Install Printer With Three Computers By A Usb Connection

How to install a printer with three computer by a usb connection? On my main home computer i have the printer stalled & on my other 3 computer it shows up but doesn't print. I set it up with my network, but it says that it couldn't connect.

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Setup Shared Printer Connection Between Two Computers

How do i set up a shared printer connection between the two computers in my home? I recently set up, using a router, a second computer on my internet connection. Now that i have full access to the internet with both computers there will be things i'll want to print out from the newer computer and it would be much more convenient if i could use the same printer for both computers rather than set up a second printer which i don't really have the room for on this desk anyway.

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Share Printer Between 2 Computers Using Usb Switch

I would like to share my home printer between 2 computers, i have heard that i can do this with a usb switch, can anyone give me some more information on these?

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Hp Printer Shuts Down Connection To Usb Share Switch

I have a hp printer that is connected to mine and my collegues dell laptops via a 2 pc; 4 usb share switch, and after a document has been printed the usb connection is terminated. This is frustrating, since the port is used for our broadband modem and it means it just disconnects you from the internet at the same time. I have been on the hp site and found a document that appeared to have the answer using the toolbox function to turn off the bidirectional communication on the hp printer, but the option was grayed out and i was unable to establish whether bidirection communication was active or not. Has anyone come across this problem before?

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2 Computers Connection Using Switch

So i bought a switch, since i have 2 computers in my house. I am unable to set it up. All cables are connected as they should be and they aren't broken. On desktop computer and laptop the ip address and all other settings are same (except the ip address since as far as i know, they need to be different at last 3 numbers). I am unable to connect both computers, the laptop will not connect. Can i get any instructions, did i need to check my settings somewhere?

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Connect Two Computers On One Internet Connection

I have a laptop and a desktop i'm using cox internet and i have a ethernet router. It only has one ethernet slot, but i want to connect both the laptop and desktop to this internet connection. I have tried using other routers to the same connection but that's not working. Is there anyway i can do this for free? I have wireless internet on laptop but i don't want to use other peoples connection around me. Answer:- right now you have a modem, you need a router. A router takes one connection and turns it into many connections. A modem takes the cable coming into the house and allows you to use that connection.

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Share An Internet / Dsl Connection With Couple Of Computers

I would like to share an internet/dsl connection with a couple of computers. I understand i need an internet router for this? Do i just attach the modem to the router and attach the computers to the router too?

The problem is, i was looking at some routers on ebuyer, and it says its perfect for sharing connection on a network, and i just want to share a connection, not set up a network as such.

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Remote Desktop Connection Or Ethernet Crossover For 2 Computers

For managing 2 home computers, what's better: remote desktop connection or ethernet crossover? Basically, which connection is more stable, or faster, or is there any advantage of one over the other. Distance (in terms of cable), is not a major concern, so both are possible. I just want to control two trusted home pcs under one monitor/keyboard combo. Or are splitters another option? Which would you choose?

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Install Router To Work With Dsl Connection

How to install a router to work with my dsl connection? Ok so i just bought a linksys router , but how on earth do i install it and make it work? Will i need to be on the phone with the verizon for like hours?

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Connect Two Computers To One Printer

How do you connect two computers to one printer? I have two dell desk top computers and one hp printer that has a ethernet port but cannot print.

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Connect Two Computers To 1 Printer

How do you connect two computers to one lexmark printer?

Many times, you may need to connect more than one computer to a single printer. This can happen either in the case of home based businesses with various groups or even in regular offices with many users involved. Tips to connect 2 computers to one printer. While going about connecting 2 computers to one printer, you need to follow a few steps to ensure the process is smooth and hassle-free. Here we outline some of these basic steps: http://bit. Ly/a27nr2

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Connect Printer To Two Computers

How i connect a printer to two computers? Two home computers. The printer is connected to an xp computer directly. The other computer is vista and i can't seem to get it connected to the printer. Any help?

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Connect Three Computers To One Printer

How to use a switch to connect three computers and one printer to be used by all computers? No file sharing?

Answer:- this is easy if the printer already has a network port. Just put it on the local network with the pcs, configure each pc separately to work with the printer and the printer will take care of refereeing which jobs get printed in which order. If that's a usb printer, activating print sharing is the easiest/fastest means to share the printer. One computer (which must be left on) runs the printer and the other pcs send their print jobs to the key pc. Other options include getting a small print server device (connects the printer's usb cable to the network) but that can be somewhat difficult to get working smoothly.

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One Printer To Two Computers - Db25 Parallel

I have a laser printer with parallel db25 hookup that needs to go to two computers with parallel db25. The computers cannot be upgraded with usb. I cannot use a parallel switch-box because they don't work with laser printers. The computers cannot have nic cards so i cannot use ethernet/print server. Basically neither the computers or the printer have or can be upgraded to usb. Is there a way to share this printer between these two computers using only db25 cables or db25 to usb cables?

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Share Hp 712c Printer Between Two Computers

How can i share an hp 712c printer between two side by side computers? One computer has a vista operating system and one has a windows xp home edition, i am going to connect a d-link router, not wireless, tomorrow. I also have a speedstream 5100 modem that i am also going to connect tomorrow with ethernet cables between the two systems. My question is, will this work? I don't have a vista compatible printer. I obviously do not know how these things work together. Any explanation you can provide will help.

