How To Install Raid Drivers Without New Install Or Controller Card ?

I need to install the raid drivers for my motherboard (p5k deluxe - ich9r). Is there a way to install it without reinstalling xp or having to buy a separate sata controller like it's mentioned in this?

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Silicon Image 0680 2x Ide Card Drivers Wont Install

I decided yesterday to reinstall windows vista. I use a sil 0680 2x ide card for a set of old hard drives i use for *** and such. I can't remember how the heck i got the thing working the first time, but now when i try to "update drivers" it says no drivers found, even when i point it right to the proper directory. I've even tried going back to the repair windows on the vista cd and tried to load them there, it shows the drivers and lets me select them to install but it still does nothing once i boot back into vista. Is there some kind of magic trick to get this thing to work?


E6400 c2d
Gigabyte ga-965p-s3 mobo
I believe seagate 300gb hd's

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Windows Need To Install Driver Software For Network Controller

I have windows vista laptop all of a sudden i cant connect to the internet, this message keeps popping up. "Windows need to install driver software for network controller. " I don't have the disc that came with the laptop, and i really haven't to much knowledge of the technical parts of the computer. I don't even have a clue what driver i would even be looking for! Would this keep me off line? Why can't i get online? I've checked everything on the computer and i still can't connect to the internet.

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Promise Fasttrak Tx2650 Raid Controller Drivers

I have a promise fasttrak tx2650 raid controller hooked up to two sas hard drives, and i'm trying to install windows 7. Promise doesn't have win7 drivers on their site, so i'm wondering if there's a workaround someone might know about? Is it possible to modify the vista drivers to work with win7?

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Amcc 9650se Windows 7 Raid Controller Drivers

I have searched the internet quite a bit, and will continue to do so, for the windows 7 drivers (if there are any) for the amcc 3ware 9650se raid controller. I checked their website, and unless i am an idiot i did not find anything there. Does anyone know for sure if there are or are not drivers for windows 7 for this raid controller yet?

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Install The Graphic Drivers Without Graphic Card Installed

I'm buying a custom pc from a company and i don't like their list of graphic cards that you have to choose from. In spite of this i am ordering a graphic card separate from the company who is building my pc. As a result the pc will come with no graphics card (not even an onboard). My question is how will i be able to install the drivers if theres no current graphics card already on the pc. Please let me know asap.

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Unable To Install Drivers

When trying to install latest nvidia nforce 4. 27 drivers, the install process tells me to insert my win98 cd in the selected drive. Except there is no drive selected. "My computer" is high lighted in the popup window(the window is not the window that opens when it detects new hardware and says it will find the best drivers or select a location). I select the cd drive, hit ok and it just reverts back to "my computer". Hit enter on the install window and it tells me i've opted to cancel the install. I've even tried rebooting with win98 cd in the drive with trhe same results. How to fix?

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Best Procedure To Install New Drivers

So i was just wondering what is the most recommended procedure to upgrade ati drivers?

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Can't Install Raid Driver - Windows Xp Setup Freezes

I decided to format my computer because it had some problems. I have a a8r32 mvp deluxe motherboard, and had raid 1 setup in the raid bios before. Now when i try to enter raid bios to check it i can't. Don't know why i can't anymore, but i will assume it's still raid 1 setup. When i install windowsxp i hit f6 to install my raid driver, and when i get to the windows setup where i have to press 'enter' to install windows it freezes. When i try installing windows without using the raid driver it doesn't freeze, but i want to install my raid driver. Trying to use sata 32bit on my floppy from the motherboard cd driver. Also have sata mode in bios settings.comp spec:
A8r32 mvp deluxe
Amd fx-60
Ati x1900xtx w/ crossfire
2gb 400mhz dual chan memory
2 x 150gb western digital raptor
850w ocz psu

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Install Motherboard Drivers With Windows 7

I've just moved from xp to windows 7 and since installing windows 7 everything seems to be functioning? Sound, internet etc. Do i still need to install my motherboard drivers? Everything has already been recognised in my devices.

