Error Gl_arb_multitexture

I have the radeon 9200 le with the latest drivers and im trying to play city of heroes and i get an error that says doesn't support gl_arb_multitexture and doesn't support gl_arb_texture_compression and then crashes. What can i do to fix this problem.

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Error: Stop: C000021a Fatal System Error

It was working fine yesterday. But then i started my comp and i saw the motherboard logo. Then usual testing. Then the windows logo. But right before it was ready to go to logon screen it shows the blue screen with some fatal error:

Stop: c000021a {fatal system error}the session manager initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a system status 0xc000026c, i thought itwas the virus i got few days ago. I put different harddrives in different os's but nothing works. Even trying to restore stops. Everything stops with some fatal error. Now i'm pretty sure it's the hardware. But how do i know which part it is. I mean more likely it's the video card. Cause i overclocked it, but how do i find out for sure what's causing the problem
Is it even hardware? I'm completely clueless. Please help. My stupid windows xp doesnt start on other comps. I'm pretty sure it works just doesnt like hardware. But it contains a lot of information i cant delete.

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Error: Stop: 0x0000007e - Windows Loading Error

I have encountered a problem when installing windows xp on a bare system. It starts up fine, then loads into the windows blue screen, checking for hardware configuration, but then upon windows startup, it stops and announces an error. Stop: 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x80840a02, 0xf78d205c, 0xf78d1d58). Any advice as to what to do would be helpful, i believe the problem to be either having the cpu been installed (physically) but no drivers yet in place or something to do with the hdd configuration.

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Error: Network Error Connecting To Server

I have wireless connection in my house but for the past some days i am able to chat through yahoo
But not able to connect through webcam gives the error : network error connecting to server
Webcam is connected properly in my side sometimes i am able to connect. But once i connect to webcam, i am not able to connect to any sites, and if i close the cam after that, next time i am not able to chat or open the webcam any solutions ?

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Hd Error

I had a prob with my powerstrip that my computer was luged into and the power was cut on then of a couple times really quick. Now my storage drive isnt accessible through windows or dos. I keep gettin a error that says drive isnt formatted do i want to format now. It has almost 80gb of my daughters pictures for the last 3 years. Audio tracks that i composed, backups and documention of my website etc. These things are irreplaceable what should i do? I cant afford to buy another drive either.

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Error: Irql_not_less_or_equal

I'm installing windows xp and i get an error message "irql_not_less_or_equal". I've heard people say its because of out of date drivers. That can't be possible in my case because this is my first time turning on this new pc. Im trying to put the os on the 10krpm drive. But i'm getting the blue screen error specifications:

Amd 4000+
Nvidia geforce 6800 gt
Sata 10krpm 74gb
Sata 7200rpm 320gb

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Error: Kmode_exception_not_handled

One of my friends had bought and intel d865gbf/d865perc motherboad with 3. 0 ghz processer, 256 mb of ddr ram and 80 g. B 7200 rpm seagate barcuda h. D. D. The trouble is the installation process dosen't starts, whenever try to install windows 2000 or xp we get errors when installation is starting and then its stops. The errors are;

*** Stop: 0x00000000a (0x0000108, 0x0000002, 0x00000001, 0x80445c66)

***Addresss 80445c6 base at 804000000, date stamp 384d5a76 - ntoskrnl.exe
Or the other error: kmode_exception_not_handled. ***Address 804d994a base at 80400000, date stamp 389d5a76

One important thing is i tried to use this hard drive along with my as secondry on my system but the system dosen't starts up. Whats the real problem, is it with bios, ram or hard drive or the board itself because other hard drives are not working on that pc. I think there is some kind of virus in hard drives boot sector, or in ram or bios if this is then how to clean them. I dont know the process.

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Raid 0 Error

On bootup, when the list of bootable devices flashes on screen, one of my hard drives (part of a two disk raid 0) has "error" next to it. What could be the problem? It cant be too serious, considering that my computer is still running perfectly. Does anyone have any ideas of possible issues/solutions? Any hard drive diagnostic software i can try?

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Error: Kernel_stack_inpage_error

My computer has been running fine for the last few weeks since i built it. I did run into some trouble with a certain game but i found out that was a problem with sp2, unreal engine 2. 0, and the latest nvidia drivers. Well i solved that problem but turning dep off and the system has been completely fine since then, until a couple days ago when i got this error:


***Stop:0x00000077 (0xc0000185, 0xc0000185. 0x00000000, 0x00116000)

I looked it up an decided i'd work on fixing it today but when i turned on my computer today i got this:


***Stop: 0x0000009 (0x00000004, 0x8054da70, 0xb2000000, 0x00070f0f)

What should i do here? Would reformatting and starting again be the best option? Anyone have an idea as to what might be going on? Sorry to pester you guys but this is my first build and i'm a little confused as to what i should do next. Oh yeah i forgot to mention, i got that error twice. It seems to shwo up within five minutes of turning on the computer.

