Frame Rate Down From 30 Fps To Around 20

Hey guys, i'm pretty satisfied with my current system except that after recieving my new monitor (226bw) and having to kick up my resolution to 1680x1050, i've lost around 10 fps in all of my games taking my framerate down from my 'perfect' 30 fps to around 20. My system is shown in my signature, and now i'm asking in what way i can improve my system?

Perhaps a set of 8800gts's in sli?

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Frame Rate Vs Refresh Rate

Is there any relationship between monitor refresh rate (85hz) and gaming frame rate? For instance if the monitor refresh rate is 85hz, is there any advantage to a higher frame rate, like 300 ?

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Frame Rate / Refresh Rate

I read on wikipedia that when the frame rate of a game is higher than your refresh rate the extra frames are "dropped" what does it mean and how are they dropped?

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Frame Rate Problems

Yo i took my 7950gx2 back because i thought it was broken, and got a refund, then i purchased a 7900gt, and i am still having the same problem, like 30 fps on css, s. T. A. L. K. E. R runs crap 2, ive even tried all the games on lowest settings and the frame rates don't increase one bit :@ and it just lags to *** playing the new insurgency mod for hl2. My pc specs:-
Gpu: nvidia 7900gt
Psu: cheap led psu from ccl 500 watt
Mobo: asus a8n sli delux
Cpu: amd 64 3200+ (939)

Ive been told it could be my ram playing up. Ive looked on cpuz and the ddr400 is running at 200 mhz. Ive also been told it could be my psu, due to it being a cheap one, please help.

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Getting More Ram, Will I Get Better Frame Rate ?

I'm debating about getting more ram for my computer, my computers spec are amd athlon 64 3000+ (754), 1x512mb pc3200 400mhz, 160gb hard drive, and a sapphire radeon 9600xt 128mb, my question is this, should i get another 1x512mb pc3200 400mhz, and will i get better frame rate, or loading time if i do?

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Geforce 6800 Gt Frame Rate

Just recently i bought an sprakle 6800gt . Ive been playing though some games but i have found my frame rate is not as fast as it supposed to be . On far cry a recent bench mark my leading australian mag atomic got a fps rate of 103 however will play the game my speed would be more around the 45 or if im lucky a bit higher . I have no idea why it like it this but i think it may have some thing to do with my psu its an antec 350 smart blue . My computer spec are amd 64 3200+ , k8n gigbyet main board, 2x 120 western hdd and 2 stick of 512 corsair ram( don't know what is call but its got a shell over it).

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Diamond 5870 Frame Rate Dropping Issues

I recently purchased a diamond 5870 for my pc and in fallout 3 and crysis i am getting crazy frame-rate dropping. In fallout 3 i can run 60 fps, but then it will randomly do drops to like 35-40 out of nowhere. Crysis runs at about 50 and does drops to around 25-35. I'm running this on a q6600, 4 gigs ram, windows 7 setup.could it be my processor speed? The reason i ask is because i was previously running a gtx 285 on a 2009 mac pro and it never dropped below 60 in fallout 3. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this, and i figured you guys here could help me. Would be much appreciated!

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Max Eye Candy And Frame Rate Vs. High Resolution

I like a single video card that can max out every game (even crysis) on a resolution of 1680 x1050 and with frame rate of over 60. People often get high end cards (or even do sli/crossfire) for high resolution monitor but for me what is important is being able to turn every features on max (max aa, etc. ) But getting excellent frame rate at only a resolution of 1680 x 1050. When the high resolution is taken out of the equation, what would be the quietest, single, smallest form factor card that i can get?

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5870 Crossfire Upgrade - Frame Rate Loss In Oblivion

I know i'm contradicting myself in saying i wouldn't purchase a second 5870 but my impulsive ass just had to rent an additional xfx 5870. I swear i went to frys for a different reason but it was staring me in the face! I thought to myself, i should know what future upgrades are in store for me if i stick with this 5870 and one day i decide to crossfire it right?

