How To Connect Storage Media To Ps3 ?

What is and how do you connect storage media to ps3?


Pretty much any usb memory stick or usb external hard drive will work, just plug it into one of the usb ports on the front.

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Cheapest Media Storage

Whats the cheapest place online to order media storage? I'm looking for windowed paper sleeves and slimline jewel cases and i want to try and find the cheapest site that sells that kind of stuff. Some sites charge an arm and a leg for shipping and handleing so figure that into the cost when you recommend a site to order from.

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Usb Mass Storage Wont Connect To Scanner

Vista usb mass storage wont connect to scanner? My printer is on, the usb cord is connected to my laptop, i select scan>start scanning, and it won't scan because "usb not connected". This is driving me nuts. How do i fix this so i can scan something into my computer?

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Windows Media Player - Connect Burner

Why does my windows media player tell me "connect burner" it was working fine before?

Answer:- close your programs and then put a disk in the burner and see what happens. Also:

Try this - control panel - device manager - cd/dvd - double click the device - driver's tab - click. Update drivers (this will likely do nothing) - then right click the drive - uninstall - reboot

This will refresh the default driver stack. Even if drive is not shown continue below. Then work your way through these - remember the drive could be bad, could have a loose cable or slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues. Your cd drive or dvd drive is missing or is not recognized by windows or other programs:

The cd drive or the dvd drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to windows vista:

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Is It Possible To Connect Ps3 To Monitor ?

Is it possible to connect ps3 to computer monitor? I have bought a brand new ps3 slim 250 gb and i wanted to know if it is possible to connect my ps3 to a computer monitor using an hdmi to dvi cable without causing my ps3 to blow up or something like that?

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How Do I Connect Ps3 Through Wifi?

Answer:- you need to have the password to the network if you have a password. 1. Go to settings

2. Scroll down to network settings

3. Click internet connection settings

4. Click easy or custom. I prefer easy. 5. Click wireless

6. Click scan

7. Select your wifi network and select a security type. Most new routers come with wpa/wpa2 but older ones come with wep or none. None isn't recommended. 8. Type your password. 9. If it's successful, it will return you to the network settings page. To test it, go to internet connection test. Ps you will know if you are connected to the network because a small green light will glow (by your hdd indicator) and this will blink when you are accessing the network.

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How Can I Connect Ps3 Through Laptop?

I have a 4g clear usb modem on my laptop im trying to connect it to my ps3 to have internet access when i put the ethernet cord in the laptop from my playstation it sits for a while as if its going to connect then the local area network pops up and says limited or no connectivity i noticed on my ps3 it finds the ip address and mac address other then that dns and default getaway are blank. Well it just says automatic as if it cannot find it. I'm really confused if i have to do the settings manually on my ps3 its a certain extent to were the i. P. Address have to be on the ps3 and computer.

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How To Connect Usb Internet To Ps3 ?

How to connect a usb internet to a ps3? How to connect a mobile modem to a ps3?

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Connect Ps3 With Hp W1907v Lcd

I have a hp w1907v lcd and i want to connect my ps3 with it, is it possible?


Nope. The ps3's hdmi port can only connect to an hdcp-compliant monitor with a digital input jack (hdmi or dvi). Your hp w1907v is neither hdcp-compliant nor does it have digital inputs. There is a cable out there that has a signal converter chip built into the connector to connect the ps3's analog multiport to a vga monitor, but the image quality is terrible. You would be better off saving your money for an hdmi-equipped monitor.

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Connect Ps3 To Vga Monitor

How can i connect my ps3 to a vga monitor? I was wondering how i can connect it without buying that 20 cable, can i just connect with a simple hdmi to vga cable which is only 3? Or are there any other ways which don't cost as much as buying the 20 cable?

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Can't Get Ps3 To Connect Online

Will calling my isp fix my online gaming connection? Whatever i do i can't get my ps3 to connect to people online. It is stuck in nat type 3, and i have tried everything. On my xbox 360 i also have problems with connecting to people when they invite me to a group or what not. It says my nat is open (nat type 1) on the 360, but nat type 3 (strict) on ps3. Can my isp do anything to fix this?

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Connect Ps3 Slim To Pc Monitor

How to connect a ps3 slim to a pc monitor with sound? How do i do this? I want to do this because i want to avoid using my old 20in sdtv and since i don't have the money for a hdtv for my basement, i figure i could just use a computer monitor i already own. It has vga and dvi with hdcp, however- what i can't figure out is how to get the sound from the ps3's hdmi cable to a pair of pc speakers. What do i have to buy to get my ps3 to display on a pc monitor, in hd quality, and get the sound to come through the pc speakers (unless there is a better way). (They are regular stereo speakers with a 3. 5mm input, i know that's poor quality but sound isn't what i'm concerned with).

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Connect Ps3 To Lg W1942s Monitor

How can i connect my ps3 to lg w1942s 1440*900 60hz lcd monitor? Which have only a vga port, i already used hdmi to vga cable, that is not working and also tried small rca to vga adapter but still not working. What should i do? I have an xbox360 it works properly (using a vga cable)and the resolution pretty nice.

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Connect Hard Drive To Ps3

How do i connect my hard drive to my ps3? The internal hdd or the hdd that is inside only takes sata, while the external hdd uses the usb ports in front of the device. So when you transfer files use a usb hdd, but if you want more space to store on the ps3 then get a sata drive.

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Connect Monitor Without Hdcp To Ps3

How to connect a monitor without hdcp to a ps3? There has to be some kind of box to change the signal to hdcp. Also, could i just get vga -> rca instead of buying the box?

