Two Hard Drives Dead In One Week

Two hard drives in my computer have died in the past week. The first was a seagate barracuda 500gb and the second was a wd 160gb. The seagate i had for 2 years and i figured just died, so i moved onto my back up one. This wd is roughly 4 years old and never had any issues, so i do not know where this came about. I am going to test the wd drive for any issues, but i do not have the seagate on me, since i left for college yesterday. Any ideas on what is going on here? I don't want to get a new 1tb hdd and have it die on me. Really confused as to what is going on.

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Dead Hard Drive

I restarted my pc the other day. When i started it back up, it said "insert system disk". So naturally i took the case off, and looked at the hard drives. I have two hard drives, my primary, os hard drive and my storage drive. My primary drive won't take power. It's not the power cable, i plugged the storage drive in and it worked fine on the same cable. The hard dive doesn't spin, at all. Any ideas, or am i at a total lost without sending it to a dc?

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My Hard Drive Is Dead

Yesterday a thunder (or lightning whatever) burned out one of my computers, that pc wasn't special in any way but the hard drive contains important stuff. I've tried to mount it in another pc but it just doesn't boot, seems like it is damaged, how can i recover my info?

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Is My Hard Drive Dead ?

I have an 80g sata that i have been using as my os drive for a long time now. I got it when sata drives were first becoming popular. I had xp on it, but last night i partitioned it in half with partition magic and put windows 7 32bit pro on the other half. I left my computer on all night. I got up this morning to no image on my screen. Eventually i manually rebooted and now my computer won't boot up. No image or anything, and i can't hear the hard drive making noise. Did my hard drive die on me? Is there any way i can test it without having a secondary computer to test it in? All i have other than my desktop is my wife's laptop.

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Revive A Dead Hard Drive

For about two weeks i was starting the computer and as it ran startup for winxp pro it would crash to a blue screen with errors of a kernal_fault and stated it would dump ram to the hdd, which it never did. After a few restarts the computer was up and running again. Then one day the damn thing just didn't start. It kept rebooting itself over and over again. So i played around with it a little and checked all the cables and power, etc. Then all *** broke loose. I started my computer and while detecting ide drives the computer froze. I restarted many times and it always hung when trying to detect the drive. So, while it was hung i did a little experiment. I unplugged the power to that hdd that was the problem. Bam! It continues on until it realized there was no hdd. I tried this a few times and the same thing happened. So, i thought maybe if i could get another older hdd to load xp then plug in the disk, i might be able to detect the drive and correct errors or something? Anyway, cutting to the chase, 2/3 the way through an xp installation on a very old 6gig hdd the computer crashed to the blue screen with the same sort of message. I tried another installation of xp and the same happened. I am lost now, i have no idea what to do. I am not sure if both hdds are shot or if my memory is corrupt and my main hdd is shot.

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Revive Dead Hard Disk

My hard disk sort of died today. It's been grinding down for ever, and it eventually kicked it in this morning. It's a 10gb drive sitting in an old ibm pc300gl i use for misc stuff - sometimes for the server, or to do misc jobs like encryption cracking, or whatever. Anyway, it's not so much the drive itself which is important - i could buy a replacement one for probably under $10 - but having the data which i had stored on it is a matter of life or death. I'm too stupid to make regular backups, so there's about three months of work stored on there which i now can't get to, and which i didn't backup anywhere else - stupidly. I've tried just about everything that i know of to try and revive it - freezing it, running a hair-dryer over it, dropping it from about a foot, whacking the crap out of it with the butt of a screwdriver, and a few other weird but useful methods for resurecting drives i've picked up along the way - but it still isn't working. Any more suggestions, anyone? Basically, if i can't recover what i had stored on there, i might as well go and put some concrete boots on lay-by down at the local market. It really is that important. What happens when i try and get it to spin up is. Absolutely nothing. The little light flashes as normal, but the motors don't kick in. It sounds like they start to churn, but then sort of give up after a second or two. Sometimes, the motors will try and start - but then it sounds like the arm that supports the head-readers are just flicking back and forth very fast, making a loud whirring sort of a sound. I've been having this problem for a while whenever i've turned the beast off and then gone to turn it back on, but usually it comes to life after flicking the power switch a few times. I am in desperate need of help here. And i can't afford to send it away to a data-recovery specialist, so don't suggest that.

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Data Recovery From Dead Hard Drive

Are there any softwares to recover data from a dead hard drive. Please help me in this situation since, my hard drive is giving some noise for almost 10 seconds while booting and not even detecting.

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Hard Drive Dead - Anyway To Recover Data ?

