Ps3 Will No Longer Recognize Pictures & Music On Usb Stick

Ps3 will no longer recognize pictures & music on my usb stick. I thought the update sounded cool, that i could store pictures and music on my ps3 but now i insert the usb stick into the ps3 it doesn't find anything. It did before the update and it still does on my pc so what gives? Any ideas?

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Computer Wont Connect Usb To Save Pictures And Music

My computer has a virus and won't let my usb connect. Any other way i can save my pictures and music? It won't let me do anything at all (but for some reason i can still open my files, but that's it). The only site i can access is this anti-virus software page it keeps telling me to buy. What should i do?

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Ps3 Wont Recognize Anything In Usb Ports

The ps3 wont recognize my usb flash drive or my psp anymore. It did earlier today, it was the first time i tried it. I bought crash bandicoot in the ps store and it said connect psp via usb, i did and it worked. Later i put in my flash drive into the fourth port on the front and i went to game save data or whatever and it recognized that. Not 10 minutes later when i re tried it it would recognize either. What gives. Is it broken? Do i need to replace it, or is it a simple setting. I already reset the ps3 system settings and that did nothing. I cant figure it out.

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Ps3 Won't Recognize Usb Device

I'm having a little problem with my usb and ps3. I've recently downloaded the latest ps3 firmware update and placed it on a folder 'update' and placed the update folder on 'ps3' folder. I followed all the instructions so no problems there. The usb used to work on my ps3 before but now it won't recognize it, the light on my usb keeps on blinking. It works well on my pc (the light doesn't blink but just stays lit). I've updated my ps3 software before using this method and it worked fine, but now it can't seem to recognize it. I've searched for media servers and there nothing.

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Ps3 Doesn't Recognize My Usb Hard Drive

I have a "lacie" 80 gb external hard drive, that, when i plug in to my ps3, it can't see it at all. Is there something i need to do? Nothing is appearing in any of the menus!

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40gb Ps3 Wont Recognize Sony Usb Flash Drive

I tested out my sony usb flash drive by putting music in mp3 and wma and put it in the usb slot, the ps3 recognizes the usb as a storage media but when i click triangle and display all, it saids it has no media in it. I also plug a old keyboard into the ps3 using a ps/2 to usb adapter and it won't display anything. Is it a defect in the ps3 or is this common?

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Ps3 Slim Won't Recognize Wd Usb 3.0 External Hard Drive

I've been trying for the last 3 days to connect my western digital mybook usb 3. 0 1tb external drive to my ps3 slim to no avail. I've went through *** and back so i wonder if it is even possible? Is the ps3 capable of backward compatibility with this drive?

I know many people have connected a 2. 0 usb external to a ps3 but i've googled and asked tech friends, game owners, sony ps3, wd, seagate, buffalo, adata. You name it. Yes of course i formatted the whole drive(partition)935gb into fat32 using various software programs; swissknife, acronis, partition wizard. They all show after completion that the drive was formatted to fat32. I even tried making folders; video, pictures, music and still no go. Is there something i'm missing? Is it a chipset issue or a host controller defecit on ps3's end? The funny thing is it will read my fat32 supertalent usb 3. 0 16gb flash drive so i dont know if the flash turns into a 2. 0 usb read that ps3 recognizes but it can't do that with the build of an external drive, maybe bc it's just a wd black or blue cavier sata with a controller laned into 3. 0 usb ports inserted into a tower. If anyone has had success with any of the usb 3. 0 external drives please let me know the amazing fix. I even thought there may be a difference with the usb 2. 0 and 3. 0 cables and iwould have to switch to a 2. 0 to connect to ps3. I'm not leaving any stone unturned. I contacted sony ps3 and they escalated it for the next meeting, so they say. Wd has no clue and will look into it. Seagate tech support told me right away it isn't supported but didn't say why bc i had to convey questions to the girl on the phone. Buffalo didn't know, so i contacted various retailers in canada that sell the drives to see if there was any feedback from customers or tech savvy employees. No one seems to know. Yet this could be a simple fix or it might be impossible with ps3's current setup and may be fixed if/when ps4 is released. I doubt a patch or firmware can fix this but you never know. It would be interesting to see if the ps3 will recognize a ssd in a usb 3. 0 enclosure. I have a ocz agility 2 ssd new and may try this b4 i install it with my original intention as internal for windows 7 64 bit os and media. I also bought an asus u3s6 card that comes with 2 usb 3. 0 ports. I have many people working on this even the main manager at canada computers as he is a ps3 fan and is very interested himself which is good because the more brains that inquire and trouble shoot the better the chance of a solution either soon or in the future. So once again, thanks for anyone that has had success with these drives and i'll be sure to post any information i receive.