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Hdd Error

The user has a dell dimension 8200, with xp home. There is only one hd in the system, it is set as a master. The motherboard that i replaced had gotten fried. The reasoning behind why i think that is because the bios would not find either the cdrom or hd; both of which were connected to different ide slots. So i replaced the board, and the bios finds the cd-rom, but not the hd. I tested the hd in another machine and it works fine. I have tested the ide cable i'm using, as well as the molex plug providing power, both work fine. The psu is fine. I uninstalled all unnecessary devices, and still no luck. The bios detects it as an unknown device. I tried loading wd datalifeguard tools, but it can't read the drive either. The last thing i can think of is flashing the bios, which i'm not wanting to do. It seems as though the bios doesn't know where to look for the drive, or it's not obtaining the proper i/o address or dma channel?

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Ipnathlp Error

I have a friend whos computer is locking up on him. He says its locking up when windows loads up (a lot of times) or at random times, ie surfing the net, playing a game, etc. A lock up is just everything freezes, and he cannot move the mouse. Now i have checked event viewer and its come up with ipnathlp as a problem, and it seems to come up whenever the computer crashes. A more detailed error is:

The dhcp allocator has disabled itself on ip address 10. 0. 0. 1, since the ip address is outside the 192. 168. 0. 0/255. 255. 255. 0 scope from which addresses aare being allocated to the dhcp clients. To enable the dhcp allocator on this ip address, please change the scope to include the ip address, or change the op address to fall within the scope.could something like that lock up a computer? If so, would changing the ip address fix it?

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Ntldr Error

I opened the repair prompt from the windows disk and was looking at the bootcfg stuff and there is a line to remove, but i forgot how i did this last time! I know it is a command interface line and then you edit, rather than the longer notepad fix by making the file seen.

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Memory Oc Error

Ok its a long story but ill try to make this short, i've had this system overclocked and fully stable for atleast 6 months, then one day i decided to back down my overclock, when i restarted i got a bsod, i went back in bios, relaxed ram timings, and what do u know another bsod, back in bios lowered ram divder, reboot crash, i finally set all the settings at stock, guess what bsod, at this point i was scratching my head, i made more changes in bios, left all ram settings at auto, and cpu settings set at manual, it worked, i ran a few games and such everything seemed fine, so i figured even the the system was fine at stock, i wanted to get to the root of the problem, so i began overclocking at small margins 10fsb at a time, 210fsb i hit a wall, bsod, i knew something was wrong tried one stick of ram at a time, i realized one stick was bad, and the other i can overclocked it too 281fsb with ease, now silly me i went out and bought another ocz 2gb kit of ram, put them in left all settings at auto, so try to overclock everything was fine my system seemed like it was running normal, now this is were is gets totally weird, i decided to change the ram timings and such, reboot bsod, now after playing around with all these settings for hours on end, i finally some what know what the problem might be, i can set my ram timings at 5. 5. 5. 15 2t no problems there, its the other ram settings that if i change them from auto to manual, then the system still crashes, p. S. I tried this motherboard, ram cpu, with a different psu, hardrive etc, still same result, only thing i haven't tried was swamping cpu's, even that i cant do my m2n-sli deluxe doesnt support the phenom ii's, my guess it has to be one of the two things motherboard, or built memory controller in cpu is fried.

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Disk Error

Well i got my copy of vista and decided to install it with xp, for a dual os. Anyways, i partitioned my c drive (80gb) into another primary partition called "vista" (w: ), which i set to the max; 50gb. I went to install vista on the 50gb and loaded the installation in xp. I selected the 50gb partition and off it went. Apon the first reboot, vista was loading except it did not have a logo, all i could see was the loading bar. After about 3-4 mins of loading, i got a bsod. I reset the comp and when it went to check the raid array, it said one of the hdd's has a disk error. It continued to load, and i ended up getting into xp. I deleted all the vista stuff and re-merged the w: drive into the c: drive. Im still getting the disk error (which delays the raid screen for like 20 seconds) and it asks me what os to choose (even tho i deleted all my vista stuff)

What is going on?

