Missing Eyefinity Intermediate Resolutions

I'm pretty annoyed that eyefinity only gives me 3 grouped resolutions to choose from: 5760x1200 (too much), 3840x1024 (wrong aspect ratio), and 2400x600 (looks horrible). Notice that only the first (based on the 1920x1200 native res for my 24" monitors) is even the correct aspect ratio of 16:10. And this is despite the fact that the edid's are correctly reporting all the proper resolutions that the monitors support. You can easily set all of them to 1680x1050, 1440x900, or 1280x800 - just not when grouped. So the triplehead resolutions of 5040x1050, 4320x900 and 3840x800 which correspond to these individually selectable resolutions are - inexplicably - unavailable. I'm sorry, but i have to ask: was this tested at all? Even the relatively crude th2go was better than this. I really need those lower resolutions because i'm running out of framebuffer at 5760x1200 in quite a few games - and you can forget about antialiasing. Being able to run 4320x900 would allow me to use msaa and be fairly confident that it won't degenerate into a slideshow. So frustrating.

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Eyefinity Support Different Resolutions

I used to have dual 19" ws monitors, i wanted a 1080p monster so i went out and bought a 25" hannspree(re-branded hanns-g from bb). I had no other use for the 19s so i bought arms and put them in portrait on both sides. A couple weeks after i bought them amd released their new cards. Do you think they'll ever support different resolutions? I think it would be relatively simple. Almost when you run a different res and it puts black bars around the screen so there is no stretching. My monitors are 1440x900 so all it would have to do is cut off the 360(1440-1080) pixels to work.

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Will Eyefinity Ever Support Different Resolutions?

I think i asked this already but i can't remember. Will eyefinity ever support different resolutions ? Eg 30" in landscape and 2 x 20" in portrait?(1200x1600)

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Adjusting Monitor Resolutions (eyefinity)

I know currently eyefinity only supports your monitors' native resolutions. My question is would you eventually be able to adjust your gaming resolutions to suit your needs (as always) or is your current monitor resolutions for all three a permanent thing that you will have to live with. My reason for concern is that currently most of the games that are being run on eyefinity setups are last gen games or not that gpu intensive. I'm not saying they're a walk in the park to run at high resolutions but let's take the game left for dead for example. It's not necessarily a gpu killer like crysis. So basically all i want to know is if the option of changing resolutions to a lower/higher one will be possible just in-case my soon to be bought hd 5870 is unable to handle the future gpu intensive games (cry engine 3) running fluently on all three monitors at such a high resolution.

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3 Monitors With Different Resolutions With 5870

Quick question. I have 3 - 24" monitors. 2 of them are 1920x1080 and the third is 1920x1200. I do not want to game on all 3 screens (eyefinity), just one. So, will the 5870 support all 3 monitors at their native resolutions for surfing the web, etc?

I also understand that i need a display port adapter. Does it have to be an "active" adapter even though it won't be used for gaming? Anyone have a link to what i need?

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Nvidia Or Ati Card To Run Games At Good Resolutions

I have an amd system (amd athlon 64x2 4200+) it currently has the same amount of memory(1gb) and the same integrated vid card (ati radeon xpress 200). I bought this as a gaming machine and workstation. It works very well as i am able to open multiple windows, progs, etc without slowdowns. However i am dissatisfied with the integrated video card, i have a 21. 5' widescreen monitor (hp f2105) many games such as nba live 07 and medal of honor pacific assault run very slowly even at base settings. I find that warcraft 3 is playable but even then i have to play it at 1024x768 with no settings on high. My question is: is this would i benefit from adding a pci-express card , the mobo has a x16 slot, and if so, can someone recommend either a nvidia or ati card which would run most games at fairly good resolutions with settings on high. Ps. Im looking for a card in the $100 to $150 range if possible

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Missing Ram

Just bought windows vista today, was going to install it, but now i figure out that i only have 386mb of ram( i need 512mb to install vista). When i got this computer i had 512mb, so i lost 268mb in 8 months. My question is, what happened to it? The computer is an emachines, and so is the ram. I called customer support but they had no clue. Anyone here have any thoughts on this?

