Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Is Not Connecting

My "microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000" isn't connecting to my computer. Do i need a re-installed driver? I bought a microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 a few months ago for use with my newer laptop. It's the one with the super tiny "nano" usb connection. As of today, after months of flawless function, the mouse won't work. Batteries are fine. Tried it on another computer. Same deal. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a driver out there to fix it?

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 Won't Connect

Why won't my 'microsoft wireless mobile mouse 3000' connect? I threw away the package it came in along with the instructions. I put a fresh battery in the mouse but the light doesn't go on. There is a connect button on the usb part and the mouse.

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Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard Problem

I just got this keyboard and love it, but i have one problem, the keys die and stop functioning, then i have to unplug it and plug it back to get it to work again, i googled it and seen that some people have the same problem, anybody else have this problem? Now that i updated the keyboard using the drivers on microsofts website, everytime i press capslock num lock, it disconects and makes the sound as if i unplugged it from teh usb, and the lights go out and come back on, and i cant use caps lock.

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Microsoft Wireless Mouse Not Working

I have a microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard 1. 0a and a wireless optical mouse 2. 0a and have had them around 3 years or so. They were given to me with a computer but as the computer wasn't working i didn't have a chance to use them until about a year and a half ago. Up until now they have been working fine, almost without event. I currently have them plugged into a laptop and my girlfriend unplugged them the other day to plug into her laptop so she could play a game. After plugging them back in to the original laptop only the keyboard will work. I have pressed the sync button on the receiver and then on the mouse itself and it seems to work as the lights on the receiver go from flashing to solid, yet when i move the mouse it doesn't respond on the screen. I tried changing the batteries, moving all other devices away from the receiver, unplugging it, resetting the computer, everything. I searched microsoft support but it seems my mouse is an outdated model and there is literally no info on how to fix it. I tried the steps they suggested on other wireless models but to no avail. What could the problem be?

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Swiss Gear Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse Panther 2 Problem

I just got a new wireless mouse the "swiss gear wireless optical mini mobile mouse panter 2". And for install it says: 1. Plug in usb receiver, 2. While usb receiver is plugged in, press button on the top of the reciever. 3. Click mouse "connect" button once on bottom of mouse within 5 seconds after clicking the "connect" button one the receiver. 4. Reveiver led will start blinking, when connection is established. Move the mouse around to test if successful. If the synchronization is not successful: a. Remove batteries and unplug receiver. B. Wait 20 seconds and try steps 1 to 5 again. Now i did all that correctly and it does connect, because when i move the mouse around the led on the receiver blinks, but the pointer doesn't move. Now when it windows says it looks for a device driver it finds it but it cant install it and this is what i get. And i tried to install a default driver that vista has and it says it fails when it trys to install that way to. So what is my problem? What can i do? And i cant find a driver from the website for this mouse.

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Cause Monitor Stopped Turning Off

I just got a free microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. Ever since i installed them my monitors have stopped turning off. I tried setting the screen saver and it also doesn't work (i don't normally use one). Also tried rebooting a few times since sometimes a program (like an emulator that disables this feature and forgets to turn it back on when your done) will stop them from turning off. Nothing else has changed. Any ideas? Using windows 7

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The Microsoft Arc Mouse

For anyone who likes small mice (as in standard, not laptop size), as opposed to large ones, the design of this thing is from the gods. By leagues, it's the most comfortable mouse i've ever used. Give or take having a side-button way, way too far up. I guess i'm just not going to use that. But there's also this colossal issue with mine (which i'm hoping is just a defect), where the movement is just not accurate. Sniping small buttons/icons to click on can be annoying (i often miss, or have to struggle to get the cursor on something), and if i simply wiggle the mouse back and forth in a straight line, repeatedly, the cursor gradually (or not so gradually) drifts in various directions, as if it had just had a few too many beers. Any other mouse will have the cursor stay in the same area when doing that, but this one noticeably travels around (i'm hoping it's just mine). Anyone else using this mouse, and noticing this issue? I'm going to have to return it, and, if the accuracy issue turns out to be present in all of them, i naturally won't be getting another one. But i badly want to.

