Gaming Mouse And Keyboard For Less Than 50$ Each

I am getting *** with my free keyboard and my $10 mouse, so i need a new combo. What are the better gaming mice and keyboards? I would prefer it to be less than 50$ each. Fire away.

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What Keyboard / Mouse Combo Is Ideal For Gaming ?

Ive been lo0oking around and reading review on differnet products. Some people complain ebcasue ergonomic keyboards arent good for gaming, others do like them. Some dont like wireless becuase of the risk of battery death in mid game. Then theres interference. And optical vs laser. So im wondering, what keyboard mouse combo is ideal for gaming. What does a good gaming mouse/keyboard need to be considered good?

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Suggestions For Wireless Keyboard, Mouse For Htpc / Gaming

Okay got my new htpc rig set up on my 62" dlp so i can now do my ht and gaming now. My old keyboard and mouse won't cut it (old logitch and mce kb). I have tried the logitech mx5000 bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and bottom line, lag is impossible. It's like a good 2-3 second delay at random intervals. My next choice i was considiring was the ms desktop elite, but have read similar but lots fewer complaints about lag. I need a mouse that at least has 1 or two side buttons. Distance from htpc to couch is in the 10' to 12' range max. I'm open to suggestions and or experience with the ms elite.

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Whats Different From Normal Keyboard To Gaming Keyboard ?

Just wondering what difference are there from a normal keyboard to a gaming keyboard? I was thinking about buying a new keyboard but i was wondering whats the difference between a normal and gaming?

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Best Gaming Keyboard

Im looking for an excellent gaming keyboard, right now i have a microsoft wireless desktop elite duo, (im planning on getting a razor mouse too). I would like it to be white or silver to go with the super lanboy i am planning on buying as well.

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Gaming Mouse For 30

Getting owned in online shooters and i have had it with crappy mice. Reccommend a good one for my budget of 30.

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Gaming Mouse For Under 65$

Im choosing between different mice and was wondering what you guys wanna recommend. I play alot of cod4 and gonna start playing wow again. I need a mouse and preferably mouse pad for under 65$ shipped. Im looking at the deathadder and mx516 look like nice mice. What do you think.

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Gaming Mouse Under $50

I have been looking to replace my wireless mouse with something i can use for gaming. I am trying to spend $50 or less. Heres what i've come up with:

Logitech g5
Razer deathadder
Razer diamondback
Logitech mx518

I also plan on getting a ratpadz xt from the deals section unless anyone has any objection to the quality of those pads. I plan on going to a local micro-center and manually try each of these bad boys out, but any feedback on my situation would be appreciated.

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Good Keyboard For Gaming

Is there such a thing as a good keyboard for gaming and if so which ones is it. I also wanted for daily use, i don't want those just for gaming keyboards.

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Mouse For Gaming And Everything - Suggestions

I have been an avid microsoft keyboard/mouse user, however all my microsoft mice die like 6 months after i get them. So what is the best mouse out there? Logitech anygood? Any suggestions? Corded or cordless?

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Which Wireless Gaming Mouse To Get ?

I have owned a bunch of g5's and a razer diamondback 3g <- i use this right now, and i'm kind of sick of wired mouses and i wan't to give wireless a try. The sidewinder looks appealing because it's got a lot of dpi, sounds responsive and has a 30 hour charge life, so i can hook it back up to the charger while watching movies and sleeping and working (eww) and stuff. But it is red and black and looks cheap, i also want to test out the feel of it before i drop $100 on it. The mansa looks good, but it's probably a lot of money and i haven't seen it anywhere yet. Can it be a wireless and a wired mouse like the sidewinder and how long is the battery life? Razer is pretty good about the products they make (except the razer barracudas are the crappiest headsets i've ever owned). Logitech, customer service is good anything else? Upgrades are what i live for sadly after this small mouse upgrade i'm going to have to start looking forward to upgrading something else.

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Suggestions For Gaming Mouse

I'm looking for a gaming mouse. Any suggestions would be nice, i live in the us.

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Recommendation For Gaming Mouse

Well i'm pretty sure my mx1000 finally bit the dust. I was wondering from all you ppl what you would advise me to purchase to replace this thing. Looking to keep it around the $50 mark , and possibly get 2000 or better dpi also. Any and all ideas are appreciated. Also just for some added info, cord or no cord, doesnt matter. And yes size does matter here, i can't go back to something tiny. After using the mx1000 i'm pretty sure i want to replace it with a mouse with some size and girth to it!

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Gaming Mouse - Recommendations

I want to treat myself to a gaming mouse. Was considering the logitech mx518. Any comments or recommendations?

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Gaming Mouse - Mx518 Or G5

Since installing windows 7, both my mx revolution and my mx1000 bluetooth tend to "stop" working from time to time, more times than none. I don't know if its poor build quality or poor drivers from windows 7. Since logitech does not have proper drivers for w7 yet, i am thinking about changing to a wired mouse. My options so far are:

Logitech g5

Logitech mx518

Which do you guys prefer?

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Gaming Mouse Upgrade

I currently have a razer salmosa, but i'm thinking about upgrading it to a deathadder. I'd like to have a couple of extra buttons and a higher dpi sensor would be an added benefit. The salmosa does a pretty good job, but the deathadder is worth spending $60 on?