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Drive Missing

I was trying out a small raid card i had. Hoping to simply add more drives. I had no interest in raiding anything really. So i have a wd 500gb drive with some data on it. So i plug it into the raid card, boot up the computer and the drive comes up as inactive. The card never had time to format. At least not well. So i know the data is there still. I put it back on a mobo plug and restarted. Same issue. The drive waits to be initialized and then of course i must format a new partition. Does anyone know a program i can use to simple reinitialize the original letter to see the data. Or recover it?

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Error: Hp E-diagtool Is Missing

I have a hpxe320 i recently added a new hard disk. Since that it has stopped booting windows 01- hp e-diagtool is missing or has not been found on your bootable hard disk. A) if you want to run hp e-diagtool you can run it from

- Your hp recovery cd rom
- Your dedicated hp e-diag tool cd rom

B) boot failure from previous device

- Intel boot agent version 4. 0. 19
- Pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable
- Pxe-m0f: exiting inter pxe rom
- Boot failure from previous device
- Insert bootable disk in a:
- Unable to boot from a:

Although i ran the e-dag, this still comes up.

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Dvd Re-writer Missing

I've had this problem for a while, just getting round to sorting it. Basically, my dvd drive is not showing up in my computer or the device manager. I have tried various fixes deleting registry keys, deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry key, nothing seems to work. I am completely out of ideas, its a slimline dvd by the way, on a packard bell easynote r4650 laptop model: mit-rhe-b the dvd drive model is nec nd6500a slimline dvd±rw dl drive will have a look to see if my firmware is up to date but other than that i am out of ideas.

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Laptop Missing Drivers

I had to reformat my laptop.compaq r3000. And now its missing 2 devcies:

Base system device
Sm bus controller

Ok. So now i can't use my card reader on my laptop. And the scroll pad on the touch pad doesn't work. I'm assuming that the missing devices have something to do with it. Any thoghts.

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Cpu Fan Missing

Ibm intellistation 6217-46y, i am getting a repeat error in my post error logs that says: "cpu1 fan stalled/missing". I have updated to the lates bios level. I have set the fan speed to "intelligent", (as opposed to "always full speed") but they never stop running at full. They are definitely running. Does anyone have one of these machines? There are 2 fan sockets on the motherboard, plus one on the 2nd processor board. The second socket on the main motherboard is not used - or at least i don't have anything to put on it. Can somene verify if i'm missing some hardware?

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Ntldr Is Missing Error

I just tried to boot up my system, but right after post i get this ntldr is missing press ctrl+alt+delete to restart error. Everytime i restart it keeps happening. What can i do to fix this error?

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Bootmgr Is Missing Error

Well i built my bosses comp today, everything went smoothly till we decided to cancel the o/s install. I quickly canceled it, didnt read to much just hit for it to cancel elc. Than upon reading the drive/disc it gave me this error bootmgr is missing. I cleared cmos and still it dont work. Put it just to boot from the dvd drive and i still got this error. (Was installing vista 32bit premium oem).

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Ntldr Missing My Laptop

I recently bought a second-hand laptop. The laptop and os (win xp pro) worked perfectly, but there was a load of crap on the hard drive, so i bought a usb floppy drive so that i could format the hard drive and re-install the os. Now that i have formatted the hard drive the laptop will simply not boot with anything that i have; everytime it's turned on the message "ntldr is missing" is displayed. I have tried to boot with loads of disks: win me startup floppy, win xp startup floppy, several dos floppies including version 7. 1 which i downloaded, win me cd, win xp cd, the drivers cd that came with the laptop and i have tried copying ntldr, and boot.ini to a floppy and it doesn't like that either. All i get is the same message. I can't even get a prompt with any of the dos disks. The hard drive has been formatted as ntfs, like it already was. The laptop's reasonably up-to-date: pentium iv 1. 8ghz, 256mb ram, 30gig hard drive, and was working without fault before the format. I have tested the floppy drive on my desktop pc and it reads/writes fine. I have used most of the boot disks before and never had any trouble with them. The laptop does support a usb floppy in the firmware and, out of frustration, i have tried every possible combination of bios settings without success. Please, please please can somebody help me with this. I am literally puuling my hair out with this one.

