Computer Connected To Printer But Is Not Printing

My computer is connected to my printer but is not printing?

Do you have it set as your default printer? By following the steps, first go to:
Control panel
Left click the printer icon
Make sure there is a check above your printer
If not, left click the printer icon
Click the word printer
Add a check to set as default printer.

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Printing From Laptop Not Connected To Printer But Through Other Computer

How to print from a laptop that is not connected to a printer, but another computer is connected to it? I have a windows xp laptop that is not connected to my printer, but i have a desktop computer(windows 7) that is connected to the printer. The laptop is connected to my wireless network. The printer is not a wireless printer. How do i get my laptop to print?

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Printing From Laptop Through Printer Connected To Pc

I am trying to print from my laptop through the printer connected to my pc. I have wireless internet. So far i tried this after searching around in the internet. Both printer and pc are vista and printer is canon. I did "start" then "printers and faxes". Select the printer and right click, click "sharing" then "share this printer" then "ok". Now go to your laptop and click "start", "printers and faxes", on the far left click "add printer", click "next" then "network printer", click "browse", i tried doing this and the printer isnt showing up.

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Printing To Printer Connected To Mac Through Pc

Alright so i have been having this problem that has been going on for a few days now. Every night after i get home from school i spend hours trying to figure out how to get my windows 7 laptop to print to my printer that is connected to my imac. Now, my imac is not connected to my wireless router. My imac is connected to my router using airport and the printer is connected to my imac via usb. I have installed the printer through windows and then ran the drivers and the printer is on my computer. I go to print and in the queue all it says is "spooling" and it stays like that for about 5, maybe 10 minutes and then disappears and nothing ever prints. So then i installed bonjour on my pc and ran that. It installed the printer again, but this time with a different name. I figured it would work because its an official apple thing, and well, i assumed it would fix the problem. But it did not. So i have tried troubleshooting, nothing works. I have printer sharing checked off on my mac settings. I also have smb sharing for windows computers. If it makes a difference, i can access my windows computer as a server through my imac to share files. Don't know if that changes anything. So yea, if anyone might know how to help me here i would greatly appreciate it. I have been struggling with this for days now and all i want is my setup to work correctly.

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Print From Printer That Is Connected To Another Computer

How do i print off a printer that is connected to another computer? I have a modem that both computers are plugged into. The printer is plugged into one of them. I downloaded the driver for both computers. I want to print stuff from the computer that the printer isn't connected directly to. Answer:- let's call the computer that the printer is attached to, a, and the other computer as b. Enable file / printer sharing on a. Mark the printer on a as shared (put a password is better). Install the printer driver on b. Make sure a and b are on the same workgroup/domain/network (i.e. They can see each other in network neighborhood or whatever it's called nowadays). Browse to the network/workgroup from b, and find the shared printer, then connect to it. Now you should be able to print to it.

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Printer On A Wireless Network Without Having It Connected To Computer

Okay so my family wants to buy a printer that can be used on our wireless network without having it connected to a computer (so the computer doesn't have to be on, they won't leave computers on). Anyways my father was wanting to get a fax/copier/printer combo. Do printers today have like a wireless antenna that can get on a wireless network? Is there an attachment that will put it on a wireless network? Or can we connect it directly to the wireless router? And, which way is the best way?

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Cannot Access Printer Connected To Network Computer

Why can i not access a printer connected to another networked computer, even though i can access its documents? I have a desktop that has two printers connected to it via usb. The desktop is configured for network access, and is accessible by every computer in the house. I have three laptops with a wireless connection. All three can successfully connect to the desktop and see it's documents and connected printers. Only two of these three laptops can access the printer and print on it. The two laptops that can print have windows 7 and vista. The third laptop that cannot print has vista. It can see the desktop, it can connect to the desktop, it can see files, read files, and create files on the desktop. However, when i try to add the printer from the desktop to the list of printers on the laptop, it says access denied - however the other two laptops added the printer fine and can print without any trouble. Again, this one laptop that can't print seems to have full access to the desktops files. Any idea how to get this third laptop to add and send print jobs to the printer connected to the desktop "hub" computer? Because "add a new printer" button isn't working and continues to give me errors.

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Print From Printer Connected To Computer From Laptop

I have a printer connected to my computer. I wish to print a document from my laptop (windows vista) directly from the computer-connected printer. From my laptop, when i tried to install a new printer through my wireless network the printer's name isn't listed, and when i searched for it through the tcp/ip address it doesn't show up. I also tried to go to the "network and sharing center" and turned 'on' printer sharing, but when i tried printing and error cropped out. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

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Printer Usb Device Connected To This Computer Has Malfunctioned

Ok so i was installing two printers (officejet 6000 (e609)) at my work today. The first one set up well and did the auto alignment print but when i put the install disk in and was prompted to insert the usb cable the bubble popped up and said "a usb device connected to this computer has malfunctioned, " and the installation could not proceed because it didn't recognize the printer. The second printer installed fine so i know the setup i did was not the problem. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Also what is the hp printer support number for canada?

