Connect Vga Monitor To Ati Radeon 5830 Graphics Card

How can i connect a vga monitor to ati radeon 5830 graphics card? I noticed that there are 2 hdmi output and 1 dvi output. No vga. But a trip to the website said something like: integrated vga output, max resolution: 2048x1536, do i need some kind of adapter?

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Connect Ati Radeon Hd 5830 And 5970 In Crossfire

Can you connect an ati radeon hd 5830 and a 5970 using crossfire? I have an xfx ati radeon hd 5830 hdmi 1gb graphics card and id like to know if i can connect it to another graphics card like ati radeon 5850 or 5870 or even 5970 using crossfire or can i only have 2x radeon 5830's. And an additional question: is 2x 5830's better than one 5870?

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Will Ati Radeon Hd 5830 Fit In Aerocool Vx-r Case ?

Will a ati radeon hd 5830 fit in a aerocool vx-r pc case? If not please advise a cheap gaming case it would fit in.

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Ati Radeon X1950 Pro Graphics Card Problem

I have a iceq3 his x1950pro 512mb pci-e video card that i just bought last week. My power supply is 400w and 20a. After i play a game for 20mins, little squares come up all over the screen! And then the computer locks up and either resets or gives me the blue screen! Im not sure why? Ive tried different drivers, but it doesn't seem to fix it.could it be my power supply or is this a problem with the video card? Or are the drivers im getting bad?

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Connecting Two Monitors With Ati Radeon 3100 Graphics Card

Can i connect two monitors with a ati radeon 3100 graphics card? I want dual monitors, i tried connecting one monitor into the vga port and the other monitor using a dmi converter into the second port. I am running win7, 64bit, amd phenom ii (x4) chip. But only the vga monitor comes on and not the second one. How can i make this work?

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Laptops With Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 4530 Graphics Card

I have been operating a laptop for over a year with a good graphics and video display capability. (Though i think this is better than many around and a distance above this price because the screen display has been created really well. ) My current machine has an ati radeon 3200 graphics card. However, the machine was poorly conceived as it runs far too slow to do anything worthwhile with the very good quality images or videos it can display on its 786p widescreen 15. 6 monitor. This machine i have is an acer 5535 (2 ghz, 4 gb ram, amd turion x2 dual core - rm70 - 1 mb l2 cache). It is a a budget laptop, at the original price around the higher end of the budget market (550 in uk) though the prices came down after that, as with many laptops. For a budget model, the display capabilities are pretty excellent, but veering quite definitely towards pretty pointless because the machine has the video and app. Processing capabilities to play dvds and that's more or less it. Streaming even 720p video from the web is going to work in a watchable frames per second mode for seconds only - then its pausing, stuttering, jerking, frankly most often as good as crashing. It's impossible. It even does this with 480p on enough occasions. 1080p is, as would be suspected by now, just about out of the question. Once or twice i got good 1080p - for around 25 seconds, and the display was really lovely, much nicer than 720p even on a 768p display resolution. But never again, and the thing is nearly a year and a half old now - that's a long time for possibilities to get 1080p going. As early home 1080p camcorder files are huge and mine are already compressed as they're made and need a good processor to play them well therefore, the machine has great difficulty. Editing in a hd video editor application is nearly impossible. The chances of seeing anything resembling the video being made in the preview screen (even selected very low quality preview) are beyond slim. That's not utterly terrible, as you can inch on the timeline frame by frame and use your head with the timings to get some idea of how the thing will look, rendering every so often (night time, because it will consume everything) to see. But really the machine can't even manage the editing app. - It freezes more often. So that's how it is with what i the machine that i guessed beforehand might just about work reasonably half the time with hd video. So i want a new machine without spending much money. One machine i am looking at seems really good value (2. 7 ghz, 15. 6 wide-screen, 768p, 4 gb ram amd turion chip, 2 mb cache. ) The machine i may be interested in is: hp pavilion dv6-2115sa

The only thing is the graphics card is ati mobility radeon hd 4530

I am reading reports of this graphics card as being pretty bad - experts are saying that it is really low resolution, poor detail. Official graphics card review sites are defining the radeon 4530 as only a budget chip. One description of the radeon hd 4530 card goes: "lower end of graphics cards for users who want to play games. New games should run on these cards, but only with decreased details and mediocre resolution. "

Please, i want to know only from people who have experience of a laptop which has this graphics card. Otherwise, comment would not be appreciated - please don't just let me know you have read the kinds of things i have already read. Should i consider this card, with my interest in video and film and video creation?

