How To Tweak The Config File - G5 Mouse And Cod4 ?

I ordered and constructed my xim as per the instructions posted online - soldering it was tough but i persevered. It worked perfectly the first time, which was astounding to me as usually nothing works first time the way its supposed to in it. Least in my universe :p - ok enough intro - now to the meat of the matter. I'm at the stage where i want to fine tune the config file so that the mouse feels as close to something that i'm comfortable with as possible. I've read all the configs posted here that i can find and mirrored all of them as tests and i just feel that i can tweak settings further to the point where its as close to perfection as possible. To do this i need all your expert advice. In regard to dead zone - how can i minimize this? I have a logitech g5 mouse and it still feels like the dead zone - the middle bit of movement on the screen around the cross hairs is very sluggish. To fine aim at someone still takes longer than it should especially in a game like cod4 where participants are sprinting around and making unexpected turns etc. If i could figure out how to speed up the finer movements, that would help my gaming heaps. Also - what do each of the settings on the config do? For eg using thorimmortal's config -

User: thorimmortal
Game: call of duty 4
Mouse dpi:logitech g5 default 800 dpi
Mouse dead zone: = 0
Mouse update frequency: = 2. 5
Dead zone: = 17
Dead zone type: = circular
Y/x ratio: = 1. 9
Translation exponent: = 0. 25
Sensitivity primary: = 18. 0
Sensitivity secondary: = 26. 0
Smoothness: = 0. 3

The mouse dead zone = 0, does this really reduce the dead zone to 0? I tried this config and it seemed like it still existed onscreen. Do i need to set my controller speed ingame to insane for this to work?

The update frequency seems straight forward to me - 2. 5 ms polling speed right? Something like that?

Then there's another dead zone setting here - whats that one for? The right thumbstick? Thats the wasd controls? What does that value do?

Circular vs square is explained well in the faq's - thanks for that. These settings -

Y/x ratio: = 1. 9

What does setting them higher or lower do? Does this mean that to move on the y axis i need to move almost double what i'd do on the x axis to see the same movement on screen? Or is this an adjustment to make them more even? I tried changing this value but wasnt sure what to look for. Translation exponent: = 0. 25

This one has me scratching my head. Sensitivity primary: = 18. 0
Sensitivity secondary: = 26. 0

I didnt really understand having two sensitivity settings. What does this translate to ingame? The g5 has a dpi selection on the mouse - from 800 - 2000dpi if i'm not mistaken. Is this setting related? Or something that emulates this? I havent tried switching the sensitivty for xim ingame yet - how does this affect the mouse settings (400, 800, 2000 manual selection on the mouse)

Smoothness: = 0. 3

This is mouse smoothing methinks, so if i set it to 0 will see no or less acceleration when i make a big turn?

Sorry for all the questions - these are some that i started scratching my head about when i began editing the config file. I know its a personal preference thing to get it "just right" but if i know what each of the values does that will help me get things just right much quicker. I feel like i'm changing values at random and not really understanding how each contribute to the overall feel of movement onscreen. Maybe if we tackle each of these one by one?

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Tips / Tweak / Settings To Raise Frame Rate On Games

Just looking for some tips on what i can do to raise frame rate on my games. If you take a look at my specs, do you think there is anything i could upgrade that would make a big difference, or can i just tweak settings in-game and in the nvidia software.nvidia 9800 gtx+
2. 3 ghz quad core amd cpu
3. 25 gigs of ram at ddr2 1066 (windows xp)
640 gig 7200 rpm
22' acer monitor 2ms, 60 hertz refresh rate

All hardware is brand new. I installed the cd drivers and was having obvious frame rate issues, installed the new drivers and all the rate jumped up, but i still feel like i'm not getting the performance i should be getting. Vertical sync is off because i obviously want higher than 60 fps. I haven't changed any other nvidia settings. For team fortress 2 i can change the resolution in-game between 1024, 1440, and 1600, and not see a tiny change is fps. I turn anti-aliasing up and still only see a tiny drop in fps. The biggest change is when i put the textures on very high as opposed to high. Even when i drop resolution and settings all the way down, it doesn't get above 70. What am i missing, i see similar results in all other games, just varying frame rate. Crysis, bioshock, tf2, grid (cs:source seems to get 120-140 fps, the one game i see fantastic frame rate from). There is one thing i wanted to mention. While playing certain games, i can see a "refresh line" that goes up the screen slowly, and wherever that refresh line is on the screen, it lags that part of the screen's objects. (Happens constantly in madden 08) i turn on vertical sync, and that doesn't get rid of the line.

