Newegg Extended Warranty For Netbook - Worth It?

I'm thinking about ordering an asus eee pc 1201n from newegg. Since i really beat on my laptops, i'm also thinking about getting newegg's accidental damage from handling coverage. Does anyone have any experience with newegg's extended warranty plans? If so, how has your experience been?

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Newegg Extended Warranty Plans Worth It?

Just a general question - i'm not sure where to post this, but have you ever bought one of newegg's "service net replacement plans" for anything?

I just wonder what the prevailing opinions are on whether it's worth the money for the extra insurance, and for what particular items would it be wise to get a plan? I figure for hard disk and maybe mobo it might be good to buy a 1-yr plan. I tend to hold onto equipment for at least that long.

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Newegg Extended Warranty

I generally like buying hardware from, but i discovered something they do, which is pretty sleazy if i have my facts right. Yesterday i ordered a netgear wired router and as i went through the ordering process, i was offered an extended warranty for two years for 25 bucks. In this case the router was about 100 bucks and i considered the warranty and clicked through the links to get the terms. Here are the basic terms:
The product will be replaced and shipped directly to you at no charge

* This program provides replacement coverage for pc peripheral products and consumer electronics
* The coverage begins after the manufacturer’s warranty ends
* The product will be replaced one time only in case of malfunction
* Shipping expenses will be reimbursed if the product needs to be returned
* Customer support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
* The contract is fully transferable
* Coverage is provided by service net
* See terms & conditions for additional details of this plan

Here's the part that raises my blood pressure.netgear offers a lifetime warranty on the router since it is a prosafe. The newegg specification page says this:

For prosafe lifetime warranty please see: »
Package contents fvs318
Resource disk
Rj45 cable
Power adapter
Other accessories
Manufacturer warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited

Maybe it is a mistake, but i sort of doubt they care that much. In one breath they say the warranty is lifetime and with the other they say it is one year. Regardless, newegg pushes a warranty that costs $25 that you couldn't possibly ever use. The warranty is worthless. The warranty offered by newegg doesn't begin until the manufacturer's warranty ends. Great deal huh? Am i missing something.

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Extended Warranty - Do You Deal With Newegg?

If you get the extended warranty from newegg, do you deal with newegg, or the manufacturer?

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Does Samsung Netbook Nc10 Come With Extended Warranty?

Does the samsung net book nc10 (new) come with extended warranty application form "in the box"? I am thinking of buying a new samsung nc10 net book & i would like to know if samsung offer extended warranty "in the box". Ie a form to buy 2 or 3 years extra cover, most shops offer it but the cost is about half the cost of the product, in my view "a rip off" thanks for any advice.

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Getting Extended Warranty On Hp Laptop If 1 Year Warranty Is Over

Can i get extended warranty on my hp laptop if 1 year warranty is over? I have a hp dv6-1210sa and when i purchased it, it came with a 1 year warranty which finished on 08/08/2010. I want to get extended warranty but can i still get it, if my 1 yr warranty is over. I bought it from pc world. If i can what can i do to get it? I live in the uk and who do i call, pc world or hp?

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Sony Vaio Extended Warranty

So i currently have a vgn - cs320, and so far the only problem i've had with it is the fan. My 1 year warranty ends in about two weeks. I was just wondering if anyone had any problems with a sony vaio laptop after this one year period and if its worth it to purchase an extended warranty?

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Extra Item In Shipment From Newegg

I just ordered about 1800 dollars worth of stuff from newegg. I ordered a core i7 system but while going through the box, i found a gigabyte ep43-ud3l motherboard. Obviously not something i meant to order. Checked the packing slip - not included. Double checked my order online - not included. In short, i didn't pay for it. It is my nature to do the right thing and send it back and i'm heavily inclined to do so (pretty much been decided already), however, i want to get everyone's thoughts and ask - what would you do?

Edit: quick note, there is no plastic on the box like there is the x58 evga board i ordered. Would this be considered an open box? I checked inside and everything is included, all wires, manual, backplate, etc.

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Newegg Hard Drive Packaging

It took them 7 years (that's how long i've been shopping the egg) but newegg has finally come around: i ordered 3 drives through work, and specifically told them not to buy the drives from newegg (my boss probably didn't listen because i buy everything else through them). I was pleasantly surprised to find all three drives packaged individually above. No, it's not foam or retail-type packaging, but it's a step in the right direction and actually acceptable to me. Those 3 boxes were in with the rest of the stuff i ordered with full peanut packaging, so nothing was able to flop around. Better late than never and finally i think i can start buying drives from the egg again (all three drives are working fine but i'll be sure to update this post if any of them fail). Fyi i bought two 7200. 12 1 tb seagates and one 7200. 11 1. 5 tb seagate drive.