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Ethernet Drivers Refuse To Install

This less than 2 year old compaq computer was attacked by malware of unknown kind and origin. The malware problem has been solved and the computer is running all applications very well. However, connecting to the internet is not possible 'cause the ethernet drivers will not install, even from the installation disk. The message is that the drivers are either missing or corrupt. I installed a new ethernet card and got the same results. Drivers are corrupt or missing. I thought i could by pass the whole ethernet problem by using a usb connection to the cable modem. Same results. The drivers were either missing or corrupt. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, enabled, disabled but can not make a connection using the original ethernet adapter, the new ethernet adapter or a usb connection. I am wide open to any reasonable suggestions which might allow me to reconnect to the internet.

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Is It Necessary To Install Sata Drivers In Windows 7 ?

So i finished installing windows 7 on my system (asus p6t deluxe). Is it necessary to install any sata drivers from marvell on windows 7 or they are recognized immediately?

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Ati, Cannot Install Drivers Or Ccc

I've been happily using 9. 12 drivers&ccc (catalyst control center) but i saw 10. 2 were out and decided to update, bad decision. I went to control panel and removed everything with ati catalyst install manager. I restarted pc and tried to install new drivers(downloaded drivers+ccc pack from ati's website) but it doesn't show or install drivers or ccc, i can choose ati catalyst install manager, microsoft visual c+, lotr online trial, product registration and hdmi audio drivers. Where are drivers and ccc?

I checked extracted folder at c:ati and they are there, just not being shown or installed. I installed this thing and no ccc and at device manager it shows driver is installed, but not this one, one that windows will automatically install. (I'm using windows7 64bit)

After that i tried downloading and installing drivers and ccc separately but they won't be shown or installed either. I tried installing from safe mode but it tells me detection driver can't be loaded. I used driver sweeper, but nothing changes. I also uninstalled driver from device manager and tried installing again but same old driver is installed. Of course i also tried installing back 9. 12 but same thing happens! I have no clue what caused this and what to do. Please help, running out of ideas. Oh and i have 4870x2 graphic card and i'm trying to install "10-2_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_wdm_enu"

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How To Install Inf Chipset Drivers For P35 ?

I installed the old drivers from my mobo's cd, and there are much newer ones on the asus site. I am getting horrible crosfire performance and this may be the culprit. How do i install the newer ones?

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Creative Drivers Won't Install

These stupid creative drivers won't install, when i try to remove them it gives an error, when i try to install new drivers, it says higher driver detected and clicks off. I tried everything, whiping the registry, drivercleaner, can you guys recommend me something, i can't do system restore because i would lose too much data, last time i used this card was a good while back.

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Overwrite Or Uninstall / Install New Ati Drivers ?

What is the best method for updating ati drivers? Overwriting without uninstalling the old, or uninstall / reboot / install new drivers?

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Pci.sys Corrupted, When Install Drivers

I just built my new system, installed windows and everything seemed fine, then i tried installing the boards drivers and the system crashed, then when i restarted the pc, it couldn't start windows sayin, system32/driver/pci.sys was corrupted or damaged. I tred fixing the system and i wasn't able to, so i formated the disc, and installed windows again, and that happens again and again. Pci.sys gets corrupted again, i updated the bios and tried installing the boards drivers one by one and downloading them from the web site of the manufacturer, and when i was installing the first one "motherboard_driver_chipset_intel_inf_965.exe" same thing happened. Also im not very sure, but i think in one of my many attempts i installed the gpu drivers first than the board drivers and same thing happened. Now after restarting the pc a million times and having done nothing to really repair the file, the pc started again, and even though it was very slow, at the beginning, after some more reboots it seems to be ok now and i was able to install al the boards and gpu drivers except the motherboard_driver_chipset_intel_inf_965.exe one. Thing is im sure my oc wont be stable for long, and this seems to be a hardware problem, but i don't have an idea of how to identify what is really happening, so i would really appreciate if you could give it a good thought and give me a solution.

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Ati Catalyst Drivers Automatically Install Folding@home?

I'm in the middle of updating my computer to my new win 7 64 build & discovered folding@home loaded itself to my system. The properties tab shows it starts in c:atisupport9-12_vista64 yada yada yada. I know this is a program designed to help folks at stanford look at genomes

But what the heck is it doing on my computer without my express permission?

Anyone know if this is actually running, or merely an invitation to install it?

If it's up and running, how do i uninstall?

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Xp Won't Install Modem Drivers For Binatone Adsl 500

I've got a biantone adsl 500 modem which i first had installed in my old pc, at first with windows 98 and then with xp service pack 1. I've just bought a new pc which is running xp professional service pack 2 and it won't let me install even the latest drivers from the binatone website. I think even the latest binatone drivers are designed to work with xp service pack 1?