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Connect Phones Internet With Ps3 Using Wifi

Im trying to connect my phones internet with my ps3 using wifi is it possible? I used my phones internet on my laptop can i do the same with my ps3?

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Connect Ps3 To S Video Input On Hp Dv5000

How do i connect my ps3 to my s video input on my hp dv5000? I have an s video cable running from my ps3 to my hp dv5000 how do i get the image from the game on the laptop? Is there something else i need to do just besides plugging the s video cable into my laptop?

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Connect Ps3 To Computer Using Ethernet Cable

How do i connect my ps3 to my computer using an ethernet cable so i can play online? When i try to connect my ps3 to the playstation network it says i have to go to settings then network settings. I did that but it still doesn't work. If i have to use ics (internet connection sharing) then, how do i get there?

I have windows 7 ultimate

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Connect Dazzle To Ps3 To 1080p Pc Monitor

How do you connect a dazzle to a ps3 to a 1080p pc monitor? So i've got a ps3 and a hdmi to dvi cable to connect to the monitor and i've also got a dazzle but what do i have to buy in order to record on a 1080p monitor (preferably under 40)? I used to record with my dazzle using a tv and an xbox, therefore i have rca cables and 3 splitters.

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Software To Connect Ps3 Controller To Computer

Is there any software available that i can use to connect my ps3 controller to the computer and use it? The computer recognizes it as something but i was wondering is there any software available so that i could for e.g. Make the x button on the pad function as the m key so that i could use it to play games.

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Connect Ps3 To Macbook Pro Using Mini Dvi To Hdmi Video Cable

Can i connect my ps3 to my macbook pro using a mini dvi to hdmi video cable adapter for macbooks and imacs? Just so i can use my macbook as a monitor.

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Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Cable Connector To Connect Ps3 Av Cable To Pc Monitor

Can i use this cable connector to connect my ps3 av cable to my pc monitor? (More info)? So i wanna play my ps3 on my pc monitor since we have an extra one and no one is using it because my sisters keep hogging the tv so i cant play my ps3. So i was wondering if i could use this box thing to play my ps3 on my monitor, its like a converter from the vga or something to the ps3 av cable, here is link

http://amzn. To/asq4my

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Unusual Unassigned Storage On Hdd

I just formatted and installed 7 to my 36b raptor and i seem to have an additional 200mb patition that i did not create. Also, i have a 9mb unallocated space on my 1tb drive. I know that i formated and partitioned the whole thing. Also, i don't have it on my second 1tb drive. What gives?

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Green Drive For Storage (raid 6)

I haven't followed the green drives (5400 rpm) very closely. I currently have a raid 6 array in my desktop/htpc/media center/gaming rig. Antec p183
Perc 6/i
6x wd 640gb blue's
X25-m system drive
Rampage formula with q9450 (current oc 3. 39 ghz)
Gtx 280
Air cooled (7x s-flex + 1 xigmatech pwm fan)

The performance is excellent as is, and its been perfectly reliable (much more then my x25-m ) but i'm looking to make a change for better power consumption, and i get the feeling that 7 "green, " drives may give similar performance to my current setup. And the benefit of much more capacity. Part of the issue is that it seems that the perc doesn't power down the drives when idle. I get the feeling i should look at the wd green drives, as i'll need tler support. Any recommendations?

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Fast Drive For Game Storage

I'm getting tired of shuffling game folders around in order to free up space. My games are installed to the ssd and then moved to whichever hd has space available when i'm mostly finished with it. I'd like to grab a larger and faster drive than the old raptor and avoid having games installed on my media/backup drive. I currently have about 160gb of games installed. What's my best bang for the buck? A 640gb black for $75? A 1tb black for $120? Something else?

Here's the current setup:

80gb intel ssd: os & frequently played games
74gb raptor: games
500gb wd caviar blue: backups, media & games

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Portable High Capacity Storage

I'm leaving in 30 days for the us air force and i'm most likely going to be moving overseas, or around a bunch. There will be many times where i will be waiting 2 or so weeks to get all of my stuff shipped to a new place, so i'm looking for something that i can take on a plane with me or keep close to me so that i always have it whenever i move. I was thinking of getting a 500gb archos mp3 player but am looking for more options. I already have multiple external hard drives but i'll not be taking them with me, so i'm not looking for an external hard drive. Can anyone point me in the direction of some other or better options for me?

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Problem Using 2nd Drive As Storage

I've just started using a second drive for storage, but am having a problem at boot. I'm getting a black screen message that asks me to reboot and choose where to boot from. There's no os on the other drive, and i formatted it normally (manage storage option from my computer, reformat, easy as cake) and put a ton of stuff on there just fine. I cant get into my bios fast enough, because i have to use the same method for getting into my bios to choose my main drive, which then loads so fast, that i cant get into my bios to change any settings to make my os drive the default to boot from (if that even works and i need to do it). Advice?

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Network Storage Recovery Problem

I have a maxtor shared storage (external network drive)with faulty enclosure. Maxtor can not suggest anything other then going to recovery service where recovery prices generally range between $700 and $2900 depending upon the circumstances of failure. Inside the enclosure is a standard ide drive. Maxtor claims that i can connect it to any external enclosure or internal ata cable and access the data. But xp pro doesn't even recognize the partition. Has anybody ever bumped into something like that? Any ideas?

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Internal Or External Hard Drive For Storage ?

Currently i have a thermaltake black x docking station and used my samsung 1tb drive on it that just died on me. I am looking to replace my broken drive but wanted to maybe ask if going external hard drive is more safe or better then going internal drive on a docking bay.

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