Computer Fails To Wake Up From Sleep Mode Properly

Basically, when i got this new computer in september or so, going to and resuming from sleep mode worked correctly. But then, resuming suddenly stopped working, and hasn't worked since. The error message i get is the same as this guy here (but only when resuming, not when (re)starting). Usually it's the first error in a bsod, sometimes it's been something about the hard disk after the system actually already showed the desktop. It's a major annoyance, as i run a lot of apps at once. So while i'd like to save electricity by putting the computer to sleep when i'm away for a while, i currently have to either leave it on, or close a lot of apps with stuff open in them. As for a cause, i tried chkdsk as the article suggested. Bios settings haven't changed in the meanwhile or anything, so it shouldn't be anything bios-related. The hard drive - currently only using one internal hd - is otherwise working fine, so i'm not sure how it could be a hard drive issue. It's also a rather new drive, bought along with the rest of the system's components in september. Obviously that doesn't mean it can't be faulty, but there's been no other indication that it would be. Any suggestions?

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Usb Devices Do Not Work When I Wake Computer From Sleep

Periodically when i wake my computer from sleep my usb devices do not work. In most cases even when they do it takes 15 seconds or so, but not always. Sometimes they begin to work if i unplug then plug them back in. My computer goes into an s3 power state for sleep. This has been the strangest board i've ever owned in regards to sleep. I cannot turn the wake from usb option on. The computer goes to sleep and immediately kicks out of it if i do. Its all completely random, and i hate to have to do a hard reset when it does occur.

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Monitor Won't Wake Up When Coming Back From Sleep - Windows 7

I recently upgraded my dell dimension desktop to windows 7. In order to do so, i had to install a new grapchis card (nvidia geforce). I set the pc to sleep after a period of time. When i go to move the mouse and wake the computer back up, the pc itself seems to respond, but the monitor never comes back from sleep. I have no choice but to reboot to get the monitor back. Any suggestions?

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Sleep Mode Issue

So if i put my computer into sleep mode or it goes to sleep after an hour of idle time, when i hit enter to wake it the screen stays blank. The only way to wake it is to hit the power button. However if i do this the computer will intermittently turn on, as in the howl system lights up and then it turns off. It will continually complete this process until i flip the power switch on the back of the psu. Then when i hit the power switch once more, it will turn on and off and then finally boots. It sounds like a bios issue to me. I have sufficient power, even overclocked, otherwise i wouldn't be able to turn my computer on at all. Here are some relevant specs: mobo: gigabyte: ga-ep45-ud3p with award bios the most recent version and a 650 watt psu. This also seemed to happen after i had network adapter issues last night which also happened to be a bios issue, i fixed it by resetting to fail safe defaults. So it may have reset the option to allow sleep mode or something along those lines. Any suggestions?

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Pc Suddenly Died While In Sleep Mode

My pc suddenly died last night and won't ever start up again! I was wondering if any expert could identify the problem. I don't get it, is the problem my hard-drive or motherboard? For 8 months this rig worked, and then last night after going into energy conversation mode (you know, when pcs are quasi-sleeping), it just never woke up!

Since then, i've never been able to boot up the computer. Obviously in bios, there is no harddrive recognized. But here's the weird thing: usually when a hard-drive fails in my experience, the pc at least still boots up. It's just that the drive won't be recognized. But in my case, it just puts a wrench into the whole thing (can't get past the sata detection stage in boot up, and freezes). I've tried to test if its the hard-drive or the motherboard. I plugged my sata harddrive into my brother's computer. Thing is, after this, i cant even enter bios! It also freezes, but to an -even worse- state. Once again confused; once we unplugged the hard-drive my brother's computer continued to boot. It's almost like, anything with my hard-drive plugged into it will fail. But i thought pcs would -at least- continue to boot. Does this mean it's my hard-drive's fault then? Does this situation sound familiar to anyone?

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Sleep Mode Cannot Get Turn Back On

My compaq is in the sleep mode and i can't get it to turn back on. What can i do?

