Ram Problem - Monitor Will Not Turn On

My computer is doing some strange things when i try to install new ram. I currently have 256mb ddr 333 installed but whenever i try to put any other ram in, either separate to the 256, or with it, my monitor will not turn on, and the computer will restart itself intermittently. I have tried 4 separate sticks of ram, 3 512mb ddr 400 and 1 1gb ddr 400. All have the same response. I have two slots on my mob and have tried all combinations with ram and slots. I have updated my bios. I cant edit the bios when the new ram is in because i have no picture. My mob is an asrock p4i45d, with an intel p4 chipset. All the ram i have used have been different brands. Has anyone had this problem before?

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Monitor Won't Turn On

The other day my computer's monitor just turned off randomly, so i tried turning it back on but it wouldn't. The light on the monitor is still on though. I restarted the computer and the light on the monitor turns green for a second but then just goes back to yellow and the computer screen still stays black. I tried using a different monitor and the exact same thing happens so its a problem with the computer. Any one got any suggestions?

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Laptop Monitor Wont Turn On

I've got a major problem with my laptop (less then a year old). It was running fine up till a month ago. As i launched a game, the screen turned off. I waited for a few minutes but it didn't come back on. I restarted it, and launched the game again, but the screen turned off before the loading was complete. I concluded that it was the game, so i uninstalled it. Rebooted, and all was fine for about 20 minutes, then the monitor turned off again. I suspected that there was a virus, so i formatted my hdd, installed just the basic programs and rebooted, but this time, the monitor didn't turn on at all. From the sounds i can hear, i seems that the computer itself keeps running, it's just the monitor that is 'stuffed'. I've tried hooking it up to my tv and desktop monitor, both remained blank. The laptop in question is a lg lw40 express. I've spent over an hour searching the forums but no one seems to have quite the same problem. Any help is appericiated.

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Monitor Doesnt Turn On Correctly

I installed the new ati drivers, that went fine. After installing the new drivers, i tried to set my monitor to 100hz cuz 60hz hurts my eyes too much. After i set it to 100hz, my monitor wouldn't turn on properly. My monitor is currently at 1280x1024x32. I completely understand that it is obviously my monitor that isnt up to the resolution, but can anyone send me a link for a resolution table for an ibm powerdisplay 20? I have reset it back to 1280x1024x32 @ 60hz, but its annoying, especially when im real tired.

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Turn Off Monitor Under Power Options

I have noticed that my monitor may stay on long after the time limit set in control panel/power options. This usually happens after i retire for the night. I have determined that the only time it happens is when i place my logitech lasermouse in its charging cradle, . If i leave the mouse on the pad, the monitor shuts down, if i place the mouse in the charging cradle, the monitor stays on. I have no idea whether there is a fix for this.

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Can Turn Off Laptop Monitor When Connected To A Tv ?

If you want to connect your laptop to a tv, can you turn off the laptop monitor? I don't really see the point in connecting it to a tv if you have a laptop monitor in your face - is there any way to turn it off?

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Turn Auto Sleep Off On Hp 2009m Monitor

How do i turn autosleep off on my hp 2009m 20-inch lcd hd monitor? Whenever i plug my hp 2009m monitor into my macbook via vga-to-minidisplay port adapter, the external monitor immediately goes to sleep. I read on a user review to turn autosleep off, but i can't figure out how and there's nothing in the manual. Can anybody help?

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Laptop Screen Wont Turn Off, After Connect With External Monitor

My laptop screen won't turn off, after i connect with an external monitor. Windows 7? Just installed windows 7, and now when i connect to the external monitor, my laptop screen won't tune off. I tried adding or detecting another screen with no success.

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No Display On Monitor After Upgrading Ram

I upgraded my ram, and now i turn on my computer and i get no display from the monitor. Longer story: i bought a 512 (ddr 400) chip of ram to replace my 256 and 128 (ddf 266) chips. I installed it, plugged in the computer, and booted just fine. I then got the idea to attempt to use all the ram. So i stuck the 256mb chip in. Plugged everything back in, turned it on, check the bios and all of it is recognized. (I have heard that faster speed ram will only run as fast as the lowest speed piece of ram also in the machine, and am fine with that) i then add that the 128mb chip, plug everything back in, turn it on, check the bios, and now only the 512 chip is recognized by the bios. So i power off and restart. Now the little monitor led is blinking, letting me know there is nothing to be displayed. The processor fan is running and all, but i get no display. I've tried all possible combinations of the chips i have, and still nothing. I've cleared the cmos, and still nothing. Hardware specs:
Mobo: asus a7v880
Processor: amd duron 1. 2ghz, socket a
Grfx: ati radeon 7000, 4x agp, 32mb ram
Antec case: 300watt
Memory: ampo 512mb ddr 400, crucial 256mb pc2100, kingston 128mb pc2100
Harddrive: western digital
Cd drive: lg electronics, 52x

Edit: i built this thing, if that helps any. Edit2: i've also tried with two different monitors, both known to work.

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Should I Disable Virtual Ram With 2gb Ram In Winxp ?