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Microsoft Reveals Mouse 2.0 Prototypes

Isn't it about time our trusty mouse gets a facelift? Microsoft research seems to think so, and has developed five peculiar prototypes deemed as "mouse 2. 0. " Of course, the prototype designs aren't final, and they rather look like dirty old droids pulled out of the sandcrawler trunk by local jawas (that's a star wars: anh reference). But the company's intentions are clear: it's moving into multi-touch computing land using various touch sensing techniques, form factors, and "interactive affordances. "

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Hacking Microsoft Sidewinder X5 Mouse

I recently acquired the microsoft sidewinder x5 mouse and i am in need of some tech wizardry. As you can see from the images in the official link i provided, the mouse has 3 "on-the-fly" dpi switching buttons located behind the mouse wheel. Unfortunately, these 3 buttons are not able to be reassigned to other functions using the provided software (microsoft intellipoint). As a gamer, i would love 3 extra buttons on my mouse that i can reprogram. I have searched high and low on the internet looking for a way to do this and have been unsuccessful. I know this is possible, i just can't figure it out. It most likely requires editing the "commands.xml" file located in "program files>microsoft intellipoint" but that file may as well be written in latin, because i can't figure it out. Any tech wizards out there have a solution for me?

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Dell 1525 Wireless Card For Virgin Mobile Internet Service

Can the internal wireless card of a dell inspiron 1525 be made to work on virgin mobile internet service? Virgin mobile uses sprint networks. Does the internal wifi card of the dell inspiron 1525 support using virgin mobile's new internet feature, im sure it too uses sprint pcs mobile broadband for laptops and internet access.

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Microsoft Mouse Middle Button Is Not Clicking

I've always used logitech mouses but i decided to switch because i like the feel of microsoft's mouses better. Now that i've switched i cant middle click. I can scroll but i cant middle click. I simply want to be able to middle click, sometimes for links to open in a new tab or for 3d. (Need middle click for panning) for some reason, middle click does nothing. Ive been looking in the software settings for the mouse but i dont know what it would be called.

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Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Problem

I purchased the microsoft wireless multimedia keyborad 1. 0a and the microsoft wireless optical mouse package 12/03, and absolutely love the freedom it gives me. Lately however, the keyboard does not respond properly when i depress the keys. I must constantly move the keyboard to a different location (for instance, on my lap) to get the keys to work. I put in fresh duracell coppertop aa batteries, but the results did not change. Both the mouse and keyboard sit on top of my desk, with the mouse to the right of the keyboard. The tramsmitter, which connects to the computer via usb wire, sits under the desk. The mouse works fine. This setup has not changed since 12/03. Since i do a considerable amount of input via the keyboard, this is a major inconvenience.could the keyboard itself be the problem? Any suggestions for resolving this problem? Os is winxp home with service pack 2, piii 1. 2g, 512mb, 80g & 20g hd.

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Cuts Out When Gaming

Its a microsoft wireless keyboard 4000 (4000 or 5000, but im pretty sure its 4000), and it cuts out. Like in a game, if im holding "w" to run, i will just stop. I'll have to let go of the button and re-press it. It gets worse as the batteries die, but even when they are fully charged, it happens often. Nothing wrong with the keyboard when typing though, just gaming . Its a great k/b, the batteries last like 2 months in em. Is it a known problem with this keyboard, or is mine just stuffed? Also (im presuming its stuffed), do you guys know any good, cheap, wireless keyboards, that are reliable? (Preferably logitech or microsoft). If possible, one with a charger so i dont have to always recharge my batteries.

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Logitech V470 Vs Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 Mouse

Should i get the logitech v470 or microsoft bluetooth 5000 mouse? Both are laser and bluetooth.

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Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 1.0a Stopped Working

My microsoft wireless comfort keyboard 1. 0a suddenly stopped working. Same probs with my microsoft wireless optical mouse 2. 0. They came as a set. They just stopped working and i have just replaced the batteries.

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Logitech Mx518 Or Microsoft Razer Habu Gaming Mouse

Im currently looking for a new gaming mouse, and ive narrowed my choice down to 2 gaming mice; the logitech mx518, or the microsoft/razer habu. The difference in price is no concern to me, ive checked prices and theyre about the same. Enlighten me with your wisdom!

