Catalyst Driver Install - Inf File Was Not Found

This issue is driving me insane. To update to the new catalyst, i used the same method i've always used:

1. Boot to safe mode
2. Run driver cleaner for all ati categories
3. Boot to windows normally
4. Install new catalyst suite

Now, at step 4, i get as far as installing the catalyst control center, but as soon as it starts installing anything driver-related, i get the error "driver install: the inf file was not found. " With no choice but to simply press "ok. "

I've searched around on google and tried someone's method of installing the adapter via device manager and pointing it to an extracted inf from the failed catalyst install, and then trying to run the install again, but no luck. This issue seems pretty hopeless, and although i want to avoid it, it seems like it may be one of those great catch-22 errors that ati is so famous for causing and will require me to reinstall windows. Note that i am using windows7, however, i have used this method on previous catalyst installs flawlessly. I've heard of this issue on vista as well while browsing google. Anyone run into this before?

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Inf Error Video Driver Not Found

I have a compaq presario 1500us i formatted and installed windows xp pro. I downloaded all the available drivers for the laptop from compaq's website. I am having the following issue:

I downloaded the ati mobility radeon 7500 drivers (compaq install package). It would not let me install them due to the following 2 error messages. 1. )"Inf error" video driver not found. 2. )Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard vga driver before running setup.

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Found New Hardware Wizard Detects Camera, But No Driver Found

I had the quickcam messenger webcam working just fine on my pc. Then the hard disk died, so i reinstalled the same os (windows xp pro) on a new hard disk. To install the quickcam messenger again, i downloaded and ran the current logitech installer (lws110.exe) from Only this time it failed. I've tried multiple times, carefully uninstalling the logitech driver and software each time and rebooting. I also tried the installer disc for the quckcam chat (which i also own), with the same result (plugging in the quickcam messenger). The installer gets to "step 4 of 4" (camera setup), without a hitch. "Congratulations "the installation and setup is complete! "Plug the device at any time to complete the installation and use your new quickcam"

At that point, i plug in the quickcam messenger, and windows xp detects it, as indicated by the bubble that appears above the task bar: "found new hardware camera"

Anyway, after displaying that bubble window, xp runs it own "found new hardware wizard". Whether i click cancel on the wizard, or run it (it fails to find the driver), or let it just sit there for 20 minutes, logitech's own installer never detects the camera. And the driver apparently never gets installed. I searched the logitech disc for a . Inf file that i could point the wizard to, but could not find anything that worked. I've checked for motherboard driver updates, but find nothing for any usb problem (and the usb port appears to be working just fine with everything else, anyway). I installed xp sp3, but that doesn't help either.

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How To Install Inf Chipset Drivers For P35 ?

I installed the old drivers from my mobo's cd, and there are much newer ones on the asus site. I am getting horrible crosfire performance and this may be the culprit. How do i install the newer ones?

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Catalyst 8.x Vs 9.x Driver

It seems ati maintains two set of drivers, and they are updated concurrently. Does any one knows of the difference (design and control) of the 2 set?

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Ati Catalyst Drivers Automatically Install Folding@home?

I'm in the middle of updating my computer to my new win 7 64 build & discovered folding@home loaded itself to my system. The properties tab shows it starts in c:atisupport9-12_vista64 yada yada yada. I know this is a program designed to help folks at stanford look at genomes

But what the heck is it doing on my computer without my express permission?

Anyone know if this is actually running, or merely an invitation to install it?

If it's up and running, how do i uninstall?

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Install Windows Xp - Wd Sata Hdd Cannot Be Found

When i go to install windows xp it states that the wd hdd cannot be found and i should check the connections. I do and they seem fine. I have the sata power plugged in and i have it plugged into the mobo. Any body have any ideas why it is doing this? Also how should jumpers be set if it is the only sata drive im installing.

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Catalyst 6.11 Driver Isn't Compatible

I try to install the 6. 11 driver, and it says that the driver isn't compatible with my current hardware. Why does it say this?

