all the lights and fans where working but the monitor stayed black. Anyone know what to do? Should i try clearing the rtc ram jumpers? Does anyone have any more tips?

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What Is For ? Power Supply Switch 115v Or 230v

On the back of the power supply there is a switch so i can change to 115v or 230v, what is this for? Why when i change to 115v my computer won't start ?

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Accidentally Break Capacitor

I took my evga 6800gs card out of the mobo when trying to fix my pc. I left the vid card alone and later i found out that one of the capacitor is bent and only one of the 2 ends is connected to the circuit board. Did i accidentally break it? Would it be any problem? Is there any way to fix it?

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Accidentally Deleted File On Hp Deskjet Printer

I accidentally deleted the file on my hp deskjet all in one printer, scanner, copier? Is there anyway to retrieve this file ?

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Keyboard Switched French

I have an hp pavillion dv9000 and i have somehow activated the french keyboard and i do not know how to return it to english. Help please.configuration: windows vista internet explorer 7. 0

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Keyboard Buttons Switched

My friend is having abit of a problem with his keyboard. All his buttons has switched place, like when he press y it comes s z, but with all buttons. I know there is some kind of hotkey for changing it, like ctrl + shift + alt, or something like that (not sure). But i cant find it. Please help if you know something about it. !

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Keyboard Keys Changed / Switched

My keyboard keys have kinda switched. I havent done anything to it, and it's not all the keys, here is some examples:

" Is now @
@ Is now "
# Is now |
| Is still |

I have lost a pound sign, and the button next to the 1 key. Can someone help me?

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Keyboard Scan Codes Are Wrong - Keys Are Switched

My keyboard is really messed up. Keys are switched or not working at all. I downloaded keytweak and have come to find out that some of the keyboard scan codes are wrong. For instance, the "n" key should have a scan code of 51 but it scans as 7. So when i press the "n" key it types the number 6. Anybody know how i can fix this?

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Keyboard Keys ( Letters ) Swapped ( Switched ) Places

So after a new reinstall of windows i have found that my keyboard keys ( letters ) @ and my " have ( switched ) swapped places. That is that my @ is shift-2 and my " is shift-' that's nice of them to do that but it is annoying! How can i get them to move back?

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Can I Upgrade My Psu ?

I have a 3. 5 year old dell computer. It has a 200 watt power supply. I had purchased a geforce ti 4200, but it says it requires "350 watts". I was able to use it for a few months, but then it stoped working correctly one day. So, i have a backup geforce ti 4200, and would like to be able to use it with this computer. The thing is, i can't seem to get a sound answer as to whether i can upgrade my psu. Some people at compusa said i could go from my 200 to a 550 watt. The people at dell said i can't upgrade at all.could i safely add a, say, 420 watt power supply to my computer? Would anything be at risk?

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X Superalien Psu

I've had the case for about 2 months now, and i've heard that some people have had problems with the 500w psu that came with it. As of about 2 weeks ago my computer would shut off when the cpu got hot. I noticed it shutting off at about 36c cpu full load, so i adjusted the settings in the bios. It continued to happen, but i wasn't using my pc as much lately so ignored it. Now anytime i play any game, ut2k4, generals, etc. My cpu core gets to about 36c and it powers down. I've come to the conclusion that its my psu taking a dump. In my head i'm almost sure its that craptastic psu that came with it. But i figured i'd get some last minute advice from the [h]orde. What do you guys think?

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How Do I Test My Psu ?

What tools/apps do i need to see how many amps my psu is giving me. I have a cooler master 430 w that's supposed to be at 19. However, whenever my video card starts to go, the power fails. My lights flash. When i try to install the non windows driver ( ), my computer reboots. I have a c2d. How do i measure the amps?

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Psu Recommendations

Hi, i'm currently looking for a psu for the new system i'm building. The psu will need to power 2 x hdds, 1 x fdd, 1 x dvd-rw, 1 x dvd/cd-rw combi, 4 x case fans as well as the usual motherboard, graphics card, sound card. By my reckoning, to ensure maximum stability i'll need something giving at least 450w, the problem i'm having is finding information on the number of molex connections each psu has. I've read a few reviews of antec units but those that i've read tend to suggest that there may not be enough connections. Surely this is not an uncommon set-up, is anyone able to give me any advice or recommend a psu?

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Psu Issues

I have a new 350w power supply. The thing works in all but one of my computers. All other power supplies i have work in the computer that the new psu doesn't. Is there some kind of compatibility thing i am missing here? The psu / computer in question is an amd 1. 1ghz with epox 8kta3+ motherboard with a "mad dog" 350w psu. Like i said eralier, the supply works in all other computers. Edit: i should mention that if you hit the power button, the fans on the cpu and power supply turn for a sec or two, then shut off. It takes a while for it to even want to do that again - and if i play with it enough, it'll eventually turn on and start working, this is wierd.