Well i spent several hours last night playing around with my dual 5870 setup and, i wasn't impressed at all with crossfire performance. 3dmark06 went up by 2k (wooo) from 26xxx to 28xxx. Crysis seemed a little faster but had severe slowdown at certain areas of the map (it was like as if i was maxing out the frame-buffer or something). But i mean even when it was faster, weren't not talking much, maybe like 20% at most. That's really *** poor scaling i'd say. I do like how it opened up new function in ccc called gpu scaling which corrects my hdtv 24hz issue without custom res but ccc is still one cluster of a gui and still buggy as ***. Sometimes crashes (have to re-run the runtime). Sometimes when i close crysis, it leaves my desktop messy looking, as if it's trying to apply all my aa & af in game settings to my desktop now and i have to reboot to correct this. And also ati for whatever reason has never rendered my desktop as crisply as nvidia. I have no idea, it's like the text isn't as clear but i was willing to put up with that if these cards were a significant upgrade from my old setup. Games take precedence after all. But worst of all, the biggest disappointment was. My favorite game, oblivion took a frame-rate hit! Meaning i got a better frame-rate with a single 5870. This is with 9. 12 /w hot-fix. I dunno $920 (plus tax) of an "upgrade in video-card power" and really it isn't proving to be much faster than my old dual 260 (216 cores). I know oblivion is a ridiculously old game but it really is the most important game for me and is what makes or breaks my decision making on an upgrade. Are there any other oblivion players in here who saw a frame-rate hit with dual 5870s? Btw, for those of you who have sigs turned off, i game at 1920x1080 on win7 64 with an i7 @ 4. 2ghz /w ht.

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Tips / Tweak / Settings To Raise Frame Rate On Games

Just looking for some tips on what i can do to raise frame rate on my games. If you take a look at my specs, do you think there is anything i could upgrade that would make a big difference, or can i just tweak settings in-game and in the nvidia software.nvidia 9800 gtx+
2. 3 ghz quad core amd cpu
3. 25 gigs of ram at ddr2 1066 (windows xp)
640 gig 7200 rpm
22' acer monitor 2ms, 60 hertz refresh rate

All hardware is brand new. I installed the cd drivers and was having obvious frame rate issues, installed the new drivers and all the rate jumped up, but i still feel like i'm not getting the performance i should be getting. Vertical sync is off because i obviously want higher than 60 fps. I haven't changed any other nvidia settings. For team fortress 2 i can change the resolution in-game between 1024, 1440, and 1600, and not see a tiny change is fps. I turn anti-aliasing up and still only see a tiny drop in fps. The biggest change is when i put the textures on very high as opposed to high. Even when i drop resolution and settings all the way down, it doesn't get above 70. What am i missing, i see similar results in all other games, just varying frame rate. Crysis, bioshock, tf2, grid (cs:source seems to get 120-140 fps, the one game i see fantastic frame rate from). There is one thing i wanted to mention. While playing certain games, i can see a "refresh line" that goes up the screen slowly, and wherever that refresh line is on the screen, it lags that part of the screen's objects. (Happens constantly in madden 08) i turn on vertical sync, and that doesn't get rid of the line.

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Frame Rate Issues On M2n-sli Deluxe And Gtx 260

