Portable High Capacity Storage

I'm leaving in 30 days for the us air force and i'm most likely going to be moving overseas, or around a bunch. There will be many times where i will be waiting 2 or so weeks to get all of my stuff shipped to a new place, so i'm looking for something that i can take on a plane with me or keep close to me so that i always have it whenever i move. I was thinking of getting a 500gb archos mp3 player but am looking for more options. I already have multiple external hard drives but i'll not be taking them with me, so i'm not looking for an external hard drive. Can anyone point me in the direction of some other or better options for me?

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High Capacity Usb Drives

I need a high capacity usb drive and i know tpu has reviewed a bunch so do you guys recommend any?

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High Speed Device Is Attached To Non High Speed Usb Adapter

I have a usb port that i use for reading my digital camera xd card. It was working ok. Then, i installed a cable modem with a usb connection (to a different usb port). Now, whenever i plug in the xd card reader, i get a popup screen message that says something like "your high-speed device is attached to a non-high speed usb adapter". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver, but with no results.

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Ram Only Showing Up @ 1/2 Capacity

I have an itronix gobook max ix550. It came with 128mb pc133, and the website states it will handle up to 512mb, so i bought 4 sticks of 256mb pc133 sodimm off of ebay and they all show up as 128mb. Not sur ewhat is wrong i ran the numbers on the ram on a yahoo search and they come up as non-ecc 256mb pc133.

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Hard Drive Capacity Not Reading Right

I have a 250 gb hard drive with os and some programs on it. I just got a second hard drive (link below) and installed it. I intend to use this second 1tb drive for music/video/file storage.

1) i partitioned it as primary and i am formatting it. It is going very slow. I noticed that the capacity only reads 7. 87 gb? Did the ups guy drop 9992. 13 gb somewhere?

2) did i select the right partition? (Primary vs extended)?

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Flash Drive Capacity Issue

I have an 8gb patriot flash drive. I've just formatted it in windows 7 and it states:

7. 46gb free of 7. 53gb

Nothing is on the drive, so why isn't it 7. 53gb free of 7. 53gb?

Says 66. 5mb are currently in use, but i don't see anything in it!

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Is There A Max Capacity For A Hard Drive On P3 Computer ?

I have a 600mhz pentium iii computer sitting here at home, with a 40 gb hard drive that failed in it. I was thinking about getting a new hard drive for it, but i was wondering if there's a limit to the capacity the computer could handle. I remember that older systems had limits to the size of their hd's, but i'm not sure about "newer" systems.

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New Hard Drive Not Showing Full Capacity

I just bought a new 1. 5tb hard drive to install windows 7, but when i go into disk management(vista) it is only showing about 460gb's of space, anyone know what is going on?

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Why Is Hard Drive Smaller Than The Advertised Capacity ?

We've had many questions regarding why hard drive capacities are always smaller than the amount they are advertised to contain. The difference in capacities is due to two different methods for defining what exactly the prefixes mega, giga, tera mean. In the computer world, these prefixes have different meanings depending on what exactly you are talking about. Hard drive manufacturers report the size of hard drives using the decimal definition of these terms (10^6, 10^9, 10^12 resepctively), whereas operating systems and other software use the binary definition of these terms (2^20, 2^30, 2^40). As you can calculate, these values are close, but not exactly the same. 10^6 is 1, 000, 000, but 2^20 is 1, 048, 576. Once we get to larger hard drive sizes, the difference really becomes noticeable. One gigabyte in binary is 1, 073, 741, 824 bytes (2^30), but in decimal itís only 1, 000, 000, 000 bytes (10^9), which is a difference of 73, 741, 824 bytes (~70mb). So, when we're talking about storage size in gigabytes a hard drive's capacity as reported by the os will be about 7% less than what is advertised by the hard drive manufacturer. One solution to this is to talk about computer storage using binary prefixes so that there is no confusion about the exact amounts being talked about. In that system, a gibibyte (gib) is always 2^30 exactly. But, i wouldn't expect storage device manufacturers to adopt this method any time soon.

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How To Fix A Capacity Hacked Flash Drive ?

I've been pondering this for years since i've gotten screwed 3 times by fake drives (drive #1 said it was 16gb, turned out to be 2, drive #2 said it was 8gb, was really 1gb, drive #3 claims to be 16gb but was really 4gb. So far people have recommended programs that never worked for me. After several tries i've finally found a solution - and it's free!