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Problem With New Psu

I decided recently to add a new psu to a machine that was having a few issues with high demand gfx and that only had a 250w psu. So i bought a coolfax 450w unit from tigerdirect for a good price thinking this would resolve some of the frozen screen crashes i'd been having. Wrong!

Once i installed the new psu, exactly as the previous psu had been installed and turned on the machine it would just fail as soon as it went to start windows. The dos start up would work fine and i could enter the bios etc but it would not progress past starting windows. All i got was the hdd spinning constantly along with the internal fans but no signal to my monitor. Nothing. It also required a hard reboot too. So. I tried a few things, common sense stuff, one of which was removing the gfx card. Low and behold! Success! Everything worked fine when using the onboard analog monitor port but when i replaced the gfx card. Same again. (Btw this is out of both the analog and digital ports on the 6600 and both with the same result). Next out came the new 450w psu and back went the old 250w psu and everything is fine except not being able to run high end gfx. Can anyone tell me why i don't seem to be able to upgrade my psu? The machine is only 18 months/2 years old. P. S. I attempted to work this out with coolfax but during our email exchange they pretty much said that so long as i could get the unit to work somehow, someway then it was not at fault. Great customer support guys!

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Psu Switch

I recently ripped apart my old computer, and built a new one. The old psu is still good, and i want to run it to charge some batteries i have right now. My question is, is although the psu has a switch on the back, where and what does it need to turn on? The case switch can turn it on, and the os can turn it off, but how?

Is there a circuit that should be completed or something?

Also, this psu will be a good tester for other things in the house.

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Pc Not Powering Down - Psu Is Not Shutting Down

After using my pc for about 5-6 hours and then try to shutdown, everything turns off except the psu, which leaves the system fans, cpu fan and cdrom drives on and the only way to turn my computer off is to hit the switch at the back of the psu. I have tried every windows shutdown trouble shooter on the web and replaced a motherboard and psu but the problem is still there. After a few weeks of experimentation i noticed that the shutdown problem occurrs only when the sensor chip on my motherboard stops working and no longer updates the system voltages etc. My system hardware:

Winfast nf4k8mc-ers (nforce4) motherboard
Antec tp2 480w psu
Amd64 3800+ venice
Nvidia 7800gt
160gb wd hd
1g pc3200 ram

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Psu Or Gpu Problems

I have a custom built machine, and, it has a problem where it loses power while playing games, specifically, high end games. And, only graphically intensive applications, not cpu intensive ones. I have eliminated these objects from the list of culprits:

Cpu, motherboard, ram - replaced since problem started
Os - since changed to win7. It's likely not os anyway
Hdds - unlikely. The only things i have not changed are the psu and two 9600gts (oced at factory). The psu rates 700w, and has apparently enough power to run these gpus. But, the problem only started when i put the new gpus in. It seems strange to me that a gpu, or two, themselves could ever cut power to the system, regardless of the circumstances. Do other people think, or agree with me, that the problem is likely my psu being shoddy/ underpowered/ generally crap that is causing my pc to switch off, or, something else related?

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Why Is Cheap Psu Better Than Antec ?

Two motherboards. Both abit ic7, except one is ic7-g. Ic7-g at work, ic7 at home in rig in sig. At work, i am stress testing a processor on the abit ic7-g using a cheapo psu. Nothing else but the motherboard, cpu, video card, hdd, fdd, cdrom, and memory are on the psu. Using speedfan to monitor the voltage and power lines, i get the following:

Vcore = 1. 65v
Vdimm = 2. 82v
3. 3v = 3. 25v
12v = 11. 49v
5v = 5. 08v

At home, with the rig in my sig, using the same cpu and under a stress test, and with my antec true480w, i get the following voltages:

Vcore = 1. 62v
Vdimm = 2. 78v
3. 3v = 3. 18v
12v = 11. 39v
5v = 4. 89v

For all the stuff in my personal rig, is it normal to get voltage drops like that? I'm not understanding it, because the psu at work is a cheapo no-name brand. I would think the antec would hold up much better.

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Case With Psu Included

I don't want to hamper my father's wallet too much this christmas, but i need a decent case with a power supply. What's the best value for $70 that includes a psu?

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Psu Cut Out Problems

It seems whenever i do something the least bit demanding on my computer it completely cuts out. Then i have to reach back, flip the switch off and on, then press the power button again. 1st thinking it was cpu temp (asus probe said 56 idle, but sandra said 43, i went with sandra afterwards) i re-applied arctic silver 5. No luck. Then i went on a driver/bios update spree. Nothing. Some days i can run games for 5 hours at a time, others i can run a game for 60 seconds.

