Hard Drive Enclosure That Supports A 2.5" Drive From Hp Cq70 Laptop

I need a a hard drive enclosure that supports a 2. 5" drive from my hp cq70 laptop; will any do?

Answer:- although the majority of pc end users buy 3. 5" based enclosures there are some excellent 2. 5" caddys around and the good thing about these is they don't require additional power. Mostly they can run with just the power from the usb port. I have bought a few 2. 5" enclosures and they are all pretty basic in both construction and build and heres a few i can recommend to you. The cit 25m2s 2. 5" sata external usb hard drive enclosure / black costs under 8 and is a great little enclosure. It takes around 5 minutes to put together and then its just a case of plugging into a spare usb port ( 2. 0 recommended ) and your good to go . It also comes with a leather carry case and all cables not bad for the price

Next theres the "icy box 2. 5 sata hdd case with usb 2. 0 interface and smart ap software, this is a awesome looking enclosure and its probably one of the best you can buy. The enclosure looks good and well made. And the software supplied will alert you if the drive gets too hot.

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External Hard Drive Or Internal With Drive Enclosure

I need space to store my downloaded videos that have yet to be edited. Dilemma is whether i should shell out $270 to get a 300gs external drive or $150. 00 for a 300gs internal and then use a drive enclosure?. How reliable are these enclosures? Is there any difference in the speed between the internal and external drives? What about failure rates? Would a internal drive used with a enclosure have a higher rate of failure than a external?

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Hard Drive And Enclosure For External Hard Drive

I'll be buying a western digital caviar black sata hard drive and i have a question about the enclosure. These are the enclosures i'm thinking of:

1. Nexstar 3 onyx black
2. Antec mx-100, or a
3. Rosewill rx-358-s blk (black) 3. 5" sata to usb & esata

Can anyone recommend one or the other? Or one not listed?

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Hard Drive Enclosure Around $30

Is there any reason i should shop around when it comes to one of these things? Im looking to put a cheap 160gig into an inclosure for portable storage, the maximum amount that i am looking to spend on one of these things is around $30, can anyone recommend a good one?

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Adding 3rd Hard Drive But Motherboard Supports 2 Sata Channels

I order a replacement seagate 80g hardrive to replace my primary "c" drive that appeared to be on the verge of quitting (bad sounds coming from the hard drive). Well, the drive appears to be working just fine - without the ominous sounds. Now i have an extra hard drive. My mother board supports 2 sata channels and both are full with 80g hard drives. The primary & secondary ide slots are occupied with a cdrom & a dvdrw. Is there a way i can add this extra hard drive to the system?

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Hard Drive Enclosure Not Correctly Installed

I have recently acquired a westerndigital caviar hard drive with an ads usb enclosure. After connecting the drive to the case, setting it to master and plugging it into my usb2. 0 port, windows reports a usb mass storage device, disk drive, and finally a wd313000 caviar usb device, which is displayed under "disk drives" in device manager. Everything seems great but. There is no drive in "my computer" to access it by. After searching the problem i discovered there was also no entry in the disk manager (computer management). The only place it shows up is device manager. I have tried reinstalling the driver, unplugging the power source and/or usb cable and plugging them back in, rebooting, refreshing drive views, unplugging all ide cables and plugging them back in. The drive spins up and even shows activity occasionally, but there is virtually no way to access it.

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Sata Hard Drive External Enclosure Problem

I have a sata hard drive that i got from a friend. I bought an external enclosure for it, but i have been unable to get it to work yet (it spins up, but am not detecting the hard drive on pc when connected via usb. It says 'found new hardware' i believe, but it never does anything more than that and the drive never shows up. ) The external enclosure has both usb and esata. My question is this - the enclosure instructions state that the jumper needs to be in the master position. However, i've read sata drives do not require jumpers like pata. Would the enclosure require the jumper, or is that just standard in the instructions (because there are also ide enclosures as well)? I have a jumper, but wasn't sure which position was master (it doesn't have it labeled). I tried all 4 positions without success, and also tried no jumper at all. I'm not sure of the reasoning for requiring the jumper or not requiring the jumper. Anyways, just trying to figure out if it is the enclosure, the hard drive, or i am just not setting it up properly. My next step is to try and squeeze it into my case to test the hard drive. It's just a pain to connect it to the power supply since it's hard to get at the connectors).

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2.5" Usb 2.0 External Hdd Hard Drive Enclosure Problem

I have this generic 2. 5" usb 2. 0 external hdd hard drive enclosure and a 2. 5" wd ide hard drive. Recently, my brother was transporting some files downstairs and dropped it all the way down the stairs. After we plugged it back in, it came up and all, but it was very slow. So, i just left it. Now, (a couple of days later) i plugged it into the computer and the led on the enclosure come up and all, but windows will not install the drive. When it tries to install it, it just "fails". The enclosure always had this problem when plugging it into a front usb port and occasionally the back one. But, after a few tries on the back usb, it would work. Now, it just wont work at all. Another thing i noticed is that when the hard drive tries to rev up (spin) it stops and clicks, then starts again. This made me think the hdd was gone. Yet, i undid all the screws on the hard drive and (unsuccessfully) tried to open it. I then put the hdd in the enclosure and it still would not install, but the hard drive didnt make the clicking. It spun like normal (then slowed down when it didnt install). Finally, i put the screws back on and the clicking has returned. Any ideas whats dead/how to fix?