- Currenty have a razer salmosa
- Would like more buttons
- Looking at a deathadder
- Need help justifying $60 price

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Best Fps Gaming Mouse ?

I just built a new system and figured i'd try one of those razer mice out. I bought the razer boomslang collecter's edition and it's nice but the side buttons are extremely easy to press. It's kind of annoying really. Do gaming mice really make that big of a difference? Might i be better off with just a regular microsoft mouse?

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Gaming Keyboard With Short Keystrokes

I've been doing some research lately on gaming keyboards. So far the g15, saitek eclipse ii, and merc zboard look great. What i'm really looking for is a board that isn't gigantic, has all the standard keys on it, backlighting, and most importantly short keystrokes. I think the eclipse ii would be the best choice, but i just wanted to know what other people thought.

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Nice Wireless Gaming Mouse

My old mouse is going down the hole and i was looking into a gaming mouse. I want a wireless one thats good for gaming and has a stand that you sit the mouse on to charge when its not in use. Price: 60 or less?

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Twin Laser Mouse For Gaming

The sentinel advance has twin laser sensors, which purportedly work together using the doppler effect to improve accuracy. The official spec sheet mentions a maximum resolution of 5, 000 dpi, and it says the rodent can handle a 4 m/s tracking speed and 50 g of acceleration. There are also eight buttons, an oled display, 64kb of onboard memory to store user profiles, an eight-color illumination system (the grated part at the top of the mouse lights up), and a set of removable weights. How much will all of these goodies set you back? $59, cooler master says. That's actually cheaper than other wired gaming mice from the likes of logitech.

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Intel Z7 Gaming Mouse Driver

I am searching for newer drivers for my gaming mouse. It's an intel z7 i can't seem to find one on the intel site. I'm not sure if i looked hard enough.

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Gaming Mouse - Comments And Recommendations

I want to treat myself to a gaming mouse. Was considering the logitech mx518. Any comments or recommendations?

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Gaming Mouse For Money Under $100

I am looking for the best gaming mouse i can get for the money under $100 and to many to chose from. I play guild wars most of the time.

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Suggestions On A Mouse, Keyboard, And A Mouse Pad

I have around $110 to spend on a mouse, keyboard, and a mousepad. Its for gaming so please, if you suggest something, make sure it is good for gaming. My friend has dual opticals on his mouse. He says its great. Also what mousepad should i get? Nothing too fancy please. I kind of want to go wireless btw but some people say it isn't as good for gaming?

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Good Keyboard For Gaming And Office Work

I do game a bit, but i also do a lot of "office" work. I need a new keyboard, since this one i've got is pretty much shot. At this point, i'm thinking the logitech g15. I played with it at fry's, and really liked the keystroke, although the ergonomic to straight transition will take some time. I really liked the programmable "g" buttons, and the on-the-fly macro stuff. First question: what keyboard do you suggest. Second question: can the "g" buttons be programmed for macros as well? For example, i want to program g1 to be ctrl+shift+del, and i want g2 to be a chain of buttons such as "down, ctrl+v, home, enter. " Can i do all that?

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Gaming Keyboard Alternatives For Razer Tarantula

Anyone know of any alternatives to the rip off razer tarantula in terms of number of simultanious key presses? I know the tarrantula can process 10 key strokes simultaniously, i think 5 would be enough but i can't find any other boards that offer this feature.

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Cuts Out When Gaming

Its a microsoft wireless keyboard 4000 (4000 or 5000, but im pretty sure its 4000), and it cuts out. Like in a game, if im holding "w" to run, i will just stop. I'll have to let go of the button and re-press it. It gets worse as the batteries die, but even when they are fully charged, it happens often. Nothing wrong with the keyboard when typing though, just gaming . Its a great k/b, the batteries last like 2 months in em. Is it a known problem with this keyboard, or is mine just stuffed? Also (im presuming its stuffed), do you guys know any good, cheap, wireless keyboards, that are reliable? (Preferably logitech or microsoft). If possible, one with a charger so i dont have to always recharge my batteries.

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Suggestions On Gaming Keyboard With No Price Limit

Recently my g15 rev 1 keyboard has died on me, yes its very sad, by the look of things it may not be replaced. However, the opportunity for a new keyboard is up for grabs. I would be glad to see what suggestions you may have. Price is not an issue in my case, fire away! I would prefer it to be a gaming keyboard, just to be clear.

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Gaming Mouse - Designed For Fps Games

Could anyone recommend me a money-no-object mouse designed for gaming, one thats particularly suitable for fps games requiring precision movements at speed. For the sake of cleaning, id probably rather an optical mouse, but i have heard of a few extra special ball mice, so i wouldnt rule them out. I had a bad experience with a cordless optical mouse, the batteries it required made it too heavy, especially in combination with my icemat, it slid furthur than desired every time, but again, i wouldnt rule them out, depends on the mouse in question.

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Gaming Mouse Mx310, Mx510, Mx518

I can't decide what mouse to get. I want to get a new one because the one i have (logitech click) is old and heavy. I am getting a new (leet) mousepad to go with, because i want to see if i can improve my gaming. So, should i go with the basic mx310, the older mx510, or the uber mx518?

The 310 is just like the 510 as far as i know, just fewer buttons. The 518 has a dpi you can adjust on the fly, which supposedly helps in games. Now, they are all rated well, and reviewed well, so basically i am just wondering if they are each worth the price. Anybody?

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