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Raid - Os That Supports Extended Volumes

I'm trying to build a file server and settle on a os. I have a 3ware 9650se-16 port controller currently connected to four 2tb wd enterprise drives. I'm nowhere near the capacity that the new file server will offer and want to put off purchasing drives until i need them (the drives will inevitably become cheaper, etc), so i would like to add drives one or two at a time. I played around with opensolaris because it's free and the benefits of zfs intrigued me, but it doesn't seem that you can easily add drives. I first configured three drives in a raid5 and opensolaris recognized it perfectly fine. I then added another drive and migrated the raid5 to use all four drives. After the procedure was done (it took 3 days), i was able to see the physical size of the raid volume was bigger, but the useable size was still the same as before adding the fourth drive. I think regular solaris has an autoexpand feature, but it's not implemented in opensolaris. Anyway, i was wondering if anyone out there has any "been there, done that" in terms of starting off a hardware raid volume with a small number of drives and add new drives over time and was able to use the new space.

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2 Video Cards For 6 Monitors - Extended Mode

I need 6 monitors. Each monitor shows other part. Its for trading and i need to see many charts at the same time. I have motherboard asus p6t x58 and 2 video cards. The first is ati firemv 2400 x1 and the second is ati3450. The ati firemv support 4 monitors. It runs well. I need to add more 2 monitors. The best way to do it is to buy another ati firmv. The problem is that this is a very expensive card. I know that there is a cheaper solution. Firemv and regular card. The tech support at amd told me that they know people who did it but they will not tell me how, they do not support this configuration. If anyone can come with the solution it will be great. Is there an option to install both cards on the motherboard? If so, should i do something special or just insert the cards?

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Monitor Connected To Laptop In Extended Desktop Mode Not Working

Why wont halo combat evolved run through an alternate monitor connected to my laptop in extended desktop mode? I have it all set up with my new 20" monitor connected to my laptop, using the extended desktop feature. The are connected through the normal blue monitor cable, and i have a 512mb ati radeon graphics card. I can run every other game i have, including cod 4, 6, crysis, halo 2 etc on the monitor, perfect, but i start halo combat evolved and it just has a black box in the middle of my screen?

I can run it on my laptop without my monitor plugged in. And i have fiddled around with the resolution because i feared halo might not support what ever resolution i have now (1600x something - forgot lol), but ive tried everything and i cantt gett it to work.

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Is Macbook Really Worth Its Value?

Which do you value more?

I would opt for a laptop with windows os installed simply because i feel comfortable around a windows environment. To me, purchasing an apple product would be either because of trend, ego, popularity or for its design. Thats only me, for you it may be functionality or the software it offers. But what i'm trying to say is that macbook or not, it will serve is purpose what ever you wish to do. I personally don't think it is worth the $999 value simply because you can achieve the same specifications on a laptop for half the price. So that only leads me to think that the price is reflected on because it has the brand name attached to it. Here is a very interesting quote i heard in regards to the fanless dyson machine. I hope you know about it. It basically has no blades and uses technology to to suck in air and blow it back out creating a current of air. It works on the same principle of a standard fan but due to its quirky "no-fans" feature, people are more inclined to buy it. "If you want to look cool, buy the dyson. If you want to stay cool, buy the regular fan"

I hope that helps when you decide on any other purchases in future.

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Is The Macbook Pro Worth It?

I'm an engineering student so naturally, i would want a pc instead of a mac for my engineering software needs. But i also want a nice looking, slim laptop that i can bring to school for notes and entertainment. I can always use my old laptop or desktop for my engineering needs. So i decided that the macbook pro 13 is pretty fit for my needs and wants. And right now, there's a rather awesome sale for university students where the price is significantly reduced and a free ipod touch is included.

However, the one big thing that's bugging me is the screen. Apple is still using the old 16:10 aspect ratio with 1280x800 max resolution while most other laptops of its price range offers the new 16:9 aspect ratio with higher resolution that can handle 780p playback, like the hp envy 14. Will apple ever introduce the newer 16:10 aspect ratio to the macbook in the next generation? When does usually a new generation of macbook release? Near christmas or the beginning of the new fiscal year?

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Is It Worth Money To Get A Macbook?

I've been considering getting a mac for awhile. I want a macbook. (The plain white laptop) it's $999. Which is pricey considering the laptop i currently use was $500. I have an acer laptop. It's pretty cheap, but it was good for a beginner laptop. I saved up and got it when i was 13. Now, i'm getting more into video editing (i'm going to post videos on youtube, ect. ) And i'm starting to need more downloads. My cousins both have apple macbook (they're the older ones, but they still work great) but my uncle and my dad both hate apple. (Except my dad has an iphone, so i don't even know what his deal is)

I've been wanting a mac for the longest time. I have an iphone, and my camera takes video in quicktime, so i think it's just more convenient to have a system that works together. If you have a macbook what do you think of it? Is it worth it? I mainly want it because i want to use imovie, and edit videos. But i also just want it because they're nice.

