Can A Trojan Horse Virus Infect Other Computers On Router ?

Can a trojan horse virus infect other computers connected to your router? My sister has a trojan and i'm just a little worried that it will get to my computer.

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Use Symantec To Delete Trojan Virus Off Pc

How do i use symantec to delete a trojan virus off my pc? I ran a scan this morning and it said i have a trojan virus. It said it quarantined the virus. Does that mean the virus has been deleted? If not, what steps do i take to delete the virus completely? Once the scan was done i tried to delete it but symantec is saying it can't perform that action and the possible causes are:

-The file has been removed or deleted
-The computer is turned off
-You are trying to delete files located in an email message
-You are trying to clean a compressed file in a container

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Remove Trojan Virus / Worms From Dell Laptop

How can i remove trojan virus and worms from my dell laptop? I cannot do a system reconfiguration, as the system on the control panel is affected and will not open.

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Connect 2 Computers Through Router

Is it possible for 2 computers to be connected through a router?

Answer:- yes. The easiest way is to have the two computers with fixed ip address's. Set this in the router, so that it relates the mac address of the laptops to a fixed ip address. Then, when they are both connected, open up the windows explorer and click on tools-map network drive. Search for the other computer or enter its fixed ip address. Do for both if both computers have to see files on the other.

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Computer Has Virus & Can't Connect With Internet To Have Anti Virus

If a computer has a virus and can't connect with the net how can you install an anti-virus program? My sons computer has this problem what shall i tell him?

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Block Computers Access To Linksys Wireless Router

Ok, so like we are at the whole arp command area in my cisco class and i got me a question. When you do the arp -a command you get a list of hosts on the network and the mac addresses.could i use this information to block computers access to my linksys wireless router? And would/could it work on wireless users.

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How Many Computers Can Standard Sky Router Handle Simultaneously ?

How many computers/laptops can a standard sky router handle simultaneously before the connection is effected? By this i mean the quality of the connection such as speed and responsiveness. I am wanting to run 3 desktop computers, 4 laptops and xbox live. If a router cannot handle this simultaneously then what can be done in order to support all these connections?

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Dell Computer Has Virus That Is Anti Virus Program

My dell xps 400 has a virus that is a anti virus program. It wont let me do anything ie open remove program, ? Cant open any programs and cant restore to factory specs, cant get on internet or do any programs, it keeps saying computer infected buy our stuff how do i get rid of it.

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Connecting Wired Router Between Two Side By Side Computers

How do i connect a router, not wireless, between two side by side computers? One has a vista operating system and one has windows xp home edition. Right now i have a modem to connect to the internet and i have a router that's not yet connected. Can anyone help me?

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Antivirus Program For Trojan Win32 Fakespypro

If i buy and install an antivirus program will restore my internet connection? My laptop computer has the trojan win32 fakespypro virus and it does not let me go on the internet even though i have full connection. So if i install the anti virus program will my internet connection come back? Also when i have like a diagnostic check it says that the device or resource cannot detect connection. Im sure its not my router because it works for my desktop which is connected to the same connection.

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Can Xbox 360 Connected To Router Interfere With Other Router Connection

Can an xbox360 connected to a router interfere with another person's router connection? The netgear router is in my room and my xbox360 is connected to it with a wired ethernet connection. My father is convinced that the xbox360 is the reason that he frequently doesn't have a connection, or it's very slow, and has to unplug the router for 60 seconds. I don't think that makes sense, especially since he'll have problems when i haven't even used the system all day. Also, his connection has gotten worse since he traded in our linksys router for this netgear. Can my xbox360 be interfering with his router connection, or is it the router?

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Get Rid Of Virus

My dell has a virus and i want to get rid of it. Answer:-

Microsoft security essentials is a great tool for removing all types of malware and viruses. Malwarebytes is also a useful backup tool. If none of these programs can remove the virus, try downloading a free trial of kaspersky, eset nod32, f-secure or security essentials:

Malwarebytes: http://download.