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Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Pictures Amount Issue

I erase pictures on my sony memory stick pro duo but i don't get the same amount of pictures anymore? What am i doing wrong? Can someone tell me if i'm suppose to reset something? I should be able to take 3mg pixel in a 2gb at least 100 to 150 pictures i'm on vga and i can only take 50 pictures it's horrible. Answer:-
You need to change your device settings (i'm guessing it's a digital camera). Go to your image resolution or image quality settings and reduce them. The image quality is set higher taking up more space. If you lower the resolution you should be able to get the number of pics to increase.

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Usb Works With Keyboard And Mouse But Won't Read Usb Stick

Hello guys, i've this problem since some time. My keyboard and mouse work properly but the system seems to fail in reading usb sticks. They do appear in my computer but when i access them it either says " f: is not accessible. Impossible to satisfy your demand because of peripheral error e/s ", or, it allows me to enter it but there are no files listed. The stick works ok in other machines and there are files on it. It also takes a long time for the system to see the stick. I did have some viruses but now the comp is clean as i ran all the programs suggested in networking&security section of this forum. Help!

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Usb Memory Stick Recomendations

I've had an el cheapo philips 1gb one for the last few years, however the casing on it's beginning to fall off (as in if i take it out of a pc the pcb and the usb part stay attached, the case comes off) and it's been causing problems (my teacher plugged it into his laptop and the thing froze twice in a row, only worked third time round), also it's reliability with my school's computers is distinctly hit and miss (as in it works with about half of them, the other half reject it). I'd like one that can take a good kicking, being put in the bottom of a rucksack/ carried in a pocket etc, i need at least 1gb although a decent 4gb one for under 15 would not go amiss, absolute max is 20 including p and p, any ideas on what i should go for?

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Usb Memory Stick Problems

I have a question relating my dell usb key 64mb

Recently i had problems doing a repair on my computer (concerning cable select on dvd-rom drive and dvd rw-drive) at that time they asked me to change physically the two drives to be able to reboot from the windows xp cd. This worked fine (thanks for the help :-)) anyway after repairing windows xp home edition, and after reinstalling all the updates (sp1 and sp2) i encountered a strange thing. When i plug in my usb key, it will be recognized by the computer (mentioning "new hardware found", but the drive doesn't show up in the "my computer folder". If i then go to the device manager under computer management, i see the usb key, but it isn't assigned to a drive. When i then map it to a drive, let say f or g (used the two) and close the menu it will still not show up under windows explorer. Other apparatus working with an usb cable, such as my printer do not cause any problem, i also tried to put it in different usb ports, no change. I don't have a network drive mapped to the f or g drive, so this could not be the problem, as mentioned in other forums. I can access the drive via the device manager, put copying files is such a pain in the **s, since it doesn't allow long names or something.

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Usb Stick Stopped Working After Unplugged

I've got an usb stick here of 1gb and the guy who recently bought it, unplugged it before clicking that tray-icon (safely remove hardware). After this it stopped working. I know that data can be corrupted when it's unplugged in such fashion, but can the usb stick itself also stop to function? When he plugs it now again my computer simply "freezes" or takes ages before it refreshes and displays the usb stick. I suggested that maybe he can format it when it recognizes it, but unlike with my usb stick he doesn't go to the next dialog for formatting; it just doesn't do anything. I'm not sure if this problem sounds familiar, but is there any way to "fix" the usb stick? Maybe there's some kind of config or settings file which is default on the stick which is corrupted? I have no idea, but if you have suggestions, please let me hear them. If it means the data is lost, so be it, but he needs the stick itself. Also, if unplugging it too fast should only be harmful to transfered data, but not to the usb stick itself please let me know as well, because that could mean that he simply bought a faulty stick and can return it to the shop.

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Automatically Synchronize Files On The Usb Stick

I have a usb dongle and i was wondering if it was possible to get software which would automatically synchronize files on the usb stick with files on my computer?

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Usb Memory Stick Not Showing Any Data And Is To Be Formatted

One day i used this stick on other computer and then when i used this stick on my computer it is not showing any thing and it is saying that the memory is to be formatted and if formatting done then all the data will go, so i wanted to know what exactly what happened and how can i retrieve the data on it as i stored many pictures and other software on this.

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Install Windows Xp / Vista Using A Usb Flash Drive Stick

I found a way to install windows xp or vista using a usb flash drive stick, i thought i would share it as its pretty useful. For people who understand the method, it may be useful for other stuff too, the program is called usb_multiboot_10. I have tried it and it does work.

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Using A Stick Of Ddram And A Stick Of Sdram

I just purchased a computer off of ebay and i want to upgrade the ram to 2 gb's. The specs say that the computer is using 1 gb of ddr2 ddram. Now i'm shopping around on new egg for ram and noticed that the thing is ddr2 sdram. My question is does it matter if i'm using a stick of ddram and a stick of sdram? Do they both have to be the same?