This process works with all forms of media including thumb drives and memory cards! (Sd, mmc, etc)

Step 1: determine the true size of the drive

I suggest using a large file (such as a video) that is 200mb or so (this is what i did).copy this file onto the drive 4 times, this should give you 800mb or so. Now, because flash is sequential write, copy the file one more time. This will bring you to the 1gb threshold and likely over. If the file plays fine all the way through, the size is at least 1gb. Repeat this until the last file either will not copy (ran into this only on win7) or copies and will not play. This is your true size. Step 2: boot into linux

For those of you already running linux, you can skip this step. Everyone else, i suggest downloading either puppy or dsl as these are fast and easy to use (and have a live boot disk so you dont have to muck up your windows files). Step 3: if the usb is mounted, unmount it. I've not run into this with puppy, but i've not tried other distros. Step 4: run fdisk

Usually you can do this by starting the console and typing "fdisk" sometimes it's in the system tools menu (in puppy the easest way to start it is to choose copy disk, then click "run_fdisk". Step 5: list partitions

Within fdisk, choose p. This will print the current partition table, all that matters here is whether any partitions display a warning about exceeding the cylinder count - these are the fake gbs (sometimes there will only be 1 partition or none will show errors). Step 6: delete everything

Choose d from the menu and type in 1 then press enter. Repeat this for every partition on the drive

Step 7: create a new partition

Choose n from the list. Fdisk will now ask you if you want to make a primary or extended partition choose p. It will now ask you what partition number you want to create (1-4) choose "1". The program will ask you the start cylinder, hit enter or type "1" then hit enter. Now it asks you the end cylinder. This is where you need to know the size of your drive. Usually it's 1gb, 2gb, or 4gb. If it's one type "+1024m" and press enter. For 2gb type "+2048m" and press enter, and for 4gb, type "+4096m" and press enter. Step 8: fill the remaining space

Now we have our real space. However some systems will see the unused space and try to format it or extend our real partition into the imaginary space, so we need a second partition. Press n again

This time choose e to make an extended partition (windows cant see extended partitions and will assume the maximum capacity is that of the primary partition). Choose "2" for the partition number (because we've already used 1 as the primary). When it asks the start cylinder, press enter. When it asks for the end cylinder, press enter again

Step 9: write the table

We're almost done. We're fixed the partition table in memory, but it's not been written to the flash drive yet. Press w. This will call the process to sync the new partition table to the flash drive.congratulations, your disk now will show it's true capacity and even attempts by windows to "format" it will not go beyond the true size! (Windows will tell you to format it when you insert it next time).

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How To Find Out Maximum Ram Capacity For Computer ?

I'm trying to add a little memory to my in-laws computer. It's an intel board, model d845glly. It's got two slots, 133mhz fsb. I would post a link to intel's page on the board, but apparently i'm too new of a member. So if you go to, slash support, slash motherboards, slash desktop, slash d845glly slash sb, slash cs-012825.htm, you can see it ;-). On their info page it states that the maximum memory capacity is 2gb, which is what i'd like to stick in it. But on the chart on the same page, it lists 512mb as the maximum capacity per slot, and there are only two slots. Alternatively, i went to crucial's site, and did their evaluation, and it says the same thing. It states that the board can take 2gb of memory, but each slot can only hold 512mb. So what's the deal? Can i put a 1gb stick in each slot, or am i stuck with only being able to put 1gb total in it? It needs more memory desperately, currently it has 256mb total. Or do you think that 2gb of ram would be overkill on this system? It's got a 1. 7ghz celeron in it, so would there be much of a noticeable difference from 1gb to 2gb? Maybe i shouldn't bother trying to get 2gb in there?

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Windows Shows Hard Disk Capacity Wrong

I have a seagate barracuda 160gb sata. When i go to properties, it says my hard drives capacity is 149gb, instead of 160! Is there any way to fix this?

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Seagate 200gb Sata Max Space Capacity

Seagate 200gb sata max space capacity. Where's the rest of my space? It displays the max capacity as 186. I know windows takes up some space but not 14 gigs right?

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Hp Deskjet F4488 Print Capacity Number Of Pages

What is the print capacity (in no. Of pages)for hp deskjet (f4488) cartridge 818/818xl? I would like to know actually how many a4 black & white or color pages can i print with hp deskjet (f4488) cartridge 818/818xl. I would also like to know whether the ink will dry up if i use the printer only 3-4 times in a month ? Can this cartridge be refilled (either when the ink has dried up or it has been used up )?

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Portable Usb Hd

I was about to buy wd passport 500g when i noticed that they released a new edition and accordingly to the majority of the reviews on

It is a disaster. They built s/w into hd's rom, so you cannot get rid of it by formatting hd (it is loading a virtual cd-rom every time you plug the hd in. Just like scan u3 usb stick, although i think you can get red of this one (didn't try it b/c i like it)). Also it has nonstandard small usb connector/cable. So, i will have to buy either previous edition while stock lasts or i found another hd that looks ok but i don't know anything about it.

