Hard Drive Only 10 Gb Left With Install Of Xp

Been having problems with a old compaq 1210nx that's been pretty much stock from 03 till now. Anyways what i did to get it running after my buddy gave it to me was install windows 7 rc. That ran fine since last year till about march when the install expired. When that did it i reinstalled xp with formatting the 80gb hard drive using the xp disc. That installed fine and dandy but now its saying i only have 10gb's left of free space out of 74. 9gb. ? I thought to myself i didn't install anything that big, just vlc, firefox and windows security essentials and those 3 don't take up 70gb's. Ive run check disk and scan disc and both came up fine with no errors. Anyone have a clue what is going on?

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Can I Install Old Hard Drive With Its Os In A New Computer ?

I had built a comp for my fiances grandparents. They have alot of info they need from the old comp. How and is it possible just to put the old hd into the new comp if it has a os on it? Please explain.

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Laptop Hard Drive Install

I'm trying to install a hard drive for my laptop. The bad one has some type of black sticky tab on the back and the new one i got didn't come with that. I have no clue what this black sheet is or does. It's a compaq nx9010 laptop. Anyone know what that thing is or can point me in the right direction?

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Install Windows On 80 Gig Hard Drive

How i should use my hard drives. So i have a 500 gig, 250 gig, and 80 gig hard-drive plus my external 1tb. I know it used to be the smart thing to give windows its own hard drive but has that changed?

The 500 gig is the newest one, so i was guessing that i should install windows on that hard drive but i wasn't sure if i should install it on the 80 gig, but then its the smallest so i might want to get rid of it the soonest, but then again the case has 7 3. 5 drive slots.

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How To Install Another Sata Hard Drive Into System ?

I'm installing another hard drive into my system, so i can put linux on it. When i opened the case i found out the the alienware system used sata not a regular ata hard drive. I never installed an sata hard drive with another one already in there. I'm buying another serial ata 15-pin female-to-4-power connector / serial ata adapter, which looks like this: and a sata hard drive, i also have extra serial sata cable which look like this, and i know go into the motherboard: but is that all i need? I'm confused on how the new hard drive is going to get power, or do i hook up the black end (14 pin) to the new hard drive then hook the 4 pin white part to the female port on the far right hand corner of the old sata hard drive already in my system and thats it? Or do i just connect the connect the black 14 pin into the sata hard drive then connect the white end to that hanging power cord by my ram?

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Xp Install Wont Recognize My Backup External Hard Drive

I know i have to assign the external hard drive a drive letter but i don't know how to do it without formatting the drive. I obviously don't want to format the drive because it has all of my backup information from my old hard drive. The hdd is a western digital oem 320gb ide put into an external enclosure. The external enclosure worked perfect on old computer, but it was formatted on it. When i turn on the hdd my computer recognizes it as a usb mas storage device, it just doesn't assign it a drive letter. When i run western digital's data lifeguard tools it wants to set up the drive and make it additional storage, but it also must partition and format the drive before it can do so. For some reason i assumed this would be easy, i almost feel like im taking crazy pills. When i go into windows disk management all i can do is partition and format the drive, maybe im missing something.

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Lost Card Reader Drives When Install External Hard Drive

Just started playing with a new medion 8825 multimedia computer. While trying to install an external hard drive, i somehow lost the card reader drives. These were listed in my computer as drives e, f and g for the three slots of the reader. Now they are gone. In my ignorance, i was attempting to use the safely remove feature of vista. At one time, there was a small flag that said "safely remove mass storage(the external drive i was working on) and drive e, f and g. I clicked on this flag, and the e, f, and g drives disappeared from my computer. How do i recover them? Is it a problem of installing new drivers? Is tis a software or hardware problem?

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How To Know, How Much Ink Is Left On Hp Printer ?

I really need to know how much ink is left in my printer i have a hp office jet j4680 printer and windows vista. Answer:- if you would have downloaded the cd that came with the printer it will automatically come up on your screen when you are low and it shows all the colors.

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Is Usb Hard Drive Safer Than Normal Hard Drive ?

At the moment i have about 2t of data over 5hard drives, most of then films i have converted to avi from home as i live in uni halls the rooms are small, i am worried that leaving my pc on all the time will lower the life of my hard drives with data on, do you think it would be a good choice to put them into a usb drive and that way i only use them when i need? Is usb hard drive safer than normal hard drive ? Or am i just being silly?

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Good Mouse For Left Handed People

Anyone heard about good mices for lefties (left handed people) such as myself? I can use right handed intellimouse but when ya get some fancy new-fangled mouse like the mx700, its just a no-go. Logitech / ms / razor etc, take notice: make a great leftie mouse and you will corner this nice lil market.