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Tape Drive In Usb 2.0 External Drive Enclosure

I purchased a dell / seagate stt2401a tr7 tape drive (tr-7 20/40gb ide) last night. I was wondering if it is possible to put this in a usb 2. 0 external drive enclosure. I know i can physically put in one, but i'm not sure if it will work.

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External Hard Drive Enclosure For External Cdrom

External hard drive enclosure for external cdrom. If i use the converter chip from an external hard drive enclosure (to usb) and plug in a cd rom, will this work?

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Shutting Down Drive In An Enclosure

I have a wd 1tb green drive in a rosewill enclosure: i have it attached to my laptop through usb. When i go to shut down the laptop i usually tell windows to disconnect the drive and shut down the laptop, once shutdown is complete i flick the power switch on the enclosure. Is this a correct procedure? I thought shutting down windows would move the drive heads to their resting positions but i thought i might have heard them moving one time right when i pushed the power button on the enclosure.

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Dual Drive Enclosure

Is there any such thing as a dual drive enclosure - where i could get 2 sata drives into a usb 2 or firewire enclosure for an external setup. ?

If so has anyone used these. ?

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Laptop Hard Drive / Hp Pavilion Laptop Ze1110

I have an hp pavilion laptop ze1110 that has a hard drive that is about to die. The drive is accessible through a bay in the front of the laptop so it shouldn't be too difficult to change (i hope). My question is, where should i/can i get the replacement hard drive? Hp? Newegg? What sort of things should i look out for when purchasing and swapping out a laptop hard drive.

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2.5 External Enclosure For A Ide Drive

What's a good one to get? I'm looking for one that uses one usb port (alot of the ones i see use two, one for power and one for data). The drive i'm going to be using in it a seagate 2. 5" ide 160gb. I want one that either has a usb-b or a mini usb-b (the one most cameras use) .

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Using Ide Syjet Drive In Usb Enclosure

I have this eide internal syjet drive and i figured i'd try and make use of it. Didn't want to stick it in my computer, so i put it in an usb enclosure. I can't seem to figure out how to get windows xp to recognize it turned up some stuff, but it was mostly related to the scsi version. Any ideas why i can't get this to work?

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How To Clone Drive Without Ide Enclosure / Adaptor ?

I'm looking for a way to backup an ide hard drive in a laptop to an external usb drive then copy that image back to a larger drive. Ideally, this would automatically increase the size of the three partitions on the first drive to meet the site of the larger one, but i can always deal with that later. I'm not interested in buying any software or hardware. I have done this ages ago in the past, but forget all of the utilities needed. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Removing Dvd Drive From External Enclosure

I have a buslink usb 2. 0 dvd+rw/+r drive, model ull-dvrw28r. I was curious if its possible to remove the dvd drive itself from the enclosure. I bought it for 20 bucks, but i still don't want to destroy the enclosure, if at all possible. Has anyone had problems with external dvd drives like this? Are they glued in?

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Esata External Enclosure That Can Accept Ide Drive

Are there any esata or nas external enclosure (with 3 or more drive bays) that can accept ide drives?

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Multiple Drive External Enclosure (galaxy 4850 Or Other)

For a 2-4 bay external drive enclosure (which i want to use for backups), using usb or firewire, does it have to be in raid or jbod? The one i mentioned, which i don't know much about, comes with a hardware raid controller, although i think i'd be skeptical, but anyway, can they be seen as individual drives, or no because not on different ports and has to use onboard raid?

Follow up question, jbod: if one of these enclosures is using jbod, and dies, is the data easily recoverable, ie: are the drives kept in ntfs and could i hook them up to something else and pull the data off, although it wouldn't necessarily be in any order?

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External Enclosure / Drive With Usb And Esata Recommendations

I'm looking at the acomdata executive pd320use-bl 320gb 5400 rpm 8mb cache usb 2. 0 / esata external hard drive - retail at newegg. Has anyone used this product?

Does anyone have recommendations for a similar product and/or an enclosure which i buy the drive separately? I primarily plan to use this as portable storage and will be using the usb most of the time. It would be nice to have the esata available for when the devices it is hooked to support it, but is not absolutely necessary.

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Laptop Hard Drive

I need to get some data off of a laptop hard drive. Can i just connect the laptop hard drive to a 3. 5" external hdd case and get the data onto my pc? I mean are the connectors the same specs for a laptop hdd as a pc hdd?

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Use Laptop Hard Drive With Desktop

I'm working at trying to retrieve data off of a laptop hard drive that has windows xp installed. Windows has some strange issue occuring and the desktop apparently cannot be reached by any means. I'm not trying to fix the windows issue. I'm currently trying to retrieve the files by using a linux live cd. I'm sure i will have success in doing so, however i'm curious as to what hardware i would need (if any exists, i'm sure it does) to connect the laptop's hard drive to one of my desktops. Is that even possible? If so, what do i need, how does it work, and where might i find such a device?