My fathers computer's hardrive died last night (atleast, i think so) the computer will just start up and once it gets to the windows loading screen, will just restart, i tried to put the hardrive in my computer and access it to get his files, but when i try it just sais that it's corrupted. I know there have been ways to recover data even when the hardrive has died / corrupted, is it possible i could do this?

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How To Pull Data Off Dead Laptop Hard Drive?

I've done it multiple times in the past, but this time i fear the drive itself may be damaged. My laptop just died and i used a sata-to-usb converter to connected the pulled hard drive to an old power mac g4. It shows up in disk utility but doesn't mount. Any help is appreciated, as i foolishly don't have a backup. All i want to is to mount the drive one last time in order to perform a feel backup.

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Swap Electronic Boards From Dead Hard Drive

Okay, my friend has an ide 3. 5" western digital wd caviar 205aa 20. 5gb harddrive. Other info on the hard drive is: mfg date 5/19/2000, lba 40079088, model wd205aa-00ana0. She said the computer stopped working after several rounds of electrical surges due to an ice storm this past winter. So i pulled the hard drive, put in another one that i had and it powered up just fine inside the tower. I also have an external ide to usb cable with external power that i've used several times to power hard drives outside the box to move data to another pc by usb (so it works), but on her hdd still no power. I know there are professional services that could recover the data (she really wants/needs the data, but she's not willing to pay what they're asking - one quote was $700). I really think the electronic board on the hdd is probably what is dead. So my question is this. If i found another identical hdd could i possibly pull the electronic board off it and place it on the defective hdd? Anyone ever done this? I've heard of this, but i'm struggling to find any documentation on it. Also, i've heard that the hdd's have to be identical for the electronic boards to match and if that's so, does anyone know what determines "identical"? Is it the model #? I'm asking obviously because i don't have one that's identical laying around, but there's a good chance that i could find one on ebay. A 20gb ide hard drive probably doesn't cost that much so she's willing to give it a try for $20 bucks or so. P. S. I had already froze the hdd in the freezer to see if that would unstick it assuming that it might be stuck and that didn't help either (not sure where i picked up that trick, but it's worked twice for me over the years - this time it didn't help).

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Are Two Hard Drives Better Than One Large Hard Drive ?

I got asked a weird question by someone i know, are two hard drives better than one large hard drive, i really don't know if the difference can be seen because i have 2 hard drives so. I have a 75gb raptor and a 400gb ide but i've never thought of that before, the lady who asked me said she was going to buy a new pc and does alot of work editing videos and had the choice of a pc with 2 sata hard drives or 1.

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New & Old Hard Drives

I am currently building a system and want to use my old hard drive with the new one. The old drive is a 3. 2gb ibm and the new one is a 30gb western digital. I just want to make sure that i don't compromise any data on the old hard disk (i have backups for some of it but not all) when i'm putting it together and setting things up. Should i set up the old one as the master and the new as the slave or vice versa? Also, if i set the old drive as the master should the computer boot even though the motherboard is new (and different from the previous system the drive was in)?

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Need Help With Hard Drives

I have vista and xp running fine, set up the raid array no problem, but the raid array isn't visible for access in either xp or vista

In vista it prompted for raid drivers which i then installed, but still no access (isn't visible in my computer) though it's visible in the device manager

In xp the raid array isn't visible at all, not even in the device manager
In the bios i have the sata controller set to raid

Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?

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How To Best Use Two Hard Drives?

I ran over my computer with my van. I had forgotten that i had taken it out and left it in the driveway. Go ahead, laugh. At least my misfortune will serve some purpose if only to amuse. It is (or was) an emachines t3604. Yes, i know it's not a great computer but it was my computer and had my business records on it. The van tire didn't run completely over it. It pushed it along the pavement and caved in the front. The case is trashed as are the removable drives. The motherboard is probably junk too but the hard drive survived unscathed as has the power supply. I've taken what's left of the computer (the mother board and hard drive) to a place that specializes in data recovery. The thinking is that they will try to boot up the hard drive and transfer the data to an external hard drive that i will use on another computer. The tech recommended looking on ebay for a replacement mother board to rebuild the computer as i have several cases and many external drives and various computer paraphernalia in my collection of junk. However while looking for a mother board on ebay, i found another complete (except for operating system, keyboard, monitor and mouse) emachines t3604. I put a bid on it. If i win the bidding and my original hard drive checks out ok i will have two hard drives. One of my junk computers has two hard drives with the second in slave mode. I assume this is to automatically back up the primary hard drive in case of failure. I don't know if this is possible with the more modern emachines t3604 and i'm not real solid on how to set this up. The older style hard drives had jumpers which were pretty simple. If this isn't the best thing to do with two hard drives i'm open to all suggestions.

