Dns Server Wont Connect

The dns server wont connect? All my connections say local only? Im having a few problems connecting to the internet with a laptop, on both networks it tells me when i try to connect that the connections is local access only, so i cant access the internet, i have reset my winsock, i have flushed my dns cache, and also i have tried to ping multiple ip addresses and it just comes up saying this

1. 0. 0. 1:53

Dns server timed out

Time out time was 2 sec

Dns server timed out

Time out time was 2 sec

Also, more information, i have just recently reset my computer to factory conditions because when trying to delete symnatec from the computer it wiped out half my programs. When i connect via landlines or wireless, it just says that my dns server isn't connecting right and that i should contact my administrator or provider. When i try to connect via only landline, it tells me that there is a problem connection then it suggests that i reset my network adapter. When i do this ipconfig/all it just tells me a bunch of connections, but on all the connections it says the dns settings then its blank next to this, also i have turned of firewalls, and any and all other things the same thing happened on the computer i am currently talking on, but the problem was resolved by a network provider and we cant contact them because they are not open right now.

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Cannot Connect To Dns Server Through Telnet

Why i cant connect to a dns server through telnet?

You can telnet to a dns server over port 53, however you won't get any information in the console. It will connect but remain at a blank screen.

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Can't Connect To Internet - Problem With Dns Server

My isp doesn't know why i can't connect. What's wrong with my internet? So our internet goes down, and i'm forced to use my neighbors unprotected wifi (only 1 bar that constantly d/c's, mind you. ) Our isp, palm coast, decides that we're not important enough and waits a few days to call us and send a guy over. Then when the guy is supposed to show up sometime from 8 to noon, he shows up 2 1/2 hours late - with no courtesy call or anything. Then, he can't figure out why my internet won't work. And our community won't let us switch isp's to some other company. My question is. Since my isp is completely incompetent, i'm asking the yahoo answers community. How can i fix my internet on my own? Everytime i open 'diagnostics policy service, ' it says there is a problem with the dns server. I've tried flushing the dns through the cmd; tried resetting the router, tried unplugging the modem, router, even the cable things in the breaker box. And it still says 'local only. ' i've been thinking about buying a new router, but i don't want to waste money if this is not the problem.

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Hardware For A Dc/dns/ad Server

New office move coming, going to be doing a a dc/ad and a dns server, i was thinking the route of a single server running 3 vm's on it one for each item above. The office will have about 15 users at most with domain accounts, there will be about 10 servers, so i assume the hardware need shouldn't be super powered or anything?

I was considering raid 6 for the redundancy. Is it a good idea to run a dc or ad on a virtual machine? Or should it be on it's own seperate server?

Do you think a back up dc would be needed? Run a a 2nd dc in a vm as backup?

All of the above should run fine in a vm environment i assume?

Should i go with server 2008, or 2003, i have heard 2003 will be eol soon.

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The Dns Server Isnt Responding

Yesterday night i surfed the web, then somehow it stopped working. I tried using the internet in every program, yahoo messenger, firefox, ie, no were works, except torrent downloads. I tried to put the opendns's, they won't work either. Restarting the router won't work either. I am using windows 7, and at the network and sharing center it looks ok, shows as connected to the internet. I get this error while troubleshooting. I also tried to disable the microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter, that won't work either. Tried to put a static ip, won't work either. I have a laptop using windows xp, on which the internet is working. I also got an exact same laptop, with windows 7, again, internet is working. I really have no idea what is wrong. I tried disabling the antivirus and firewall, to see if it works, but nothing. I also made sure i don't have any bonjour software installed, such as mdnsresponder.exe. Tried flushdns, didn't work, the google dns didn't work either. I am not sure the problem comes from the dns, all other computers have those dns's and are working. Did a virus scan too, with a different antivirus. And sometimes it's loading the page, but very slowly, and at that same time, if i try to load another page, it won't work again. It just say "looking up (" at the bottom of the firefox browser. It sometimes happen to work, but stops after 5 minutes. I even went to the extreme, and reinstalled windows, the problem persists. I honestly never encountered something so difficult to solve.

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Router Error - The Dns Server Isn't Responding

Why cant i connect to the internet via netgear router? I can access the internet by directly connecting my modem(scientific atlanta) to my computer, but when i connect my router (netgear wgt624 v4), i get the "can't find server or dns" (windows 7) error message. Im sorry, the error message was "the dns server isn't responding".

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Ventrilo Wont Connect To Server

After connecting to a server ventrilo immediately disconnects and begins counting down before doing an automatic reconnect, then it repeats this over and over. I've read the faq on this and it says that this error usually means you're banned, but it happens to me with all servers i try to connect to, and i'm certain i haven't been banned. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've tried reinstalling, and i don't have any anti-virus programs on this computer yet.