Answer:- unplug it from power. If it's a laptop, also remove the battery. Then hold down the power button for half a minute. Then put the battery back in and reconnect power, then press the power button - if that doesn't turn it on, try holding down the power button a long time again.

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Keep Msn Chat Connected After Sleep Mode

Is there a way to keep my msn chat connected after vista sleep mode? When i put my laptop to sleep in 15 mins, and i return after i wake up the next day. Why does my msn chat disappear? Is there a way to keep my chats connected? Like i don't know if my friends messaged me and all that.

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Lost Internet Connection After Entering Sleep Mode

My pc lost internet connection after entering sleep mode around 20 minute? My pc always lost internet connection if i leave around 20 minute from pc, if i wanna use again, i need to restart my pc and i get connection, i using broadband connection, i don't know how to make setting to overcome that problem, anybody wanna advice me?

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After Changing / Adding Hardware, Computer Fails To Boot

I changed the cpu fan as it was making some buzzing noises so decided it was getting old and replaced it. Also i added in a dvd player as the other drive could not play dvds. While doing this i also unscrewed the hdd from its location to remove it while changing the cpu fan and also to make sure it was secure as i had a feeling it was loose. Put everything back together, hit power. Psu fan spun, cpu fan spun, gfx card fan spun, cd drives can open/close, hdd spins up, but no beeps at all and the monitor does not activate, the light by its power button just flashes.

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Dell Computer Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep

My computer monitor which is a dell keeps going to sleep on me does this mean my monitor is slowly dying how? It keeps doing it more often then before.

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Computer Will Sleep When Connecting Monitor To Laptop

Connecting monitor to laptop and have to leave laptop open because computer will sleep. ? I have a dell inspiron 1420 with vista home premium. I connected a monitor to it but i have a problem because i have to keep my laptop open or my computer will sleep when i close it and the monitor goes black. Are there some settings i have to change?

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Computer Do Not Come Out Of Stand By Mode

I just started using stand by instead of leaving the computer active all night. Half the time when i went to activate the computer it would just shut off and or restart. I got better results oi got this computer about 3 years ago. Came with 120gb harddrive, 512mb ram, 250watt power supply. Since then i have added a second harddrive, and a firewire card, no problem [so long ago i did that].

Well lately theres been issues. I just started using stand by instead of leaving the computer active all night. Half the time when i went to activate the computer it would just shut off and or restart. I got better results of it not doing that by moving the mouse and hitting keys vigorously until my desktop came up, it not doing that by moving the mouse and hitting keys vigorously until my desktop came up.

But the last few days have been the worst. The green power light on the front is blinking, as usual on stand by, and i go start moving the mouse around, and eventually figure out, it wont come out of stand by. Eventually i figured out if i unplugged my dlink router, and then plugged it in again, it would reboot itself. Sometimes i couldn't turn the computer on without plugging in the router. It use to involve a lot of playing around with the router to get the computer out of standby and back on.

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Computer In Standby Mode Never Came Back

I accidentally pressed the little moon key on the dynex keyboard connected to my desktop pc which although normally causes the pc to enter stand-by apparently means "commit suicide"! I saw a message that said the system was entering stand-by and i have as of yet been unable to get the machine to wake from it's slumber. I've completely powered off the system and disconnected the power cord and i've tried the cmos jumper trick as well. I can't even get a post screen with no thing plugged in but the video card and monitor!

I've removed the cmos battery and will let the system discharge over night so i'll post back in the morning, but any other suggestions would be appreciated! I have never encountered a case of a computer being this difficult to get out of standby, so i'm afraid the problem must run deeper than that.