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Hp Laptop Ntldr Missing

I got a new larger hd for my hp xe-2. Trying to use ghost dos to copy original op sys to new drive. New ghosted drive will not boot, ntldr missing keeps comming up. I've tried everything i can find online to solve the problem but can't get anywhere so far. I even tried installing xp pro on the new drive in the laptop then ghosting it in a separate desktop using dos but still get the same error. Did repairs with xp cd all 3 ways you can including installation repair. Nada.copied ntldr and to root, no improvement. What else can i try besides reinstalling xp, all the upgrades and all my software over again?

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Ntldr Is Missing In Hp Laptop

My computer crashed, so i went into system recovery from my 8 set up disc. Now all i get is problem extracting files and windows will not start. I tried pressing f-8 and all i get is ntldr is missing. I am running windows xp home edition on a hp 524w. What do i need to do to correct this problem?

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My Laptop Says Ntldr Missing

Ntldr is missing, laptop message? When i try to start my laptop all it shows is the ntldr is missing message and to press ctrl+alt+del to restart. When i do that the window just just comes back-up. The big problem is i do not think my cd drive is working. In fact based on problems i had with it before this i am fairly certain that it doesn't. My windows version is xp home edition, my laptop is an ibm r40 type 2681. The good news, if you can call it that, i do have a recovery cd and there is nothing on the laptop i need to save, since i had just removed all the files, pics and stuff from the old laptop that i wanted to keep, which is probably how this problem came about. I also have another computer that is working fantastically so i can use it to download stuff, put it on to mem sticks, etc as needed. Yet i have a friend who is very excited to get it, and has been waiting patiently for it, suppose tot give to her on sunday afternoon. Additional details:- so my question really is, is there anyway i can get the boot up information needed for my laptop onto a mem stick. If so where can i download and how big does the mem stick need to be 1gb? 4gb?

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Ntldr Missing Error

Ok, i had a rig running fine, i try to shut down one day, and it freezes, so i turn off the power by holding the power button in for 5 seconds, then restart it, and nothing will show up on the monitor (it won't even come on, the light just stays yellow). So after much searching i find my mobo and proc are dead for some unknown reason. Annoying, yes, but fixable. So i order a new mobo (asus p4v8x-x) and a new proc ( p4 3. 0e). I get them in today and install them, and turn on the system, boots fine, i set up the bios, restart, and as the windows xp loading screen just appears, it shuts down. So i figure i should just reformat, i throw the hd in my dads comp, pull off my files i wanna save, then using command line i reformat the drive and put it back in my "new" system. So now it comes on, goes through all the system checks, and gets to where it should load windows and says "ntldr missing". I have loaded with the xp cd and tried to install windows and it just says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer". I get this when i hit enter to set up windows, i also get it when i try to go into recovery. So i cant install windows on the drive, and the comp seems to not even be seeing it. I tried 10 or 15 different fixes, some off these forums some off other stuff, but most involve going into recovery and running something, i cant get into recover so i'm sol. Any ideas? The drive is not dead, and it's a wd 120 gig sata. The only thing i haven't tried is getting some sort of sata driver on a disk to use so it will detect the drive. The thing that baffles me is, the drive shows up in the bios.

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Getting Eyefinity With Two Monitors

I've got two monitors, stupid company left one out when they shipped it. I didn't get charged but anyways, i might get a 3rd or i might not. My question is:

How is eyefinity with two monitors? Does it even work? Shouldn't bother with it?
I'll probably just end up getting another monitor anyways though.

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D Drive Missing After Using Partition Magic

I wanted to make more space on my c drive so i could defrag my c. Used partition magic to transfer 10 gig to the c from d, but after a few min partition magic stopped responding. And now i cant get back to the d drive. Is there a way to get the data on my d back?

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Ntoskrnl.exe Is Missing Or Corrupted

This morning i woke up to my system being frozen in windowsxp so i restarted. Whem the system boots, hust before going into winxp, i get a message saying " ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupted, reinstall the file". I try to reinstall windows xp with no luck, the instalation stops at the beginning when it starts to load everything and says " could not load setupdd" i tested my winxp cd and i know it works. I took the drive out, placed it on my secondary system and erased the c: partition and formated. After all that i tried to reinstall again with no luck. Right now i'm really *** off and about to throw it out the window, i'm kinda out of ideas of what to do. Can anybody help me out?