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Bootmgr Error

Ok, i have cd-rom and hdd both connected with the same ide cable (only one ide slot on the mobo), then with jumpers hdd set as master and cd-rom as slave. Hdd is formatted so i'm trying to install winxp so i set the first boot device as cd-rom in bios, 2nd and 3rd ones disabled. Now the thing is the winxp cd that has always worked doesn't boot, instead i get the "bootmgr is missing" error. But when i use fedora live cd it boots from it fine. So how can i install win? Probably have to rearrange jumpers other way? Previously i've always had hdd and optical drive connected on different ide channels as masters and dind't have issues not sure how to work now with one cable. (Yes i know winxp :p just don't have dvd drive currently to install win7 and yes, gonna switch to sata devices soon)

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Crossfire Error 43

I don't know what is going on but anything above 8. 11 will not work with crossfire. 8. 12 and hotfix, 9. 1 9. 2 9. 3 9. 4 and 9. 4 hotfix give me the error. I am not sure what else to do other than be stuck with 8. 11

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Error 41 Bsods

Today, after no hardware changes, i have twice gotten this error, only while playing mw2: i have no idea what it is, and googling it gives non-specific results. Any ideas?

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Out Of Range Error

I have just removed a rage agp card and tried to replace it with a radeon 9600. Unfortunately, when i boot up i get an out of range error on my monitor. I have tried booting into safe mode to change the refresh rate and or resolution but my monitor won't even display the text options to get into safe mode. Any ideas?

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Hkey_local_machine Error

Whenever i try to download itunes for my computer it keeps stopping and it tells me that it cannot open the file hkey_local_machine and i've tried many different things to fix it but none seem to work. Please help?

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Partitioning Error

I was wondering if it were possible to partition a hard disk drive (modify previous partitions) without going through the operating system. I currently have windows vista ultimate installed. However, when i want to move/resize/delete any partition, an error message appear reporting that the disk i want to modify is still in use it also says to close any open programs and reboot. Even after rebooting the system, i still get this error. Can anyone help me with this?

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Ati2mtag Error

I've recently started having computer problems where my computer just locks up and the only way out is to reboot. I originally thought it was just a case of me needing to update my graphic card drivers but the problems keep continuing. It wasn't until i checked the event viewer in xp (sp2) that i realized that it was the same error over and over again that was causing the problem. The error reported is:

Ati2mtag: crt invalid display type. Now i have recently switched monitors. I am now using a tft monitor which was given to me by a family member as they had just upgraded theirs. Before that i was using a crt monitor. What i've done so far:
Updated graphic card driver
Uninstalled and reinstalled monitor using device manager
Contacted ati support with no reply/response
Cleaned card fan (dust etc)

I've checked the monitor's manufacturer website and there doesn't seem to be a driver available for download. If there was a cd that came with it then i've no idea where it will be. Anyone had this error or similar problem? Or can anyone offer any suggestions?

P. S. If it helps i'm using a radeon 9800 xt (yes i know its old, but it will have to do till i can afford an upgrade)

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Ati2dvag Error

I tried running the july update for my card, which is a sapphire x1600 pro. Everything seemed to be fine after the restart. I started to play the game bf2 yesterday afternoon. The game loaded fine but there was no picture only sound. After a few minutes, the game quit and the blue screen appeared with the error. The problem was described as an "infinite loop error caused by the driver". There seems to be an awful lot of fixes when you google this. Everything from rebuilding your rig from scratch to reinstalling windows. I doubt that. The problem seems in my opinion seems to be the update itself.

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0x0000009c Error

I got a 6 month old pc i built myself bought it as a bundle everything compatible. Now its constantly freezing and once in a while i would get the 0x0000009c error which tells me its a hardware related problem. I just need help to narrow it down. Note: i am not overclocking everything in bios is default

So when this first started happening i:

- Upgraded bios
- Bought new psu
- Bought bigger cpu heat sink
- Changed ram
- Reinstalled xp sp2 on different hdd (w/ all windows updates)

Still same problem but doing it less now its about every 30-40mins that it hangs.

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No Signal Error

My computer crashes while playing doom3 / half-life 2. It doesn't really crash my computer is still on its just that the screen goes black and a blue box comes up that says "no signal"

My computer setup:

Intel p4 3. 4ghz processer. 2x512m ddr pc-2700 v-data ram
Powercolor ati 9800 256mb
Mad dog / techie toyz / surepower 550w power supply
80 gb eide wstern digital hdd
Sony 52x32x52x16 disk drive
Demon tek case

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Win32 Error

Basically this morning whilst i was on the internet, the generic host process for win32 services pop up came up for the first time. I tried everything i read on the internet to remove it.system restore, downloaded "cc cleaner" and "registry booster" and used the 'regedit' command and changed the values needed but still everytime i boot up the pc about 5 minutes later it pops up again. Then it automatically changes my taskbar and start menu into the old retro windows style (grey). I have run virus scans (avg) aswell but still to no avail. This is the error signature. "Szappname : svchost.exe szappver : 5. 1. 2600. 5512 szmodname : unknown
Szmodver : 0. 0. 0. 0 offset : 001a3b41"

And the error report contents are. "C:docume~1ownerlocals~1tempwer3c¶

Can any computer wizards help me with this problem?