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Dma/pio Mode - Computer Lag

I recently recieved a refurbished hp dv8240us laptop from circuit city (this was november of 2006). Lately, over the past few weeks to be exact, my computer really starts to lag like it's going to lock up completely. I've read up on this dma/pio mode stuff and i checked the device manager everytime it starts to lag and i notice that the "primary ide channel" shows device 0 and device 1. I thought that they both went into pio mode, but it just happened and it is showing device 1 as pio mode and device 0 as ultra dma mode 5. This started just now when itunes was playing some music from the d drive. However, i left it playing all night and it didn't start lagging until about an hour after i woke up and was playing different songs than the selected playlist. I have two hard drives (c:) and (d:). C drive contains the os and all the installed programs. The second disk, drive d, contains all my personal files such as projects, music, my written music etc. - Very important things (to me at least). What should i be doing right now? Should i bring it back to ccity and have them fix it (i have a two-year hardware warranty) or should i do this myself? I hate losing my computer, but i don't have the money atm to spend on a new hard drive (or two). Is my d drive at risk of dying completely? Or is this something that can be easily fixed running a test?

Edit: i went into the bios and did a quick scan of each hard drive and it passed. I didn't do the full scan yet because it takes approx 102 minutes, and i just don't have the time at the moment.

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Computer Restarts, But Is Fine In Safe Mode

Normally can figure things like this out. This is on my parents computer, running an amd venice 3200+ (no overclock). When booting normally, the computer will restart (or just stop booting) itself at random times, including at the login screen. When i boot into safe mode. It's fine. Tried a system restore to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking hardware failing, but then why would it be fine in safe mode?

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Computer Idle Mode - Which Is Better Shutdown Or Standby ?

Since shutdown takes huge power while start up and shut downing the system and standby also consumes power. For better power usage. I want suggestion on shutdown and standby. Depending upon the time that computer sits idle. (i.e if computer is idle for 1 hr it is better to shutdown.

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Cd Rw Drive Fails To Initialize

I am having a wierd problem with my msi 52x cd-rw. I just upgraded my cpu, mb, and ram to a athlon 64 3200+, asus k8v - deluxe, and 1gb corsair mem. Everything else i re-used from the old system, msi 52x cd-rw, plextor dvd-rw, maxtro 120gb hd, maxtor 60 gb hd, aiw 9700 pro. Let me tell ya what, this setup eats apps for breakfast. Very fast. Ok, here is the problem. When i try to burn using the msi 52x with nero or alcohol 120%, the drive failes to initialize. Currently, the msi drive is set to master on the the secondary ide channel. Here is what i have tried so far. Msi as slave on the primary ide channel. No worky
Msi as master on the primary ide channel. No worky
Msi as the slave on secondary ide channel. No worky
Msi as master on secondary ide channel. No worky (current config)

This is very frustrating, the drive worked fine in my previous setup. (Abit mb) any suggestions?

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Computer Stuck In Stand By Mode Problems Solution

Ive noticed alot of people around the web asking about their problems with their computers involving stand by mode. The most popular problem was that they put their computer in stand by mode, and found that they couldn't get out of it, even if they rebooted. I also had the same problem, and would get frustrated at the fact that people would give the most useless advice as to how to fix it. So i decided, since i fixed my problem, i'd join this forum and show you how to fix this problem if needed. Problem: your computer is stuck in stand by mode, or power saving mode, and you can't seem to get a screen up. Solution:

1. Unplug the power cord from your computer, saving you from hazards such as electricity.

2. Open your case up so you can see your motherboard. The side you want to open is the left side, because that is the one you'll be able to view your whole motherboard in.

3. Locate a coin shaped battery, roughly the size of a 10 cent coin. This is known as the cmos battery. An image of it is located at : imageshack - hosting :: cmosbatterygw5.png

4. Once you've found it, fiddle around with it until you manage to take it out, but be very cautious not to scratch the motherboard, and dont break anything holding in the battery. I personally use a screw driver (not cross head) to help me take it out.

5. Once it is taken out, simply place is back in, and you've reseted your cmos, meaning your finished! I know its really simple, and irritated me till i found out how to fix my problem. I apologize if it seems like i made a guide too big for the problem, but alot of people that aren't as advanced in computing than others need this sort of descriptive guide. Please don't try changing the actual battery, as that is for another problem. If you want to know what that does, well google is your friend.