For gaming (bf2, hl2, doom3, fear, etc), surfing, chatting, office, etc should i disable my virtual memory in windows xp?

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Ddr Ram - Does The Ram Need To Be Installed In Pairs ?

I am going to be upgrading the ram in a family members computer. I was told it was a hp with ddr ram. The computer has a 128 in it now. I was hoping to buy the ram before i traveled to their house. Can i buy any brand of ddr ram? Or should it match whats in the computer already. Does the ram need to be installed in pairs? Or can i buy a 512 and have 640 or buy a 256 and have a total of 384?

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640 Mb Ram Showing 610 Mb Ram

I have an 8800gts oc2 640mb ram card. Is there a piece of software that will tell me if the card actually has 640mb of ram?

I ran 3dmark06 and everytime it tells me i only have 610mb of ram. However, it did report 612mb ram when i started playing doom3. I know that some programs will only report the amount of ram as 640mb because those programs are reading the id tag off the card itself. But it would be good to have a program to tell me the amount of ram on the card after doing a scan or something like that.

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Using A 100mhz Ram With 133mhz Ram

Would i be better off not adding a 100mhz ram chip to my existing set of ram chips which are 133mhz?
I heard before that the difference in speed will cause some trouble in the system. But does it really?

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Video Ram Vs System Ram

I have a celeron dc e1200 overclocked to 2. 67 ghz, but have but 1 gb of system ram (dimm issues) and an his ati hd3450 pcie (256 mb of ddr2). I'm looking at doing two upgrades: adding a single 2 gb dimm (the motherboard holds a max of 4 gb in three slots) and a graphics upgrade (initially to a visiontek hd4350 (512 mb of ddr2) whch i'm buying locally for specific reasons; for this purchase, online is not an option). The question is, which upgrade (vista ultimate x64) should i do *first* to increase gaming performance (primarily in ut3 and burnout paradise ultimate box)? (I will be doing both upgrades; i'm simply trying to determine upgrade order. )

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Why My Pc Does Not Turn On ?

I am learning how to fix computer, but unfurtunately i dont hava any idea of what can be wrong with my pc. This is what happened. I usually leave the computer on 24 7 and when i woke up one morning to use the computer, the pc was off. The night before it was raining hard, perhaps thundering messed it up, so i think something might have blown. When i opened the case, i noticed that when i hit the on button, the fan for the cpu and power supply spins for a second or two and then stops. Then a few seconds later i hear a tiny sound like if something recharged and when i press the on button the samething happens.

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Pc Lights Turn On For A Second But Then Go Off

Computer doesnt switch on. When i turn the power on the green led on the motherboard lights up and stays lit. But when i press the power switch the fans and lights turn on for a second but then go off again and nothing works. I thought it was a motherboard problem so i tried a new motherboard. Same problem. So then i thought must be cpu. Tried a new cpu. Same problem . Then i tried a new power supply. Same problem!

The case and power supply are brand new, they were being used in a differant pc for about a week . Then everything just switched off while it was on and it hasnt been able to switch on since.

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Computer Will Not Turn On

I hit the button and no start-up(worked fine night before). I took off side cover and the cpu fan was spinning and the chassis fans were on, also the front led lights were on although looked dim. The mother board green light was also lit up. The power supply fans(2) were not working at all. So. I figure its the power supply. Almost bought a new one too. But i take the power supply out and stick it in old computer and it works fine. So. I put ps back in new computer and it basically does same thing but not exzactly. Mother board light is on still, fans do not work, led light does not turn on, cpu fan does not work but spins briefly as power is disconnected. (Note: no monitor or any other outputs were hooked up>> this may make the difference?)

Any ideas as to what this is exzactly? The motherboard or power supply possibly even though it is working n another comp, cpu? Or ram? >>Could those cause a complete no start situation? Switch?
Anyone ever hear of this before or have a good idea as to what it could be let me know asap. I don't wanna just start buying and replacing stuff. Also dying without a good computer to play world of warcraft!

I would love to know how to use a multimeter to test the voltages n stuff but afraid to due to lack of knowledge.

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It Is Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer

Microsoft's support site had a big checklist to go through, which didn't quite work. When you tell it to shut down, it says the error message "it is now safe. Blah" then you have to do it manually. If you press the power button while the computer is on, it immidiately shuts off. Any ideas?

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Desktop Wont Turn On

So the power in my room went out, i assumed that it was the storm that we are having right now in texas. I randomly go downstairs, see that other lights are on. Turns out my breaker flipped, which makes no sense, all i was doing was browsing the internet, its not like my room was taking a lot of power. Well anyways, now my desktop wont turn on, it was hooked up to a surge protector. Ive tried different outlets, leaving it unplugged, etc. Everything in my room works but my computer, so my question is where do i go from here? Hopefully its just the power supply, but is it possible that everything was fried? Cpu, gpu, etc?

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Pc Won't Turn On

Ok, so i was away on holiday for a week and left the power to my computer on (not the computer switched on) and when i got back it wouldn't switch on. Tried resetting the cmos, fiddled about with a few bits and pieces but nothing is working. A green led on the motherboard sits on all the time but nothing happens when i hit the power button.

