Usb And Unknown Orange Connector

I have questions regarding my usb2. 0 connectors and this strange orange connector coming from my front intake fan. I think that this orange connector is a connector that goes to the chassis header right? The other 2 fans dont have this connector. Now the two usb 2. 0 cables, i know where they go, but i dont know which row they go on, whether its top or bottom. I assume top, because both cables have 1 row of 5 pins, and as u can see from the picture, the header has a bottom row of 4 pins, and a top row of 5 pins. Which row do i connect the cable to?

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Add Usb Port To An Older Motherboard - Ide To Usb Connector

Have an older motherboard with no usb connectors. Need to add usb port to install newer multi function printer. No pci slots open, have 1 isa slot open, also 1 ide port available. Any prouducts out there that will allow me to add a usb port with above listed available ports.

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Usb Devices Stopped Working - Message: Unknown Device

Randomly when i was on my computer yesterday all of a sudden everything connected to my computer by usb stopped working, i tried reconnecting, restarting etc, but everytime i plug anything in by usb it says unknown device and doesn't work not sure if maybe usb ports got fried somehow. But that seems unlikely because they still detect that something's connected and then i plugged in a serial mouse and keyboard and they work so i'm not quite sure what happened or why.

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Usb Drive Connector Broke Off

I was wondering if anyone had any data recovery recommendations? Someone at work dropped their laptop on the usb drive and it broke clear off. This is stuff that only exists on the usb drive and is thesis type of material. Just wondering if anyone has any experiences with places like this, and price is not really a huge concern as it is "priceless"

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Where To Get Usb Wifi Connector For Nintendo Ds ?

Where can i get a usb wifi connector for my nintendo ds? Nintendo has discontinued theirs, where can i get a reasonably priced wifi usb connector for my ds?

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Universal Bluetooth Usb Connector

Is there a universal bluetooth usb connector? I lost the usb that came with my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Do i have to replace it with another logitech bluetooth usb or is there another bluetooth wireless usb that will work. If so, where do i get this?

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Does Nintendo Wifi Usb Connector Work With Dsi ?

Does the nintendo wi-fi usb connector work with dsi and dsixl?

Answer:- yes. It is advertised as working for ds products and what not, but in actuality it is just a cheap, generic usb wifi transmitter/receiver (i use it on my xbox 360 and laptop constantly)

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Message: Usb Disk Is An 'unknown Device'

This happened to my usb flash drive a few months ago, and it happened to my new one, too. I have no idea how to fix it. My usb disk is fine. It's a cruzer micro 4 gig. The head's not bent or anything, and the light that comes on when the computer acknowledges the device still works. However, whenever i plug it in (this happens on both of my computers-one is windows xp; the other, a vista), a message comes up stating that the usb disk is an "unknown device" and that windows "could not recognize" it. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, same message. I tried troubleshooting, but everybody knowns windows troubleshooting is awful, and they treat you technology-wise like you're amish. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, but, that proved ineffective as well. Any way to get rid of this "unknown device" message?

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Orange Screen Of Death

Alright, i was typing madly along like i do every day, and the screen on my laptop went 100% orange. After 10 seconds of staring and blinking, i rebooted it and it's fine. Has anyone ever seen this? What happened?

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Monitor Lights Up Orange And Displays Nothing

When i turn the monitor on it says no signal, but when i plug it into the radeon 9600 the button just lights up orange and displays nothing.

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Hp Printer Orange Light Flashing

Ive just changed the color ink cartridge on my printer but when i try to print i have an orange light flashing next to what looks like a page icon with a teardrop on it. The page number selection has what looks like a reverse e. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried taking out the cartridge and putting it back in and switching on/off but it comes up the same.

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Black Screen Cpu Light Orange

Problem: screen goes black. The power light is orange on the monitor. Checking the cpu/tower - the on/off button is orange. Moving the mouse - pressing keys - does nothing. To turn the computer off, i pressed and held the on/off button. On starting the computer back up - everything seemed to be fine. I then started running virus scans (ie: norton, ms antispyware and many others). During one of the scans - while i was away, the computer again "turned off". It happened again when running quickbooks - however, i had just entered data - and turned away - ie - sadly - not watching if anything was happening. Dell support was interesting. While the computer is out of warranty - i was not expecting the following: the dell rep hung up on me! I guess it was because i questioned removing the coin-battery as a solution. Was ok with "reseating" the hard drive cables - but why the battery?