Eset nod32:

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Macbook Seems To Have A Virus

When i go into my email (gmail) after a minute or as soon as i open an email my screen goes gray and a black box appears, in the background is a grey power symbol. The message reads '' you need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button until it turns off, then press the power button again''. The message appears in 5 languages (eng, french, spanish, german and chinese. I had no choice but to do this and iv'e done it 6 times already. I tried logging into another gmail account and the same thing happens. When i turn back on the laptop this is the error message:

Interval since last panic report: 1195834 sec

Panics since last report: 6

Anonymous uuid: 9dfb0acf-1c3d-4130-94eb-d7bc018aac53

Mon aug 30 21:51:33 2010

Panic(cpu 1 caller 0x2a8ab2): kernel trap at 0x00000000, type 14=page fault, registers:

Cr0: 0x8001003b, cr2: 0x00000000, cr3: 0x00100000, cr4: 0x00000660

Eax: 0x0b77c800, ebx: 0x05791000, ecx: 0x09000000, edx: 0x05a7fa00

Cr2: 0x00000000, ebp: 0x2bc73b08, esi: 0x05791000, edi: 0x05a7f800

Efl: 0x00010206, eip: 0x00000000, cs: 0x00000008, ds: 0x05a70010

Error code: 0x00000010

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Mac Could Get A Virus?

You've got a bunch of confusing answers. First off it depends what you mean by a computer virus. The standard definition is "a computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. The term "virus" is also commonly but erroneously used to refer to other types of malware, including but not limited to adware and spyware programs that do not have the reproductive ability. A true virus can spread from one computer to another (in some form of executable code) when its host is taken to the target computer; for instance because a user sent it over a network or the internet, or carried it on a removable medium such as a floppy disk, cd, dvd, or usb drive. If you go with the correct terminology, then a mac at present can't get a virus because there are no macos x viruses. The last one was written in 2006 and died out. There are less than 10 mac trojans (malware not a virus), they are hidden in fake or illegal software downloads. The mac user has to be gullible (free codec to view ***) or greedy (torrent of photoshop) and has to download and install them with an admin password and bypass the security of mac os 10. 6. 4 which warn the user he/she is installing a trojan. There are over 1, 250, 000 forms of malware for windows computers, about 10 for macs.

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Is It Possible For Mac To Get Virus?

Is it possible for a mac computer to get a virus ? Is it possible for a mac computer to get a virus ? Ok so i use " skype " and something just poped up saying for the link to become active, please click on 'add to contacts' skype button or type it in manually into your web browser !

Full details of scan result below

Windows requires immediate attention

Attention ! Security center has detected

Malware on your computer !

Affected software:

Microsoft windows 7
Microsoft windows xp
Microsoft windows vista
Microsoft windows server 2003

Impact of vulnerability: remote code execution / virus infection /

Unexpected shutdowns

Recommendation: users running vulnerable version should install a repair utility immediately

Your system is affected, download the patch from the address below !

Failure to do so may result in severe computer malfunction. http://www‹. Updatebr. ‹Org/

For the link to become active, please click on 'add to contacts' skype button or type it in manually into your web browser! So i clicked the link and it showed virus stuff like your system has been infected and stuff is it true ? Im really worried about it and if it is anything i could download for free to help it or something ?

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Adsl Modem / Router With Wireless Netgear Router

I have a problem and do not know where else to go. I currently have an adsl+2 modem/router and recently bought a netgear wireless rangemax 240 router for wireless capabilities. I cannot get the two to work together. It doesn't help that im very in-experienced with networking either. My connection is pppoe and i need a sign in. Is there a way to bridge the 2 routers together?

I plug my netgear into the modem and it receives no internet signal. Ive tried numerous ways of doing it. Nothing works. I don't know if im suppose to use port forwarding or what. Any information would help and please, if you could. Bust it down 2 y/o style so i understand

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Flash Drive Got A Virus

My flash drive got a virus on it. The thumbnail shows the avast! Message i got. Apparently on my flash drive there's a hidden folder called "recycler". I have no idea why it's there, i didn't see it before, when i plugged it in for the first time (i only bought it last weekend). So this virus file was in that folder, and i did the "move to chest" option. Now, my flash drive can't be accessed properly! When i go to my computer, and double click it, here's the error that i get. Look at the other thumbnail. However, it still works if i autoplay it. I can right click on the drive and select autoplay and then select the "open folder to view files in windows explorer" option. Weird, isn't it?