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Amd's Ati 10.3a Catalyst Driver Update

Amd's ati 10. 3a catalyst driver update - amd is putting out a new "performance" driver that sports some very aggressive frame rate increases according to amd. The new "10. 3a" driver will soon be released to the enthusiast with a whql driver coming in shortly behind that. Interestingly enough, the non-whql will have a couple more tweaks than the whql version. Let's give you the details.

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Catalyst Control Center Is Not Supported By Driver Version

When i boot up i get this new box that says:

The catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphic adapter. Please update your ati graphics driver, or enable your ati adapter using the display manager. I have tried to update my driver in device mgr and have tried using ccc, but nothing seems to fix this. Any ideas what this is and btw, what is display manager?

I am using an aiw x800xl (& xp pro)and the message just started to appear.

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Ati 9.5 Driver Issue - Catalyst Control Center Freezes

I'm using 9. 5 on my 4870x2 (windows 7 x64 driver package on win7 x64 beta 7000), and whenever i go to the advanced 3d settings, the renders don't seem to show up (the ones to show the difference between what you have, and what a setting change could mean), this also seems to freeze my system to hard lock. Any ideas?

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Hitachi External 2.5 Hdd No Driver Found

I've been using a 2. 5" hitachi 80gb 5400rpm sata as an external storage device for some time now. Works fine and all, then one day when i plug it in, i get a "no driver found" and i can't access it at all. I'm thinking either the hdd is dead or my external case holding is defective. Does anyone know of this problem?

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Winxp Install Error - The File Was Not Copied Correctly

"the file **** was not copied correctly" is the error i get when i am at the setup file copy phase of the windows xp install. The files that cannot be copied are completely random. The cd and cd-rom are definately not the problem, i have found that on another hard-drive, my wdc hdd unless i used western digitals format utility i would get this error, like if i used fdisk and format i would always get this error but when using the western digital utility i would never get it. Now i have a completely different pc that has had xp installed just fine, but i have a new hdd a 'used' quantum fireball 30gb which i have been using with 98 with no issues, and now i cant install xp because of this error. And it appears that quantum doesnt have any partition utility nor do they even support their drives anymore. I finally got a hold of a maxblast program from maxtor that would work with quantum drives and still got the file copy error although this time i could retry and it would successfully copy the file. I have had these errors nearly every time i have installed windows xp on various motherboards / harddrives, however the issue is nonexistant in microsofts knowledge base. Has anyone else had this problem? What was your solution? I would really love to know the real reason for this error.

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How Can I Disable "found New Hardware" For Driver ?

I'm having a problem with sound drivers. I have hd realtek onboard sound and it works fine, but ati keeps trying to install hd audio drivers aswell and when they are installed it causes problems with certain games and my pc will restart. It's definately the ati hd audio, i sorted this out after hours of research for my error codes, event logs etc. But now every time i restart my pc i get the "found new hardware" wizard and it tries to reinstall these drivers, so i click cancel and have to go into device manager and disable it every time. Is there a way to stop this driver from trying to install permanently?

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How To Make Hardware To Install Automatically Without "found New Hardware Wizard"?

I am on xp professional. If i change my mouse or my keyboard for usb one, windows won't automatically install driver for these simple devices. It will ask my help to make the installation (i just need to click on "next"). I would like windows to instal alone this kind of stuff without prompting with "found new hardware wizard". Any help would be appreciated.

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Marvell Yukon Driver Install

Someone deleted their ethernet controller driver somehow. I'm fixing the computer. I went to device manager and found that string of characters that's under one of the tabs beside the update driver tab when you click on a device. I found out that there are sites you can go that use a couple of pieces in here to identify the driver. It identified it as a marvell yukon 88e8072. I found it on their site. I also downloaded another off the gateway site that looked promising before that. Upon unzipping both and looking in them. There was a bunch of unhelpful readme files and there were four files with the extensions . Cat/. Inf/.dll/.sys. I've tried allowing it to search for the software in general and tried telling it to go to that specific file, but it doesn't recognize anything as a driver. How do i install the driver without a .exe driver file?