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Can't Connect To Ventrilo Server

I'm trying to start up a ventrilo server. My friend and i have connected to it before, but it doesn't work anymore. I did the port forwarding thing with my netgear router. I saw a tutorial on port forwarding from I went to typed it into my vent login thing, and i have 3784 as port. I can log into the server with my ip or localhost, but i cannot login with my public ip. If anyone knows what could be wrong please let me know, or maybe they have a full walk-through i could read through that would be great. I watched about 10 youtube video's and can't find out my problem. It could be my antivirus software, i have norton 360 and advanced system protector. I really don't know what could be wrong, i did the port forwarding thing and stuff. As i mentioned earlier, my friend and i did connect at one time, but we cant anymore.

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Aim 7 Failed To Connect To Proxy Server

I just downloaded aim 7 and it keeps telling me i have failed to connect to the proxy server. I tried auto configure & settings but neither are working. The weird part is that i don't even have a proxy on my computer, it's my personal computer so i should be allowed to go on anything i want to, right?

Any ideas on what i can do?

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Connect To Localhost Server Through Another Computer On Network

If i run a localhost server on one computer, can i connect to it through another computer on the network? I have a lamp server setup on one computer. I can connect to it via localhost on that computer. From my understanding, in order for a computer on a different network to be able to connect to it, i need a 'static ip address'. However, is it possible for someone on the same network to connect to it? Eg someone i share a router with? If so, how?

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Connect To Hard Drive Server On Wireless Network

I need a network that will share the dsl connection and also have a hard drive in which all can access to. It will have 7 computers. Can i use a wireless router and have all the other computers connect with a wireless adapter? How can i connect to the hard drive server?

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Connect Usb Printer To Home Network Without Print Server

How do i connect a usb printer to a home network with out a print server? I have all kinds of adapters and ethernet tools and it need to be able to print from all computers on the network.

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Connect Parallel Print Server To A Usb Printer Using Converter Cable

Can you connect a parallel print server to a usb printer using some kind of parallel to usb converter cable? I have recently bought a new printer, which has a usb interface on it. But in the past, i've been using a printer with a parallel interface. I have been using a print server with a parallel port on it to connect to my old printer (which has the parallel interface) but obviously, i cannot connect this print server to my new printer, simply because it has a usb interface. Therefore, my question is, if i buy a parallel to usb converter cable and connect my new usb printer via the converter to the print server, will it work?

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How To Repair Dns And Key Ports Issue?

Recently i got a blue screen error on my computer. It moved so fast that i could not read it thoroughly, but it was a crash dump. This happened over and over. I would get the error, the laptop would restart itself, go back onto the main screen just before the sign in screen on my user account, freeze, get the error again, and repeat this endless cycle until i booted it into safe mode. (In safe mode, i decided to uninstall net nanny, which i put on my computer for my child. Recently a file in it went corrupt, and i intended to uninstall it in the first place, but never got around to it. I still do not know if this is the source of the problem. ) Another thing, when i tried booting it into "safe mode with networking" this gave me the same error as when i tried getting on originally. The net nanny thing didn't seem to solve it. I kept getting the error, so i finally said "*** with it. " And did a system restore to a couple days back. I rebooted my computer afterward, and i could sign into my user account once again. But, it wasn't over apparently. Now when i try to connect to the internet i can't. I cannot use any of my browsers (ie, chrome, firefox, safari), my daughter cannot sign into msn, she can't play onverse, etc. (She has a windows 7, vaio laptop, 64 bit by the way. )

When i troubleshoot it, i get a dns error saying, "your dns appears unable to resolve ip addresses. "

And i also get a key ports error:

"Failed to connect to the service. This could be due to improper proxy or firewall settings. Please review your proxy and firewall settings. Proxy settings can be accessed through windows live messenger options. For firewall settings, please see the retailer's instructions. "

It is not a problem with my router, i can access the internet fine from this laptop. I have looked on google but no answers have worked for me so far. I hope that if i get a good answer to this, it will also help many other people in the future.

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Updates "cannot Connect To Server"

Ive been infected by malwares and ive used anti spywares and anti virus. It affected ie but thats fixed. However, when i tried updates on several programs it couldn't.

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What Is The Best Server ?

My business is going to get our first server. We are a print shop and have half mac and windows machines. There are right now about 10 computers that will be on the network. We are looking at a dell poweredge 400 sc at with window 2003 small business server @ $2199. 00 and a g5 xserver $2999. 00. Does anyone have an opinion or suggestion?

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How To Build Ur Own Server

How to build ur own server to host games eg.counter strike. What kind of hardware do i need for.

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Gameing Server

I was origionally pricing out a conroe setup to run as a game server for our clan but was recently asked to look into the xeon processors. We currently have a intel 3. 2ghz ht + 1gb memory that runs 3 servers of ours fairly well. I would like to up that number to at least 5 with this new server that i am parting out below, do you see any problems with that happening. I have no expirence with real server hardware so i am trying to learn the does and donts. I dont really have a buget set as of yet but i am guessing somewhere around $2000.