Sadly, i've been at this computer for 30 minutes now, and it has not turned off. (Sadly?)

If you have any ideas, let me know. Oh yes: i tried different power cords, plugged into a different ups plug.

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Hp Deskjet 940c Orange Light Flashing

My black ink ran low on my hp deskjet 940c and i kept printing with it, then it stopped printing, so i installed new b/w and color cartridges, but the orange light above the ink icon keeps flashing, and it won't print, keeps saying my black ink is low or something. I've tried turning it on and off, restarting the computer w/ xp, etc. I need to print by fri. A. M.

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Gateway Power Button Goes Orange When Attempting To Start

I know this has probably been posed several times before, but my power button goes orange when attempting to start the computer. I assumed it was some sort of power problem, so i went along with some troubleshooting techniques. I will list some of the things that i have done in efforts to find the problem. *** I got a new, working power supply. No effect

*** I attempted to start the computer, with nothing connected, except for the cpu, power, power button, and monitor (graphics card is built in). No effect

*** I got a new battery for the motherboard to eliminate that as part of the problem. No effect

My next thought is that there was some sort of power sure in the graphics that would be causing this, but i lack another graphics card to test it out. (Which i wouldn't think a problem with the graphics, would route back to the power switch light).

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Dell 1320c Printer Error Blinking Orange

My dell 1320c printer has an orange blinking error. It has an orange paper jam and "!" Symbol blinking. I checked for paper jams but none to be found. Really cant figure out what the problems can be. I was told to try cleaning the printer heads at one point so i did, no difference in the outcome.

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Unknown System Instability

Recently i noticed my computer has been restarting itself randomly. It has always been stable and since the first time i oc'ed, i've ran orthos for 8hr+ without issues. I start orthos and what do you know, within the first minute, error occurs. Back to the bios, i turn off oc and try again with default everything. Orthos fails again. Must be ram right? I remove two sticks of ram (down to 2gb) and run memtest on it, passes for 5 cycles straight. Boot back into windows, orthos fails. So this comes down to the motherboard or cpu. 3. 2ghz for a 6750 is considered modest. My voltage was set at 1. 45 and temps never went above 60c under load. I really don't think the cpu would fail under these conditions. I don't have another machine to test out the cpu or motherboard unfortunately, what else can i do?

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Laptop Hdd Interface Unknown

I bought a used dell lattitude cpx to build a digital picture frame with. I want to remove the harddrive and replace it with a flash part. My original idea was to get a $20 ide to compact flash adapter, however, my laptop isn't ide and i'm not really sure what it is. It might be some kind of mini-scsi. Here is a link to a picture of the interface, does anyone know what that interface is?

The drive itself is some kind of mini-ide, and the drive bay converts the mystery interface to mini-ide, i guess i can always do this. Mystery interface -> mini-ide - using the drive bay itself
Mini-ide -> ide - i'm assuming i can find that adapter online somewhere
Ide -> compact flash - i've seen these adapters around for about $20

Am i overlooking something? With all of these connectors is there any problem getting power to the flash chip?

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Identifying Unknown Network On Vista

Okay, so i'm trying to connect to a network on my laptop, which is running vista. Every time i plug my ethernet cable in, it just says "identifying. Unknown network" and won't connect. I've never had it do this before, and i've tried everything i can think of, and nothing seems to work!

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Keyboard Keys Are Messed Up - Get Unknown Letters

When i use my keyboard some of the keys are messed up. For example when i push the colon, semicolon button i get these unknown letters / characters '. When i want this & instead of shift 7 i have to push shift 6. This has just recently started. Is there a way to fix this?.

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Chkdsk Unknown Error Raid Volume

@ raid 6 volume on areca 1222 controller: i have some files and directories i can't delete, move because they are corrupted. I asked windows to perform a full check on this storage volume but it always ends with "unknown error" after having supposedly found and deleted some orphan files. What are my options? I have an ass load of large files on this array and no extra space to move and rebuild. Side note:- i know everyone can have different experiences but i will not forgive seagate for the 1. 5 tb hdds fiasco. Cursed be the day i decided to go with these drives for my array. I've had 4 of them spaz-out or die on me with different controllers, pcs.