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Ms Optical Mouse Left Button Is Not Working

I have an ms optical mouse. The left mouse button is not working, (even with driver primary buttons switched). Can anyone tell me what to look for inside the mouse to get it fixed (yes, i am cheap. I know i can replace it for a few bucks).

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Ball Mouse Does Not Roll Well In Left / Right Direction

I have the classic problem that all ball mouses give after some months of use, it doesn't roll very well in left/right direction, what can i do apart from dropping it to the trasher?

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Blinking Cursor In The Upper Left Corner

I have a c840 dell laptop and when i turn it on the screen lights up and there a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. It never gets to the dell screen and doesn't seem to do much. It does check the dvd drive a few times, but then it just sits there. If i hold down the f12 key and press the power button, it flashes the battery light like the battery is dead, and does nothing else. But when i let go of the f12 key all of the systems fans spin up for a second then the laptop goes quiet. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas where to start. I'm hopeing the laptop is not dead (the fact that it comes up at all is encouraging). I am free to take the system apart if need be. I have tried pulling the battery out and letting it sit for a while. No change. Any and all ideas are welcome. I see this is in the wrong section at the moment.

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Left Alt Key Opens My Computer

Okay this may seem funny to some but its not to me. Anytime i press my right alt key the calculator comes up and the left alt opens my computer. Not funny. Is this a virus? Is there some setting i can change?

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What Are Right / Left Click Buttons On Laptop Touchpad ?

What are the right click /left click buttons on a laptop touchpad called?

Answer:- it's called a left and right touchpad button or touchpad buttons because you can click or let's say press it.

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Install Printer Without Cd Drive

I just got a little hp mini notebook, and it doesn't have a cd drive, so i can't insert a disk to install a printer. How can i print?

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Mx700 Mouse Cursor Shoots To The Left Of Screen

Sometimes when i pick up my mouse, the cursor shoots to the left of screen, this has just started happening out of the blue.

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Hyphen ( _ ) Keeps Blinking In The Top Left Corner Of Screen

I just formatted pc with a xp pro dis w/ sp1 then i installed teh cd with sp2 and it ddint work my comp keeps restart and now whenever i boot it up the screen that shows ur spec with the f8 or f12 loads, it takes me to a blank screen, black, and in the top left corner there is a hyphen( _ ) that keeps blinking, this keeps happenin when i turn it off den back on or restarting, i just built this comp all together yesterday and keep gettin these errors my first build was fine what is the problem?

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Mouse Cursor Shoots Towards The Left Upper Of The Screen

When i'm scrolling around the screen, the cursor pauses as it heads/directed towards the the left or left upper side of the screen. It starts to studder and with like the power of lighten somethings shoots towards the left upper 1/3 of the screen and crashes the system. No blue screen of death, and if any animation is playing it continues to play, but there is no response from the mouse nor keyboard and the only thing that works is the off button

Anyone heard of this crazyness b4. I know a moth can crash a system (hence the term computer bug :p) , but a mouse doing this is strange.

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Black Screen With White Dash On Top Left

I get the screen that says on the bottom that i could press f2 or f12, i've tried both, but i still get a black screen that follows with only a white dash on the top left where text should appear. I hear the laptop running, but no matter how long i wait or what i press it wont load past that screen.

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Dell Photo 924 Left Cartridge Incorrect

My dell photo 924 keeps saying on its screen left cartridge incorrect. What do i do? I have removed the cartridge and tried everything but this will not go away? Can anyone help?

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Windows Will Not Install - Drive Damaged

While trying to do a full format and reinstall of windows (something i try to do once every 6 months or so). I ran into a pretty serious glitch, the windows setup screen loads up giving me various options to format, install etc, strangely when i first tried it, it told me that the drive was unformatted or damaged, so i formatted before installing initial files, the setup then restarts in order to continue. However once restarted it goes straight back to the initial setup screen where i can reformat or overwrite existing windows installation?. (Every now and again it still claimed that the drive was damaged and needed to be formatted) i wondered if this was the drive (sata) so i tried installing on my backup drive. Still no luck. I also wondered if there was a problem with my windows disk, so tried installing a version of linux which hung pretty early in the process. I have a few more ideas to test when i get a chance, hopefully tonight. Such as making backup the master and removing sata before installing, and replacing dvd drive with old standby. However i did want to check with you guys opinions regarding faulty ram/cache which i dont really know how to check (other than replacing with spares (which i dont have).

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Flash Drive To Install Vista

I just installed vista with a flash drive but to my dismay it took just as long as with a dvd so i am wondering if my flash drive is a piece of junk or not? It is a pny optima attache 4gb. What is the best flash drive to use for stuff like this?