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2500k To 3770k Worth It?

I'm pondering on upgrading to ivy i7 and a z77 board from i5 sandy and a z68 board, i mainly use it for gaming and considering upgrading graphics card from a gtx 680 to gtx 690. Do you guys think i would benefit with an upgraded processor and mobo with a 690 or would my current z68 and sandy be ok with a gtx 690?

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Hp Officejet 6210 Warranty

Does anyone know the warranty criteria for the hp officejet 6210? I threw a party last friday night, and i had a great time but in the morning, (this sounds kind of odd) i realized someone took a dump in my color cartridge. Normally i could have just replaced the cartridge, but i didn't realize in until my daughter tried to print her english project. Now its inside the main hardware, and i have a **** caked printer. I might be the only one with this problem, but i could really use some insight.

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How To Email Dell When Out Of Warranty?

How to email dell when out of warranty, only europe? I have a problem with my dell m1330. The ac adapter cannot be determined and it isn't recognized , i've tried 2 other chargers and both are unknown devices so i'm assuming it's a motherboard problem as it has been on 6 other occasions with this forsaken laptop. People have had nothing but problems with this model since launch , google dell m1330 and the first results are issues. So i'm out of warranty and when trying to email technical support it recognizes that i am expired and gives me a list of other options , 1 of which is contacting dell for a fee which i think is ridiculous. Is there any other way to make a complaint , i paid in excess of 1. 3k euro for this and its a joke that it has less than 2 years lifespan.

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Is Core 2 Duo E6850 Worth It?

I plan to upgrade my core 2 duo e4400 cpu to something better( or should i keep it?). I only game and do on the internet on my pc. Alot of people say not to go quad when for gaming, but wouldn't it be more future proof?. Plus on newegg the e6850 is 199. 99(its also out of stock) and the q6600 is 189. 99 so it makes it even harder to pick. Also i don't oc. Also, i plan to upgrade my cpu without reinstalling my os. (Should be fine). Also, should i take my mobo out of the case to install it? I dont have all the standoff near my mobo so it will probably bend alot. So if i do take it out i will put it on a card board box or something. I am mostly trying to buy a new cpu so it wont bottleneck my new gpu(i may get a gtx 260 or a 9800 gx2 or 9800 gtx). I game at 1440x900 on a 19'' widescreen monitor.

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Logitech G9, Worth While Upgrade Over My Diamondback

I have been told im allowed x ammount of money for christmas, so i have ordered a few things so far and i am £70 short. Now, i love my razer, however i have noticed my hands a bit too big for it, plus those g9's do look nice. Im asking for personal opinions on the g9, but also other recommendations!

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How Much Are Old High End Computers Worth?

I thought since this was a general question and not a specific for sell ad it would be nice to hear what others find as a good price when selling their older systems. Of course i realize it depends on the type of build and parts, but i was wondering a kind of general rule to go by. Mainly, i only custom build high-end computers that are at the top end at the time created. So, say i have a computer from 2004 that has most high-end parts at that point but i have maintained it and still is in excellent condition. Also, what about custom high-end paint jobs from folks like smooth creations? I have a couple of cases and parts that were hand air brushed by their master artist. Most cost at least $1, 000 or more for just the art work done and one of a kind. Is this good to sell alone on auction sites or should they be sold with the parts as well at time of sell?

I know you can browse ads all day long, but the problem i find is most are not selling high-end type used computers or they are not in that good of condition. It is hard to post ads at much higher prices when generic ones are cheaper but vastly inferior in quality. My systems are all fantastic, i just need to keep them rotating and refreshed for my work. Thanks for any thoughts on prices, selling, etc.

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Worth Upgrading To 8gb Ram?

So i'm about to install 2 intel x25-m 80gb ssd's and thought about upgrading some other aspects of my system (see sig). I've heard some users are finding q6600's are becoming bottlenecks when compared to the rest of their systems. So i gotta figure that my qx6850, awesome as it is, is on it's way along too. I think i may play around with a ramdisk and see how that goes. Apparently it should be around 4gb in size, so that got me thinking to upgrade my ram from 4gb to 8gb. Unfortunately ddr-2 is back to being expensive and technically a dead format (soon to be) does anyone think it's worth doing at this point?

For the record g. Skill ddr 8000.