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Hard Drive Failure - Unknown Error

When vista loads, it gives me a message telling me one of my hard drives need to be checked for consistency. If i let it run, it either freezes, or aborts with some kind of unknown error at some point (happens at different points in the process, randomly). When i finish booting into vista, the hard drive is there, but it needs to be formatted before it can be used. If i keep letting chkdsk run is there a chance it may be able to repair whatever the issue is? It seems to get progressively further, but how far away from completing chkdsk it is, i have no idea. Edit: actually, i'm going download wd lifeguard tools, and see if i can scan the drive first, and see what it tell me. Will update when done.

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Stop: D0000144 Unknown Hard Error

Today i purchased a 250gig seagate sata 7200. 9 drive and after formatting and installing windows i realized a clicking sound, after looking into it with other threads i thought it was normal, then i got the blue screen of death with a message saying "stop: d0000144 unknown hard error", now im concerned since i only just got this drive. What can i do? (I also flashed my bios on my motherboard up to the latest version but i don't think that could affect it, my mother board is a asus p4s800-mx se).

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Unwanted And Unknown Computer Connected To Network

My kids loaded a network sheing app on my pc. I removed it. But felt over on my windows 7 under network connection i have a unwanted and unknown computer connected to my network pc list. I turned sharing off, network discover off, unplugged the cable modem, reset the firewall to default & ipconfig /flushdns. It turn the network back on and there is this unknown computer connected again. How do i get this guy off my box?

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What Devices Use Dc 3v Connector ?

On what devices would i find a dc 3v connector? Any common devices around the house or possibly at a local store?

Answer:- any device that uses 2 aa or aaa batteries, wireless phones, walkie talkies etc.

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Power Connector For Sata Hd

I purchased a 750gb wd hd (model: wd7500aaks) from newegg. I plugged it into the computer, and went to connect a power connector to it, and realized it had a different type of power connector. This one had a connector going straight from the motherboard to the hd. Now, my question is: does anyone know where i can find a connector that has 2 power connectors coming off of it?

The computer i want to place this in, already has 1 hd with this connector, and didnt see another slot on the motherboard, so need to know how to connect this hd to the machine.

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Molex Connector Alternative

Can u suggest any alternate for molex 533751210 connector? Without locking holes?


How about a sata power connector? Seriously, that's the only current and viable alternative to molex unless you want to use 80-pin sca scsi drives.

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Sata Drive Connector Question

I'm building a rig from scratch. First time. I got everything installed alright, but i'm used to ata drives with ribbon data cables and molex connectors. Never installed a sata drive. The model i got is:

Wd caviar blue 500gb serial ata hd 7200/16mb/sata-3g. There is a connection via sata cable to the mb, and a connection from the psu with a sata connection. On the far right side of the drive there is an 8 pin connector. I don't know what this could be for. Is this for a different type of connection? I though i only needed the data connection to the mb and power. What am i missing here.

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Dual Connector Network Card

Due to a lack of free expansion slots, and the slight need for a second network connector, i'm currently looking for a network adapter card with two rj-45 connectors. I've found this one but it's 64 bit pci, and i need 32 bit. Does anyone know of 32 bit cards with this functionality, preferably 3com or intel?

I don't need gigabit, 100 basetx will do.

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Replacing Keyboard Cable Connector

It seems some pins have gone slack. Otherwise keyboard is fine. How do i change connector cable, i asked repair shops around, the said i'll have to buy new kb.connector cables are not sold separately

Suggest a simple solution.

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Ide Power Connector Not Working

Just had my power box in my acer aspire sa80 pc replaced as the original hard drive was burnt out. The motherboard & the rest is fine. I am using now using a 160gig drive for the main drive & 1tb for a slave with just sata plugins. My problem is on the 160 gig hard drive, it has both ide & sata power plug-ins. When i plug the sata connection, the hard drive powers up but when i take out the sata connection & plug in the ide power connection the hard drive don't power up? I only have one sata power connector for one drive only.

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