Desktop Keyboard Like / Feel Laptop Keyboard

My logitech g15 is crapping out and i'm looking for a new keyboard. I don't really wanna spend large amounts of money since it seems all keyboards last ~2 years anyway. I would like a keyboard that has a tactile response almost exactly like a laptop. Anyone have any examples?

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Desktop Keyboard That Feels Like A Laptop Keyboard

I don't know if it exists or not, but i'm looking for a desktop keyboard that feels like a laptop keyboard. Any recommendations?

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Keyboard And Mouse Not Working On Compaq Desktop

New pc compaq desktop came with a new keyboard and mouse (both are ps/2), i connected them and they did not work, not one of them its like the ps/2 connections are not switched on?

Computer specifications:

Microsoft windows vista premium
2gb ram
340gb hard disk
Nvidia geforce 8400
2. 3 ghz processor (dual core?)

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Das Keyboard / Apple Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

I decided to get a new keyboard, your input would be appreciated. I don't play wow so macro keys are unnecessary. I actually spend most of my time typing up papers, with the occasional fps/rts. These are two keyboards that i'm currently looking at:

Daskeyboard $130

Apple keyboard with numeric keypad $50

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Dell Mini Keyboard Smaller Than Normal-keyboard ?

How much smaller is a dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I recently purchased a dell mini laptop and was wondering-how much smaller is the dell mini keyboard than a normal keyboard? I don't want my fingers to feel cramped. I was also wondering how much smaller the screen is. Are items on the screen actually smaller or do you just have to scroll around the window?

Dell mini user's opinions are very welcome.

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Intermittent Keyboard Problem - Keyboard Is Non Responsive

I bought a compaq presario sr1630nx a few months ago and i've noticed an intermittent keyboard problem for the last month or so. I don't know if it's a hardware or a software problem or how i would tell. The keyboard has a ps/2 connector. I have not changed any of the default hardware. Symptoms: i sometimes try to type and no keys on the keyboard do anything. The mouse works fine. I am not aware of performing any particular action before i notice that the keyboard is non-responsive.

Rebooting makes the keyboard work again. This problem occurs with a frequency of 2 times a day to once a week. I've installed more recent keyboard/mouse drivers for this machine (posted on the compaq site), but that's hasn't helped. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Is there a utility that i could run when the problem happens that would give me more information?

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Whats Different From Normal Keyboard To Gaming Keyboard ?

Just wondering what difference are there from a normal keyboard to a gaming keyboard? I was thinking about buying a new keyboard but i was wondering whats the difference between a normal and gaming?

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How To Clean Laptop Keyboard ?

I have a old gateway solo were my dumb friend got apple juice in it. Anyways i have the keyboard removed and was looking for a way to clean it, i would rather not replace it since the comp is not worth much.

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Laptop Style Keyboard

I spilled some soup on my logitech ultrax keyboard (ps/2 version no less) this evening and think i may be in the market for a new kb here. Having typed on a logitech wireless standard board for a good 2 hours now, i can definitely say whatever i'm getting needs to have laptop-style keys. I'm already tired of the racket it makes and the huge key travel necessary to get anything done. So, what's out there? I loved my ultrax, but they seem to have even stopped making the usb version now. I wish it had volume controls, but otherwise it was nearly perfect.

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Removing Laptop Keyboard

And so when i was cleaning my dell's inspiron 6000 laptop, i accidentally broke one of the many pins on the motherboard that connects to the zif socket of the keyboard it would not pass the post everytime i turn on my computer. My question is, is there any way that i could use my laptop with the built in keyboard disconnected?

Because under this situation, my laptop will not be used unless i change the whole motherboard. I don't wanna spend so much money on this old laptop. I can use a usb keyboard since i am not taking this laptop anywhere anymore. If anyone knows the solution on bypassing the keyboard test, do let me know.

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Cleaning Laptop Keyboard

I've got a problem with my keyboard of my laptop, some keys don't work properly when i type so i wonder if this could be solved by cleaning it? Also how do i clean it? The buttons are very low, and much harder to clean then usual keyboards. Is it also possible to remove a key from my keyboard and click it back in?

Ps: i own a acer aspire.

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How Can I Block My Inbuilt Keyboard On My Laptop ?

How can i block my inbuilt keyboard on my laptop? I have tried to uninstall it, but then it comes "found new hardware blahblahblah".

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Laptop Keyboard Not Typing Correct

My laptop keyboard does not type right, when i hit letter key a number comes up instead.

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Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Problem

I have a problem with my toshiba laptop keyboard. It starts typing z or / or by itself. Sometimes it is zzzzzz (tens of z) of !~! (Tens of ). For example if i try to type "hello" it will type as "hezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlzzzzzzzzzlzzzo". Sometimes the up arrow or down arrow or page-down is pressed continuously. I have norton antivirus. I have run 10-20 antivirus, spyware and malware tools. They could not find anything. In a forum they said that this might be a keyboard hardware problem. Can you please let me know what should be done?

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How To Clean Dell Laptop Keyboard ?

How to clean keyboard on dell studio 1536 laptop? My keyboard keys are disgusting. I want to clean my keyboard without damaging my laptop. Any suggestions on how to do so?

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Shutting Down And Starting Laptop Through Wireless Keyboard

I have toshiba satellite pro a60-140 laptop and logitec dx500 wireless desktop. Is it possible to shutdown and restart laptop through keyboard. It is programmable but i have not succeed it. Shutting down is okey but i can not restart laptop.