I have a strange issue. What happens is that my computer despite running the same video card has these strange slow downs. For example, his computer ran mass effect 1 with 4x msaa at nearly 60 fps everywhere with no problems at all. No visible lag or stuttering and apparently good minimum frames. Very smooth. I specifically tested walking through the middle of the citadel and got the above fps via fraps (55-60). Now on my computer, i play the same scene with 2x msaa and get 35-40 fps via fraps. It does not seem smooth at all. It appears like my guy runs forward quickly and smoothly for a few seconds then it slows down, then it speeds back up, then it slows down, alternating between the two very quickly. I originally wrote it off to his superior cpu for gaming (oc'd at 3. 6). But i just bought bf:bc2 and installed it on his computer. We ran it at all settings high, no hbao and 4x msaa with very smooth gameplay, i didn't actually record the fraps. But it was really nice, no slow downs or anything. On my computer i ran it at 1x msaa and it was really choppy, not even from server lag or connection problems it was choppy all the time like its a graphics thing. I read that bfbc2 is supposed to use a quadcore, so i expected to get at least the same fps as him or +/- a small amount, but its just terrible. I am using the latest drivers from nvidia, just downloaded them today in anticipation of bfbc2. I am entirely confounded as to why my computer is getting such *** fps. I suspect its a motherboard issue of some kind because im using a new cpu in an old board (with the newest bios as of august 2009). Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this?

(Ps i dont have any software like antivirus or anything running in the background)

My current system is a:
M2n-sli deluxe (nvidia 570 chipset)
Amd phenom ii x4 940 @ 3. 2
4 gb g. Skill ddr2-800
Windows 7 professional 32bit on vertex 30gb as boot drive
500gb wd caviar blue
Pny gtx 260 (192 shader version)

I built my brother this computer a little over a year ago:

Asus p5q pro
E8400 @ 3. 6
4gb g. Skill ddr2-1066
Vista 32bit home premium
500 gb wd caviar blue
Evga gtx 260 (192 shader version)

We are both running 1680x1050 22" lcds with 60hz refresh.

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Fps Question

Would i notice an improvement of fps from 35 to 45? Or wouldnt it be worth the upgrade?

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A Program That Limits Fps

I'm an avid l4d player and i use a couple auto-fire scripts that make use of the "wait" function which waits one frame before executing the next command. Because the length of time spanning the "wait" function is dependent on my framerate, the rate at which i can fire my weapon is also dependent on framerate. This is very annoying. I would like to cap my framerate around 75 fps, that way it would remain constant. Some older valve games offer console commands like fps_max, but that is not the case here. I can limit my fps to 60 by using vsync, but i can't stand the input lag when running at 60 fps. Is there any third party software i can use to limit my frames to 75 fps? I've done quite a bit of googling and can't seem to find anything.

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Two Similar Computers But Different Fps

I built my computer a few years back. It's one of the typical used-to-run-world of warcraft-well types and i've accepted that i simply won't be getting nice fps until i upgrade. My main concern is this. About two years ago i bought my girlfriend a "cheap" ~$600 dell for simple wow questing and internet use. The catch is is that now we have them set up side by side and the dell is blowing my computer's graphics away in wow. We raided 25m naxx last night and i was averaging about 10fps while the dell got 30fps. I just had our two characters stand side-by-side in dalaran and i was looking at about 15 while it idled at 40. The general specs are as follows:

Core 2 duo 6400 2. 13ghz
2gig ram
Geforce 7600 gt (ddr. )

Core 2 duo 4000 2. 00ghz
1gig ram
Geforce 8600 gt (ddr3. )

So mine has a better cpu and more ram and what seems to be an equal or better than gfx card besides the card's ram type. Both have the same versions of directx and i've tinkered with numerous gfx drivers on mine, including the one that the other is currently using. Furthermore, this was done with wow settings completely bottomed out on both computers so it was an apples to apples comparison. Furthermore, i poked around with cpu-z on both. My computer seems to be better all around except in that the gfx memory types are different and the other show's 1188mhz "shaders" in the gfx clocks area. Also, the other's fsbram in general ram is 3:5 and mine is 2:3 and the cycle time is 15 clocks on the other's while mine is 5. (Not sure what all this means, just figured i should include it!)

Any thoughts? What could it be that's causing such better fps and overall beauty in wow on the other machine? Is there any optimization that i need to manually do on my machine that might have already been done out of the factory on the other, perhaps in bios? Also, my hdd only has about 10gigs of free space if this could somehow affect it.