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Connecting Wireless B Wireless N Routers, Wep/wpa

I used to use a linksys wireless b router at home with some b adapters. Recently i upgraded the router to a linksys wireless-n router. However, i am too lazy yet to buy the g adapters for upgrading. However, my laptop is equiped with wireless-g adapter and so as one of the desktop at home. Now, i connect everything to the new wireless n router. Perfect. Everything works. The laptop is connected with the router at 54m while the pcs with b adapters are connected at 11m. Since wireless b only support wep and not wpa, so i was using wep all along. On top of that, i read from somewhere that if there is a single pc connecting wirelessly with wireless b, even though some pcs are connected at 54m, they are indeed running at 11m. So here is what i did today. I took out the old wireless b router, connect it with the wireless n router with a network cable. I set the wireless b router address (192. 168. 1. 2) different from the wireless n router address (192. 168. 1. 1). I disabled the wireless b router's dchp, i setup ssid (e.g. Abcd) with the wireless b and a new wep key. At the wireless n router, i use another ssid (e.g. Efgh), enable dchp, and use wpa. And i setup each pcs accordingly. Perfect! Now the pcs with b adapters and connecting with the wireless b router (wep) while the pcs with g adapters are connecting to the wireless n adapters (wpa). Everything works!

Now my question is, in theory, should the pcs with g adapters running at 54m true speed? Please note that the gateway for all pcs are 192. 168. 1. 1, the ip address of the wireless n router.

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Connecting Wireless Gateway To Wireless Access Point

Connect a wireless gateway to a wireless access point. ? I have a actiontec gt724-wg router and a linksys wrt54g gateway. I want to use the linksys to get a connection to the actiontec wirelessly to run other computers in the house, including my ps2.

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Connecting Wireless Access Point To Wireless Bridge

Can i connect a wireless access point to a wireless bridge? How my network is set up right now. I live on a farm. We receive satellite internet at our neighbors house, and the internet is shot over to my house. They have a modem, router, and then bridge it over to my place. There is a router with another bridge halfway. Basically the whole farm is a wireless hotspot. Now the issue is i want to get a better connection in my house, right now it is low -> very low. -Would i be able to get a wireless bridge and connect a wireless access point to the bridge? I don't want to run cables all around my house. -Or can i just get an access point, i do not have a modem or router in my house though. The closest router is approximately 100ft away from my house. -What i want to do is set up an access point in my house. How can i do that without having any wired connection already in place? I know a wireless bridge receives a wireless connection and changes it to a wired connection, so can i run a ethernet cable from a wireless bridge to a wireless access point?

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Connecting Verizon Fios Wireless Internet But Pc Does Not Have Wireless

I have verizon fios wireless internet and i want it to connect to my desktop but my pc doesn't have wireless? Hat should i get for it to have a wireless connection? My pc is a dell dimension e520

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Connecting Wireless Printer Over Wireless Network

How do i connect to a wireless printer over a wireless network? I am using a hp zv6000 trying to connect to a hp c6180 over a wireless network. I am connected to the network that the printer is on. Other computers on the network are able to access the printer, yet when i run the wizard it wont find it. My computer is running xp.

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Connecting Two Wireless Routers As One Wireless Network

How can i connect two wireless routers to function together as one wireless network? Currently i have a wireless bell dsl router (i don't remember the actual router model, but i know it is very limited as to what it could do). This router is connected to the internet and currently all my computers connect wirelessly to this router's wifi network (let's call it network a) to access the internet. I am currently repairing a desktop which does not have wireless functionality. I don't want to purchase a wireless adaptor for this computer or move it closer to the router, one of those will be my last resort. I do have a linksys wrt150-n wireless router that i don't use anymore. That router by default creates it's own wireless network called "linksys". Is there some way to link or bridge the two wireless networks together so that any computer that i connect to the linksys router via ethernet cable will get internet access provided from the bell router?

In the diagram network 1 (blue) and network 2 (red) are not connected. Everything in network 1 can access the internet, nothing in network 2 can. The desktop is in network 2 and cannot access the internet. Somehow i want to wirelessly merge these two networks. I don't want to run an ethernet cable between the two routers, i want them to connect to each other wirelessly.