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Usb Sometimes Does Not Recognize The Hardware Attach

I have an kt3 ultra- aru (ms-6380e) motherboard and i am running windows xp professional. I have a usb2 bracket with 4 ports and and a d bracket with 2 further usb ports. Everything seems to be connected properly, but the usb sometimes does not recognize the hardware i attach. The printer and scanner are ok, so is a usb bluetooth dongle, however, when i try to plug anything in the other spaces i keep getting messages about usb surges etc. I also get a message which tells me the printer could run alot faster using a usb2 connection. The printer is already in one of the usb sockets. I have had a look in the device manager and all the drivers look ok but i could be wrong. Can someone plaese tell me how i can test my usb ports and make sure that they are running at the correct speed (usb2). Also, why is it coming up as a surge warning when i connect my camera ?.

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Recognize Unformatted, External Usb Hd

I have an unformatted toshiba 1. 8" disk drive (mk4006gah) and an external usb case to it. When i connect it to my pc win xp says the hd was recognized correctly and ready to use. But it never appears in my computer as extra storage. Is it because the drive isn't formatted? If so, how can i format the drive when it doesn't show up in my computer?

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Pc Will Not Recognize Psp When Connected Using Usb Cable

I have two computers and one will recognize the psp (the one using windows xp). The other computer is newer and uses windows media center. When i connect the psp to the new computer, i hear a sound as though it was recognized however it does not show up at all under my computer. Anyone else encountered this problem?

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Windows Xp Pro Doesn't Recognize The Usb Mouse

I just got the mx500 mouse from logitech. Seems to have problems with the usb ports on my asus p4b533-e motherboard. Whenever i turn on the system, windowsxp (pro) doesn't recognize the mouse. If i remove the cable and plug it back into the usb port, it detects it immediately. I've installed the latest mouseware drivers and usb 2. 0 drivers for my motherboard. I've checked the connections and this problem is persists with all the 6 usb ports. Checked the asus site, and i seem to have the latest bios version. This happens only when i turn off the computer completely and then turn it back on, not when i restart it. Logitech support couldn't figure out what the problem is and gave me some crappy solution. Right now i've installed a usb to ps/2 converter and the mouse is installed in the ps/2 port. Can somebody help with this?

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Imac Doesn't Recognize Usb External Hard Disk

My new imac doesn't recognize my external hard disk (usb connection), which i used for. ? I am a new apple owner and user, just converted from an ms based pc environment. The drive is a western digital, on which i have stored all my pictures, music (itunes ironically) and ms office documents. I thought - or should i say hoped - it was just "plug and play", but this is clearly not the case. The imac does not recognize the drive. I can see that the drive is getting power from the usb, but i can also hear that it is not running properly (sounds like it is try to initialize again and again) and it does not show up in the devices menu. I have tried a couple of flash discs in the same usb port and they work. I have also tried to connect the external disk to different usb port, but to no avail. What do i do?

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Ps3 Usb Splitter

Can you use those usb splitter things that make one usb port into two? Or will that like override the system.

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How To Connect Usb Internet To Ps3 ?

How to connect a usb internet to a ps3? How to connect a mobile modem to a ps3?

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Usb Backup Drive Not Recognized By Ps3

I formated a backup drive to fat32 from windows vista. My vista computer and xp computer recognized the drive but my ps3 will not, does nor show up anywhere. My usb 8g flash drive works fine.

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Sandisk Usb Key Not Being Recognized By Ps3

Whenever i put my usb key in the ps3 to transfer files off it, the ps3 doesn't recognize it. When i first got my ps3 it would work fine and i copied themes, pictures, movies, etc off it with no troubles. But recently i went to copy some of my saved games onto it to take to my friend's house and it's not showing up at all. The usb drive has a light on it (as most do) to indicate when it's plugged in and what not. However, the light isn't turning on at all, and if i search for media servers, it only turns on/off sporadically until an error comes up saying that nothing is detected. The drive works fine when plugged into my pc, so it's not defective or anything, and it used to be detected a few weeks ago, so i'm assuming it's formatted correctly.

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Ps3 - How To Use External Usb Hard Drive ?

Is there a way i can run movies or transfer the movies from my usb hard drive to watch on the ps3? Im exciting about the dvix addition. Im guessing it has to be formatted a certain way or something.

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Ps3 Wont Read Ntfs Usb Drives

Why is it the ps3 can't browse large usb drives formated in ntfs? When the lg, samgsung and even sony(i think) network blu-ray devices can with no problem? If i could find a network blu-ray dvd player that could navigate my windows shares and play avi or wmv files i'd return the ps3 right now.

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Ps3 Usb External Hard Drive Connection

I have a 500 gig seagate free agent pro usb 2. 0 hard drive. I have plugged the hard drive into the ps3 usb port but the ps3 does not recognize it in the menu. Can someone please tell me how i can make the ps3 recognize my external hard drive? I'd like to stream video from it.

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Usb Flash Drive Won't Work With Ps3

I am trying to get some of my mp3's and some cool pictures onto my ps3, but every time i plug my usb flash drive into it i get nothing. I just got my ps3 this past weekend, i read the quick help guide and can't figure out why it won't recognize my drive the book says that it should. When i plug it in, the drive lights up but does not show up on my menu anywhere.

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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