How To Connect 1394 Card With Plug On Case Front Panel ?

I have a pinnacle firewire card with an internal 'standard 1394' plug. My new case (chieftec dragon) has the extra connectors on the front panel and a cable to connect internally. The problem is, the plug on the cable is not the same as the one on the card therefore i am not able to use that feature. The same happens with the usb plug. The connector on my abit kt7 has a diferent layout. My question is, where can i find a scheme to make an adaptor to connect the 1394 card to the front panel plug, ot, where can i find such an adapter. The same apllies to the usb connector.

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Ieee 1394 Front I/o Port

I am putting together a new build using a gigabyte gz-x4 case, the front i/o port has two audio connectors, two usb connectors, and a knockout tab for ieee 1394. The ieee 1394 was an option that is no longer available from gigabyte. Where can i get a six pin 1394 by motherboard connection at the other end to fill in the knockout space so i can have a front available ieee 1394 port? All i have come close to is 1394 extension type cables.

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Front Panel Audio Port

I'm looking for a controller panel that has a well shielded audio port, does anyone have a recommendation?

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P5lp-le Emery Front Panel Connectors

I recently did a transfer from my hp media center m7000 to a full tower. I have tried to look at the manual for the motherboard but its honestly no help. The design under the front panel connector looks like this:

Reset hd led
Pwr btn pwr led

Crude, i know. I am literally at my wits end to how to connect these. When i try to power on the computer, the fans and lights start for a split second and then nothing which suggests a short of some sort.

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Front Panel Usb Ports / Headers Not Working

I just recently built a new system and none of the front panel usb ports detect devices properly. This includes the case usb 2. 0 ports and the usb 2. 0 port on my rosewill card reader. When i plug in a usb stick to one of these usb ports, vista acknowledges the attachment of a device with the little ping sound, but it does not show up in the list of drives. Worse, the computer screen listing all the drives freezes until i remove the usb stick. The card reader works for memory cards, etc. , But its own usb port has the same problem.confounding even more, is that in device manager there are no exclamation points under the usb section. According to windows all the usb ports and drivers are fine. All my front usb ports are connected to motherboard headers correctly. The built-in mobo usb ports on the back also work just fine. I'm running vista 64 sp1 on an asus p5q pro motherboard with the latest bios. Usb options in the bios are set to default as well. Anyone have an idea what the problem is with the front usb ports/headers? Is there some special asus usb drivers i don't know about?

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Front Panel Usb Ports / Jacks Not Have Enough Power

I have an asus p5e motherboard (maximus formula) it has 4 or 5 usb's on the back, and two headers on the board for front panel usb port. I use the front panel usb's because my case has two jacks on the top and my pc sits under my desk so its easier than crawling under. The problem is a have a western digital external power only by usb (no external power source needed). It works fine when i plug it into the back, but when i use the front panel ports it is not supplying enough juice for the hd to spin up properly. Is there something i can do to remedy this? It worked on my old abit board, so i know its possible, i am just assuming it does not have enough power?

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Use Usb Headset As Front Panel Headphone Jack

I have a set of 5. 1 speakers, and my sound card only has 3 audio outs (my speakers take all 3), so i can't use my headset without going behind my computer, unplugging one of the leads for my speakers and replacing it with the headset, then going in the audio control panel and changing it from 5. 1 to 2. 1 so the sound isn't all jacked up. My computer (or my speakers for that matter) don't have a headphone jack. I think i could cure this issue with a usb headset. To my understanding, usb headsets act like a front panel headphone jack where when connected the sound is no longer relayed to the speakers and only to the headset.

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Slight Buzzing / Static In Front Panel Headphone Jack

I'm trying to figure out where i can start troubleshooting a slight buzzing/static noise that i'm hearing from headphones when plugged into the front panel jack on my case. Just for comparison - the speakers don't exhibit the same buzzing sound using the speaker out on the actual card itself - only from the front panel output. My instinct is the front panel cable or maybe grounding? While it isn't a super big deal it's annoying when i hear the buzz when the scene is supposed to be quiet. Any suggestions? I'm not exactly sure if the cable itself can be replaced as it's wired to the front panel of case. A bit of background on the hardware:

Antec p183 case
Gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p motherboard
Amd phenomii x3 720 cpu
Asus xonar essence stx sound card

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Plug Headphones Into Towers Front Audio Jack

I have an antec twelve hundred tower. There seems to be an audio jack at the front but it doesn't work. The antec website says it has "hd audio in and out" on the top-front. Any idea why it doesn't work? Do i need to plug something from the motherboard to it, or from my x-fi sound card to it?