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Install A 'basic Microsoft Mouse Driver'

I am trying to use a belkin kvm switch to switch between two identical ibm machines. All works well except the mouse. My mouse is ibm usb optical. The kvm only uses ps/2 so i have one of those ps/2 to usb adapter things hooked up to where the mouse "signal" would leave the switch. Belkins support says that the mouse should work, but i may have to install a "basic microsoft mouse driver". Any ideas where to find this? I searched on with no success.

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Connecting Two Wireless Routers

In my home, i have a cable connection. 1 is connected to a linksys wireless router combo, and then to a computer. I also have a pair of laptops connected via wireless. Obviously, this isn't the problem. I have several game systems downstairs, and i would like to connect them to the internet. They don't have the ability to connect via wireless, and i don't want to run a 75 foot cable downstairs. Does anyone know how to connect a second wireless router downstairs, so that it can connect to the first router's network?

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Connecting One Wireless Router To Another

I got two linksys routers- 802. 11 b and g respectively. The g version is what i am currently using to broadcast my wireless. The problem is that the signal is weak upstairs in my room. Can i somehow connect the 802. 11b to the one i am running right now? I mean like through the ethernet cable? I would like to make my connection stronger upstairs. I do have a cable that is long enough. The question is can this be done?

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Dell Wireless Not Connecting

I've never experienced something like this, my wireless will not even scan for networks or anything. I know i have a wireless network working right because another laptop is connected to it, but this laptop suddenly will not connect to it at all, it won't even notice that it's there. It was connected until sometime last night when it sudden disconnected while playing starcraft 2, now i've went over everything i can think of and it still won't even scan for wireless networks. What can i possibly do? It said somewhere the adapter isn't connected. I don't remember ever changing any settings anywhere.

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Wireless Connection Connecting And Disconnecting

A few months a go i upgraded my pc from xp to windows 7, my pc never seems to like windows 7 so after a few months i have gone back to xp. My problem is since going back to xp my computer is connecting and disconnecting from the wireless network every few seconds. My wireless dongle is working perfect in every one elses pc and one of those is on xp. And every one else is connected wirelessly with no problem either. I ant go back to windows 7 as i no longer have the disc, so could my settings be wrong.

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Wireless Network Problems Connecting To Internet On 1 Pc

I am setting up a home network for my friend. I am using the modem/router g(router) by belkin. I have wired everything up. I have attached an ethernet cable from the router to the computer. I have set up the internet connection and security settings on the web interface. Both machines, computer + laptop pick up the network perfectly and both connect to the internet. After a couple of minutes the computer which is connected to the router via an ethernet cable drops the internet connection line but the network is still connected. And for some reason the computer connected to the router via ethernet has to be on for the laptop to connect to the internet which is quite strange. I have wired my own network at home and have never had any problems like this.

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Connecting Hp Computer To Establish Wireless Network

I nee help connecting an older hp computer to an established wireless network? Have an hp desktop that is a few years old with a linksys wireless card that i am trying to connect to a cisco router. Model number 2100. I have used the wireless card and computer a previous residence. My roommates have a mac and are using an apple modem. Now, my computer and wireless card recognize available wireless networks, but when i go to connect to ours, an error message comes up and says its not allowed, but does not ask for a password. It is a locked network. I think whats happening is that since my computer was used previously, the router thinks i am someone trying to hack into the network. Someone told me that my computer needs to be assigned an ip address that the router will allow in, but im not sure if that is the problem and i don't know how to find out what the problem. I am just frustrated because i know people connect older computers to new wireless networks all the time. Oh, we have comcast, but i have already contacted them and they said there is nothing they can do.

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Connecting Desktop And Laptop With Wireless Router

I am trying to hook up a wireless connection between my desktop and laptop. I have an sbc dsl modem on my desktop already and i want to connect it wirelessly to my new laptop. I have a wireless router, but when i tried connecting it to my laptop, the screen read that i need software for it before i can proceed. I didn't receive anything other than the router and telephone line, so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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