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Wipe Hard Drives

I took an old harddrive out of my old computer and i want to put it in another old one so i have 2. I am putting the old hard drive in an old computer cuz my latest doesnt have the right hook-ups. Anyway i dont know how to wipe a hard drive and i would like to do it without hooking it up, cuz i tryed that and the computer wont load with it in place, anyway so can i wipe it without being hooked-up to my pc. Or if not can somone give me some pointers on how to make it work in my computer so i casn wipe it that way.

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Problem With Hard Drives

My hard drives (x2) have been failing recently, the slave drive (d: ) just dissappears from the pc and every program using it hangs, sometimes a 'write error' box pops up. If i restart the pc, the boot screen shows only the slave dirve (d: ) and marks the master as 'none' , i have to turn off the pc and wait a few minutes for they to come back, do you know what may cause this problem?, It is very strange that one dissappears on windows and the other dissappears when rebooting but it happens that exact way. I've been able to reproduce the problem if i touch the energy cables of the disks, i don't know what this means but it happens with both drives and a soft touch/pressure on the cables' plugheads will make them beep and sound like restarting

What can i do to fix them? I think it is not a problem on the drives themselves but i'm not sure what else could be, i was going to buy a new drive this week but now that i can reproduce the problem i'm not sure that will solve it.

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How To Set Up My Hard Drives?

Im not sure what to do, i was thinking of doing this and im not sure if it will work and if it will be faster. Is it better to just get the: western digital raptor 36. 7 g 10, 000 rpm drive and just using that or putting the western digital raptor 36. 7 g 10, 000 rpm in a hardware raid with my old maxtor? Im just not sure if they have to have the same rpm and size for the raid to be effective?

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Hard Drives Not Working

The situation is like this:

- I have got a new dell pc
- I have got 3 hard drives, 2x74gb 10. 000rpm and 1x 250gb
- I wanted the 74gb's to be set on raid 0 (striped) but they were set on raid 1 (mirrored) when i recieved them
- I backed up my data on the 250gb and then i tryed to change the raid setting on the other two
- Then when i was going to install my windows xp on it, it tells me that it can't find any hard drives in the computer

Note, the computer worked properly when i got it and i had started using it before i changed the raid setting. Can anyone help me with this?

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Reformatted 2 Hard Drives

A little while ago, i reformatted both my hard drives and installed windows xp in my seagate drive. When i boot to the desktop, i am unable to access my smaller wd hard drive at all. The hard drive does get recognized by the bios, but windows can not access it for some odd reason. I tried to access it in safe mode and the command prompt and still get the same result. What i also find odd is that speedfan was able to access my older hard drive's temperature readings and its smart info. And those readings check out as normal. Is this a sign of a failing hard drive or is there something in windows blocking access to the hard drive?

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Optimizing Hard Drives

Like the titles says is there anyway i can optimise my hard drives in bios by changing things, i have been the opition but i dont know if i should change them or if i can, i have 2 ide drives!

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Fast Hard Drives

I am a fan of the odd certain poorly optimised rpg and despite having more or less the latest and greatest hardware in my machine, i still cannot run gothic 3 (2 year old pc game) at a solid 60fps. I read somewhere that for rpg games which require to be contantly reading data from the hard-drive, that things like gfx cards and cpu's are a distant 2nd compared with having a faster hard drive. Whilst all oher aspects of home computing come on leaps and bounds every year, hard drives seem to take 5-6 years in between any noticable performance improvements. Anyone have experience of gaming on 'fast' hard drives and if so, please could you name the hard drive and describe the subjective improvements you noticed over a bog standard sata ii drive.

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Hard Drives For Mac

Currently ive been using lacie hard drive for my macs but i just lost 2 of the 3 i had. They give me way to much trouble. What brand is the best for hard drives in mac computers.

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Hybrid Hard Drives

I was looking around for a drive replacement for my sony laptop which has a hybrid hard drive (standard hdd w/256mb solid state "nv" cache" and noticed there haven't been any hybrid drives released in years. This tech seemed pretty cool, what happened? Extra buffer space is always a good thing! Already upgraded to a 500gb standard drive, just curious

What is a hybrid drive? http://en.

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Differences In Hard Drives

I am starting my first build, and i need to know what the differences are between a bare hard drive and a retail hard drive. What does the retail version have that the bare drive doesn't?

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Windows + 8 Hard Drives - What To Use ?

I am going to college in the fall so i'm dismantling my whs and taking out the 4 hard drives (planning to get 4 more and move my stuff that were dvds to purely hard drives)to put in my gaming computer (which i will bring along with me!). My question is. What kind of set up and hardware should i use? Zfs and linus software raid looked tempting but they're not viable options because i want to use windows on my gaming/desktop computer!