So, what should i do to fix it again? Can i just format it? This may sound like a dumb question (probably is), but for some reason i'm not certain if it's okay to format a flash drive. Also, anyone have any explanation why this condition occurred? I deleted a virus file and now i can't access the drive? That just seems to defy logic.

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Is Wireshark Antivirus A Virus ?

Is wireshark antivirus a virus ?

Wireshark antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as sysinternals antivirus. This rogue is attempting to confuse people by using a name that is well known in the security community. By using the name wireshark, this rogue is trying to confuse users into thinking that they are related to the the legitimate network protocol analyzer called wireshark that is commonly used to diagnose the traffic that is flowing over a network. Wireshark antivirus, though, is a program that ransoms the proper operation of your computer until you purchase it. Wireshark antivirus is promoted through the use of trojans that will install the program onto your computer without permission as well as advertisements pretending to be online anti-malware scanners. Read more at:

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Wireshark Antivirus Is Virus ?

How can i get rid of the wireshark antivirus of my laptop? I can't run any programs, when i try to open them, a window pop-up next to the clock says "blah-blah is infected with a virus. Application impossible to open. "

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Y.exe Virus - How To Remove ?

Whenever i connect to the internet during startup, y.exe executes. What will i do to remove it? Is it a virus? When i disable internet during startup, it doesn't execute. When i delete it, it keeps on coming back.

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Cannot Virus Scan Computer

It doesn't matter what i program i try to use, my computer won't let me do a virus scan on my computer. For example, i had super antispyware, but as soon as it came to scanning, the scan wouldn't start, and then at some point, it just said that i didn't have access to open it (even though i am the administrator of my computer. ) Now it won't even install these programs, like spybot, or malware bits. And when it does, every time i try to run the scan, the scan opens up, and then like disappears with five seconds. I've had this problem for awhile now, asked people about it on yahoo before, and i still haven't had a solution that worked. The last thing i tried was to change the name of the program from super antispyware.exe to xxxxx.exe, but that didn't really make difference. I downloaded spyware doctor; and that was the only one to successfully scan my computer, but i need to pay to get rid of everything. Should i just purchase that? I am willing to purchase virus protection, so any suggestions to that? I just want to make sure my computer will allow the program to scan before i purchase it.

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Fake Virus Alert

Today i started getting these alerts on my computer that say i have a virus. I have seen things like this on my brother's desktop which is chocked full of viruses and trojans and is now useless but i take such good care of my computer that i was so surprised to see it on mine! I knew it was fake as soon as i saw it. It tried to get me to click 'protect my computer' or something and sent me to a page to buy some program. Of course i didn't. It wouldn't let me open any of my programs or my ffirefox browser. It just kept saying the program was corrupt or something. Finally i just did a system restore and everything turned back normal. Until about an hour later when it happened again. I have done a system restore again and everything is normal but i have my avira antivirus open already because i know if it happens again it won't let me open my programs and i will only be able to use the ones i already have open. I don't know where this is coming from. All i've been doing on my computer today is using imvu and i've been using imvu for 2 years with no problems so i highly doubt that's it.could it be someone on my imvu friends list doing it? What should i do? Where do these things come from? I haven't downloaded anything new to my computer either.

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Laptop Reboots During Virus Scan

Yea half way into any virus scan, spyware scan or any scan period the dam laptop reboots i checked all the power management and nothing? Its still doing it.

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Defend Against Virus With Artificial Intelligence

Would it be hard to defend against a virus with artificial intelligence? Since in the future there will probably be some kind of artificial intelligence, so what if someone creates a virus that has artificial intelligence and lets say anti-virus systems have artificial intelligence too.

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Remove Security Suite Virus

Got a dell studio laptop which is infected with security suite, currently using malwarebytes any tips? Working in safe mode, doing a full scan of the system using malwarebytes, the virus is called security suite, i was wondering if anyone has any tips on just how to get rid of it, because it's so annoying the only site i could of got it from would be imvu which is a virtual chat thing. But even i thought that was reliable also it's shut down my mcafee firewalls and all my computer protection, including my windows firewalls, .