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Print From Laptop To Printer Connected To Computer With Usb Cable

How do i print from my laptop to a printer that's connected to a regular computer with a usb cable? I have a laptop in my room and we have a printer in another room. The printer is connected to a regular desktop computer via usb cable. How can i print from my laptop?

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Printer Keeps Printing

My printer keeps printing without command when its on.

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Hp Printer Keeps Printing

Hp printer problem - keeps printing when i don't want it to. I have an hp vivera printer and whenever i turn it on it automatically prints out an ink sample sheet. (Where whenever you put in a new ink cartridge it prints out a "tester" paper). The thing is, i haven't even put in a new ink cartridge, it's just doing it on it's own whenever it's turned on. How can i stop this from happening?

P. S i've tried the steps on the "ink tester sheet" and it doesn't work, it still keeps on doing it.

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Hp Printer Not Printing

I have a hp desktop d2660, that continues to have problems. There seems to be a problem with the communication between the printer and the computer. The computer detects the printer, and everything is connected properly, but nothing would print. I have noticed a pattern though. If i were to uninstall the drivers and re-install again, it prints just fine. Then i would restart the computer, and try printing again, i would hear it start up then stop and the power button light would start blinking, and an "error-printing" status would pop up in my notification bar. The printer is connected to the computer through a usb, and it is connected correctly, including the power cord. I have installed the drivers also.

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Printer That Does Clothes Printing

Is there like a well known printer/brand e.g. Hp, epson, samsung etc that does clothes printing?


Most printing on clothing is done using via silk screen which is a form of manual printing. None on of your at home inkjet printers can print on fabric - none. You need a digital textile printer to print on clothes.

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Lexmark Printer Not Printing

So when ever i want to print something my laptop says stuff like the printer cannot communicate with the computer. Try these solution

- Ensure the printer is powered on
- Disconnect and reconnect the printer's power cable
- Disconnect and reconnect the usb or network cable
- Check your firewall settings to ensure printer communications is not blocked
- Restart your computer

And then it says windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. But apparently my dad can print stuff from his laptop without any troubles and i cant. So what should i do? I have a lexmark printer and a laptop, i went on devices and printers and it says my printers offline. But when i click it to un check mark it; it just doesn't change.

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Printer Printing So Small

Why is my printer printing so small?

Answer:- i'm guessing you're printing stuff from e-mail or the internet. This is a common problem that is associated with the monitor screen resolution and has nothing to do with the printer, it's setup or software. If you're using a specific software program, then you need to adjust your font size accordingly to print larger. Otherwise read the following. The following is for use with internet explorer 7, but may be the same or similar for other versions or web browsers. One way is to go to your menu bar at the top of your web browser, click on "file" then "print preview". At the top of the window there should be a small window with "shrink to fit" in it. Click the arrow on that box for a drop down list and choose something, like 90% (there is a custom option at the bottom of the list if you need to set something unique in between what's listed to set it to something that works best) and see how it changes the print size of what is to be printed out and choose the one that looks and works best for you without cutting off text somewhere. This will make it larger when printed out. Another way that usually works to make the print larger when printing internet stuff & emails is by changing the print view size on the screen to a larger size in your web browser (this is separate from your other setting you've already setup). Go to the menu bar at the top (i.e. Internet explorer), click on "view, " then "text size" then select a size like "larger" or "largest" (something higher than what you're currently set to. )

Sometimes adjusting the current window's magnification (lower right corner of screen or ctrl button + scroll wheel on mouse) can have an affect on print size. The only other method is to copy & paste the text into a text editing software like word and adjust the text size there. If you're using a text program, then you simply adjust the size of the text to a 12 or 14 point, or larger, font size (adjust depending on the font and size you need) and that should do the trick.

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Hp C5180 Printer Printing Issue

Hp c5180 printer is printing everything green. My hp c5180 all in one printer is printing everything with a green glow. I've changed all the inks, done loads of print head cleans, but it still prints everything green. Any idea?

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Dell 922 Printer Not Printing

I have the gateway one (touchscreen) computer and i installed the dell aio 922 printer. I used the installation cd which was successful, though when i go to print anything, such as on the internet or a word document, it doesn't print. The icon at the bottom says there are zero documents pending when i just clicked to print something. The copier and scanner work but whats wrong? Is it the computer or printer? It used to print on my old computer, i just reinstalled it to my new computer. What do i do to get it to respond and print?