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Hp Deskjet F4480 - Save Scanned File As Image File

Using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, is it possible to set a scanned image to save as an image file? Every time i scan an image using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, it automatically saves as a .pdf file. Is there a way to set the scanner to save scanned images as image files? (. Jpeg, .png, etc. ).

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Best Nvidia To Ati Driver Install Practice

I've been an nvidia user for years, and i just recently bought a pair of 5870's. I'm currently running vista 64 with a single gtx 260 (was sli, but a card died. ) The 5870's are arriving thursday, and i've got a large lan to attend on friday, so i need some advice. What is the current preferred method for wiping the nvidia drivers and installing the catalyst drivers?

I do realize that a format might be the only way to ensure no issues, but time is not on my side, and i was holding off for ssd's before a new install anyway. Any thoughts on the best approach? Will driver sweeper be enough for the job?

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Cannot Install Nvidia Driver On Win 7 X86

I'm fixing my uncle machine today, i decide to format and install win7 for him. Everything went through fine. After win7 boot up i tried to install nvidia drive for his agp 6800gs but it refused to installed

The window pop up and say

"The nvidia could not located driver that compatible with you current hardware"

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No Display, No Driver Installed After Fresh Install

So i did a fresh os install 3 times. Install os, mobo bios, chipset drivers etc, then video card drivers (latest 9. 4's) and i get the boot up screen, and as soon as i get to desktop "no signal"

I tried re-installing my os and still same problem, tried installing the older 9. 2's, didn't work
Tried installing the 9. 3's, didn't work, tried installing 9. 2's, then the 9. 3's and still no display. Tried 9. 2's, 9. 3's and tried to install 9. 4's on top of the other drivers but couldn't do so b/c i get "no signal". I boot into safe mode, "can't uninstall" in safe mode, physically delete all ati files and run driver cleaner. I get to desktop but "no driver install". I even tried installing just the driver then catalyst control panel "no signal".

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Administrator Ati Driver Install Issue

I tried to install v5. 10 on a 9600pro card and i get a message that you must be in administrator mode. I am. What i normally do to prevent windows from creating another folder that i don't want or need is to rename the administrator account to something else after i load the o/s. That is the only one i log on to. The other account is guest. Previous versions up to v5. 3 worked fine. Ati changed something and now it won't let me install the s/w i assume because of this. I really don't want to rename the account just for this reason. Ideas and input?

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Sound Driver Won't Install Properly

I just finished building my new system and now when i try to instal my onboard sound drivers. The realtek hd audio driver isn't instaling properly i am running xp media center on a gigabyte p35-dq6 mobo does anyone know what i can do? I have tried downloading all the latest drivers but nothing seems to work.

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Realtek Alc662 Driver Install Error 0xe0000227

I just built a new system with an asrock a780fulldisplayport mainboard (amd 780g, sb700), which has a realtek alc662 hd audio chip onboard. The os is win2003 server enterprise r2 sp2. During installation of the audio driver (the one from the asrock cd as well as the realtek site), the installation gets nearly to the end where it pops up an error ("realtek hd audio driver installation failed / [error code: 0xe0000227]"), after which the installer quits. I did enable audio in the os and fully patched it up including the hd audio hotfix, yet the error persists. A google search revealed a few more people with this issue (on different mainboards), yet without a solution. Anyone care to hit me with a cluebat?

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Correct Graphics Driver Upgrade / Install Procedure

Pretty noob question, but i've upgraded to windows 7 from xp and things look a bit different. After windows 7 automatically installed a driver for my hd 4830 during the setup/install, i thought i'd try replacing it with the ati 9. 9 ccc version. My problems:

1) there is no driver listing in the control panel>remove programs list for ati or display driver or anything. Is this no longer where the driver is uninstalled?

