Monitor Supports Higher Than Max Resolution

My monitor supports a max res of 1280x1024 but i went into the advanced timing section and managed 1500x1100 and it looks just fine is it safe to run the monitor like this or will it cause issues?

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Connect Laptop At Higher Resolution To Monitor Or 1080p Tv

Can a 15" laptop with 1280x768 connect at higher res to a big monitor or 1080p tv? I bought at 18" laptop with 1080p. It connects well to my 46" 1080p tv via hdmi (playing blu-ray disks). And it connects well with my 21" monitor at 1050. (It wont try to go above the native res of my monitor-as if my monitor is telling the laptop what its max resolution is. )

But the laptop is very heavy, and i would mostly use it hooked up to a monitor or tv. I'm thinking of returning it and getting a 15" laptop with the same specs, including the video card. But the laptop can only go to 768. But there is this 'projection only' mode that i'm guessing could go as high as either my tv or my monitor (even if it can display it on my laptop screen). What do you think? Will the 15" perform as well as the 18" when connected? Or will it constantly object to being driven at higher resolutions? (Like - what will happen when i disconnect from the monitor and its being driven at above its 'native' resolution. )

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Getting Higher Resolution Monitor, Should I Upgrade My Cpu Or Video Card ?

My system is in my sig. I am planning on getting a larger monitor and going from 1680x1050 to 1920x1200. I know its not that much of a differance but i also have enough money to also get either a cpu (phenom ii 955) or a new video card (radeon 5770). About the only games i play is world of warcraft, burnout paradise, and battlefield 2, and 2142. Which would be the best for me to get, the video card or cpu?

Not that it really matters but i plan on getting the samsung t260hd.

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Screen Resolution Problem Higher Than 1024x768

I am setting up a new machine for some1. The video card is a quadro 370 w/ 256 mb of ram. It default at 1024x768

When i move it to any higher resolution, it doesn't show the entire vertical screen, rather, i have to scroll the mouse and the entire screen moves with it. So as i scroll down, i can see the start bar. Has any1 seen anything like this? And how do you fix this?

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Hp Psc 1350 Scanning At Higher Resolution

Is there a way of scanning at 3600dpi or higher resolution with an hp psc1350? I would like to scan an image at 3600dpi or higher, but i keep getting told that i don't have enough disk space. How much is needed for this kind of scanning? Any recommendations? I'm running a new macbook pro 2. 66ghz with 4gb 1067 mhz ddr3. Surely this is enough to cope?

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Cannot Run Screen At Max Resolution

The max resolution of my acer 22' is 1680 x 1050, but instead it only lets me choose from: 1440x900 to 1600x1200. Does this mean the panel can actually run at 1600x1200 (which it seems to be doing), or i should try to figure out why its not running at its native max res. Its running on a 8800gt

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Dvi Kvm Switch Max Resolution Support

I need to purchase a new kvm that will support dual dvi connectors. I have been looking at a couple of startech switches. It seems that the max resolution that is supported is only 1280x1024. Since i am using my 22in flat panel at 1680x1050, is there a kvm that will support that resolution? Or can i get away with what i've been looking at? Any thoughts?

Here's one of the switches:

I should also mention that i'd like to get a 4 port switch.

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Max Eye Candy And Frame Rate Vs. High Resolution

I like a single video card that can max out every game (even crysis) on a resolution of 1680 x1050 and with frame rate of over 60. People often get high end cards (or even do sli/crossfire) for high resolution monitor but for me what is important is being able to turn every features on max (max aa, etc. ) But getting excellent frame rate at only a resolution of 1680 x 1050. When the high resolution is taken out of the equation, what would be the quietest, single, smallest form factor card that i can get?

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Higher Ram Or Higher Processor For Mobile Phone?

Im trying to find out which is better to buy for a mobile phone that has a higher ram or a higher processor? Can you please help me? My first choice was the 5630 express music, but its no longer available in our place, so im trying to find what phone has similar features with that model. These are my choices:

-Nokia 5630 (60 mb storage, 128 mb ram w/ 600 mhz processor) -> was my first choice

-Nokia e55 (60 mb without ram with 600 mhz processor)

-Nokia 5530 (70 mb storage, 128 mb sdram w/ 434 mhz processor)

-Nokia 5800 express music (81 mb storage, 128 mb ram with 434 mhz processor)

I need to know which is better, higher processor without ram or with ram but lower processor?

*** Im more on mobile browsing and texting. Not really particular with the sound and camera. So please help me which is suitable for my lifestyle.

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Cannot Set Monitor Resolution To Native

I'm using vista 32bit and everythings working fine at 1920x1200. I come back the next day and it wont let me go past 1600x1200. Ive tried lots of different drivers. What else can i do?