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Antec 900 Front Panel Headphone Jack Doesn't Work With X-fi

I have x-fi xtrememusic and antec 900 case and i need to connect my headphones to the front panel audio jack because the cord won't reach to the back. The card has only 4 pins on one row but the audio connector has 5 pins on two rows, with 1 pin blocked off on the upper row. So far i've tried plugging in the bottom row only and i can't get it to work. Although i do hear background static, no music will play. Since i have heard bad things about background noise due to improperly shielded cables on the 900 connectors i am leaning towards getting a cord extension for the headphones. I need a female-female minijack adapter and then a 2' male-male cord extension for sennheiser px100. Do such things exist or am i completely screwed? Sennheiser makes headphones with cords that are either too short or way, way too long.

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Usb External Hard Drive Front Panel Usb Connection Problem

I have a usb connection external hard drive. It works perfectly and is detected in computer 2 and 3 starts to detect it but stops and says there it might have problems working perfectly. And no drive letter shows in computer 2 & 3. But computer 1 reads it shows it. All 3 computers have win xp pro and all 3 computers detect and show all other usb devices with no problems. This issue here is with the front panel usb connection on all cases. Not the back. Anyone here have a solution?

It's a 2. 5 travelstar hitachi ide hard drive in an enclosure case.

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Pci-ieee 1394 Card Not Detected

Bought a firewire card today for my other pc. Upon putting it in the pci slot, booting up and attaching my ipod, nothing happened. The pod started to charge, but my pc did not detect it. Nothing in hardware manager. Any suggestions?

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Card Reader / Multi Panel

I was wonder what the best multi panel / card reader is for about $50, i already have a large vantec for my fan controller. In fact my full tower is full but i think i can remove on of my cd-roms. 3 is a bit excessive anyways. Or i can remove the 5. 25 inch panel that i mounted a switch to to controll my blacklights. And mount it elsewhere. I want one with usb 2. 0 ports, and reads cd and memory stick. I have an eclipse hu (cd-player in my truck) that takes memory stick and can rip cd's to mp3 so i would like to have a way to easily transfer music from the cd player to pc or visa versa. I been looking at svc and newegg but need some feedback as to what to look for or stay away from.

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Is It Safe To Connect The Usb Vcc Plug Into A +5v Line ?

Does anyone know wheter it is safe to connect the usb vcc plug that would normally go to an onboard usb header, directly into a +5v line coming from the power supply?

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Connect Keyboard To Computer Using Phone / Output Plug

What is the kind of plug that you use to connect your keyboard to the computer using the phone/output plug? I want to plug my keyboard to my computer using the phone/output plug and the microphone plug so i can use some music software. I want to know what type of plug to use. A link would be really helpful.

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Evga 6800 Ultra Card Installation Issue With Thermaltake Tsunami Case

This is my first pc project and i am going for the big guns here, but have gotten into a big fix because my evga nvidia 6800 ultra card won't install on my combination of asus p4c800-e deluxe mobo and thermaltake tsunami case model# va3000bwa. The problem is that the ports of the graphics card won't align with the pci cut-out slots. If i place the 6800 card into the agp slot then the ports kinda get stuck right between two pci cut-outs. I know it takes both a agp and a pci so i have plenty of space reserved for it but it just doesn't seem to fit at all. Been going at this for hours now and just can't figure it out. All these items are fairly new and popular and i just don't understand why nothing about this comes up on any of the support faq and product forums. Has someone experienced the same dillemma?

I would be very grateful for some help. I really don't want to start pulling out the tsunami's system of pre-molded slot clips. Everything else is in place and this is the last piece for completion. Hope to hear from someone on this. I am losing sleep over this. Geez, put lots of money into top-notch parts only to find that they won't fit. Link to case:

Link to motherboard

Link to 6800 ultra card

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1394 Connection Is Connected But With No Activity

My 1394 connection is "connected" but there's no activity? It says my tcp/ip is not enabled. This just randomly happened. The laptop battery was going out so it hibernated for like 5 seconds while i ran to grab my charger. I plugged it in, turned the computer back on, and all of a sudden, no internet. I have no idea what 1394 even is, or anything about computers, so please help!

Ps. My friend's dad recently fixed my computer and i think he added this new connection thing?

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Msi-7093 1394 Motherboard Processor Upgrade

I currently have mb, msi-7093 w/ 1394 motherboard with a amd athlon 64 3200 2gig processor. My question is how will i be able to tell what i can upgrade the processor to and what processors will be compliant with this motherboard? I've tried looking all over the web to no avail. It's a 939 socket so does that mean i can basically buy a

Amd athlon 64 fx-60 / 2mb cache / 1000mhz fsb / socket 939 / hyper-transport / dual-core / processor

Im assuming the 939 socket is the most important item in question here.