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Best Fps Gaming Mouse ?

I just built a new system and figured i'd try one of those razer mice out. I bought the razer boomslang collecter's edition and it's nice but the side buttons are extremely easy to press. It's kind of annoying really. Do gaming mice really make that big of a difference? Might i be better off with just a regular microsoft mouse?

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Driver Settings Kills Fps

I forget to check it every time i update cat drivers, and i damn well sure people moving from nvidia to ati in mass will have no clue, this setting to the best of my knowledge does absolutely nothing positive and can sap your frame rate to half of what it would be if it was disabled, getting crappy frame rates after installing a new driver version check this out then. http://f.

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Dual Monitors Fps Issue

I have two monitors, one running at 1920x1080 and the other at 1280x1024. When i game i just game on the big monitor and let the other one stay on. Does having it stay on (it is actually using aero and everything while on) negatively affect my fps? It is putting pixels on my screen and refreshing every 60th of second, so i'd assume so. If so, is there a way i can have it automatically shut off when a game launches (perhaps through nvidia cp?). My video card is a gtx280.

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Crossfirex 2x5870 No Fps Boost

I have installed my second 5870 card and linked both into crossfirex. The thing is there is absolutely no performance difference between 1x5870 and 2x5870 in bad company 2 game. I don't really know why. I tryed to run the game with low and high video settings, it's all the same. Average fps 60 for all high and 100-110 for all low and does not matter 1x5870 or 2x5870. Both cards are absolutely the same - vendor(msi), specifications, even bios version is the same, the cards are not overclocked and running at default settings. I have phenom2 965 4. 0ghz and ocz 8gb 1600mhz at 7-7-7-24. Os: windows 7 ultimate. What i have already done to fix this problem, but without any luck:

1) re-installed ati drivers with driver clean utility to remove the old ones for sure. I have the latest drivers (tryed 10. 3 and 10. 4preview)

2) updated my ccc profiles

3) ccc a. I is checked at standard

4) crossfire is enabled for sure and seems working, at least heaven benchmark shows x2 fps boost when i run it with crossfile enabled, ati overdrive also shows activity and heating of both cards. My friend has 2x5970 and i7 920 at 4. 0ghz, he gained up to 70% of fps boost with crossfirex in bc2. Yes, i know there is a difference between my system and his, but the difference is not so huge that his cpu works good with 4 gpus and mine can do nothing with 2. Any ideas ?

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Tv Capture Card With 640x480 At 29.97 Fps

What is the best tv capture card? I need at least 640x480 at 29. 97 fps. I need s-video input and composite or tv cable input pci card or usb2 device. Maximum 200 $ if possible.

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Asus En7600gs Low Fps

I recently got a new comp and was very excited so i loaded up some 3d games to test out and benchmark. Well i loaded up doom3, quake3 and cricket 07 and oddly enough it could only hit 60fps on all the games no matter how high or low i set the detail. The average fps for all the games i tested was 59-60. So i was wondering if this was a glitch or do i have a driver problem?

My system specs are:

Core 2 duo e6400
2gb a-data ddr2-667
Asus en7600gs silent
160gb w. D. Sata hdd

Edit: could it be my monitor problem? I have a samsung syncmaster 740n at refresh rate 60hz?

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Gaming Mouse - Designed For Fps Games

Could anyone recommend me a money-no-object mouse designed for gaming, one thats particularly suitable for fps games requiring precision movements at speed. For the sake of cleaning, id probably rather an optical mouse, but i have heard of a few extra special ball mice, so i wouldnt rule them out. I had a bad experience with a cordless optical mouse, the batteries it required made it too heavy, especially in combination with my icemat, it slid furthur than desired every time, but again, i wouldnt rule them out, depends on the mouse in question.