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Windows 7 Computer Wont Boot In Normal Mode

I was running 64bit vista for a while until i encountered some problems. I tried to fix these problems, but my copy of vista can't be validated by microsoft (it was fine when i installed it, authenticated and worked fine). My computer won't boot in normal mode, only in safe mode. I've decided to upgrade to windows 7, but i'm not sure if i should buy the upgrade or clean install disks. I figure if vista doesn't work properly (crashing whenever it tries to boot in normal mode), then an upgrade won't work. Also, if authentication fails, for whatever reason, then i would be in trouble. I'm not sure what the best solution is. I don't have a problem backing up files i don't want to lose. I just don't want to buy the wrong type of windows 7 installation disk. I've already decided on buying windows 7 home premium (64 bit version), but should i get upgrade package or the clean install disks?

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Hard Drive Fails To Boot

I have a diamondmax plus 9 which i store in an external case and it connects to my computer through usb port. It currently has 2 partitions on it. Ever since i made a third partition on it: ntfs 32k cluster size, it has seemed to have screwed up and fails to boot each time. How do i stop the 3rd partition from booting up or get rid of the 3rd partition without affecting the other 2 because of valuable data?

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Installer Fails With Vs 2008 Express Installed

This problem still exists in windows 7 x64 and ran in to it last night again. The ati cat driver install and uninstall fails, the installer extracts the files no problem, runs the actual installer file and you go through the first few steps, then the installer window just disappears and windows pops up an error saying the installer didn't finish correctly would you like to reinstall with recommended settings, which also fails. I've narrowed it down to visual studio 2008 express which you can download for free from

I think its component vs installs like microsoft c+ redistribute that clashes with the installer, i've found posts about other people saying it's a c+ redist conflict. Anyway i'm running windows 7 x64 ultimate, with visual studio 2008 express sp1, this is a really stupid problem to have, it needs to be fixed, i can't bloody well uninstall my whole development environment everytime i want to upgrade my drivers!

I've submitted a support ticket with sapphire as they make my 5970 and i can't find anywhere on ati/amds site to actually get feedback to them! Does anyone know how to get in touch with them?

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Lexmark X3550 Scanner Fails After Xp Reload

Had to reinstall xp on compaq laptop. Downloaded driver pack for x3550 all-in-one from lexmark. Appeared to install properly and printer works, but pressing scan button gives "cannot download application list". Attempting to scan from pc gives "check your usb cables" error.control panel->system->device manager shows the scanner driver did not load. Clicking on "reinstall driver" gives "cyclic redundancy check error". Reinstalling and reinstalling drivers repeatedly doesn't help. Lexmark tech support logged onto the laptop but couldn't find problem. Obviously the scanner driver could not be installed, but why? Some vague statements on net suggest the usb drivers are at fault, but what is solution? Is the problem with the compac usb drivers?

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Video Card Beep Error - Windows Fails To Load

Last night my comp was making a loud beeping noise and it turned out to be my video card. So i boot it up, get all the screens and it eventually hits the windows screen with the options of safe mode, last known configuration that worked, and run windows normally. The problem is no matter which one i pick (done them all several times) it always does the same thing. The window logo screen loads where the little blue bar travels across below the logo usually meaning windows is starting up, but everytime it has that screen for about 15 seconds then a quick flash of the blue screen of death and my computer resets and does the whole process again?

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Headphones For Sleep

I was wondering if you guys could recommend me a pair of headphones for $50 or under that are comfortable to sleep in on either my back or on my side. I'm not looking for any noise canceling just for comfort. It would be a plus if it happens to have anything related to that, but definitely not necessary.