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X-fi I/o Panel - Does It Amplify Headphones ?

Got me a x-fi platinum with the 5. 25" i/o panel and was simply wondering if the headphone jack amplifies headphones at all? I ask because i'm looking at getting some high-end cans but know that they basically require an amp but a separate amp is just so damn expensive for anything worth while. I know the i/o panel is powered (floppy connector) but didn't know if thats just for the optical and midi connections.

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Usb 3 Ports On The Front

If you have a new mb with usb3 external (on back) and internal (for case plugs), will you be able to use a case with usb ports on the front? Seems like you would need usb 3 inter mb ports and case ports that are usb3 sockets for things to work, correct?

So, one would then have to wait for cases to become avail with usb 3 ports on the front.

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Control Panel Crashes When I Try To Open It

I have xp installed (from new). Every time i try to open control panel it crashes. I have tried to fix it with the restore cd but it doesn't seem to work.

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Alc888 And Headphones On Back Panel

Is it possible to have my default output set to headphones under windows 7 while plugging my headphones on the rear panel of the motherboard? Whenever i plug them there, i only have the option to use it as stereo speakers, so i lose stuff like headphone virtualization which i love. Any ideas?

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Cleaning A Flat Panel Monitor

I have some smudges and streaks on my flat panel monitor, which are starting to get on my nerves. What is the proper way to clean the screen, this monitor was $400, so i want to be a little on the cautious side.

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Creative Front Bay Not Working

I can't get my front bay for my audigy 2 zs working. I'm running windows 7 64 bit. Below is what it shows in the options. If someone can direct me to a link to install a driver or something for the front bay, i'm all ears! It worked fine in xp. I think this is a vista problem too. It has power (red optical is lit). Just no sound. Options greyed out

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Soldier Front Game Issue

I play an online game called soldier front. I've been playing it since around 2008 and my ping always ranged from 70 - 90. Just yesterday, i upgraded from windows xp to windows 7 ultimate and when i played the game, my ping ranged from 108 - 130. I am not sure if it is because my computer is too slow to run windows 7 or exactly what happened?

Also, i had windows vista around a month ago and the ping was just like on xp. I am pretty sure vista requires a much better system than windows 7 does. My computer's specifications:

Operating system: windows 7 ultimate 64-bit (6. 1, build 7600)

System model: macbookpro4, 1

Processor: intel core 2 duo cpu t9300 @2. 50ghz (2cpus), ~2. 5ghz

Memory: 2048mb
Name: nividia geforce 8600m gt
Approx. Total memory: 1258mb

I bought this laptop late 2008 from bestbuy in new york. It is a great machine, almost every game i played on it worked just fine. I am running windows through boot camp, by the way, which is so much better than a virtual machine as you get full capabilities.

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Hp Printer Problem Control Panel Overlay

My dad got a second hand printer of his mate but it seems to be missing its "control-panel overlay" and i can get it to work with out it. Is there any ways i can make it work and if not were can i buy this control panel from.

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Hp 1320 Printer Error In Control Panel

I've used the same computer and printer at work and everything was running fine until 2 days ago. In the control panel it has an error message below the printers name. It will not print any documents. Ive tried turning it on and off, still the same. How can i fix this problem?

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Sound Blaster X-fi & Front Audio Ports

Anyone know if you can plug in case front audio connections to the new x-fi card? I cant seem to find a wiring guide for my pins that i have, which are. Mic bias
Mic in
Mic ground
Ear ground
Spk r
Spk return r
Spk l
Spk return l

As a matter of fact i cant even get this wired to my onboard audio controller either. I have a dfi lanparty board, and niether my case manuel or the mobo manuel help with the wiring. Any help to wiring the pins to either of the 2 would be greatly appreciated

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Front Side Switch Between Speakers And Headphones

I know you can get speakers with a headphone socket but i have a set of speakers i like which don't have one of these headphone connectors. As my pc has a sound-card installed the front headphone socket has become redundant. Reaching round the back to swap out the speaker cable for the headphone cable isn't feasible so, is there a (small) unit you can get that connects to the sockets on the sound-card to show them at the front of the pc?

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Monitor Plug Is Damaged

My plug that you pose to plug into the video card is damaged, like 3 pins are broken and now i don't get full colors. Like some colors are missing (i.e red) and its looks dimmed out. Like someone that's color blind lol

I was wondering if there's any place where you can buy a new one. Instead of buying a new monitor? Any sites? Or how about retail/ mom & pop stores?

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