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Ativa Wireless-g Usb Network Adapter Drivers Install Problem

I have ativa wireless-g usb network adapter and it's been a problem to install. Idk if this thing requires the software but i highly doubt it. The model site says it has vista drivers but they are in beta stage but i still tried to install them but for some reason the install wizard said they installed but there isn't any trace of any files in the main folder in program files and the app. Won't even start upon start-up.

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Install Video Card On A Superserver Motherboard

Can i install a very productive (professional or gaming) videocard into a superserver motherboard?

2. Superserver motherboard how many xeons can be installed into the most powerful server motherboard? And two or more videocards (like a ati firegl or nvidia geforce 8 series . )? If yes, sli mode is supported?

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How To Install Pci Serial Port Card ?

My pci serial port cards were fried by a lightening strike.couldn't buy the same combo (1 x 3 port card and 1 x 1 port card) so i installed two 2nd hand cards - 1 x 2 port card and 1 x 1 card and decided to used the onboard serial port to make up for the other lost port. Windows 2k detected the cards and tried to install them.couldn't find any drivers on the c drive or installation disk. Dial up is a total nightmare for this machine. I can't find any detailed tutorials or step by step info on how to install a pci serial port card. Do you need to obtain and install drivers (can't seem to located them as negligable info on card itself) or aren't they needed and instead you cancel any automatic attempt to install new device and just go to another area of the computer and configure that?

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Lacie Esata Pci Card Install Problem

I just brought a lacie 2 port esata pci card for my pc and i cant even get to the xp login window. Not even the bios set up utility i can't access. Unless i remove the card, everything start up normal. When the card is in place i see a raid set up utility window if i hit ctrl r during start up. But i cant do anything, because it doesn't see any drives. Even said something like the bios is deactivated? It goes by so quickly. I just wanted to use the esata port for my lacie 750gb drive to transfer data back and forth to the pc. I thought this was going to be an easy to install card, but it's not the case. Stupis is and stupid does i guess. I was wondering if my mobo can even support an external hd with esata port? I thought if i brought a pci card it would. Mobo specs: asus a8v deluxe: which has 5 pci ports running at 32-bit/33mhz. I did notice on the package the minimum system requirements is 32bits 66mhz 2. 3 compliant interface.could this be my problem?

What other option do i have to for my esata lacie drive which has a esata output option. I am tried of using the fw 400 port.

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Geforce 5700le Pci Video Card Install Problem

It just came and i tried to install it but it seems like its an agp. If i take a picture of the video card, do you think you could tell if its a pci or agp? If its an agp i'm going to be really *** because then i have to pay for shipping to ship back to because they can't read. By the way, here is the order:

Someone please help. Its the same as this video card. So why wont it work on my computer!

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Install Nvidia Mx4000 Graphics Card To Asus P4s800

How to install a nvidia mx4000 graphics card to asus p4s800? I'm having trouble installing the new graphics card for my asus p4 s800 motherboard. I've change the bios setting to change use pci to agp. I save and shut down. I plug card into the free pci slot and connect vga cable to the card. I restart computer and install the driver from the nvidia website because the cd that came with the box is empty?

All i get is a screen with menu vertical colorful lines, when i plug the vga cable back to the original spot it is all good? Any ideas what i'm missing?

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Lost Card Reader Drives When Install External Hard Drive

Just started playing with a new medion 8825 multimedia computer. While trying to install an external hard drive, i somehow lost the card reader drives. These were listed in my computer as drives e, f and g for the three slots of the reader. Now they are gone. In my ignorance, i was attempting to use the safely remove feature of vista. At one time, there was a small flag that said "safely remove mass storage(the external drive i was working on) and drive e, f and g. I clicked on this flag, and the e, f, and g drives disappeared from my computer. How do i recover them? Is it a problem of installing new drivers? Is tis a software or hardware problem?