Gpu: 4870x2
Monitor: w2600h

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Dell Ultrasharp Monitor Resolution

I just installed the dell 2005fpw ultra sharp lcd monitor with a dimension e510. In the setup instructions, dell really emphasizes the need to set the display resolution to 1680 x 1050 for optimal performance - so i did. When watching streaming video or dvd movies at that resolution, the sharpness & clarity of the images is outstanding - very desirable, like hdtv. However, when set this way, the displayed images for all of the other typical applications (like email, web browsing, word processor, etc. ) Is unacceptable for my aged vision & preferences. In particular, the fonts become so tiny that they're difficult to read without some magnification. Up until now, i have always used 800 x 600 resolution which provides decent sized fonts for easy reading. My question: is it possible to set the computer/monitor so the best of both worlds can be had? In other words, i would like the font size to be like the 800 x 600 pixel setting for every day applications. However, when viewing video or dvd movies the resolution would be like the 1680 x 1050. I tried various font sizes & some of the advanced property settings in the desktop menu, but have not found any combination that works. When the fonts used by windows are enlarged, they remain tiny in my (mozilla firefox) web browser & (thunderbird) email. I would really appreciate some direction here. Although i've been using & tinkering with computers for more than 10 years, this is my first experience with display resolution.

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Starlogic Monitor Resolution Problems

I got a cheap monitor for my grandma brand name "starlogic". The max resolution in the manual is 1440x900. Windows is not giving me an option in display properties for this resolution. It goes directly from 1400x1050 to 1600x900. Currently im running on 1600x900 and everything is horizontally "compressed" what gives?

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Monitor Turns Off When I Change Resolution

I have a emachine eview 15s monitor and when i play age of empires 3 with it it will just turn the monitor off. Does anybody have an idea on how to fix this?

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Lg Flatron W2234s Monitor Resolution

What is the best screen resolution for my 22. 5" lg flatron w2234s computer monitor? I was doing something and it just got messed it zoomed in a lot i know how to fix it but i don't now how to set it like it was before ( default resolution)

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Dell In1910n Monitor Resolution

How to update a monitor resolution on a dell in1910n 18. 5' flat panel monitor? I am currently using a dell in191n 18. 5' flat panel monitor. The current resolution is 1024x768. It is suppose to have a resolution of 1366x768. And other features:
1000:1 contrast ratio
250 nits brightness
Vga input

I am trying to figure out how to change the resolution to its normal 1366x768 resolution but i can't. It is wide and makes everything look wide and flat. Especially my pictures. What do i need to do?

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Correct Resolution For A 19 Inch Widescreen Monitor

What screen resolution do i use for a 19 inch widescreen?

Before i had a regular sized screen i think 17 inch, and i had it on 1280x1024. I want to correctly scale it up to my new monitor, i want to try and have the same pixels to inch ratio (as close as possible) just with more pixels on my screen

Right now i have it on 1440x900 but it feels kind of weird (maybe im just not used to the widescreen expierence) edit: bassicaly id like to keep the same height, the height shrunk abuot 100 pixels and i think thats whats causing the weirdness. Btw my video card is an ati pci-express (i forget the model) and im using the dvi port thing.

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Monitor Appears As Hdtv - Resolution Problem

I'm having a problem. I have a hannspree hf257 that, when connected with hdmi to dvi-d cable instead of the analog cable, ati ccc reads it as an hdtv instead of a digital panel, thus *** up resolution changes. Any way to force ccc to read it as a monitor? I've tried everything i can think of.

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S-video Resolution On Dual Monitor Setup

I have an inno3d nvidia geforce4 ti4200 (agp 8x , 128mb ddr). It has a vga port and an s-video output, but no digital output. I'm considering buying an lcd/tv monitor (as a second monitor) and using the s-video connection to setup a dual monitor system. My concern is resolution when using s-video. The inno3d website says:

Optional tv-output support 1024x768 / 800 x 600 resolution

What do you guys think? Will i get a crisp 800 x 600 resolution using s-video input (assuming that the lcd/tv is decent)?

Also, i'm using windows 2000. Will i need to upgrade to xp in order to get dual monitor functionality?

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Dell E193fpc Monitor Resolution Problem

My dell monitor e193fpc cannot show at proper resolution. I got a replacement (used) dell computer and had to temporarily use a very old, large monitor that could only show resolution of 640x480 at 16 bit color quality. Now that i have my 19" flatscreen, it is showing at the same size and resolution. I cannot find a driver that my computer recognizes from the dell website. Does anyone know what i may be doing wrong?

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Dell In1910n Monitor Resolution Not Supporting

What should i do if my graphics card doesn't support 1366*768 resolution for my dell in1910n monitor? I use a intel(r) 82915g/gv/910gl express chipset

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Dual Monitor Resolution Not Compatible Problem

I have a samsung syncmaster 943 (19") and a benq t720 (17") dual monitor set up. Monitor one is the "generic pnp monitor on standard vga graphic adapter" and second monitor is the "generic pnp monitor on nvidia geforce pcx 5900". I'm using windows 7 ultimate professional. Everything is working perfectly, apart from the fact my 1st monitor resolution is set on 1024 x 768 but my problem is the fact that the incorrect driver is installed. If i update my driver for that monitor on windows update, everything works fine for monitor one, but monitor 2 then says something about "resolution 1360 x 768 not compatible on 60htz" and on monitor 1 a message pops up saying "your system has no multiple monitor support" and "windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". So then obviously i have to do a system restore so i can use my dual monitors again. Can anyone help out? I read somewhere that dual monitors have to use the same drivers but if i do that, it still doesn't help. Any suggestions?