Do you know anything about this samsung hd? I found more or less good review on tom's h/w but i would like to hear from "real" people

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Portable Monitor

Are there any portable lcd monitors available to buy? Looking just for a small lcd that i can take with me to connect to systems/servers. I do know about remote desktop and other remote utils, but that won't work if i need to reboot to image a server for backup purposes or something else.

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Portable Headphones

I'm trying to find a good pair of headphones that i can take with me and use with my new laptop. I'm having a hard time finding something quite like what i'm looking for unfortunately. Price range: <$110
Connector: 3. 5mm
Noise canceling: no, less energy used the better

Should also note that i don't yet have a sound card, but i intend on getting that shortly. I came across a few things that i liked for the most part.

These bose look nice, but that price is a little too high for me, but something similar to those would be good. I came across

Next, which also seemed good, and that price is fine by me, but the one negative about that is that they are "open" and according to the reviews, people around you will easily hear everything you hear. This was sort of a turn off as some privacy is nice, i plan on using the headphones in public places, and want to have at least a certain level of privacy. Additionally, i just now looked in more than just newegg's 3. 5mm category (i wish i could view all that have 3. 5mm connectors, not 3. 5mm only, or 3. 5mm/6. 3mm, don't like how they split them into 2 categories).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Remember, i want them to be durable seeing as i don't want to be replacing them all the time, i will be taking them with me.

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Portable Scanner

Does anyone know where i can find a portable scanner? I need a scanner that does not require a pc to operate, but that i can later connect to a computer (via usb, firewire, etc) and copy any previously scanned pictures. Basically, a scanner with a (preferably) internal hard drive. (Rechargeable)battery-power is also preferable, but not a necessity. I'm not looking for one of those business card or receipt scanners. The perfect image of what i'm lookin' for would be a typical flatbed scanner, that does not require a pc to operate, and includes an internal hard drive, preferably 1 gb+, with a usb or firewire port.

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My Computer Does Not See Portable Devices

I recently had a new asus k8v-mx motherboard fitted, since which time, no portable devices are seen in my computer. They are picked up and correctly identified on the taskbar, but each time i want to use any flash drive or portable device i have to assign it a drive letter through windows xp (home edition) disk management. Even then it is only visible in windows explorer where i can actually see and access my files. No portable device ever shows up in my computer. If i unplug the device and plug it in again a little later, without having rebooted, although the letter still appears in the list of drives, if i click on it then it cannot see it and i have to add a new letter to the same device in order to be able to see the files on it once more. Rebooting the pc then flushes out any assigned drives, so it means i have to assign a drive letter each time i want to use any device. Leaving a device in the usb port without rebooting is obviously the only way i'll get continuous access to the material on it. Is it perhaps something strange in the registry that may be causing this? All devices work, the usb port settings are fine, but it just does not quite make it so that it can automatically be seen.

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Portable Air Conditioners

I am sorts stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting cool air to my basement which is where i have all of my computers setup. Obvously there is no where to put a window ac unit in the basement so i am leaning toward getting a portable air conditioner and vent it out of one of the small ground-level windows. I am sure some of you have these and any advice would be great. I have not really looked many places other than lowes, home depot, and walmart. Some features that i like in some of the units i am seeing are:auto-evaporation function (no manually empting water) dehumidification function (always a plus in a basement)

One question i have is, how do the window exhaust kits function? I have been reading and a lot of the units that are auto-evaporators/dehumidifiers use the exhaust hose to get the water/condensation out of the house. With that said, how well do these work if the ac unit is going to be setting on the floor and the exhaust hose has to rise up about 6 feet to get out the window? Is that acceptable? Will water backup in the unit? Does the unit have to be level with the window?

What are some other things i should consider or look our for?

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Portable Usb Audio

I'm looking for a good set of ear-buds ~60-70 usd that have some bass, or at least some bass without the lack theof. I'm also looking for a portable audio solution for my laptop, as the on-board audio is terrible (so much noise) and the turtle beach aamicro usb i bought still has some noise/issues. My budget for the usb audio is ~100 usd, i can be a more lenient if someone has personal experience/anecdotes. I'd like them so i can stroll around campus and use them in the library. My current shure scl2s have literally no bass, and i've been using a fiio e5 amp, but the nuisance of that with my ipod/phone is annoying (and also, dun dun, adds a little, but still noticeable, noise).