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Scsi Server

Alright i just recieved an old scsi server. I mean this thing was top of the line. A long time ago. It uses dual x86 family 5 model 2 stepping 11 cpu's. And it has 97, 460kb of ram. It also includes an old ati video card and a 352watt psu. I was wondering if i still used the psu. Video card. And hdd's would it be worth upgrading. And how much would that cost. I'm alos wondering if i could get an ide controller card and if that would work so i could put a faster cd-rom in.

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Running My Own Server

I am thinking of getting my own server for personal use. I dont know much about servers, but how much would this cost ie: running expenses, software etc?

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Slow Server

I'm having trouble with a server where it sometimes slows down. I've attached a screen shot of the top command (linux). The iowait is at 87. 1%. I've found in the past that putting the os onto one harddrive and data on another reduces io wait. Is this the right solution to this problem or is there possible something else?

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Server Guidance

My office is replacing the current server. Currently there is a linksys that is actually controlling the ip assigning, and doing poorly at it. There are constantly ip conflicts on the network. There are about 30 computers that will be saving files to the server and accessing from the server. Multiple monitors throughout the office access the server for photo slide-shows. I am unsure on the type of processing and ram requirements and various other details that this server will require.

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What Is Asterisk Server?

I'm trying to understand what a pbx or asterisk server is. I don't understand the explanations i've found on websites via google or wikipedia because they use too many technology words i'm unfamiliar with (eg. Voip gateways, ip-pbx, conference servers etc. )

Basically, i told a friend that i have a small business with 10 freelance programmers. It would be great if my business had one phone number like 111-222-3333, and each freelancer can have an extension that routes to their cell phone. That way, freelancers never have to expose their personal phone number to the clients. My friend told me to look into setting up an asterisks server. But in my research, i can't tell if asterisks will do what i need. Can someone explain to me, as if i were 12 years old, what an asterisk is and whether it will do what i need? Are there other "cool" things an asterisk server can do for my business?

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Server / Cooling Rack

I have a home server (dell poweredge) which has about 6 fans and sucks in loads of air, check the motherboard today, along with fans, it has been running for about a month solid an there isnt much dust in it, but there was some around the intakes (not really insise) would a cabinet help and if so how much? Could i make one myself/ flat pack type one or am i just being paranoid, i would like to run it 24/7 without worying about dirt etc.

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Mini Media Server

Ok i want to make a mini computer using a mini-atx board, this will be just for playing media files, short video clips and music files, nothing else, no apps no nothing. The hdd wont need to be over 40gigs and i wont need much ram i presume, also i would need a really fast booting os, im thinking maybe some linux distro with a nice enough gui that supports a media player program with codecs. The processor doesnt have to be too fast either as i will just be playing media files, but i do want something that will run cool. Any ideas?

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Building A Server Farm

We have a whole bunch of pc's at my work we want to turn into a server farm to do rendering. I have the pc's but now have to get them together. If you have any links or advise on how to do it pls post them.

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Ftp / File Server

I've been wanting to do a file server / ftp type of thing. Here's my situation: i'm looking to so a file server / ftp box. It's going to host my:


Basically, all my media so i can stream it throughout the house on the same network. What i also want to do is set all my torrents and downloads to that box. Also, i want the box to be accessible from where ever i am. For example, if i'm at a starbucks downtown somewhere away from home, i want to be able to upload my photos or documents to my ftp so i have them on my server. Calls for filezilla much?

My plan so far: get a box (build or recycle, maybe run this off a external hd?) And throw on ubuntu server or winxp. Throw on filezilla server and set that up. Then setup the filezilla client on my laptop, future netbook and what ever i want to access it with. Lock it down with a common password that only i and close family + friends will know. I got this idea after i was sparked during my research for a netbook. I wanted something like but didn't want to pay for it since i will be uploading over the limit. So, for those server heads, any suggestions on software wise or solutions?

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Print Server Recommendation

Can someone recommend a decent print server that will allow me to unplug my laser printer from my computer and allow other pcs to print to it. Currently i have a brother 7420 "multi function" laser printer and it works great, but haivng it plugged into a usb port on my laptop means other pcs on my network cant print to it unless its plugged in. I'm currently looking at some of the linksys print servers, but id like to grab something off ebay for < $100

Ive read about a few of them, but many of the reviews were all bad. From being unreliable to just plain hard to get working.

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Best Place To Store A Server ?

We have to move a server about mid-tower size out of the cool computer room. Will my cubicle be good enough for it? Room temperature environment. Any ideas?

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Game Server Advice

I want to build a game server for cod 4 for my clan the other leader is hsoting a cs server and i would like to make a build to host cod4 and i have a ok internet ocnnection cable internet to host it on and i would like it to atleast run 15-20 players off of it (if possible) i was thinking maybe i need to most of my money into ram and cpu i would like it to not be alot 500 dollars or 450 will be fine if i can go that cheap for a game server.

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