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Intel Hd Graphics Card Vs Ati Mobility Radeon 5470 1gb

Intel hd graphics card vs ati mobility radeon 5470 1gb for college laptop? Ok so i'm getting a laptop for college, and i can't decide whether i want to pay the extra 100 or 150 to upgrade from and intel hd graphics card to ati radeon. I won't be gaming on this laptop. I will be watching a lot of videos probably however, so that is making me consider getting the upgrade. Would this be a good idea or no? Just to repeat, i wont be playing video games on it, just watching videos

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Second Ati Graphics Card For Third Monitor

I have been running two monitors from a radeon x700 pci-e graphics card and a rdx200 cf-dr motherboard. I have now bought a third monitor and an x1650 pro pci-e graphics card, plugged the card into the second pci-e slot. I have also installed the drivers. Nothing is happening. Windows xp does not seem to be noticing the second card at all. Can anyone sugest anything that i can try to get things working. I don't want to do anything to fancy, just be able to use all three monitors.

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Connect Compaq 1024 Monitor To Ati Radeon Hd 5970

Can i connect my compaq 1024 color monitor to a ati radeon hd 5970 graphics card? The monitor is a little older. This is the specs on it:

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Ati Graphics Card Conflict With Ati Tuner Card

I purchased an ati tv wonder elite (it's a pci tv tuner card) when i install the card in my computer, and press the power on button, the computer makes a "triple beep" noise and my monitor (which is hooked up to the x850 card) will not display, as if there is no signal going to it. If i remove the tv tuner card and reboot, all is fine. I was in the abit forums on abit's site, and someone suggested that maybe the computer was confused, and that it looked at the pci card as the display card and that was causing the error. They suggested i go into the bios (scary for someone of my technical ability; re: not too good) and check to see if the computer was set to look at the agp slot or pci slot as the display default. I poked around and found that the computer was set to look at the agp slot first, so that wasn't the problem. Question is 2-fold:
1) what are those 3-beeps trying to say to me?
2) it can't be a driver issue, becuase the 3-beep error happens, literally, right after
I hit the power button. Fan starts warring, then "beep, beep beep"

What does this mean?

Computer specs:

Os: windows media 2005
Manufacturer: monarch computers
Motherboard: av8-3rdeye via k8t800 939

Processor: amd 64 fx-55
Memory: 2gb corsair 3200
Graphics: ati x850 xt plantium e

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Radeon 9200 128 Meg Graphics Card Is Slower Than Radeon 9000 64 Meg

I have just purchased a radeon 9200 128meg grafix card and it is slower than my 64meg 9000. I am running a gigabyte p4 titan motherboard, 768megs ddr 266 ram, windows xp pro, 1. 7gig p4 celeron chip. What is wrong?

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Ati 5770 Vs 5830 Vs 5850

Firstly, no nvidia answers, i am looking for a dx11 card and nvidia's dx11 cards are crap. Have been looking at buying one of these cards to keep my pc going until the 6000 series comes out. Currently using a 9800gt which is starting to go and isn't really great at keeping up with the latest games (bad company 2, all points bulletin, sc:conviction, etc). Have been putting a lot of thought into getting a 5770, 2 reasons. My current psu is only 450w and the 5770 requires a 450w psu, any higher and i would need to spend an extra 50 on a new one; and secondly i play at 1440x900 and from what i have read a 5770 will be all i need. 5830 is in the high end of my budget (around 180 average) and it seems pointless to buy the card when the 5850 is only a little more. Currently using an e7300 @ 3. 20ghz but i am upgrading to a q6600 and probably oc it to around 3. 6ghz. The main card i am looking to get is the sapphire 5770 vapor-x edition and with my q6600 i will mainly be playing apb and bfbc2. Some dx11 fps ratings would be useful, mainly at 60fps constant

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Which Radeon Graphics Card Can Be Compared With Geforce 9600gt?

Which radeon graphics card can a geforce 9600gt (1gb) be compared to?

Answer:- difficult to say as the price-performance ratio from ati differs a lot compared to nvidia cards. Are you looking for something in the same price range? If so, the performance of a ati card cannot be compared with a nvidia card. The 9600gt will have 64 stream processors, a core clocked at 650mhz, an effective memory speed of 1800mhz 1024mb ddr3 dx10 256bit interface. For example: here are the specs of a ati hd5770 from about $130 (less than the price of a 9800gt a while ago). 800 stream processors, a core clocked at 1250mhz, an effective memory speed of 4800mhz, 1024mb ddr5, dx11 128bit interface. The hd5770 is not hard to get and fairly priced, it should be a good replacement. If you are looking for more bang for the same price as the 9800gt used to be, look at the hd5830 or hd5850. The hd 5830 will have 1120 stream processors, a core clocked at 800 mhz, an effective memory speed of 4000mhz, 1024mb, ddr5, dx11, 256bit! Interface.