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Free Download Of Virus Scanner

Okay i think my computer is infected with a virus. I recently updated mozilla foxfire and then everything started going wrong. I can't open internet explorer webpage as it just comes up with "your last browsing session closed unexpectedly" and then that it freezes on that little window. And when i try to go around it by using mozilla it comes up "we're sorry firefox had a problem and crashed. " I have any mcafee virus protection but for some reason it now says it's not installed properly (which it was before) and that i have to re-install but i can't because i can't open a webpage to do so. The internet still works as i can use itunes but that's about it. So i was thinking i could get a free virus software and download it from another computer to a memory stick and then install it on my computer. Is this the right thing to do and can you recommend any that will help me? If it's not then what should i do?

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Linux Vs Windows 7 - Virus Protection

I've been having so much trouble with computers. It seems that every computer i touch gets a trojan or some horrendous form of malware, though i have multiple antivirus protections, never open suspicious emails, and only frequent 6 different websites that are supposed to be extremely secure. I'm currently running windows 7, and have gotten another trojan that disabled my antivirus software. I'm having a friend come over to try and fix it, but if he can't, i have two options. I can switch to linux, or spend $170 dollars to get a professional to fix my computer. I pay hundreds of dollars to get my computers fixed, and have fried 3 computers in 3 years. Granted, two of them were already at least 7 years old. But my current one is brand new. I was thinking about just wiping the system and reinstalling windows, since i have nothing on there that i really need. But i would have to pay a ton just to get another windows os disk (bastards at office depot didn't give me the disk when they set me up with a new computer). Now, i'm going to be going to college soon and intend to minor in computer science. I've read a lot about linux and know that it would be able to teach me a lot about programming, as well as give me much better protection against viruses. I'm pretty good at programming right now, but just can't seem to deal with these trojans that come out of nowhere. Can anyone tell me why or why not to just boot linux onto my computer? I don't care about the hardware compatibility or programs that windows has versus linux. I just want plain facts: will i be able to keep viruses off? And is it something that i can learn to operate?

In your experience, will linux be my best bet?

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Did Limewire Fix Virus Problem?

Answer:- the limewire program itself probably won't give you a computer virus, as long as it's downloaded from the limewire website. However, if you download any files, such as music, using limewire, there is a chance that your computer could get infected with a computer virus or other malicious file or program, so i would suggest that you just purchase what you'd like to download. If you would like to purchase music, i would suggest that you try purchasing it from an online retailer, such as itunes or amazon.

If you are going to be using limewire, i would suggest that you run frequent antivirus scans, as well as frequent antispyware or antimalware scans, just to be sure that you didn't download a file that is infected with a computer virus or other malicious file or program. If you need a free antivirus program, i would recommend that you try using microsoft security essentials, which can be downloaded from the link below.

If you need a free antimalware program, perhaps you should try using malwarebytes, which can be downloaded from the link below.

Also, perhaps you should consider trying mozilla firefox, which is a free browser that is safer than internet explorer and can also be customized with a variety of add-ons and themes. If you'd like to try using mozilla firefox, you can download it from the link below.

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Internet Not Working After Virus Removal

I use windows vista on my hp laptop with a norton security system, using google chrome for my internet browser. It's been working perfectly for the past year or so- no real problems at all. However, recently a fake trojan/virus/malware version of a security system i've never seen before popped up and insisted i do a scan of my computer. I clicked out, only to be constantly bombarded with popups from this "security system" telling me that my computer was in "danger". Finally i was able to open my norton and do a full-system scan which apparently solved the problem, but after it fixed the virus and quarantined it my internet-chrome or explorer- won't work for most sites. My itunes also won't let me access the itunes store. The strange thing is, i can access my gmail account fine (though i signed out quickly upon realizing this) and my wifi connection is as strong as ever. My only guess is that this virus somehow messed with my computer for the time it was un-quarantined. Can anyone tell me how to get my internet and computer back to normal?

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Connect Wireless Router To Wired Router

My current internet connection is setup with a wired router. My ip address on the current computer is like 192. 168. 2. X. Is it possible to connect my new wireless router to one of the outgoing cables of the wired router. Something like this :

Modem -> to the wan port of the wired router -> outgoing cable from the lan port -> to the wan or lan port of the wireless router -> wireless stick from the computer = internet

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