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Do You Use The Touch Pad Or Keyboard Joystick On Laptop ?

Just curious as to how many laptop owners use the touchpad over the joystick. I know many are annoyed by the joystick but i found it much easier after switching to using only that. Moving the mouse around the screen requires no effort at all with the joystick imo.

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Laptop Keyboard Keys Stop Working

Has any one come across a problem with laptop leyboards were 4 or 5 keys on different rows just stop working? The laptop in question is a samsung vm8000 series.

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Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Keyboard Dead

I have a fujitsu siemens laptop and as of this morning the keyboard will not work. Absolutely nothing, not even a few keys. The mousepad works fine and i've plugged in a usb keyboard which works under safe mode only. I've checked drivers and done the fn+f9 thing and a few others that i found here but without any luck. Any ideas what this might be? I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty but a little wary of taking the keyboard apart. The only other thing i can think of trying at the moment is getting a can of compressed air on it, but i doubt that's the issue.

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Packard Bell Laptop Keyboard Problem

Some of the keys don't work like they should. The enter and space, key for example don't work unless i almost simultaneously hit another key. Keys: b and n work fine when i hold inn the shift key. But they don't work by themselves. Having a headache trying to type this message. I have same problem with my up, down and right keys. The left key works fine.could this be a fluid problem? May be some water or such has been split on my keyboard?

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How To Replace Keyboard On Micron Transport Zx Laptop?

I have a micron transport zx that i need to open and replace the keyboard and i am having no success searching for the instructions.

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Midi Connection Between Laptop And Casio Keyboard

Midi connection between laptop and casio keyboard works partially when wrong way round or not at all. I have a casio lk 45 keyboard and a laptop running vista. The cable says model no: gcb1 on the back but that's the only identification on it. They are connected by a midi usb cable, the usb part is connected to the laptop the midi parts to the keyboard. With the "in" midi cable attached to the output and "out" to the input midi ports as they are supposed to be. When like this my computer cannot detect when the keys are pressed and the keyboard doesn't follow instructions from the computer. If i swap the midi cables round, the computer can detect keys being pressed on the keyboard but the keyboard still doesn't react to my computers instructions. I've been using the karakeyoke program to make the keyboard do stuff. Can anyone explain this and what i can do to make it work?

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Hp Laptop Keyboard Keys Wont Work

I have a hp laptop which i often used almost every day, then i went on vacation and didn't use it for two weeks. Today i turned it on to find out that some of keys also use an other letter along with it for example when i want to use the letter "h" this happens "nh", for "g" its "bg" and switch it around for "n" and "b".

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Replacing Asus A6f Laptop Keyboard

Problem replacing asus a6f laptop keyboard - can't find any good guide? I've been trying to replace my a6f keyboard but i get stuck when it comes to the part where you're supposed to remove the ribbon. I just can't seem to move the white corners, whether it's up, down, left or right. What i did find on the 'net is: "to unlock it, carefully pull up on the two tabs; one located on each corner of the connector". But i'm not sure if it's regarding the a6f model because my tabs are just static, they look attached to the board. If anyone can advice, or point me to an illustrated guide, that would be great.

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Dell Studio 1735 Laptop Keyboard Not Working

I had to run a virus sweep on a buddie's laptop. Killed something called "personal antivirus. " Cool, right? Well, his keyboard won't work after logging into vista home premium. It works at boot, lets you type in the password, but after logging into no love from the kb. It's a dell studio 1735 if that helps. Any ideas?

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Laptop Keyboard Keys Typing Other Numbers And Letters

Just recently the space key types the letter "p" and some other keys are typing other numbers and letters. Heres the list of keys which are typing other numbers and letters. H=6

It looks like this when i type those letters-6h, 4f, p

Any help will be appreciated.

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Using Dell T6867 Usb Keyboard With Compaq Laptop

Dell t6867 usb keyboard with smart card reader. Will the keyboard work with my compaq laptop? I want to make sure it will work with my compaq presario f700 series laptop. Or if it will only work with dell laptops and desktops.

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Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop Keyboard Keys Are Not Working

On my dell inspiron 3800 laptop, the (8), (i), (k), and (, ) keys dont work, do you know what the problem might be? It is so hard to try and talk to people when you cant use the (i) key! And all the other, i have to open up the windows keyboard program to type!.

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Toshiba Satellite A65 Laptop Keyboard Keys Not Working

I have a toshiba satellite a-65. It appears that the a, z, 1 and tab keys stopped working shortly after my cat decided to jump onto my lap, where unfortunately my laptop was currently at. My profile on the laptop is password protected. You guessed it, includes an a. So i cannot even log-in to windows (xp) unfortunately it is the only profile with administrator privileges. Any way to 1) get around the password so i can log-in to windows 2) fix the non-working letters?

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Dell Inspiron Laptop Keyboard Letters Don't Work

Dell inspiron laptop keyboard letters don't work after cleaning, how can i fix this? I removed the keyboard to clean the keys. The space bar and a couple letter keys came apart but i figured out how to put them together again and hooked onto the keyboard again. These keys though, don't work at all, and they also sound different from, their quieter. I'm not sure if this would make any difference but i cleaned the keyboard with clorox wipes. Also before replacing a couple keys, i needed to stick the end of a screwdriver underneath the keyboard membrane in order to position the round rubber thing. I'm just unsure if it was something that i did and should not have or if it's simply needing to re- replace the keys.

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