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Monitor Not Waking From Sleep

I currenlty have a samsung t240hd flat scrren monitor, with integrated tv tuner. I use it both to watch television or for computer. My problem is that if i ever loose the computer signal, for example by switching to the tv input, when i return to the computer, then the monitor goes to sleep. Also, if the computer tells the monitor to turn off (power saving), then the monitor will not wake back up. The computer is still fully awake (windows plays music), but the monitor doesn't wake up. Sometimes, pluging and un-plugging my dvi cable will do the trick, but more often than not, it just wakes up, says no signal, and goes back to sleep. If the computer goes to sleep, when the computer wakes up, the screen turns back on ok. It would appear my monitor needs nothing short of a full power on signal to wake up. Is there any way to force a monitor to wake up again? If i get a program to change the screen resolution (like exiting a full screen game), it'll wake the monitor up, but other than that, not much. I'm running vista 64 business (up to date) with an ati x800xl. Is there a fix for this, or if not, would any of you know a simple program that would have the display flicker off than on or something, to wake the monitor up?

Apparently, my monitor needs a swift kick in the signal to wake up. Any ideas?

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Cannot Put Laptop To Sleep

I asked this question already and looked through previously posted questions, but i still have a problem. I can shut down my laptop just fine, but when i click sleep or close the lid, it goes into sleep for only a second then comes on like it was turned off completely, meaning i get the main boot-up screen and it says "windows encountered a problem when shutting down. "

I have the option to start with safe mode, safe mode with networking, and normal start. I got this problem originally when i updated my trend micro internet security, but i uninstall ed it and replaced it with the free version of avast! I suspected trend micro was the source of the problem, as it began after updating the program, but since the problem is still here, it must be something else. Unless the trend micro left something on my computer, or maybe i have a virus that is not being detected?

I have "sleep" as the functions when i press the sleep button and close the lid, but it still comes back on. Any advice or tips are appreciated. My computer is a dell ins iron 1525, running windows vista, 32-bit, if that helps. Also where is the sleep button on my laptop? Is it the house button near the power button?

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5850 Coming Out Of Sleep Error

Anyone having trouble with overclocked 5850 or 5870 coming out of sleep mode? I'm using windows 7 32 bit and when the card comes out of sleep, it will hang and the computer will lock upf or a few seconds. Then i get a message saying that the display driver has recovered and all is good again. I am wondering if when using afterburner to oc, when the cards come out of sleep they are still clocked at the overclocked core and mem however don't get enough juice initally, (cause the error is the same error that i get if i overclock the card but leave voltage at stock. Booting into windows the card will hang and then get display driver recovered message).

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Hp 2009m Monitor Keeps Freezing And Going To Sleep

Ok. Im using my hp 2009m monitor with the vga cable and every day or so it will freeze, then i have to restart my computer. Then when i restart, the monitor loses signal and goes to sleep. Any suggestions?

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Pc Won't Go To Sleep When A Disc Is In The Drive

I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software issue, so i decided to post it here for now. I have an evga x58 sli motherboard and an lg ggc-h20l bd/hd-dvd drive. I have s3 sleep mode enabled in the bios. Everything works fine if there is no disc in the drive - the computer goes to sleep when it's supposed to, and wakes up without any problem. If there's a disc in the drive, the behavior is very strange. If i leave or go to sleep and then come back expecting the computer to be asleep, what i find is that the computer is not asleep and the disc drive is being constantly accessed. The hd access light is also lit up. I have no idea why the drive would be constantly accessed since i never leave any apps running that would access the disc drive. Is this an issue with windows explorer or my av software or something?

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4890 Blue Screen After Waking From Sleep

I previously had a radeon 5850 in this new build which worked fine for the two weeks i was using it, but i decided to switch to a radeon 4890 due to compatibility issues with my apple cinema display. Since saturday, when i put the 4890 in my computer, every time i wake the computer from sleep, after a few seconds the screen becomes scrambled and then the computer blue screens and automatically reboots not leaving me enough time to read what the message says. For a few seconds i do have use of the computer before the screen becomes scrambled. Does this sound like an issue with the video card? I never had any problems waking from sleep with the 5850.

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