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Laptop Hard Drive Install

I'm trying to install a hard drive for my laptop. The bad one has some type of black sticky tab on the back and the new one i got didn't come with that. I have no clue what this black sheet is or does. It's a compaq nx9010 laptop. Anyone know what that thing is or can point me in the right direction?

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Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade

I have a laptop with a 40gb hard drive and i want to put a bigger one in but how do i transfer the operating system & files ?

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Laptop Hard Drive Not Detected

About 6 months ago my laptop stopped detecting the hard disk. So thinking that the disk was faulty i brought a new disk, but not from the same brand or size. The laptop is an ibm thinkpad 310ed and the disk was 2. 1 gb in size. The disk i brought was a western digital 10 gb disk. The guy in the store said it didn't matter and that all disks were compatible. However my laptops disk came in a cover with a connector that was connected to the pins, and the guy at the store adapted the cover and the connector to the new disk. I put the new disk in the laptop and tried to fdisk and i got a message saying that there was no fixed disk. I also went to the bios and the disk was not detected. So i thought that the disk might have not been adapted correctly to the cover and to the connector so is there a link were i can see pictures of how to to properly install the hard disk?

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Laptop Hard Drive Not Found

My two-year old dell dimension 2400 died three days ago in the middle of computing - the notorious blue screen appeared and saying physical memory is dumped. When i tried to reboot, it says 'primary hard drive disk 0 not found'. In bios it says 'hard drive (device unknown)'. I did not do any thing to the hardware recently. It seems quite a lot of people experienced similar problem , but i just could not find a good solution (or maybe i should have spent days garner the information from the internet).

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How To Prepare For Hard Drive Failure On Laptop ?

I am about to order a new laptop, i have an option between 2 120gb (7200rpm) hard drives, or 1 250gb (5400rpm) hard drive. Right now i'm planning to go for the single hard drive. One thing that i am concerned about before hitting the final buy button, is hard drive failure. I've replaced my desktop hard drives (2 of them) on a few occasions (i go ahead and change em when i think their making noise). I usually just plug in the hard drive i want to swap out, and the new one i buy, then run a program that boots off a cd to clone the hard drive. With a laptop, i don't know how simple this might be. I'm thinking if i buy just a single hard drive, there won't be a 2nd sata cable for me to clone the hard drive with. And even if there is a 2nd cable, i don't know if i can run my laptop while the hard drives are out etc. (Assuming i purchase the single hard drive, perhaps there isn't physical room to put in a temporary 2nd hard drive)

I'm not really wanting to purchase the dual hard drive option for the laptop because its just extra money wasted, and higher battery consumption as i see it. Being mostly a desktop user and only a very rare occasions opening up the bottom panels of a laptop, i'm not sure what to expect. I just dont want to get stuck in a situation where i have to buy a replacement hard drive and lose everything and do a base install etc.

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Using Laptop Hard Drive As External Hdd

Can i use a hitachi hard drive from my old laptop, in a external hard drive? So i recently took apart my old compaq laptop and took out the hard drive, cd drive, speakers, etc. I broke my old external hard drive and was able to swap the hard drive with another external hard drive, and it works. But can i use my old computer hard drive on my old external hard drive. Answer:-
Yes, you always can turn a internal hard drive to be an external like everybody else here is describing it to you just buy a small shell case if is a laptop hard drive, and as suggestion i do not know how much stuff do you store but if you are going to build it why not use a bigger capacity hard drive, my sources to buy them will be:, and Do your search for external hard drive shell/case.googd luck with it.

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Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade Question

I recently purchased a lenovo y560 ideapad laptop with an i7-720qm, 8gb ddr3, ati radeon 5730 with 1gb gddr3, and a 500gb 7200 rpm sata hard drive. So far, this laptop has been wonderfully fast. However, when doing some 3d renders, it seemed a little slower than i expected. The windows experience index gives the hdd a 5. 9 and every other component gets 6. 7+. I was wondering if i should upgrade to an ssd as my hard drive. This laptop can accept a hard drive upgrade and i believe there is also a mini pcie slot next to hard drive (if anyone could confirm this that'd be nice). I would like to keep a good amount of space for data as well. So it looks like i can either

A) install a 64gb mini pcie ssd drive like this one alongside my hard drive:

B) install a much larger (~250gb) ssd in place of my hard drive (which i'm not sure i want to do as it seems outrageously expensive). C) install a smaller (100gb-160gb) ssd in place of my hard drive and buy an external hard drive, i am also not entirely sure if the laptop can accept a mini pcie laptop or how i'd go about setting it up but i could probably figure it out. Any thoughts on which option i should take (if any)? Money should be a consideration but i also want better performance than my hdd currently provides.

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How To Replace Hard Drive In A Sony Vaio Laptop ?

I need to replace the hard drive on a sony vaio laptop. I am unsure how to get to it. Once i get there i will have no problem.

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