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Adding 3rd Drive To Existing Sata Raid 0 Config

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Acer 19 Lcd Monitor ' Auto Config Please Wait '

I don't know if this is really a prolblem, more of a question really. Everytime i log into my windows account, it displays the "auto config please wait" message, and kind of shakes up the screen, this also happens whenever i open up a game. I'm assuming its supposed to do that, but why does it have to do it everytime i log in to windows. ? Also is there any way of stopping it from doing it, and if so, are there any ramifications?

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Question About Swap File

I'm running a vista biz 64 and i have set my swap file to be on my other hard drive. Now, i'm not sure if i should leave it on auto or manually set the size of paging file?

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Converting Folder To File

I am using a maxtor 160gb hdd recently i face many problem about some of my folders have error. I can't access the file or folder. Then if i scan disk, the folder will be converted to file. I think the data is lost. I don't know what happened. Any way to recover those files. There are a few possibilities for my hdd being like this, please comment :-

1) i use this hdd as a secondary hdd which i always swith from 1 computer to another. This hdd can be used up to 5 different computers in within 1 month coz i use it to transfer data. 2) the prob might due to the movement when i switch the hdd. Is there any physical problem with my hdd? Btw normally the folders which has problem are those new folders that i just saved.

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Ftp / File Server

I've been wanting to do a file server / ftp type of thing. Here's my situation: i'm looking to so a file server / ftp box. It's going to host my:


Basically, all my media so i can stream it throughout the house on the same network. What i also want to do is set all my torrents and downloads to that box. Also, i want the box to be accessible from where ever i am. For example, if i'm at a starbucks downtown somewhere away from home, i want to be able to upload my photos or documents to my ftp so i have them on my server. Calls for filezilla much?

My plan so far: get a box (build or recycle, maybe run this off a external hd?) And throw on ubuntu server or winxp. Throw on filezilla server and set that up. Then setup the filezilla client on my laptop, future netbook and what ever i want to access it with. Lock it down with a common password that only i and close family + friends will know. I got this idea after i was sparked during my research for a netbook. I wanted something like but didn't want to pay for it since i will be uploading over the limit. So, for those server heads, any suggestions on software wise or solutions?

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Which Mouse Is Better ? Usb Mouse Or Ps2 Mouse

I hear that ps2 offers better refresh and stuff with optical mice is this true? I always thought usb would be better cuz its newer and faster.

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Ehiwmp.dll File Download

Anyone have this file? I need it! Please hook me up with a place to download it from.

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Dotnetfx.exe File Download

I need to download a dotnetfx.exe file and whenever i download it from the windows site and install it on my computer this error comes up"extracting file failed. It is most likely caused by low memory or corrupted cabinet file. " I have 2 gigs of ram and a 300gb hard drive thats not full so i dont think its the memory. Soo i was wondering if ther was another place i can download this from? Or a way to fix this.

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Page File On A Flash Card

Would running my page file on an sd card be better than running it on my hd?

However if i move it to my sd card the max page file can be is 2gb, not only that but that would mean no readyboost when i'm in vista. I'm confused as it may help or hurt me.

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Consensus On File / Program Organization

It's been beaten to death, but i wanna hear it from you guys. Is it best to keep the os on one drive and install programs/games to another? Or is the performance increase insignificant? I can't afford any ssds. I have two wd6400aaks drives, a wd2500aaks, and two wd10eads for storage. Seems like i'm wasting my os drive because it has just under 600gb but i'm installing games to another drive, and i keep my media files on a storage drive (hopefully someday i'll have a whs box). Should general apps be kept with the os?

I'm currently running xp pro, but i'll be installing windows 7 64-bit soon. I'm just unsure of how i should organize data across my hard drives.