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Air Flow In Psu

Ok, i have come across three atx (for piii) power supplies recently (all for midi cases). All of which have a different air flow design. 1. The fan (x1) is situated at the back and the air intake is from inside the psu chasis and it blows it out the back. In addition it has a small grill on the opposite side (i.e facing the cd rom bays) this picture is very simmilar to the psu in question

2 this is a micro atx, also has one fan (type a). This if fixed externally to the case and faces down towards the cpu. It takes the air from inside the case and passes it through the psu and out of two sets of grills - 1 goes out the back of the case and the other towards the cd roms. 3. This is a normal atx power supply, it also has one fan which is situated inside the chassis. This one draws the air from inside the psu and pushes it into the case. It also has two grills - the same as in 2. Of course the fans can be reversed to change the flow, but my question is which is the best flow?
The only other fans in the case are at the front (bottom) blowing air into the system case over the hard drives and of course the small cpu fan. I would appreciate any input, also has anyone modified the power to the psu fan? i.e to cause it to rotate slower and hence lower noise.

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Psu 12v Burning

I just looked at my psu connections cos i smelt fire and the 12v connection to the motherboard burnt. 2 of the pins are black from being burnt. What should i do? Its a 500w psu and im running 3. 4cpu with nvidia 6800 graphics card, cpu is water cooled.

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Importance Of Psu Certification

I cant believe i am limited to this for certified tri sli. How important is it and, what are some alternatives to these listed?

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Psu For Hp Pavillion A1730n

Could you guys help me out? I have a hp pavillion a1730n, everything original except for the video card: amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 2. 4ghz, 2gb memory, cd/dvd, nvidia geforce 7950gt oc and only a 300w psu! I contacted hp and they advised not to replace the unit with no higher than 350w, big surprise there. Has anybody out there replaced a psu on their pavillion? Any problems finding one that fits? I would like to get a pc p&c 610w, but i'm unsure if it will fit (yeah, i'm too lazy to open the case).

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Psu Not Starting Computer

My computer works fine, but i wanted a new graphics card. I had to buy a new psu as well, as my hiper hpu-4s425 wouldn't do the job. I bought a hiper hpu-4m580 as it was recommended, and put the new psu in the computer. The computer doesn't start. The cpu and psu fans spin for a second or so, then it turns off. After a few seconds, it tries to start again, and repeats. Put the old psu back in, and the computer runs fine. I sent the psu back as faulty, and received a new one in the post. It does exactly the same thing! I tried the psu in a different computer here at work, and (although the second computer only needs a 20 pin motherboard power connection) the computer starts fine. My computer is a core 2 duo 2. 66 ghz, on a ecs g33t-m2 motherboard. I've tried with everything unplugged, just the motherboard, processor and ram. No joy. Any suggestions please?

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Using New 250w Dell Psu

Ok, just picked up a brand new 250w dell psu, my friend got the dell, turned it on once, then immediately put in a new psu and motherboard. My question is, ive heard about dell using proprietary psu's that only work in dell computers. So i took out my old psu and compared the wires, since they were switching a few wires around on the motherboard and psu to make other psu's incompatible. Every one of them matches, red where red is on old psu, black on black, green on green, red on red etc. I looked on google and found that if you have one of the psu's that have the switched wires, you can fry your main-board. Since then ive heard that they have stopped, but i wanted to make sure. Will this psu work and not kill my mainboard? Thoughts?I would get a new one but im short on cash right now, and i want to use this one temporarily.

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Preemptive Psu Upgrade

I have upgraded my pc to the point where i now wonder if i should replace the psu with a bigger unit to head off any problems. My specs include a 3ghz p4 cpu (overclocked 2. 4ghz northwood), four 512mb mushkin ddr dimms, an abit ic7 motherboard, a geforce 7800gs agp video card, a dvd-rw drive, a cd-rw drive, one sata hdd, one floppy, and a dialup modem. I do not foresee any significant hardware upgrades for a long while. The current psu is a 420-watt thermaltake unit (model w0009r) that is 2. 5 years old and has never skipped a beat that i've noticed. The power calculator at outervision recommends 383 watts. Even though i have encountered no trouble, i wonder whether i am headed for a big failure. I wouldn't care much except that i am worried that it might take a component or two or three with it. So i am thinking of upgrading. I would probably go to a 500-watt unit with dual 12v rails. Or am i worrying for nothing and should just ride it 'til it crashes?

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Psu And Hard Drive Connectors

I was just wondering if i had a lead coming from my psu that had three molex connectors on it, would it be ok to connect it to three hard drives? I remembering hearing somewhere that you should try to only put 2 harddrives/devices on any one line.

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Connecting Floppy Drive To New Psu

My psu doesn't seem to have a floppy connector on it, i'm not 100% familiar with the terminology, but i assume i need a "4 pin molex to floppy" connector. Is that it?

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