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Using Nvidia 6600gt Card With Monitor Having 1680x1050 Resolution

I have the nvidia 6600gt card. The highest resolution in the settings goes to 1280x1024. My new monitor thats on ordered has a native res of 1680x1050. Will the 6600gt read that resolution once i plug in the new monitor.

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Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Monitor Resolution Problem

How do i get my laptop display to offer the optimum 1600 x 900 resolution for my samsung wide screen monitor? I have a compaq presario c700 laptop with an extra monitor - the samsung syncmaster 2033sw (a 20'' widescreen monitor), running windows vista. The optimum resolution for this monitor is 1600 x 900, but neither the regular display settings nor the intel(r) graphics media accelerator driver will offer me this combination. The closest options i get are 1280 x 960 or 1600 x 1200, and both of these look terrible. I have installed samsung's driver, and tried restarting a few times, and nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

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Disable Optimum Resolution Feature On Samsung Monitor

Can i disable the "optimum resolution" feature on my samsung monitor? I have a samsung syncmaster 2033bw 24" monitor and an nvidia 9800gt graphics card. Every time i open up a game that doesn't have a resolution of at least 1600 x 1200 my monitor will pop-up with a little window in the middle of the screen telling me "it is not currently an optimum resolution. Recommended resolution is: 1920 x 1200. "

Of course, because the game is so old, there just isn't a resolution so high. Even so the monitor eventually just goes into a "stand-by" mode which just leaves me with a blank screen until i alt + tab out of the game. Does anyone know if i can fix this problem?

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Laptop Resolution 1600x900 With 24" Monitor To Display 1920x1080

If my laptop has resolution up to 1600x900 and it connects to a 24" monitor, can i display 1920x1080 on it? The 1920 x1080 for the monitor, of course. Answer:- almost certainly you can. 1920x1080 isn't all that much more than 1600x900, and the limitation is ultimately in the screen. Most laptops have graphics cards that are capable of higher resolution than the laptop's built-in screen.

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Cannot Overclock Any Higher Due To Voltage Restriction

In my 5000+ be overclocking adventure, someone made a suggestion thats been playing on my mind. My current problem is i cant overclock any higher due to voltage restrictions on my motherboard, with 1. 4v being the highest. Now someone suggested, seeing as my mobo is an asus m2n-sli, possibly flashing its bios to the latest for the msn-sli deluxe. My question to you is, do you think it will work? Is it worth the risk? And also, if it does work, will the deluxes bios provide me with any voltage increases past 1. 4v or will it still be locked to 1. 4v?

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Overclock Intel I7 Set Clock Higher Not Working

I have a msi pro-e motherboard and it only has a cell menu, that is where all the overclocking takes place, but i don't understand i have set my base clock to 150 on my i7 930 and it dose not seem to do anything. Is there anything else i need to do to get my clock higher?

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Ide Raid Benches Higher Than Scsi 15k Drive

I just put the 15, 000 rpm 36g ibm scsi drive i bought cheap at ubid into a machine (p3-800mhz) onto a lsi logic uw160 controller. I guessed at the jumpers on the drive, closing the mtr set. Installation and formatting (ntfs) went fine. My sandra 2002 disk benchmark is about 35, 000 . On my new machine (p4-2. 55ghz) running the promise fastrack 133 out of the gigabyte ga_8ihxp with 2 maxtor ata133 60g drives in raid 0, i regularly bench about 40, 000 in sandra. Is this due to the much larger size of the array, processor speed, sandra inaccuracies, or something else? I'm not complaining. Both systems are running well, and the ibm drive should work great as a file server. I was just wondering if these numbers reflect reality. I would expect a 15k rpm drive to outperform any ide raid.

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Does Xp Home Supports Dual Core ?

Does it? I heard that it will only run as a single core, what a waste.

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Raid - Os That Supports Extended Volumes

I'm trying to build a file server and settle on a os. I have a 3ware 9650se-16 port controller currently connected to four 2tb wd enterprise drives. I'm nowhere near the capacity that the new file server will offer and want to put off purchasing drives until i need them (the drives will inevitably become cheaper, etc), so i would like to add drives one or two at a time. I played around with opensolaris because it's free and the benefits of zfs intrigued me, but it doesn't seem that you can easily add drives. I first configured three drives in a raid5 and opensolaris recognized it perfectly fine. I then added another drive and migrated the raid5 to use all four drives. After the procedure was done (it took 3 days), i was able to see the physical size of the raid volume was bigger, but the useable size was still the same as before adding the fourth drive. I think regular solaris has an autoexpand feature, but it's not implemented in opensolaris. Anyway, i was wondering if anyone out there has any "been there, done that" in terms of starting off a hardware raid volume with a small number of drives and add new drives over time and was able to use the new space.

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