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File Server Hardware Suggestions

I am looking for suggestions on hardware to use for building a file server. This'll be my first server build -

A few things i would like:

- The file server will be running some flavor of linux with samba and truecrypt. - My budget is $1000. I'd like at least 2tb of usable space (is this reasonable within budget?)

- Don't care much about speed, as long as it's not slow as a snail. No video editing or anything. - I'd like as close to 100% uptime as possible, within my budget range. If things happen, i can rebuild the server. - At least raid 1 redundancy. - This server might also get some use as a low-volume vmware vm server or a low-volume web server. - I would like as much disk space as possible within my budget

I'm wondering about:

- Server-specific technologies such as server mobos/procs, scsi, sas, and ecc memory - whether or not it's worth it to go this way over normal desktop-level hardware. - Should i go with one single disk for the os and then separate raided disks for data storage? Or store files and os on the same drive so that the os gets mirrored as well?

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Wd 1.5 Green Drive - Cannot Copy Any File

I'm having a problem with my whs and i'm almost sure it's because of the new hard drive western digital green 1. 5tb i installed in my whs because i was running out of space just have about 30% left before i install this drive. And now if i'm watching a movie in my htpc from the server i can't copy any file to it. For example i was watching a blue ray (iso file) in my htpc from my whs and the htpc start to record hd tv (directly to the server) and i have to stop watching the movie because it get pretty slow i don't know if the right word to this problem is hd sluttering someone please tell me if this is the wrong word. Is there anyway to fix this issue?

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Old Computer To File / Media Server

I have an old computer sitting and doing nothing which i wanna turn it into a file/media server to use it as a hub for my home network. Specs: pentium 4 @ 2. 4ghz (socket 478 - northwood), 1. 5gb ddr memory, abit ic7-g motherboard (intel i875p), 400w psu. I don't wanna spend any money on upgrading stuff other than necessary components that i will need to turn this thing into a full time media server. I plan on installing four to eight 1/1. 5/2 tb hdds and may look into raid build, although i don't really know much about it. The motherboard has 4 sata slots so i'll be good for up to 4 hard drives. If i decide to install more space what kind of card will i need? One thing to take into consideration is that there are only pci slots. Will the cpu and available memory be able to handle all this? Is the psu sufficient enough to power so many hard drives?

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Problem Pendrive - The File Is Damaged

I've bought 4 pendrives and i've problems with them!. The thing is that those pendrives do not save well my files. I'd tried to format them with some tools (like hp usb disk storage format tool - v2. or with the windows utility) and the prob lem is still there. I don't know what to do. For example the pendrive save the files ok when it wants, sometimes i want to save a .rar file, i do it, and when i go to another pc, i try to open that rar file and i get a msg. "The file is damaged", or maybe i save a word document, and then i try to open it and all the letters of my word documents are symbols. It seems that the pendrive has sth. Wrong and change some bits i suppose of the file i want to store and then the information gets damaged. When i disconnect the pendrive i do it "safely". So, can anyone help me or give me an advice on what to do ?

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Reduce Scanned File Size

How do i reduce the scanned file size so it can be printed or emailed? I am on a mac and lexmark x4550?

Answer:- save the image in jpeg format and use 20% compression. That will scale down the file size or use a lower resolution like 72 dpi. That is another option. Both work great.

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How To Change .jpeg File Into Bitmap?

Follow the below process:

Right click on the jpeg file you want to open. Click open with option and select paint.

Then click file menu-> save as.

Select bitmap from the drop down menu titled "save as type"

Give the desired name to the file.

Press ok.

You are done.

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Error: File: Ntfs.sys - Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area

When i try to do a clean install of windows xp on my machine when it gets to "copying files to the installation folder" after the format of the hard drive i get this blue screen of death:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ntfs.sys


If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again follow these steps:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need. If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode. Technical information:

*** Stop: 0x00000050 (0xf000ed8e, 0x00000001, 0xf7d0e666, 0x00000000)

*** Ntfs.sys - address f7d0e666 base at f7cee000, datestamp 42797de8

I keep getting this blue screen during windows xp setup and i've tested my ram with memtest86 which gave 0 errors! What else could be wrong to cause this? How do i fix it? How do i disable caching or shadowing? I've tried looking in the bios settings but can't seem to find it anywhere! I've also updated the bios but it doesn't specifications:

Amd duron 2. 0ghz
Asrock k7vm4 motherboard
Generic 512mb (ddr333 166mhz) ram
Maxtor 80gb hard disk drive
Gigabyte dvd rom/cd writer combo drive
64 mb onboard graphics card

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Can't Do Anything Else When Transfer A Large File Using Usb

So i've been running x64 for the better part of a year now on the rig in my specs. Within the last 3 months or so if i transfer a large file to any one of my various brand external hard drives i can't really do anything else on my computer, everything kinda just slows down and the usb transfer takes precedence. The strange part is my cpu usage is only like 5-15% on a single core while this is going on. I know i should most likely nuke my os install and start over but i'm curious as to what caused this. In my many years of pc tech support i have not ran into this particular issue. I have seen similar caused from crappy via usb controllers but not this exact problem. Ideas?

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Hard Drive Died - File Recovery

I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isn't working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ]120 gig has win 7 on it, the other 120 gig [ide] for storage is not working. I have to boot with it unplugged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 minutes will finally boot in to the desktop. I can see the drive in my computer but not extract any files from it , computer hangs trying to read it. What software do i us?. Ive tried partition wizard and can see all my files but it wont fix anything. , Seems it wont read in windows. I will try to put it on a xp box tomorrow.

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Sudden Issue With File Sharing On Network

I have a wireless laptop, and whenever i try to access shared documents from my main computer, it knocks me off my wireless connection. It hasn't done this before just all of a sudden. Other pc's when they are hard wired up they can get to those files no problem. I have file sharing approved on the firewall. In-fact i reset the firewall to default then made sure it was approved. Im pretty much lost as to what to do next?

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Ram Drive For Paging File On Vista

Im finally putting together my new computer build and was looking at getting 8 gb of ram, then converting half of it into a ram drive for the paging file. Is there any way of doing this on vista home premium x64 ?

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Accidentally Deleted File On Hp Deskjet Printer

I accidentally deleted the file on my hp deskjet all in one printer, scanner, copier? Is there anyway to retrieve this file ?

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How To Reduce Pdf File Size After Scan ?

My hp c4440 scanner producing pdf files of large size. How to reduce the file size? I have an hp c4440 scanner. I am scanning documents, but the output pdf files are of large size. Is there an option by which the file size can be reduced?

Answer:- reduce the file size of the scanned pdf document by opening the original pdf which is of large size in "adobe acrobat reader" or "adobe acrobat professional" and click on save as option to save another copy of the same file and check the size, you will sure have the file size reduced, also there are huge number of softwares available, try google.

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File On Mac Doesn't Go To Trash

So i am helping this guy with his imac. He really doesn't know much about computers so he asked me to help him. I'm a windows person but i do know some mac basics. There's this file that he wants deleted and it won't delete at all. I've dragged it to the trash, right click-trash, unlocking it then to trash, rebooting his computer, and asked him if he's seen any odd activity of maybe it being a virus. He said someone sent it to him via email so he downloaded it and know wants to get rid of it. It always seems to be locked and when i right click-unlock it seems to go back to locked right when i exit the get info menu. Any ideas?

Btw: as i said i am a windows guy with not much experience w/ macs so please try to be specific and guide me through options. Btw2: its an imac. 2. 8ghz core 2 duo. Big screen. 24 or 27 inch i can't remember, about a year old

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Itunes Music Library File Cannot Be Located

Basically, whenever i want to play music on itunes, it tells me the file can't be located, so i have to go searching through my music/download folders to try and locate the track. This is really, really frustrating. It started doing this when i lost my previous itunes to a virus, so most of the songs i reloaded came from a flashstick. My question is, why can't itunes ever locate the songs?

They're either in my music or my downloads folders. Another question: what will happen if i locate all the songs that can't be located, then delete the songs from my *music* folder? I find it total bs that i have to keep every song i have in itunes in my music folder, too; it's taking up tons of memory to have every song twice (one in itunes, one in music). What's the point in having itunes if i need another folder as well?

So to sum up:

~Do i actually need the tracks in my music/downloads folder as well?

~What will happen in itunes if i delete all the music from my music folder? (Only *after* locating them in itunes 1st. Will they be 'lost' again and not sync to my ipod?)

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