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Is It Worth To Buy A Macbook Pro?

I'm about to buy my first new macbook pro, and change from regulars pc's i've had over time. I'm not worried about the operational program (windows/ os mac) change itself, but with the price. The new macbook pro i'm about to buy, is the 13 inches, with intel core 2 duo 2, 4 ghz processor, 250gb and 4 gb ram. And it costs about 1, 100 pounds (within the ms office for mac installed). And if i go to the sony vaio website, i can configure a vaio e series, with the new intel i5 core processor, 320gb, 4gb ram, 15 inches high-definition display and blu-ray writer! And it would cost me about 780 pounds.

I mean the macbook pro is way more expensive, and it comes with an older processor, and less powerful components. Is it really worth it to buy a macbook pro, even with this arguments? By that i mean the processor itself, cause the bigger hard drive do not tempt me! For that i'll buy a external hd. And the blu-ray writer neither. I don't have that need. I'm just worried about the processor and the fact that i want to download free music. Which one should i buy. I just want a computer that will last the next 5-6 years without major problems and viruses. And i wont lose all my data.

Obs: i use the notebook to surf in the web, download free music from webpages, store music, photos and movies, and do some work with the ms office. I really dont use it to play games. I prefer the ps3 to do that!

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Is It Worth It To Buy A Macbook Pro?

I am going to buy a new laptop. I previously had an hp dv6000, which worked ok for about a year and then small things started going wrong (battery screwed up, cd-rom drive went belly-up after 2 years). I don't do any graphic design or anything fancy, this computer will be used basically for internet and watching movies. I want a 17" screen since this computer will pretty much take the place of my tv in most regards. I live alone and watch most of my stuff on the computer anyway. I'm also looking into an extended warranty, something like 2 or 3 years, what with what happened with the hp.

Another thing to consider. I heard that utorrents don't work well on macs, but this may not be true. I do a lot of torrents and listen to a lot of music, so that's another factor to consider. My best friend has a macbook pro and says it's worth the extra bucks since he hasn't had any major probs and it's still as fast as it was when he bought it approx. 3 years ago. So, is it worth it to go the pricey route for my somewhat limited needs, or can i go with an $800-900 computer from dell or hp or some other brand?

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Connect Netbook To Tv

Can i connect my netbook to my tv? Do i just need to use the cable with the blue ends or is there something else i need to do?

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Xfx Bios Flashing Warranty?

I know companies like xfx and evga let us get away with a lot of things on their cards. Does xfx void warranty if the bios is flashed? I know a lot of us are flashing to the asus.

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Diamond Warranty And Ati Overdrive

I bought a diamond 5850 (i have my reasons i'm not worried about it considering this is a oem board which pretty much shipped to them fully assembled. ) Yesterday and while i was registering it on the diamond website, i decided to read their warranty for the restrictions. Here's the passage i was really interested in:

Diamond does not warrant third party products which diamond distributes "as is" unless otherwise specified. Third party products may be warranted by the third party. That's straight forward enough. So, my question is, do they consider the overdrive feature of the ccc a "third party product"? I'm curious because i want to know if i want to tweak with settings i'm not jeopardizing my warranty. Or should i give diamond the finger and blow off their *** warranty anyway?

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Best Hard Drives Including Warranty

I saw that the desktar 2000gb hade free shipping when doing rma this i think is a very good thing as it shows that the manufacturer believes in the product. Unfortunately the deskstar is 7200rpm, i'm assuming this could get too hot?

The samsung ecogreen f3 seems like a good option but my understanding is that samsung has some of the worst warranty services around?

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Hp Dv6 Laptop Warranty Expires

My warranty on my hp laptop expires today and i am wondering if its to it to send it in? I have an hp dv6-1245dx laptop. It was working fine until a few weeks ago so i gave it to my computer repair man, he found viruses on it and removed them and then updated to windows 7 using the hp disc that was sent to me. After i got it fixed and updated to windows 7 it began running extremely slow. I took it back to the repair man and he said the only thing that could be wrong with it is some hardware issue. My manufacturers warranty expires today and i want to know can i still send it in and to where?

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Is It Worth Waiting For New Usb 3.0 Flash Drives?

Looking to get a 16gb usb flash drive and was going to buy a patriot xplorer xt for write speeds and price (about $35) but am wondering if i should wait a month or two and get a usb 3. 0 version. I've googled and didn't see too many usb 3. 0 flash drive announcements at ces other than expensive raid or ssd versions. I figure there has to be a refresh of the dongle flash drives for 3. 0 but don't know if this will mean any meaningful increase in write speeds. If there is a refresh then i would think at least the initial run will be faster than the current crop. Anyone know of upcoming releases, speed and prices?

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