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Vista Can't Find Its Hardware Drivers, Most Usb Devices Won't Install

Last night everything was ok. After i'd cleaned the computer and plugged everything back in windows decides it can't find drivers for any of my usb devices (keyboard, mouse, camera, gamepad, joystick). When it finds them it says new hardware found. With 3 choices:

Locate and install driver
Ask me again later
Don't show this message again

So i click the first option, and it searches for drivers but. 'could not find driver software'. I then click 'check online for a solution' with no luck. These devices are so basic that the manufacturers don't supply drivers for the products; they should all be with the os. What can i do guys? I'm a keen photographer and not being able to upload my photos via the camera or card reader is a real issue for me. By the way the above process happens for all the usb hardware i have except the printer, usb flash drive, mouse and keyboard (luckily!)

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Required Cd/dvd Driver Missing - Inject Drivers Into Boot.wim, Or Install.wim

Here's my hardware/os:

-Microsoft vista ultimate 64-bit os(purchased separately (brand new & legit), so as to install "fresh" on my:

-Asus p5b-premium vista edition motherbard; (no its not a joke, the board is actually called vista edition)

(With the onboard intel ich8r sata controllers, . And a jmicron jmb363 pata/sata controller)

-Intel quad-core cpu

-(2) rators striped across the ich8r sata controllers

-(1) pioneer "sata" dvr-212d dvd/cd on the jmb363 sata controller. -As a test, i tried an unattended install with my 'ole winxp pro, and by using nlite, and/or editing the winnt. Sif, .configuration text files its fairly easy to have an "unattended" mastered dvd install of (32-bit)winxp pro. , And it works "flawlessly", and freakin fast with the hardware above, and without floppy-drives, usb-flash drivers, . Note: the jmicron-jmb363 sata controller is very buggy, and "slow" in vista-64bit, when you install a cd/dvd in the drive evrything freezes up, usb mouse, . For a few seconds then its ok? However, in winxp pro it all works great!

I'm a newbie at vista ultimate 64, but microsofts' waik, winpe, xml complicated text files seems even more complex, considering, i'm not deploying workstations, i just want to inject the needed sata controller drivers into the appropriate. Vista ultimate 64-bit image file(s) to boot and install from the one dvd. But, it still doesn't want to work (see below site exmples for details)

I have tried the below methods and/or site recommendation to no avail, it seems overly-complex when trying to find consistent information hunting in microsoft sites ?, -The "error" is during the very early install of vista 64-bit, this early pass1 is likely using the "boot. Wim" image files

With its obvious limited driver support. So how can i simply "inject" the drivers into boot. Wim, and/or install. Wim for this to wotk. http://firegeier. Unattended-sponsor. De/en/inject_drivers_into_image.html

(Firegeier site is probably the best explained "unattended" vista install, and much better then microsoft hoopla sites. )

http://unattended. Xp/

(Great for xp, . Not much for vista yet)

(If you can decipher nostramadus' stanza's your ok here)

(According to vlite they don't support that "early" text-based driver installation on vista64-bit yet. -Which led me to method "boot. Wim" which vista pre-loads. )

(I'm trying this now although this its more for wds deployments. ?)

Any other ideas/suggestions would be appreciated? I realize support is very thin still (especially 64-bit wise) but its getting there, maybe its too new, as well as "me" errors but i've tried all the methods above, as close as i could, rtfm, . ? Has anyone got this working, appreciate any info.

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Install A Pci Card To A Pci Express Slot

Can i put(install) a pci card to a pci express slot ?

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Raid 5 Controller, 8 Port

It seems like i have to buy something like areca arc-1220 to have good performance, and better reliability than something like one of the 8 port rocket raids, this is unfortunate as they are considerably more expensive. I want to build something reliable though that will last a long time hopefully with very few problems. Any other suggestions welcomed. The purpose of this is to build a storage device/ server to sit on my small network. Thinking of something like asus p5ql/775/p43, intel celeron wolfdale 2. 5g, and 2g of ram. My first question is that in the specs for the controller i mentioned, along with many others, they specify server 2003, but not 2008, will it work with this os? And, this one mentions that it works with vista, does that mean that most of them don't?

I haven't decided what would be best os to put on it, not sure if i need to have server os, i figured i could just setup vista or win7(if supported) and setup shares on that, but want to know if server os would be better. It's just a couple computers on it now, it might expand to 1 or 2 more, idk, but essentially just needs to be a large storage capacity nas type deal. Also, if using a hardware type controller like this one, what is it dependant on exactly, like for example if something happens to the card, am i screwed, or if i replace with identical card will the array still be intact? The same for mobo, and could it be switched to a different motherboard by just moving the array with the card? The os would be on individual drive.

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