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5870 Cf Warhead Benching Fps Does Not Match

I've been running the framebuffer warhead benchmarking tool, been testing this on a 5870 crossfire setup. Having an odd problem, i wanted to see if anyone else has seen similar. The fps reported by crysis warhead's console is a good 15-25fps higher than what is being reported by the green text in the top left of the screen provided by the framebuffer tool. Running fraps i also get the same fps reported from fraps as the framebuffer tool reports. Again the in game crysis console fps is a good bit higher than either of those report, has anyone seen this before? Is there some explanation for this ?

Odd thing is, the game feels as if the fraps/benching fps is accurate and the console reported fps is too high. But i get good scaling from crossfire in other games and benchmarks, matching up what i see reported for those games in reviews, but my warhead results match single 5870 review numbers. It's really odd, crysis warhead in game console also reports multi-gpu is active and looking at the fps it reports, it looks accurate to what 5870cf is putting out in reviews, but the framebuffer tool and fraps are reporting a lower #, similar to what a single card would put out, and it feels slower watching the benches run. As if the console fps is wrong.

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8800 Gts Card Fps Comparison

I own this;

Evga 640-p2-n829-ar geforce 8800gts ssc 640mb 320-bit gddr3 pci express x16 hdcp ready sli supported video card

And my friend just got this;

Bfg tech bfge88512gtse geforce 8800gts (g92) 512mb 256-bit gddr3 pci express 2. 0 x16 hdcp ready sli supported video card

And he is currently running 200+ fps on my card, why do you think this is?

The only other difference is he has 4gs 6400 ram and i have 3gs 3200 ram, and i'm running amd dual core and he has intel quad core.could these be the reasons?

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Ati Radeon Xpress 200 Fps Issue

I recently bought a new computer, pretty decent. Intel pentium 2. 93ghz'
1. 37 gb of ram
100gb hd, approx 50gb left
Ati radeon xpress 200 (integrated and shared, 128mb)

For some reason, i only get about 20 fps max when i'm playing hl2 or doom 3. I put the settings in hl2 to medium/low. I've even updated the ati card to the latest catalyst drivers. What's affecting my gaming performance? Is it bad settings or do i need a better video card? I personally thought a computer would specs like that would give me at least 30fps minimum.

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Get Better Frame Rates With Radeon 9600xt

I have a sapphire radeon 9600xt with overdrive, 128ddr. Want to get better frame rates for gaming. What's a good choice for around $150. Abit nf7
Amd 2800 athlon
1gd ram
450 watt ps

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Sony Vegas 8 - How To Take One Frame From Video ?

A sony vegas 8 question? How can i take one frame from a video (like a picture) and have that shown for like 2 seconds?

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Connecting Photo Frame To Computer

How come my computer is not allowing my photo frame to connect to the computer? I connect an mp3 via usb and it shows up it my windows media player but when i hook up my photo frame via usb it does nothing. Do i have to go to a different media player to download pictures on the photo frame or go to a different compute all together.

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Laggy Fps With Ati Radeon 9600xt 256mb And Asus Motherboard

I tried to use the drivers from catalyst on the ati webpage but when i try to play counterstrike i cant get more than 45 fps and it jumps around alot and its not smooth at all. Its a brand new 9600xt and also brand new asus motherboard. The vid card is using 8x agp. I have tried some custom display drivers without any luck. The first time i tried to install the drivers for the vid card i had just reformated my computer bc i just got my new motherboard. The motherboard is a p4v8x-x.could i be missing certain drivers?

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Wireless Picture Frame 10+ Inch Range

Can anyone point out a digital picture frame, say in the 10+ inch range that actually works, when feeding the stream from a pc wirelessly? I have a kodak w1020, and it is terrible, and other reviewers have confirmed it, it just doesn't work wirelessly.

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Minimum .net Frame Work Version Required Is 2.0

I want to update my driver for my gpu but when i downlowd the update and try installing it i get this masage the minimum .net frame work version required is 2. 0.

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