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Radeon 9250 Agp 128mb Graphics Video Card Not Working

I have just installed a radeon 9250 agp 128mb graphics video card in my pc. However, the card does is not recognized by xp and subsequently does not work at all. I have made sure the card is inserted properly as far as i can, and i'm confident that all leads are secure, however, when i plug the monitor in, all i get is a blank screen. I know the monitor is not at fault, as when i plug it back into my onboard graphics - the monitor display works. I have tried disabling my on-board graphics via bios, but this makes no difference. Incidentally, i have also looked for the new graphics card via my linux partition, and it does not even show up there.

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Geforce 8600gt 256mb / Radeon X1950pro 512mb, Graphics Card Advice

I want to add a graphics card (i'm using onboard right now) and wanted a bit of advice. I have been recommended several graphics cards but wanted to know which would be the optimum one to get before my cpu starts bottlenecking any performance gained from the card. Here are the following i've been recommended:

-Geforce 8600gt 256mb
-Geforce 8600gts 256mb
-Radeon x1950pro 512mb

My next upgrade will be another gig stick of ddr2 ram but for now a graphics card will probably benefit me the most as i use my pc for specifications:

Amd athlon 3200+ 2. 00ghz
1gig ddr2 ram
Pci express, agp

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Put A Separate Ati Or Nvidea Graphics Video Card Into Laptop

I built my first pc not long ago (in no small part to many of you and your posts). I am fully converted and would never purchase a pre-built one again. Now i am on to laptops. There i am not sure what options i have. Not long ago i purchase one that has an intel graphics media accelerator x3100 but i wanted to put a separate ati or nvidea graphics card into it. Are laptops as simple as desktops. Meaning can i just pop in open and plug a graphics card in or am i stuck with what i have?

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Connect Ps3 To Vga Monitor

How can i connect my ps3 to a vga monitor? I was wondering how i can connect it without buying that 20 cable, can i just connect with a simple hdmi to vga cable which is only 3? Or are there any other ways which don't cost as much as buying the 20 cable?

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Connect Monitor And Projector In One Vga Out

How can i connect monitor and projector in one vga out i have only one in my cpu is there is a connector for to? Im asking if there is a connector for one.

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Using Vga To Connect Laptop To Monitor

I'm using a macbook pro, and i have a minidisplay to vga adapter, and i'm buying a 22-inch vga/dvi display. My question is, will everything look/act okay on the external display if i'm using a vga? I've heard mixed reports about video quality, etc.

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Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Card Compatibility

So the other day i had many power surges where i live and the next morning when i woke up i could not get any video at all. At the time i was using two sli cards in my evga nforce 680i sli board so i assumed the cards were shot. Anyway i got a great deal on and ati radeon hd 3870 x2 card, it arrived and i plugged it in to no avail. Blank screen. After some more research i came to the conclusion that it was not my video cards that went out but my slots on the board themselves cause the old cards worked fine when i tried them in my friends board, and they are recognized in device manager on my board as well. The new ati card will not show up in device manager and i get no display from it. I contacted where i got the card from originally thinking maybe it was a bad card and was sent another as replacement. Same thing, no video. Im not trying to run the 2 ati cards in crossfire as i know this is an sli board but i still would like to have one running as i am currently using a 4mb agp card which limits me to practically nothing. Are these ati cards compatible with this motherboard, i have updated to the latest bios btw.

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Ati Radeon 9600 No Signal To Monitor

I've had this computer for 3 years now and haven't had a single problem with it yet. It was built by ibuypower. It came with the ati radeon 9600 already installed and worked for three solid years. I ran this computer and another computer on a kvm switch which allowed me to use one monitor keyboard and mouse for 2 computers. This also worked for quite some time before i stopped using the switch. Today, after my computer with the ati card updated windows xp, it restarted and now i can't even get it to show anything on the monitor. Everything still runs on the computer, all the leds inside the case still work, all the connections are tight, there just isn't a display on the monitor. What i've tried: i've tried rebooting into safe mode (don't understand how that could have worked because i can't see anything from the time i turn my computer on up to the time i try to reboot it) but no luck. I've tried removing the video card and cleaning the fan (fan still runs when it is in and computer is on) i've hooked up the monitor to a different computer and it worked fine, so it's not the monitor having problems. I've tried multiple restarts.

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Upgrade Ati Radeon X800-xt Pe Video Card

I currently have an ati radeon x800-xt platinum edition. It worked awesome for the past few years, but now ive been having some trouble on my computer and assume i need a new card. For one, i cannot play 720p videos i download on my computer, as it makes the image jumpy and the audio sync goes out of whack. I have tried every possible codec for this, so i have to assume its my video card (i also have 3gigs ram and a brand new yummy audio card so it shouldn't be those i dont think). Also, as far as i can tell, the damn thing in all its awesomeness has only shader version 2. 0, which means that newer pc games cant really be played on it. I am already in the process of building a new computer, so the question is, if i need to upgrade my graphics card, what card should i be looking into that will allow me to play newer pc games on pretty high settings, and if you dont think that the 720p video ability is due to my graphics card, what is?