2) so, i went to the device manager and right-clicked the display adapter to get the "uninstall" option for my ati radeon hd 4800 series. However, when i restart the computer, the first thing win7 does is install a display driver whether i like it or not. 3) after windows has installed this display driver automatically, i have some system issues - i can't open my computer (nothing happens), and if i try to type anything into the "run" window (like dxdiag or something) i can only type one letter before it freezes. So, i ended up restoring the system to whatever driver win7 downloaded before i tried the whole uninstall procedure and my system is running fine again. But i have a 5850 arriving today, so i'd like to get the routine figured out soon. Do i just install the 5850 drivers over the existing drivers? Or after i uninstall the existing driver in the device manager, do i just install the replacement drivers without restarting the system (so it doesn't do the auto-install thing again).

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Windows Need To Install Driver Software For Network Controller

I have windows vista laptop all of a sudden i cant connect to the internet, this message keeps popping up. "Windows need to install driver software for network controller. " I don't have the disc that came with the laptop, and i really haven't to much knowledge of the technical parts of the computer. I don't even have a clue what driver i would even be looking for! Would this keep me off line? Why can't i get online? I've checked everything on the computer and i still can't connect to the internet.

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Ati Radeon X550 256mb Driver Install Problem

Just recently put together my new rig:

- M/b asus p5gd1 pro
- Pci-express ati radeon x550 256mb
- 2gb ddr pc3200
- Q-tek 550w power supply
- Benq dvd
- Samsung dl dvd burner
- Hitachi sata hdd 160gb
- Pentium4 ht 3. 2ghz lga775

But i'm having problems with my ati card for some reason. Whenever i try to install the drivers my computer freezes! This isn't supposed to happen of such a new machine. So i tried running the installation program (ati catalyst 5. 10) on win xp while in safe mode, and it loaded up fine but when it was about to install an error came up saying:'driver not found' and the program terminated. So my question is: is there anyway to install ati catalyst while in safemode?

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Can't Install Raid Driver - Windows Xp Setup Freezes

I decided to format my computer because it had some problems. I have a a8r32 mvp deluxe motherboard, and had raid 1 setup in the raid bios before. Now when i try to enter raid bios to check it i can't. Don't know why i can't anymore, but i will assume it's still raid 1 setup. When i install windowsxp i hit f6 to install my raid driver, and when i get to the windows setup where i have to press 'enter' to install windows it freezes. When i try installing windows without using the raid driver it doesn't freeze, but i want to install my raid driver. Trying to use sata 32bit on my floppy from the motherboard cd driver. Also have sata mode in bios settings.comp spec:
A8r32 mvp deluxe
Amd fx-60
Ati x1900xtx w/ crossfire
2gb 400mhz dual chan memory
2 x 150gb western digital raptor
850w ocz psu

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Dell Vostro 1500 Wireless Driver Install Problem

Why wont my intel pro/set wireless driver install on my vostro 1500? I had to rebuild my hard drive on my dell vostro 1500 a couple times (must be a hardware issue), but this last time my wireless driver won't install. It appears to install, but when i reboot i get the message "adapter problem - driver not installed". I've gone to the device manager and tried to update the driver and that doesn't work either. I've tried to download the driver from the dell website and from intel's site too. But both require me to install .net framework first, and that fails and won't install either! Do i have to wipe clean my hard drive and start from scratch again?

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How To Uninstall Intel Inf Drivers ?

I install the intel inf drivers and i am using an intel 80gb ssd g2 i just red that if you install those drivers trim won't work. I would like to know how to uninstallthem since i reinstalled windows last week and i don't want to do it again.

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Windows Vista Inf Problem

My pc is running on windows vista and i recently bought an epson sx115 printer/scanner/copier, when i came to install it like the booklet said it would get to the scanner driver part of the setup and a message would pop up ''epson scan setup - an error occurred during setup, restart your pc then run the setup again'' which i have done about 5 times. So then i tried to install the scanner through the device manager, it finds the drivers and starts to install them when another message pops up ''windows encountered a problem installing the software for your computer - the required section was not found in the inf''

The printer and copier work fine, its just the scanner!

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, different cables, different software and i have even took the printer back saying it was faulty. And still nothing!

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