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After Win7 Install One Drive Is Missing

Ok after i did a reinstall of my w7/64 one of my internal drives isn't showing up. How do i find it.

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Pc Flashing Cursor At Top Left Hand Corner Of Screen

I have a dell dimension 3000 (circa early 2006) running windows xp home. Yesterday when i booted it up i got the dell bios screen and then nothing but a flashing cursor at the top left hand corner of the screen. After cursing profusely, i started tinkering with connectors and such to no avail. After a couple of hours of that not working i pulled all of the peripherals off of the back with the exception of video and booted and didn't it boot up to the windows login screen! I tried to plug my mouse back in but it appears that all but one of the usb ports on the back don't work and that didn't seem to respond. Has anyone ever seen something like this before?

When this all started happening i thought the hard drive might have died but the fact that it will boot up under certain conditions leads me to believe the hdd is still living. At this point i'm thinking that i might be looking at a bad motherboard or power supply. Are those reasonable assumptions? I looked up at the specs online and the darn thing only has a 250w psu in it.

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Black Screen With A Flashing White Cursor In The Top Left

First problem: western digital 80 gb 7, 200 rpm w/ 8mb cache

When i first boot up my comp, from having it completely powered down (not rebooted), it goes through the mobo screen, then sits on a black screen with a flashing white cursor in the top left. This stays there for nearly a minute, then white text will appear stating "improper boot disc blah blah blah" as if i didn't have a harddrive plugged in. I proceed to hit the reset button, it goes through the mobo screen, and again it will sit on the blinking cursor for nearly a minute. But this time around, instead of giving me the improper boot disc message, it proceeds to windows start-up. Now, lets say i'm in windows, and i reboot my computer, the same thing happens. The only time i get the improper boot disc message, is when my computer is first booted up from a powered-down state. It almost seems as if the hard drive has to "warm up". Is this a sign my hard drive might be dieing? Now onto my second problem. When i run dvd's on my computer (or the dvd edition of bf2 ) it makes a repetitive clicking noise, one click per second. Sometimes i can't watch dvd movies, sometimes i can. My bf2 dvd works fine. Dvd-rom dieing? Its 1 1/2 year old, and generic.

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Is A Floppy Drive Really Needed To Install A System ?

I bought a whole computer but didn't buy a floppy drive, i noticed that the dfi lanparty mobo i'm getting has a floppy disk included, and i would imagine my caviar se sata drive has a floppy bundled with it for installation (unsure though, just assuming), is a floppy drive really needed to install a system?

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Hard Drive And Enclosure For External Hard Drive

I'll be buying a western digital caviar black sata hard drive and i have a question about the enclosure. These are the enclosures i'm thinking of:

1. Nexstar 3 onyx black
2. Antec mx-100, or a
3. Rosewill rx-358-s blk (black) 3. 5" sata to usb & esata

Can anyone recommend one or the other? Or one not listed?

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Transferring Data From Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive

I have a dell dimension 2400, and according to the dell disk monitoring system, the drive 0 on the primary ide channel is operating outside of normal specifications, and it advises me to back up my data and get a new hard drive. I currently have a maxtor diamondmax plus 8 (6e040l0) which is the failing one. I plan on getting a hitachi deskstar p7k500 250gb ide hard drive. However i don't really know how to transfer all my data and my system files including my windows xp system files to the new hard drive. I've burnt my whole hard drive on to dvd's (about 24gb -> 6 dvd's). However i've also heard of disk imaging, although i don't really know much. If i install my new hard drive, and turn the computer on, how far will the computer boot?, Since there is no system and os files on the new hard drive. Will the opening dell page load, and will i be able to get into setup?

And if the computer won't boot far enough for me to get into the user accounts, how do i transfer my dvd data and system files to the new hard drive?

Then there's disk imaging. If i create a disk image of my entire hard drive, where do i store it, and will it be as big as all my files i.e. 24gb, and is the only way of storing it on a external hard drive?

Finally i was wondering how am i supposed to restore the files in my disk image if my computer won't boot far enough for me to actually do anything. I'm sooooo sorry that i've asked a zillion questions, but i really have to know before i make the purchase.

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Can't Install Vista Or Win7 On Sata Drive

I thought it would be simple. Does it matter which sata slots are used for a boot drive. There are 8 on my board 4 controlled by intel ichr7 and the others by marvel. Attempts to install windows result in error message that the drive is configured as active in the bios and suggest using diskpart utility to clean the drive? Does sata use master/slave? The hd is a wd caviar blue 300gb. What am i doing incorrectly?

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