And i do want to specify that if i do upgrade, i am not a 'fanboy' of amd / ati / nvidia and dont really care which to go with, just whatever will be best for the best deal. I will be buying a new mb to go with whatever graphics card i may upgrade to.configurations:-
Windows xp
2. 67 gigahertz intel pentium 4
Asustek computer inc. P4s800d-x rev 1. Xx motherboard
3gb of system memory (it was very cheap 2 years ago, probably not the best)
Razer barracuda ac-1 gaming audio card

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Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 3650 Video Card

My video card is an ati mobility radeon hd 3650 and i've been having some issues with my laptop shutting off the last year or so. I contacted dell and they told me that the card isn't good enough to support the games i'm playing and that's the problem. However, this just doesn't seem right to me. I know the card isn't the greatest, but my laptop will shut off during games such as warcraft 3 or even flash based games. I just bought starcraft 2 and the game automatically defaults its settings to high graphics which seems weird. Lord of the rings online does the same thing as well. When i hit adjust to system specs it goes to ultra high graphics. Starcraft 2 runs perfectly fine on my laptop along with all the other games. Sometimes i'll be able to play the games all night and sometimes it'll shut off after an hour. I have a studio 17 laptop with 3 gbs of ram, intel core 2 duo cpu t5850 @ 2. 16ghz 2167 mhz, and dell bios a05. Is dell right on this or is there a deeper problem they are avoiding? It shouldn't be the system overheating because i have it on a cooling mat but the power supply does get pretty warm.

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Connect Xbox To Monitor Using Vga, Dvi, Or Composite ?

Since i don't have an hdmi xbox, should i connect it to my monitor using the vga, dvi, or composite? Which is the best quality?

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Dual Monitor With Ati Radeon Xpress 200

I have an ati radeon xpress 200 onboard video card and a ati 3d rage pro pci that i want to run dual monitors on using xp. I can only get one card to work at a time. In my bio the only option i see is to choose onboard, pci, or pci-e. If i select the onboard video it will detect the pci one, but not start it. If i pick the rage 3d it only detects it.

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Ati Radeon X1600 Pro Video Card Problem

I have an ati radeon x1600 pro video card and lately i've been experiencing video problems when i play cod4. The video is "jumpy" similar to when you get lag. I'm getting 90+ fps all the time and my cpu temp is between 38-40 c, so i know can't be lag. I updated the video card drivers and the wireless router is not the problem either. I scanned my computer for viruses and spyware last night and nothing harmful was found. I thought it could be my antivirus but i just uninstalled it and i still have the problem. Is the video card dying? Any ideas or solutions?

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Ati Radeon 2600 Pro Agp Card Installation

I just got a ati radeon 2600 pro agp card for my pc. I've followed the instructions in the manual for setup yet it isn't working, can anyone guide me how to properly install this card better then the manual?

Some specs if you need:

-Windows xp home
-Amd duron processor
-400 watt psu
-2 gigs of ram

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Connect Mac Mini To Lcd Monitor With Vga Connection

Can a mac mini connect to a standard lcd monitor with a vga connection? Or do i need some type of converter?

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Ati Radeon 9550 256mb Dual Monitor Setup

I have a sis motherboard that has only 1 agp slot, and 3 pci slots. I have 2 agp cards (one is currently installed, other sitting in a box), it's an ati radeon 9550 256 mb card with 2 plugs on the back (one monitor is plugged in and running), not sure if they are dvi or vga, but i think my current monitor is plugged into the vga. What i want to know is, do i absolutely have to have 2 video cards? If so, i only have one agp slot, what do i have to buy?

Can i use an adapter to plug the 2nd monitor into the dvi?

Any way to use the original monitor plug with one, and leave the other with my ati?

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Ati Radeon Hd 5870 Crossfirex With 1600x900 Monitor Display

Do you recommend ati radeon hd 5870 crossfirex to a 1600x900 monitor display? Well, only one thing matters when you're wondering whether or not this graphics card will work with that monitor is the amount of ram (known as vram) in the graphics card. But trust me, two 5870's will have more than enough vram on your graphics card. Just make sure you're are getting a very high end amd processors at least. But i would recommend a mid-range to high-end i7 processor so there is no bottle-necking the graphics (that's where a certain part isn't able to use its full potential because of another part. An example of a bottleneck is the two 5870's paired up with a sempron processor, idk any idiot who would do that, but that an example of extreme bottle-necking). I'm not sure what graphics card you have but theoretically, with to radeon hd 5870's, you could run up to 6 monitors with the 5xxx series eyefinity feature. It would be pretty awesome to run 6 monitors at a time!

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