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Computer Wont Turn On

Last night there was a pretty bad thunderstorm in my area and i was watch a movie on my computer when my computer just suddenly turned off. Im guessing its was some kind of power surge or something, but the problem is now that it wont turn back on, and i dont know how to fix this problem. My first thoughts are to go and buy a new power supply. I hope i dont have to replace anything coz its only a few months old.

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I Turn Pc On And 3-10 Secs Later It Turns Off

I just built my new machine (250gb memorex hd, pentium d processor, built on a asrock 775i65g motherboard, 2x 512mb ram) and i turn it on and 3-10 secs later it turns off. , Sumtimes it can go for 10secs with turning off other times it turns on then straight off.

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I'm Having A Problem Getting My Pc To Turn On.

I'm having a problem getting my pc to turn on. About 2 hours ago, my brother was using the pc just to use the internet. He shut it down properly, but 5 minutes later i realized i needed to use it. I hit the power button at the front but nothing happened. Just to check, i took off the front of the case and pushed the button on the frame but still no joy. I then took off one side of the case to look at the mobo as (i think) there should be some sort of light in recognition of power. However, i could not see any light. This has happened before, but only when we used to have a usb modem plugged into one of the front usb ports (2. 0s). All i used to have to do was to unplug the modem and the pc would turn on. My brother just informed me that he did plug something into one of the front usbs (his phone, just so you know), so i think it might have something to do with that. Any ideas?

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Computer Wont Turn Off

I just got my computer back from a friend after i lent it to him, and as soon as i plug the power cable in the back it turns on, and it doesnt display anything on the monitor. I also cannot turn it off until i unplug it. Any ideas?

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Computer Does Not Turn Off After Shutdown ?

I have an old opteron desktop that i will be using as a home server. The issue i've been having for the past few months is that it will not physically turn off after the os finishes shutting down. It used to, when i was using it as my main desktop, so i have no idea what has changed. What i have tried:

Windows 7 professional x64
Windows server 2008 r2 x64
Windows xp professional sp2
Reset bios
Install nvidia chipset drivers from manufacturer cd
Windows xp sp3
Ubuntu 7. 10
Flash bios to 4/06/2006 from 3/29/2006

Things i have tried since posting:

Unplug hard drives, boot ubuntu livecd, halt

In all of the operating systems i have tried, none can successfully turn off the computer. The only indication that the computer is supposed to have shut off is that i hear something turn off (hard drive maybe), and then all power would normally be cut, but now that sound doesn't happen in xp after installing the nvidia drivers. I have tried disabling usb power suspend in server 2008, with no effect. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Edit: the os's shutdown screen remains on the display after it "shuts down". Specs:

Amd opteron 144 1. 8ghz
Dfi lanparty nf4 ultra-d (modded to sli-d)
3gb ddr-400
Two geforce 7600 gt (one is out of the machine right now)
Single 160gb ide hard drive
Single 320gb sata2 hard drive

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Turn Off Laptop Beep

Now that i think of this i have always had this problem with dell laptops. I have a new xps 1710 and i can't figure out how to turn of the system beep. When i'm in windows i turn off all sound and it's mute, but the annoying and loud system beep is still there. I checked everywhere, bios, etc. And i can't find it. How do i turn that off, it's really annoying at work.

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Alternative Way To Turn On A Ps2

I have a slim ps2. I accidentally left a candle burning next to it and the power button kinda got melted. So i popped it open to try to pry it apart. I managed that, but in the process i lost the little black piece that goes inside the white part of the chip thing connected to the metal strip. I was wondering if there is a way to turn it on without having to use the power button?

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Hp Laptop Wont Turn On

When the power button is pressed the computer begins to go through the startup, but fails to power up. Even when pressing f11, f8, or the space bar the computer cannot be forced to display an error or anything for that matter. The computer just cycles through trying to power on to powering off repeatably until it goes to sleep. Any ideas?

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Toshiba Laptop Will Not Turn On

My toshiba laptop will not turn on? It stopped working on friday morning, i fixed it using these tips:

1. Remove the battery from the laptop (unplug it from the ac prior to removing it)

2. Plug the ac back in (leaving the battery out)

3. Gently move the connector from the ac adapter that is in the laptop gently from side to side, and then in circles. Very gently and watch your lights on your laptop; see if they blink or show any sign of life. 1. Remove the battery from the laptop (unplug it from the ac prior to removing it)

2. Plug the ac back in (leaving the battery out)

3. Gently move the connector from the ac adapter that is in the laptop gently from side to side, and then in circles. Very gently and watch your lights on your laptop; see if they blink or show any sign of life. But now they don't work help?

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Turn Of Display On Hp Dv2000

How do i turn of the display on my hp dv2000?


If you are trying to use a dual monitor setup or want to turn off the laptop display and have the display only show on the external monitor or tv. You can do this by pressing the fn key plus the f4 key until the laptop screen turns off and the external monitor or tv you have connected is only displayed.

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