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Connect Printer Wirelessly Between Computers

I have two laptops. Both of them are wireless. It is connected wirelessly through a wireless router. My printer is connected with my laptop a, and i wanna know if i can use it with laptop b. I did all the "network and sharing" thing and when i look for it on my network, the printer shows up. The problem is, i can't connect to the printer. I could see it, but when i click on it, it says "windows cannot connect to the printer. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and that the printer is connected to the network. " What's wrong? What am i doing wrong?

I thought i could use a printer like this, because i've done similar but i guess you can'?

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Internet Printer Disconnecting Computers

I have 7 computers connected to my internet printer. I recently purchased another network printer that i was going to connect as an internet printer like the other. Both are hp p2035n printers. The very second i plug the ethernet cable into the second printer, all 7 of my computers lose their internet connection. Can somebody explain this to me, and what i can do to fix this. I need this second computer asap. Also, my first internet printer (the one that works) gets an internal ip when i check it's connection, but when i plug the second in (after the other computers lose their connection) the new printer shows an external ip.

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Usb Kvm Switch For Connecting Two Computers

I'm wanting to get a decent, but cheap kvm switch. Any recommendations? It needs to be an usb one and its for connecting only two computers. I've been looking at the belkin switch2 one, but i have no idea about them so i don't know if its any good.

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Printer Software Cd Into More Computers

I have a hp deskjet f4400 series printer, will the software cd download into more than one computer? I have 2 computers that both need to be able to print things, can i download the cd software into both of them and have them both print to the same printer?

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Remote Desktop Connection To Connect To Remote Computers

Recently i heard about remote desktop connection, what is it, is it useful to connect to remote computers running edition of windows 2000?

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Network Computers Cannot Print To Both Trays On Lexmark Printer

Why can't network computers print to both trays on my lexmark platinum pro905? I work in a billing office. We sit in kind of pairs where 2 people share a printer and there are 2 printers. Both of the people whose printer is plugged into their computer can print to both trays. But the "network" computers can only print to one tray. One can only print to tray 1 and the other can only print to tray 2. Weird! It doesn't make since! 2 different computers printing to different trays? Has anyone had this problem or can anyone tell me how to fix it?

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Usb External Hard Drive Front Panel Usb Connection Problem

I have a usb connection external hard drive. It works perfectly and is detected in computer 2 and 3 starts to detect it but stops and says there it might have problems working perfectly. And no drive letter shows in computer 2 & 3. But computer 1 reads it shows it. All 3 computers have win xp pro and all 3 computers detect and show all other usb devices with no problems. This issue here is with the front panel usb connection on all cases. Not the back. Anyone here have a solution?

It's a 2. 5 travelstar hitachi ide hard drive in an enclosure case.

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Usb Drive To Play Downloaded Movies On Xbox Via Usb Connection

Could i use a one terabyte usb drive to play downloaded movies on my xbox via a usb connection? I've used my 320 gb external drive on my xbox 360. I don't know if 1tb drives work, you can try. Edit: make sure the drive is fat32, the xbox cannot read ntfs (ironically).

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Using Kvm Switch To Connect Two Computers To Share Usb Flash Drive

Is there a kvm switch that connects two computers & can share a usb flash thumb drive &monitor&mouse, keyboard? It would be best if the kvm switch can adapt to one vga and one dvi cable.

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How To Install Hp Printer ?

I have win xp on my computer. Can anyone tell me how do i install hp printer on my computer?

Answer:- plug the hp network printer into your network hub or router using an ethernet cable. Depending on the hp model and your router, you may also be able to use a usb. - Install the hp printer setup cd into your computer's optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers and utilities. - Click on "start, " "control panel, " "hardware & sound" and "printers. "

- Click "add a printer" and select "add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer. "

- Follow the instructions to add a printer wizard on-screen instructions to complete the hp network printer setup. - You can also try the hp network printer install wizard (see resources for link). - Test the printer connection by printing a test page. Click on "start, " "control panel, " "hardware and sound" and "printers. " Right-click on the network printer and click "properties. " In the "general" tab, click "print test page. "

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Lexmark Printer Install

I plug in the printer and the wizard window pops up and ask to install i don't have a disk so i click (automatically) and it says it can't find the hardware what else can i do ?

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Install Hp C4780 Printer

Unable to install hp 4780? How to reinstall hp printer?

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How To Install Lexmark Printer ?

I want to switch my dell printer to a lexmark printer for which i don't have a driver. I will download it. What are the exact steps i need to take to install this printer and get it working?. The ink is cheaper. Do i have to uninstall my dell printer driver first or can i keep it there.

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Install Printer Without Cd Drive

I just got a little hp mini notebook, and it doesn't have a cd drive, so i can't insert a disk to install a printer. How can i print?

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Install Lexmark Printer Without Cd

How do you install a lexmark printer on your computer without a cd?

Visit the lexmark website and download the driver package from there, you'll need to know the model of your printer and which operating system you are using:

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