I have 4 750gb hard drives and i'm thinking about getting 4 more somewhere. I thought about raid 5 (with a perc 5/i) but they go for $120 but there's the write hole and bit-rotting that i don't want to deal with (especially since the array will be massive). Raid 0+1 is nice but i'd need a lot more hard drives!

My specs are. (If anyone is wondering. ):

Intel e8400 c0
Abit ip35-pro
4gb ram
2xraptor 74gb
Diamond hd4870 512mb.

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Disappearing Hard Drives

This is a very strange problem but my hard drives seem to be disappearing and reappearing without any reason. When the hard drives appear they are fine. Windows can access them and they are visible in my computer. The files are intact and they are working with no issue. However when they disappear they are gone. Bios cannot see them and the raid array that they are part of cannot see the drives when the computer boots. As i said the hard drives are connected to a raid controller. The controller is a silicon image sil 3512 sataraid controller. The controller appears to be working fine even when the hard drives are not present. The controller for the raid array appears in device manager and windows reports it is working without a problem. Frustrated by this issue i sat down yesterday to attempt to resolve it. Not having much of a clue what i was doing i changed the boot order of the system so that the raid drive boots before the standard sata drive. Amazingly the raid drives returned and were working fine. I celebrated. I thought i had fixed the issue. I bagged the new drivers off the internet ready to install windows 7 onto the raid array the next day. To my dismay the next day after turning the machine on the raid array disappeared again. I have not been able to get it back despite changing to boot order again. As i mentioned the raid controller is present in the device manager under windows, the drive is simply just don't show up but i know they are connected correctly, configured and working. Any idea why the drives would behave in this way?

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Hard Drives Keep Failing

I've been having a hard time with the computer i put together about 3. 5 years ago now. I'm not in a situation where i can get a new one right now, so i'd really like to try and get this fixed somehow without having to take it to a repair shop. (The estimates i got locally were anywhere from 200-300 just to look at it. )

The specs on my computer are:

Intel e6600, asus p5wdh-deluxe, ocz gamexstream 700w, soundblaster x-fi extrememusic, radeon hd 4850, gskill 2gb f2-6400cl5d-2gbnq, wd raptor 150, windows xp sp3, antec p180b

My computer worked great for the first two years without a problem, but over the last two years i keep losing hard drives. I've been using the same secondary hd for the entire time without a problem, but my main hd (running the os) keeps dying. Basically after a little while (anywhere from 1 week to 3 months) my computer slows down and i start seeing delayed write failure errors start popping up in my task-bar, and then a few days later my hd crashes. I have probably gone through 6-8 hd's over the last 2 years, and it has gotten to the point now where i just can't deal with it anymore and am using a really old computer just to get on-line. I've tried wd, seagate, and maxtor drives, and it is consistently happening to me. I really don't have any idea what the problem is, and why it is only affecting my primary hd. I have sent the hd's back because they were under warranty and received new (or refurbished) ones and it still happens. If anybody has any suggestions on what might be wrong, or how to diagnose what my problem might be i would really appreciate it.

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Using Multiple Hard Drives

I have 2 computers, a p4 and a dual p2. I use the p4 for a lot of multimedia functions as part of my job as a teacher in the school for disabled children in china. I use the p2 for common tasks, surfing, word processing, etc when the p4 is tied up in a rendering task. It is set up now in win 98 but i want to gravitate to linux over the next months. I also have a lot of tasks for the p2 to do. For many reasons i want to use multiple hard drives in each computer, one of the reasons being that i already have several hard drives

How do i set up a menu to let me choose which hard drive the computer should boot from? There will be multiple os used on each computer. Can you recommend a freeware program to do this? Where does this program have to reside?

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Sync Hard Drives

I have a mini flash drive with my school files on it. The only problem is that i would like to back it up. Although i can always create a backup file, i would like the files to be sync as they are. So if i change a file on the flash drive, it would change it on my other hard drive and vice versa. I am using windows xp if that makes a difference. By the way, i have service pack 2.

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Why Are Hard Drives Large ?

Why are hard drives so unnecessarily large? I'm the admin for an office of 15 computers and one server. Each station needs *at most* 1 gig of hard drive space, as all important/large docs are stored on the server (as called for by security protocols). One of the hard drives fried this morning, and the cheapest i can find is 50$, 150 gb. *** Soon we won't even need hard drives, it'll all be cloud computing. Is there any place to buy cheap (i mean like cheap, like $10) 1gb hard drives? Same logic applies to 64 bit processors, we don't need em to run openoffice! I just had to watch a client of mine buy this $300 media comp (as it was the cheapest at bestbuy), 4 gb ram, 64bit processor, windows 7 (so far a pain to get networked) just to use quickbooks. Lol any other it guys feeling my frustration?

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