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Portable Hard Drive - 2.5"

I have a sandisk usb cruzer micro 8gb flash drive that is nearing it's full capacity. On it, i have documents, music, and family photos (not a great way to backup my crap) and i only have close to 300mb left. I'm looking for a decent-speed, low power, low profile portable hard drive. Basically, this new drive will serve as a portable backup drive for my music, docs, and photos before i throw them on a permanent whs or bigger backup drive (which i have yet to get/build). It'll help free up space on my flash drive so i can use that as my daily portable while only using this new portable drive when needed. Requirements here:

-Must be 2. 5"

-At least 250gb - 320gb. I'm leaning more toward 320gb since the price difference is only like $10. Even though i probably won't use it's full capacity, i like to have that sense that i'll have room for more. -Low power, low profile, decent speed (as mentioned above)

-Usb 2. 0 should be fine. Preferably, 1 usb 2. 0 connection. I've seen some enclosures with a usb y-split with 2 usb ports for power? Something with drives over 250gb?

-Can be a hd + enclosure or a ready in box external drive. Which ever is cheaper and meets criteria. -Let's keep it as cheap as possible - under $75 - $80?

What i've been looking at so far:


- Apparently fastest mobile hd in terms of avg. Latency? - 4. 2ms

+Slim enclosure for ~$15


I'm usually a seagate fanboy but wd has better price/gb ratio for these drives. I'm open to all suggestions though.

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Ntfs Vs Exfat - Portable Hdd

I've just received the wd 320gb portable hdd i need help with formating. I currently have the option to format it to ntfs or exfat. The obvious questions are, which format is faster and more efficient? Also, what would be the best allocation unit size?

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Portable Esata / Usb 2.5 Hdd Solution

I've been looking for something to replace my current removable hard drive that i take back and forth from home and work. I've decided to continue to stick with a hard drive as even a 64gb thumb drive won't do. I've opted for the smaller 2. 5 hard drive size and am planning on getting a seagate 500gb 7200rpm 2. 5 sized drive. I have one concern. I have esata at home, but only usb at work, so i need the enclosure to be able to do both. I had read some short reviews on product pages about a few of these enclosures and it seems there is a small problem (if i'm understanding the users correctly). There are many that use usb to power the drive, but some people seem to be saying in their reviews that this doesn't always work with 7200rpm drives. I guess the power requirements are more than the usb provides? Anyways, so it would seem that i need one that has a usb, a esata, and a power connection. Does anybody know of a decent quality 2. 5 hd enclosure that has the power connection as well? Many of the reviews i read noted that the case ends were cheap plastic. I don't mind spending more money for a quality enclosure, and i need a place that hopefully i can order extra cables so i can leave a usb and power at work, and an esata and power connection at home. Lastly, i'm looking for an enclosure that's as thin as possible. Some i've seen are nearly twice the height of a "laptop hard drive". I've found two that look like they'll work, but i don't know if either are decent quality. Would you recommend one over the other, or a completely different one?

The most popular one appears to be

But it has the problem of not offering a power connector, and only provides power through usb which apparently is flaky if you run a 7200rpm drive.

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Sync Samsung Portable Hard Drive

How do i connect my samsung portable hard drive to sync in my car after reformatting it? I reformatted my hard drive because it was starting to spaz out a little, but my car doesn't recognize it anymore when i put it in the usb port. I use it for playing mp3's in the car. What do i do? Maybe i reformatted it incorrectly because that is the first time i've reformatted something since the floppy days.

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Cheapest Media Storage

Whats the cheapest place online to order media storage? I'm looking for windowed paper sleeves and slimline jewel cases and i want to try and find the cheapest site that sells that kind of stuff. Some sites charge an arm and a leg for shipping and handleing so figure that into the cost when you recommend a site to order from.

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Pocket Sized Portable Usb Drives For Win 98

I want to get one of those pocket sized portable usb drives, just for moving around mp3's and word documents, thigns like that. I've checked out a few on the net but a lot of them need either windows 98 se or 2000 to be compatible. My computer at home is only running win 98. Anyone know of a good brand that i can use? The cheaper the better.

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Small, Portable, Battery Powered Lcd Screen

I'm building a halloween costume that i want to have a small lcd screen be a part of it. Here's what i need:

- A small screen, maybe 4x6in or so?

- No thicker than 3 inches deep. - It will display a picture that i will design and upload to it. - Needs to run on battery power. Disposable batteries would be best since i could replace on the fly as needed. Need it to be on for about about 5-6 hours. -Nothing too heavy

Any ideas? I've been eying digital photo frames but i cant really find any battery powered ones that'll last longer than a few minutes and require a wall recharge to keep going.

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Ps3 Wont Recognise My Portable Hard Drive

My ps3 won't recognize my portable hard drive even though it is fat32 format. The hard drive works perfectly fine on my computer but when i plug it into my ps3 nothing happens. P. S. Also, my folders are organized by ps3-> video, music etc.

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Problems With Usb Portable Devices - Computer Freezes

I'm having a problem whereby my computer freezes as soon i insert either my ipod, or other portable media device (512mb flash drive/mp3 player). As soon as it goes in, the computer freezes and i have to restart, its very strange and annoying. Anyone else had this problem?

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