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 41 )

Yesterday someone came out and connected my computer to my home network. After they left and i got back to my computer, i found that my keyboard didnít work. I found that in the device manage my keyboard's icon had an exclamation point next to it, and when i clicked on it it said:"windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)". I assumed there was something wrong with my ps2 port, so i went out and bought a usb keyboard. No luck. So far i have tried: removing the driver and reinstalling it, removing the driver, unplugging the keyboard, plugging it in and installing the driver, removing the driver in safe mode (which i can access by the way; the keyboard stops working when the computer starts up. ), Trying different keyboards, and even removing sp2 (that solved someone on a different forum's problems), and nothings worked so far. I've also tried system restore, but i donít know for sure if it restored my computer to a time earlier than when it was messed with. The person who connected me to the network is on vacation now, so i cant really contact them. I've scoured the internet (using the onscreen keyboard), and can't find anything helpful, also i forgot to mention that the buttons on the top of the keyboard work. (Buttons specific to the keyboard like media, favorites, volume etc).

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Error: 0x0000000a And 0x0000007f

0x0000000a and 0x0000007f those are the only two recieved as of now. Repetitive on boot, varying between the two. First was recieved 1:02 am, just before i wanted to go to sleep. I just tried coming here to check up on things, and both ff and ie died. Tried reinstalling from a setup file on the laptop im on right now, and then explorer crashed, followed by msn when trying to tell people i would be right back. Only program to not crash was winamp, sound drivers are ruled out id say. Steps taken so far: uninstalled video drivers. The 7950gx2 is so unreliable, but its all ive got. No dice. Downclock the processor another 200mhz (was running 1. 8 because its below a heating vent. It was fine temperature wise but i dont like the concept. ) To 1. 6ghz. Again, no change. Relaxed memory timings from 2-2-2-10 2t to 2-3-3-10-2t, again, same situation. I dont have an xp disk handy, infact, mine is toast, ive got vista but i really dont want to go there.

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Error: Stop: 0x0000008e

My computer suddenly restarts, usually when the cpu usage goes to 100%. Upon bootup, if i: 1) load xp, i get the old serious error recovery message, which takes me to saying that my video card might need new drivers or i need to tone the acceleration down. (Both of which i've done, to no avail). 2) try loading safe mode, it crashes. 3) sometimes, the bios screen shows up saying that my computer "hung for an improper cpu speed setting". I turned automatic restart off and got the bsod saying (in short): "a problem has been detected/check for adequate disk space/check for driver updates/check with vendor for bios updates/disable memory options/safe mode etc" stop: 0x0000008e (0xc00000005, 0x78e80574, 0xbabc43c, 0x00000000).

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Error: Hp E-diagtool Is Missing

I have a hpxe320 i recently added a new hard disk. Since that it has stopped booting windows 01- hp e-diagtool is missing or has not been found on your bootable hard disk. A) if you want to run hp e-diagtool you can run it from

- Your hp recovery cd rom
- Your dedicated hp e-diag tool cd rom

B) boot failure from previous device

- Intel boot agent version 4. 0. 19
- Pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable
- Pxe-m0f: exiting inter pxe rom
- Boot failure from previous device
- Insert bootable disk in a:
- Unable to boot from a:

Although i ran the e-dag, this still comes up.

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Error: Format Could Not Complete

I got a cheap 250gb hdd, western digital + sata card (altogether it cost me less than a 250gb ide). The card is a silicon image 3112a, it doesn't seem to have any trouble, and i got the latest drivers for it just to be sure. I have this strange problem, i try to format the drive with ntfs, and everytime i try it reports back with an error, i've tried various cloning/partitioning utilities (pqmagic, gdisk, standard format commands) all of them report an error "format could not complete" etc. Here's the funny thing: fat32 works fine, i can format a fat32 drive up to 199. Something gb. At the moment it's still in fat32 format, and i've done read speed tests, and they're fine. But for some reason i can't make it ntfs, even when i try the 'convert g:/fs:ntfs' command in dos it reports errors, needless to say, it's p*ssing me right off. My o/s is xp service pack 2, and i've had drives over 200gb in my pc before without any problems, it's just this drive, maybe its a physical hardware issue, disc sectors?

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