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Missing Files Download Through Firefox

Yesterday i download the firefox browser and some images into my pc, but i can not find the file or pics. Also whatever i download or save, i can not find it, and it did not ask me where do i like to save it the files. Please tell me how to find download save files in my pc.

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Disk Error : Ntldr Is Missing

For some weird reason, i'm unable to boot into any one of the windows oses on my system. The usual boot menu of ntloader just wont come up. It stubbornly says 'disk error' and 'ntldr is missing'. I booted of the xp cd and did the fixmbr thing, still the same error. I can easily boot into linux w/ its bootdisk. A few tries of fixmbr and fixboot led me nowhere. So i thought dumping the ghost image of xp, rebooted and still wouldnt work. Has my disk really gone bad? I'll give it another try later tonight. And if things show no progress at all, might reinstall then.

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Hard Disk Missing 30gb

Previously, my hdd had a total of 164 gb (180gb promoted). It was divided into c: (21. 9 gb) and e: (127 gb). I had the rest of the space as unused partition space. I converted my hdd to a dynamic drive to give more space to my c: drive. Unfortunatly on realising that i could not extend or span a partition->dynamic (simple) drive, i tried converting it back to basic but the option was disabled. So searching google for answers, i found a solution and i used dskprobe.exe to alter the address at 00c0, third bit from 42 to 07. It worked fine but e: drive disappeared! I paniced and backed up my remaining files (luckily, my c: drive was the one i stored important files on). I changed the address back from 07 to 42, but that completely blew my computer. Last time i ever do anything i don't understand. I used the windows xp cd and the partition tool found on it to delete e: partition, and i was planning to also delete c: and convert the entire 160gb into one space. But upon deleting the e: drive, i found that diskpart.exe only displayed 127gb of unpartitioned space!

Help would be appreciated, as 30 gb is alot of space for me (30/160=18% of my hdd space). Is this caused by bad sectors or simply that the programs are unable to detect the remaining 30gb?

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Sapphire 5970 Overdrive Missing

I just installed a sapphire 5970 and now the overdrive in ccc is gone completely, ive tried the 9. 11 drivers and the new dirt 2 hotfix ones, i even unistalled all drivers ran driversweep and its stil missing. Anything else to try ? Ps im using win 7 64bit

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After Win7 Install One Drive Is Missing

Ok after i did a reinstall of my w7/64 one of my internal drives isn't showing up. How do i find it.

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Ntldr Missing Vista Dell

I get the "ntldr is missing, press any key to restart" whenever i boot up. (I'm writing this from my old desktop xp pc)

Dell inspiron 1420(laptop)
Intel core2 duo 1. 66ghz
2gig ddr2 ram
120gb hdd
Windows vista

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Ibm Thinkpad Ntldr Missing

I have an ibm thinkpad 600e, with windows xp home installed on it. I am very happy with it. While tinkering about i accidentally deleted 'ntldr' file. Then i turned machine off. Of course now i can't get into windows, it keeps coming up:

Ntldr file missing
Press ctlr+alt+del to restart

I have restarted inserting the xp cd it asks me to "press any key to boot from cd" so i do. Then it asks for an administrators password. But i have not got one, i don't know it!

I have tried booting with xp setup boot floppies but still it comes to the same end. I have another laptop exactly the same, my mothers, and have gone into the bios to see if i can see the administration password in there but it is blank. Hoping it may be the same. Please, please please somebody help me, i'm so frustrated. I have work on the computer and, yes i'm a naughty girl i did not back up this work. If i have to reformat then so be it. But isn't there something i can do. I have backed up but i think i may have overwritten cos i cannot find it.

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P5b Ntldr Missing Error

I was having the ntldr missing error last night. I turn it off for the night being frustrated. I wake up. Turn my comp on. And it loads the splash screen that says p5b deluxe (press del to run setup, tab to display bios post message), normally. It shows this screen for a second or 2. But now it wont go on past it. My keyboard isn't doing anything. And the caps lock, num lock, etc. Lights are not able to turn on. They flash one time when i hit the power button.

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