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Hp Officejet 5610 Printer Not Printing

After i reinstall the hp 5610 program, and i got a message "ok" and verified that my default printer is hp 5600 series, the printer is still doing nothing whenever i tried to print something. Why?

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Hp Printer Always Printing Test Print

When i start my desktop pc my printer (hp) is always printing test print, how to stop test print?

Answer:- you didn't mention the exact model of the printer you have, so it will be difficult to say for sure what needs to be done. If your printer is an all-in-one or multi-function printer that has a scanner, you probably need to take that test print and scan it immediately after it prints out. This is a common way for printers to perform and finalize a printhead alignment needed for the best print quality. This is common and needs to be done when the printer is new or printhead cartridges are replaced. Otherwise there is probably an option in the printer's control panel menu that allows you to turn off initializing test prints. Check your user's manual for any more info or supply the exact model number of your printer.

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Hp Officejet L7780 Printer Not Printing

Why is my hp l7780 all in one printer not printing? I have installed the wireless and i can scan wireless. ? I had to wipe out my computer so i reinstalled the printer drivers. For some reason it is not printing. It is connected wireless and the installation completed okay. I used the scan function and was able to do that but still not print. Any suggestions? Before i had no problem printing wireless.

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Printer Printing Dark Pages

What can i do about my printer that is printing really dark pages? I can still see the print but the pages are coming out all faded gray. It a hp laser jet 4000 in the library where i work at. Last night i open alot of pdf documents & printed. Would that have caused it? What can i do to try fix the printing of dark pages?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Printer Is Not Printing

My hp officejet 6500 printer isn't printing. Ok, so i have the officejet 6500 that scans, prints, copies, and faxes. My family and i have been having trouble making it print for the last month. Its connected to the computer. It seems to receive the data that i want to print, but it just says "idle" and doesn't do anything. I do not feel like flipping through the owners manual, so i would appreciate a how-to answer.

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Lexmark Printer Stopped Printing

I have a lexmark x1180. Ive been using it to print things for my business. I never used the printer for about 2 weeks and when i came back to use it nothing would print at all? The ink cartridge is a black 17 that i refill when its empty before it stopped working it was showing no signs of running out and it hadn't been that long since i refilled it. I have filled it quite a few times with no problems. I have dabbed paper on the bottom and ink is coming out. I have refilled it, cleaned all the copper connectors on the cartridge and on the printer and still nothing? Its really baffled me? Im just wondering, is there something, i have missed and i know somebodies going to say. Buy a new cartridge. Im looking for useful answers please.

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Hp Photosmart Printer Black Only Printing

I want to set up my printer to print only in black and white for my hp photosmart 8200 printer. My 6 other colour cartridges have run out of ink and i don't feel like spending $40 to buy brand new ones (i checked and these cartridges cannot be refilled). When i put only the full black cartridge in, with the empty cartridges, the printer says that the colour cartridges are empty and i can't use the printer. E-mailed hp support and i got the message, "i would like to inform you that in order to print in black also, all the cartridges must be installed with some amount of ink left in the cartridges". Any advice? Am i s%@t out of luck?

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Using Printer Connected By Wifi

How do you use your printer connected by wifi? I have just recently connected my printer to my wifi connection but i don't get how to use it now?

Answer:- my printer is wireless as well. What you do is load the disk into your laptop, or whatever your device is, then follow the instructions on there. Mine has me connect with a usb cable. After that, it'll instruct you to connect wirelessly with the network you use. I always have a problem with when i change my network. It has to stay with the same network or else it won't print.

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Hp Psc 2355 Printer Stopped Printing

Model hp psc 2355 which just faded and stopped printing the black cartridge was fairly new. I have done everything that the manual suggests with no success.

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Dell 5100 Printer Printing Stripes

Why would my dell 5100 printer be printing pink stripes across the pages? When i print the pages come out with pink stripes from top to bottom. What is going on?

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Hp Printer Not Printing Picture In Microsoft Word

Hp printer not printing gray scale picture in microsoft word. I have this picture that i wish to print in microsoft word in black and white but it was not clear in black and white so i tried gray scale and the picture hardly printed. It is barely visible. I tried printing a word document in black to check if it is my ink's problem but it came out perfectly bright. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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Printer Printing Pages Light And Dark

Printer ink light not on, pages printing light and dark. Well i have a samsung printer, never have changed ink in a printer before as it is my first printer and new. I am printing off a flyer, the typing is light down the middle of the page which interferes with some of he font. Any setting etc i can use to fix this?

Answer:- this sounds like a laser printer, correct? Try shaking the toner cartridge. The toner may not be evenly distributed. Or your toner cartridge is low - you need to replace it.

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